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Older stuff

2024-02-22 PlayStation 4

A random PS4, missing the storage drive. We slapped in a scavenged drive and reinstalled the system and it seems to work.

PlayStation 4

2024-02-10 Lamp

Yet another random lamp, new bulb and tested and ready for new owner.


2024-02-10 Giant Cypress Bike

A Giant Cypress hybrid bike that has been neglected a little. It will be tuned up and rehomed.

Giant Cypress Bike

2024-02-10 Dining Chairs

Four dining chairs that are quite nice solid wood construction. One of them has a broken back frame and maybe some woodworm, so that will need to be investigated.

Dining Chairs

2024-02-08 Lamp

Small white lamp with weird flowery bud structures on the shade. It is not apparent the future owner of this will like but they will be having no choice in the matter.


2024-02-03 Power Strip

Isobar surge suppressor power strip with nice low profile right angle plug.

Power Strip

2024-01-26 Lamps

Four random lamps. One had a bad switch, which is now replaced. All will be pushed into the lamp supply chain for people with a deficit of lamps.


2024-01-26 Bessey Clamps

Two newish Bessey clamps, seemingly unused. Most modern clamps are junky so we are not super interested in them, but the Bessey brand on these made the difference.

Bessey Clamps

Restored vintage ones are still nicer though.


2023-12-11 Mongoose Hybrid

Mongoose Crossway 250 hybrid bike. Had a couple of rust spots here and there and had been left to gather dust but that is cleaned up and now it is ready for a new rider.

Mongoose Hybrid

2023-12-10 Rocking Chair

A random rocking chair of no great notability. One of the arms was unmoored from the back, but we fixed that and gave it all a coat of tung oil. Looks pretty nice now.

Rocking Chair

2023-12-10 Midcentury Modern Table

A random Heywood and Wakefield side table from 1955. These are now quite collectable it seems, this one might need a little light refinishing.

Midcentury Modern Table

2023-12-10 Dresser

A wooden dresser made of really nice hard wood. It is old and a little dinged up. We had to put in new stops at the back of the rails to get the drawers to line up nicely when closed.


2023-12-10 Chairs

Three somewhat elegant dining chairs all in good condition.


2023-12-05 Giant Beach Cruiser

This Giant Simple Seven is a seven speed beach cruiser. It needed a new trist shifter and a tuneup but is good to go now.

Giant Beach Cruiser

It is a strange ride, but then we did not test it on or near a beach, so what do we know.


2023-10-14 Random Lamps

Some random lamps that needed cleaning and testing. All now delivered to a place where people who need them will be able to access them.

Random Lamps

2023-09-21 Dyna-Glo Grill

A random Dyna-Glo grill by the side of the road with a very nice weather cover. Luckily the wheels were fine so we wheeled it over to the house of some friends who were in need of such an item. There were 3 slices of aubergine inside on the top rack.

Dyna-Glo Grill

Update: they put on a gas bottle and it works fine with nice even blue flames all round.


2023-09-09 Room 2 Baby Containment Device

Joovy Room 2 baby bed or general container, depending on waking state or whatever. Perfect condition, shoud be useful for the impending visit of very small relatives at some stage in the future.

Room 2 Baby Containment Device

2023-09-09 Marin Redwoods

Marins Redwoods mountain bike with that classic Marin frame cross section from the period. Nice bike, rides well after tuneup, and should clean up exceot for the rust on the forks.

Marin Redwoods

2023-09-09 Liv Enchant Bike

Liv Enchant juvenile mountain-ish bike in almost new condition. Very up to date with a one-by gearing configuration.

Liv Enchant Bike

2023-09-09 Go Pro Hero 3

A Go-Pro Hero 3 with waterproof case. We will be investigating the founda footage at some point. No charging cable so functionality on this not yet tested.

Go Pro Hero 3

2023-09-09 Gary Fisher Napa

A nice Gary Fisher Napa mountain bike in good condition. Needed air in the tires and had a couple of rusty bolts etc, but is now good to go.

Gary Fisher Napa

2023-09-09 Dry Sack

A 30 liter drysack with some random logo on it. Kind of afraid to look it up but no matter.

Dry Sack

2023-09-09 Croquet Lamp

A weird lamp that is pretending to constructed out of the parts of a croquet set. A little strange and bit of a dust catcher in various ways.

Croquet Lamp

The twist switch is missing the knob so we will be fixing that and passing it on.


2023-09-09 Big Wheel

A Radio Flyer branded big wheel style device. Useful for impending visit of small relatives.

Big Wheel

2023-08-28 Chopping Board

A chopping board made of laminated maple and mahogany or some such. It was very dirty and had a lot of cut marks on it but it turns out that a thickness planer is really good at cleaning all that up.

Chopping Board

Meta-moment, aforementioned thickness planer has appeared on this page.


2023-08-25 Lamps

Four lamps, all with bulbs and all tested as working. Pretty spiffy. They will soon be illuminating homes that are not ours.


2023-08-25 Dining Table

A random dining table with an inset tiled top. It needed a clean but is now ready to go and have some dinner served on it.

Dining Table

Clearly it may have been associated with the two chairs we got at the same time and place.


2023-08-25 Chairs

Two random dining chairs that have a few dings but are nicely usable.


2023-08-14 Mutsy iGo

A Mutsy iGo stroller in good condition. After a clean and airing out it is ready for a new home.

Mutsy iGo

2023-08-12 Lamps

Two random matching lamps, and also two lamp shades that serendipitously showed up at the same time. The plugs are a little suspect but we will check them out and then get them into the supply chain for reuse.


2023-08-12 Giant Simple Seven

The Giant (or at least designed by Goant) Simple Seven is a beach cruiser with a one by seven gearset. It is a nonsense bike, built for form rather than function but we should be able to get this one ridable again and find a home for it.

Giant Simple Seven

2023-08-12 Extension Cords

Four assorted extension cords. Lots of people need these from time to time.

Extensions Cord

2023-08-12 Belt Grinder

A small belt grinder, all dusty and neglected. As yet untested, it will be a project for somebody at some stage.

Belt Grinder

2023-06-24 Wooden Dressers

Two matching wooden dressers. Cleaned and polished and ready for new homes.

Wooden Dressers
Wooden Dressers

2023-06-24 Dining Chairs

Two groups of dining chairs, one set of 4, quite modern and in perfect shape:

Dining Chairs

One older and nicer but needing a bit of a clean. There are also some problems with the finish on the legs and some other wear points, but those will be fine with some wax polish.

Dining Chairs

2023-06-17 Dyson DC25

Dyson DC25 vacuum cleaner, was very dusty inside and out but seems to work fine.

Dyson DC25

Cleaned up, new filters on the way and will be deployed into a needful household within days


2023-06-03 Systainer With Fireworks

A Festool Systainer thingy bereft of the circular saw that was once inside. Instead it has a pile of crappy fireworks, crazy.

Systainer With Fireworks

Some form of combustion event may befall the fireworks later.


2023-06-03 Sortainer

A random Festool Sortainer thingy, complete with a few screws inside. Expensive thing to discard.


2023-06-03 Felt Cafe8 Bike

A brand new Felt Cafe8 bike that had presumably sat in the back of a garage for a few years. It was at the curb, brand new, never ridden. We put air in the tires and cleaned the dust off and it is good to go.

Felt Cafe8 Bike

2023-06-03 Dresser

This solid wood dresser was on the curb for disposal. It is heavy, and one pull loop is missing but there is a replacement taped inside. Weird.


Already sent down the line to be made available to people who need it.


2023-04-21 Raleigh C30 Hybrid

A Raleigh C30 hybrid bike. It had been crunched a little, possibly in a driveway incident. Fixed with used parts from the spares department and all ready to go.

Raleigh C30 Hybrid

2023-02-26 Samsung TV

A Samsung 54 inch flat screen TV. Works fine, no remote, no stand, no wall mount. I suspect somebody near us just got a 65 inch TV or some such.

Samsung TV

2023-02-21 KitchenAid Fizzy Machine

This is a sodastream dressed up as a KitchenAid mixer. The bottle did not come with it but it seems otherwise in working condition.

KitchenAid Fizzy Machine

2023-02-21 Dell P2213 Monitor

A random little Dell monitor, will become ourt new testing display after the last one fell off the table saw and broke into pieces. The rigours of a cluttered multi-use workshop.

Dell P2213 Monitor

2022-11-19 HP PC

A random little HP ProDesk PC. 120G SSD and 8G RAM makes it quite usable. It is a clean install of Windows 7 on it so we suspect it was sanitized by the previous owner.


2022-11-12 Strider Laufrad

A brand new Strider Laufrad. Never used.

Strider Laufrad

2022-11-12 Lamps

A couple of random reading lamps. After hunting around for bulbs where we found them from other less useful lamps, these two work fine and will be sent to people currently lampless.


And then a couple more lamps.


And then a couple more lamps.


2022-11-12 Crock Pot

We are not really fans of these things and have seen many discarded over the years that looked usable, but we never bothered with. It turns out that there is a outlet for them that we can funnel these towards. Hence we will now, starting with this one, pick up these things, test and clean them and send them off to people in need of such.

Crock Pot

More resuse is good.


2022-11-12 Britax B-Free

A Britax B=Free stroller. Nothing wrong with it and interestingly a friend speciifically requested a Britax of this rough type recently.

Britax B-Free

If you can shop to order in the waste stream you know there is too much stuff in it.


2022-11-05 Orange Extension Cable

A pretty long extension cable. When it came to us it was bodge spliced onto another shorter cable with electrical tape. We got rid of that and just on put a nice matching orange socket.

Orange Extension Cable

It seems to have previously belonged to a painter.


2022-10-09 Ridgid Thickness Planer

A random 13 inch Ridgid brand thickness planer sitting by the side of the road. We blew off a lot of dust and such and plugged it in and it works. Probably needs new blades and some oil here and there but otherwise a pretty nice find.

Ridgid Thickness Planer

Pic shows a test piece of wood we ran through it for testing purposes.


2022-10-09 Emglo Compressor

An Emglo compact compressor. It is pretty beat up but works well and puts out air. The bleed valve leaks and some other stuff is messy.

Emglo Compressor

2022-10-08 Giant Revel

Giant Revel juvenile mountain bike thingy. Came to us with two flat tyres and really dirty. It turns out that you can pump up tyres and clean off dirt, but a bunch of poeple seems to not have picked up on this. where we found it.

Giant Bike

2022-08-18 Nightstands

A couple of pretty solid wooden nightstands with drawers. They were missing the handles but that was easy enough to fix and they will be off to furnish somebody's bedroom soon.


2022-08-13 Tall Chair

A chair for use at a breakfast bar or similar, we suppose. All very nice and already deployed into a house that has a distinct lack of chairs.

Tall Chair

2022-08-13 Beds

A couple of single beds of reasonably nice quality. They were mixed up with the ends of one found with the frame of the other etc. Weird.


All cleaned up and ready for new homes now.


2022-07-16 Skillets

A couple of assorted skillets, a nice stainless All-Clad and a random weirdly coloured non-stick, both in excellent condition.


2022-07-09 Miele Swing H1

A random Miele Swing H1 stick style vacuum. It works fine, and we have found a home for it already.

Miele Swing H1

2022-07-09 Log Splitter

A random log splitter in usable condition. Will be going to the house of some friends so they can split their firewood this winter.

Log Splitter

2022-07-09 Dining Set

A maple extending dining table with matching chairs, along with two non matching chairs that end up looking pretty nice when they are all put together.

Dining Set

This will be used by a family moving to a house nearby whose furniture is currently subject to the whims of the global shipping system. After that, we will find another home for it.


2022-07-09 Cast Iron Pans

Some random cast iron pans, two from interesting brands and two no-name.

Cast Iron Pans

2022-07-09 Bonavita Coffee Machine

A random Bonavita drop coffee machine. Works fine and has a thermal flask to keep coffee warm.

Bonavita Coffee Machine

2022-07-02 Single Speed Bike

A random junky SKU single speed bike. Nothing very remarkable.

Single Speed Bike

2022-06-12 Table and Chairs

A random round dining table and 4 chairs. Quite dusty but otherwise in good shape. It is an extending model but we do not have the leaf to extend.

Table and Chairs
Table and Chairs

Now, cleaned up and going to a warehouse for furnishing homes of people who have need of furniture.


2022-06-11 Haro BMX

A random Haro BMX bike came to us with flat tires and a buggered up rear brake cable and housing. It turns out that if you put air in the tires, they are no longer flat, and if you us the correct length cable housing and adjust the brakes they work quite well.

Haro BMX

2022-06-08 Dyson V6

A random Dyson V6 cordless vacuum with fluffy head. This particular model with the powered fluffy head is highly rated. It has a bad battery but we were able to test it with a battery from a friend's similar model and it works fine.

Dyson V6

A new battery is now coming from and we will probably use this for a while.


2022-06-05 Trek Road Bike

A really nice Trek road bike. It has super nice components and such but has a small dent in in the top tube, really a shame. We found a home for it with somebody really into such things and I hope he has a good time with it.

Trek Road Bike

2022-06-05 Bedroom Furniture

We found a spiffy artistically decorated bedroom set. Two beds (only one pictured) and a nice chest. All are solid wood and quite heavy, in reasonable used condition.

Bedroom Furniture
Bedroom Furniture

This stuff is all going to a warehouse for furnishing homes of people who have need of furniture.


2022-06-04 Wooden Chairs

A pair of wuite nice wooden chairs, suitable for kitchen table or some such. The joints had been reset by somebody using copius amounts of Gorilla glue, so we cleaned the excess up a little to make them more presentable.

Wooden Chairs

Ingested into supply chain for people who need furniture.


2022-06-04 Trek 950

A Trek 950 Multitrack that has been upgraded. The cranks, brakes and tyres all all later additions. Possible reason for discard was the flat rear tyres, but who knows.

Trek 950

2022-06-04 Simpson Pressure Washer

OK, we had to snag this from curbside garbage due to it having a nice Honda engine on it. It ran briefly when we first looked at it, then not at all. We found no spark and bad resistance values through the coil. New coil was 20 USD or so, so we put that on, flushed the fuel system and it works fine now.

Simpson Pressure Washer

2022-06-04 Round Table

A random small round table with folding leaves. Possible reason for discard was a wobble in the leg mounting. This required some dissassembly to remedy but we did that and it is now ready for a new home.

Round Table

2022-06-04 Dresser

This modern style dresser came to use with lots of really annoying Dora the Explorer stickers all over it. After scraping those off and removing the sticky residue with laquer thinner it is now good as new.


Ingested into supply chain for people who need furniture.


2022-06-04 City Mini

A nice looking Baby Jogger City Mini stroller. Just needs a quick rinse to get the dust off and it is ready for a new home.

City Mini

2022-06-04 Bike Shaped Objects

These are most certainly bike shaped objects. I think the KSDA in foreground was assembled poorly and never ridden, probably just as well. We have no idea what OYMA Power is, but that is a piece of junk also.

Bike Shaped Objects

These are perhaps usable for parts, but we have not the time or space so we passed them on to somebody more tolerant of garbage consumer goods.


2022-04-30 Trek Multitrack 7200

A nice Trek Multitrack 7200 hybrid bike. The chain has jammed between the cluster and the spokes and broken 8 of them. There was also damage on the hub. No matter, new (old) rear wheel from spares and it is good to ride.

Trek Multitrack 7200

2022-04-30 Thule Bike Rack

A chunky Thule bike rack for a 2 inch receiver. Pic shows it test mounted on such a mount point.

Thule Bike Rack

2022-04-23 Huffy Beach Cruiser

A random Huffy beach cruiser bike, all present and correct but had flat tires and some rust on the chrome when picked up. Ready to go now.

Huffy Beach Cruiser

2022-04-20 Dell Inpsiron

A random Dell Inspiron desktop, all present and correct but as yet untested and of unknown spec.

Dell Inpsiron

2022-03-19 Lamp

A random ugly lamp. Reason for discard was presumably the switch, which was not working. We replaced the switch and a put a salvage builb in it and passed on the entire thing to people who need it.


2022-02-12 Toaster Oven

A random toaster oven, picked up to be cleaned, tested and sent straight to a charity that sets up housing.

Toaster Oven

2022-02-12 Lodge Cast Iron Pan

A random deep Lodge cast iron pan, nothing special, not really used much, but handy. We hasve a pan of this form factor so this is available.

Lodge Cast Iron Pan

2022-01-16 Fuji Absolute

A Fuji Absolute LE hybrid bike. It has been ridden a fair bit, judging by the brake dust, but the owner of this bike immediately before us was an idiot. The front quick release was lacking the springs and was just cranked down by twisting the lever rather that using the quick release lever.

Fuji Absolute

2021-12-15 Trek 7300FX

A random Trek 7300FX hybrid. It is a little dinged up and neglected while not having been ridden very much. It also seems the previous owner had a flat on the front and made some attempt to fix it but got confused and put the entire thing out in the trash. It now has a new front tube and is ridable. More tuneup activity will follow.

Trek 7300FX

2021-12-12 All-Clad Spoon

A random stainless steel All-Clad serving or cooking spoon. Nice enough but it has a funny profile in the bowl.

All-Clad Spoon

2021-12-11 Mockingbird Stroller

A random Mockingbird stroller, it needs a clean but we already have a place to send it.

Mockingbird Stroller

2021-12-11 Microwave

A random microwave oven from an unknown brand. No matter, after testing was pushed into a supply chain for people who need such.


2021-12-11 Lamp

A random reading lamp. Nothing wrong with it and now on it's way to somebody who needs it.


2021-11-26 Cuisinart Lid

A random enameled cast iron lid from a Cuisinart caserole pot.

Cuisinart Lid

2021-11-20 Bike Wheels

Some random 700 bike wheels. All are straight and seem functional so will be stored for future use.

Bike Wheels

2021-11-19 Huffy Aluminium

A random Huffy Mountain bike, kind of junky but ridable after air in the tires. This is allocated to a friend for use as a station bike where it's general crappiness will be a positive asset.

Huffy Aluminium

2021-10-30 Schwinn Pathway

Schwinn Pathway hybrid bike some some issues. The shifters are all stuck and probably out of adjustment, so we will have a poke at that. Otherwise, seems like a reasonble if low end bike. Bars and stem are kind of weird and cheapo.

Schwinn Pathway

2021-10-30 Mercier Single Speed

Mercier single speed bike with fixed and ratchetting cog, you flip the back wheel over to make the switch. Flat front tire, fixed with a new tube, otherwise all in good shape.

Mercier Single Speed

2021-10-03 Gary Fisher Mako

A random Gary Fisher Mako mountain bike thingy. It has some severe neglect, but otherwise seems fine. The grips were degraded to sticky tar-like crap. It will be cleaned up and put back into service.

Gary Fisher Mako

2021-09-18 Stainless Pot Lids

Two really nice stainless steel pot lids, one All-Clad and one Calphalon. We had no need of them some body sent to use from the list of craig did, so they have a new home.

Stainless Pot Lids

2021-09-12 Wusthof Paring Knife

A random little Wusthof paring knife. It was just lying next to a path through some woods. It is quite sharp and has been used already.

Wusthof Paring Knife

2021-09-12 F-Clamp

A nice big F-clamp. It was super rusty when acquired but has been cleaned up and painted in our standard clamp color scheme. It now hangs on the clamp rack and is ready to clamp stuff.


2021-09-11 Hydro Flask

People seem to leave these Hydro Flask thing lying around all over, but this one was picked up by a post hurricane flood and left wedged against a tree in the woods. Cleaned up just fine.

Hydro Flask

2021-09-07 Babyjogger City Elite

A random Baby Jogger City Elite jogging stroller was dropped off by a friend of a friend. Certainly has been used but a nice instance and ready for a new home after cleaning.

Babyjogger City Elite

2021-09-04 Cacti

Three cacti, pulled from a dumpster and all ready to go. How nice.


Update: There were actually five cati and one orchid. Apparently when taking the picture they were off to one side.


2021-08-14 Schwinn Ranger

A Schwinn Ranger mountain bike, more or less. Much neglected and never really ridden. It will be be given a big tuneup and then a new rider will be found for it.

Schwinn Ranger

The small problem of it being upside down should be easily correctable.


2021-08-14 Babyjogger City Mini

Babyjogger City Mini double stroller. It is pretty dusty but otherwise seems in OK shape.

Babyjogger City Mini

2021-08-12 Deltawing

A larger sized deltawing scooter-ish device than we have had so far. Interesting. Presumably the offspring will test it out and pass judgement.


2021-08-07 Dell Desktop

Dell Studio XPS 6 core machine with 12G RAM. No storage included, but somebody will want this for parts or building up.

Dell Desktop

2021-08-06 Bonntrager Tires

A pair of random Bonntrager 700C road bike tires. They are not very worn, probably take-off for an upgrade or some such. Whatever, good to have replacemtns in our parts portfolio.

Bonntrager Tires

2021-08-03 Ryobi Scroll Saw

A random Ryobi scroll saw with a fair amount of dust and crud on it. This is not the first we have found, though we may keep this one for a while.

Ryobi Scroll Saw

2021-07-28 Bike Wheel and Tire

A 700C bike wheel, seems all straight and good to ride, with a matching tire and also a random mountain bike tire. Will be stored aways for use as spares.

Bike Wheel and Tire

2021-07-27 Trek Bike Frame

This random Trek bike frame was in the garbage behind a bike shop. We would suspect there was something wrong with but so far we cannot see any cracks or damaged threads or whatever.

Trek Bike Frame

2021-07-24 Praxis Works Crank

A random Praxis Works crankset. The teeth are a little worn and I have no idea if there is anything really wrong with it, but it will go in the parts bin or be sold.

Praxis Works Crank

2021-06-12 Swivel Stool

A swivel stool with backrest. Quite vintage and apparently property of the US Navy. We will use this at our kitchen bar.

Swivel Stool

Here is the little identifier plate on the back.

Swivel Stool

2021-05-29 Power Strip

This is a nice little power strip. It has a reasonably long cable on it with a right angled plug, super handy. It may be pressed into service for our small fleets of pi devices on the server shelf.

Power Strip

Update: Now in use for a small pi server farm.


2021-05-24 Cast Iron Muffin Tray

A cast iron muffin tray thingy, in pretty nice shape. The pic shows it after a quick smoke with some canola oil on it to get it nice and coated.

Cast Iron Muffin Tray

2021-05-23 Schwinn Beach Cruiser

A random Schwinn beach cruiser bike. Some rust here and there but after air in the tyres is rideable, such that one ever actually rides a beach cruiser.

Schwinn Beach Cruiser

2021-05-12 Bike Wheel

700C rear wheels, Canonndale hub, small ding in the rim, otherwise straight It is probably salvagable/usable.

Bike Wheel

2021-05-04 Spalding Blade

A Spalding Blade bike that claims to be an ATB, woohoo, but note it does so from the very distant past. No matter, cleaned up, rides fine seeking new home.

Spalding Blade

2021-04-27 Le Creuset Pot

This is a small white enamelled cast iron pot from Le Creuset. We looked but were not able to see the lid nearby, shame. It is more or less unused.

Le Cruest Pot

2021-04-27 French Pan

An enamelled cast iron pot marked only with the word "France" underneath. It is most probably new and unused, there was the trace of a price sticker on it on one side. This is probably trying to be like a Le Creuset.

French Pan

2021-04-27 Felt Bike

This Felt Cafe 24 bike was tossed into a scrap metal facility and then mangled a litte by a bucket loader or some such. It got a little tangled with other junk. We managed to extract it and once home we put replaced the front wheel, bars, stem, seat post and seat from spares to get it back straight enough to ride.

Felt Bike

It came out pretty nice considering the situation it was in.


2021-04-07 Samsung Flat Screen

This random Samsung flatscreen has bad backlights on one half. It is probably fixable and we may look into that. Or we may just give it away to somebody whose time/money tradeoff is different to ours.

Samsung Flat Screen

2021-04-06 Switch Surrounds

A random pile of stainless steel switch surrounds of various types. Somebody may have a use for these.

Switch Surrounds

2021-03-13 Graco Ready2Grow

A Graco Ready2Grow stroller. It is a cross between a DuoGlider style and a Sit-and-stand with lots of options for configuration. It probably works fine, but seems a little complex. Whatever, it has been rescued from the scrap metal and will now find a new home somewhere.

Graco Ready2Grow

2021-03-13 Bike Racks

These two bike seat racks showed up together, the seats were not present but spare racks are often handy.

Bike Racks

2021-02-20 Snowblower

This is a Snow Joe litium ion battery snowblower. Or, more accurately, it is a snowblower shaped object. The battery was not far off fully charged when we dound it, everything works fine.


We suspect the reason for discard is that this thing probably does not work when the snow is more that a couple of inches deep, and even them only in the loosest definition of "work".


2021-02-17 Trek 520 Bike

This Trek 520 is a pretty nice bike. We are never sure exactly what genre of bike this would be, but it is a road bike with cantilever brakes. Touring? Whatevere, it is a pretty nice machine.

Trek 520 Bike

2021-02-13 Roomba

A iRobot Roomba, apparently this is some form of mechanical pet that wanders around your house and keeps you company, or annoys you or something. We do not yet know if it functions properly but the small swivel wheel was clogged with hair and not turning properly, possibly reason for discard for really clueless people. We shall see.


2021-01-23 Stanley Knife

A random Stanley knife lying by the side of the road. Comes with a good blade and a spare stored inside. All very nice.

Stanley Knife

2021-01-21 700C Wheel

A random 700C rear wheel, it seems to be straight but the bearing is a touch loose. We will fix that and clean it up for spares.

700C Wheel

2021-01-20 Enamelled Dog Bowl

A random enamelled dog bowl that we grabbed for friend who has both a dog and mild obsession with enamelware.

Enamelled Dog Bowl

2021-01-16 Bosch MX25E Multitool

A Bosch oscillating multitool thingy. Just sitting there in the scrap metal looking all lonely. The blade is missing a few teeth but it works fine.

Bosch MX25E Multitool

2021-01-13 700C Tires

A couple of random 700C x 45 or so tires. They are part worn but in good shape.

700C Tires

2021-01-08 Bontrager Rear Wheel

A random Bontrager 700C rear wheel. Numerous others present, and probably usable but having arcane disk mounts and such makes them less useful. This one is perfectly straight and functional, may be replacement takeoff.

Bontrager Wheel

2021-01-07 Trek Kids Bike

This Trek kids mountain-ish bike clearly has the reason for discard of super bent front wheel. So bent in fact that the tire fell off. No matter, we have 24 inch front wheels in stock.

Trek Kids Bike

Update: Front wheel from spares installed, bike now has a new home and presumably happy rider.


2021-01-06 Huffy Beach Cruiser

It is nice to take a walk in the evening to survey the discards in various places. One such place is a bike shop where they often have take-off tires, or maybe even a wheel that we can salvage and reuse.

Tonight they had this Huffy Beach Cruiser. Technically it is a bike shaped object, but as are all modern beach cruisers. If we rehome this to somebody who rides a around for a while this summer, we will consider that a victory against the two forces of mindless consumerism and chaos.

Huffy Beach Cruiser

2021-01-02 Cadillac Bikes

Two Cadillac bikes. They have been ridden a fair bit and then neglected, but we can put them back on the road. One of them has the NYC lock on the handlebars there so some angle grinder action will be warranted.

Cadillac Bikes
Cadillac Bikes

Never fear, they are only temporarily upside down.


2020-12-30 Milk Jug

A random stainless steel milk jug. No apparent reason for discard, we don't have a use for it so is available.

Milk Jug

2020-12-29 Wire Shelf

A random knockoff shelff in the style of Metro wire shelving. Nothing special, totally functional, but only in conjunction with a bunch of other items.

Wire Shelf

2020-12-29 Cutters

These are HK Porter cutters of some kind. Maybe for cutting heavy gauge stranded wire. They kind of look like they would function as loppers. They seem a bit sloppy and it may be that they are not functional, but good for a tinker. I think there is a spring missing.


2020-12-26 Bikes

Three random bikes, more properly "bike shaped objects". Each has some sort of issues. At least two will be fixed and back in service soon enough we think.


Two are folding "mountain bikes". The black Columbia folder in the foregound has one pedal mount in the crank reamed out. Highly indicative of user error and the probable reason for discard.


2020-12-22 KitchenAid Mixer

A nice green KitchenAid mixer. It runs fine and there is nothing really wrong with it, but I think when the previous owner threw it into the scrap metal it got scratched up. Damaged upon discard, one might say. No bowl, no implements and one plastic knob missing.

KitchenAid Mixer

2020-12-22 Bontrager Tyres

A couple of Bontrager 700x32 tires is almost new condition, obviously take-off for an upgrade of some form. They are quite nice and will enable the rescue of some bike in the future.

Bontrager Tyres

P.S. I can't spell Bontrager.


2020-12-18 Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

Another nice Lodge cast iron skillet. It is not in bad shape at all, but it may need a recure. It has harsh casting lines we may also shave off.

Misfit BMX Bike

Mousover for the before and after look, it is sanded down and recured.


2020-12-15 Schwinn Bike Carcass

This Schwinn Frontier bike is pretending to be a mountain bike. It is obviously missing a seat and seat post, but also has a crunched frame. Luckily, it has scarce parts on it we can use on other bikes.

Schwinn Bike Carcass

2020-12-14 Mongoose Bike

A Mongoose XR-75 "mountain bike". Technically this is a bike-shaped object, but somebody should want it so it will get a check over and a new home will be found for it.

Mongoose Bike

2020-12-14 Handlbars

Some random Salsa cycles bike handlebars. They are going onto the spare shelf in case they are needed at some future time.


2020-12-13 Bonntrager Tyre

We got a random wheel with the hub guts removed, but the disk and this nice Bonntrager tire were present and correct and ready to salvage.

Bonntrager Tyre

2020-12-13 Bob Jogger

A random Bob jogger with swivel front wheel. The fabric is grubby, that that cleans up nicely. It has some nasty rust on the folding guides and some of the fittings. It is still a quite functional device though so after a good clean and some air in the tyres it should be able to find a new home.

Bob Jogger

2020-12-05 Metro Wire Shelving

Some random wire shelves, nothing we need right now so we shall find a home for them.

Metro Wire Shelving

2020-11-22 Workbench Legs

A pair of somewhat industrial and seemingly usable workbench legs. Somebody we know will want these.

Workbench Legs

2020-11-22 Screwdriver

A random large screwdriver. Not in wonderful shape but it has cleaned up OK and now resides in the drawer full of screwdrivers.


2020-11-20 Bike Tyres

Some random 700x25 bike tyres with tubes. They are a little old but unworn, should be good for some future bike that needs a cheap tyre fix.

Bike Tires

2020-11-14 Nishiki Pueblo

A random small BMX sized bike with gears. Nice condition now, but needed tires and a tuneup.

Nishiki Pueblo

2020-11-14 Glass

A Sam Adams Grumpy Monk beer glass. The grumpy monk and the little gold line around the top allow us to use this glass as part of being a real stick in the mud.


2020-11-14 Coleman Pump

This is a random crappy little pump for inflating air mattresses, but it works and we sometimes have need for such a thing so it will be retained for use.

Coleman Pump

2020-11-14 Boos Block

An upside down Boos Block chopping board. Large size, in OK shape. We will give it a scrape and clean and see what we want to do with it. Possibly available if somebody reading this wishes to inquire.

Boos Block

2020-11-13 Baby Jogger City Mini

A random Baby Jogger City Mini showed up in the rain, as you can see here. yet to be fully inspected but it seems in used but usable condition.

Baby Jogger City Mini

2020-11-08 Enamelled Tin

A random enamelled tin with some small chips. If a certain friend of ours does not want this we will use it for parts washing and other dirty duties in the basement.

Enamelled Tin

2020-11-08 Dell Inspiron 620

This random slim form factor Dell Inspiron 620 PC is a quad core 3.3 GHz with 6G RAM. Usable, but no HD present. Luckily there is a reasonably large supply of people out there who need stuff like this, and presumably one of them will be happy to come by and exchange it for a small amount of cash.

Dell Inspiron 620

2020-11-02 Weeride Copilot

The Weeride Copilot is just another trailer bike thingy for kids. Probably even something else we have had before but rebranded. Whatever, works fine, in good condition, and will find a new home on the list of craig.

Weeride Copilot

2020-10-27 Sugiyama Bike

This random Sugiyama single speed bike was found by a friend. The blue tyres are perishing and cracking pretty badly, clearly they are a quite inferior compound.

Sugiyama Bike

It is crappy enough to possibly qualify as a bike shaped object. But maybe because it has fewer moving parts, being a single speed, it might be a little more viable.

It looks pretty choochy though, and will probably sell.


2020-10-21 Impact Gun

A random 1/2 inch drive pneumatic impact gun. It does spin up, but it feels kind like a sloppy jalopy, so we suspect it cannot bring the torque. We may try it but even if bad it will be fun to dismantle for educational purposes.

Impact Gun

2020-10-17 Vacuum Filter

A new in the box filter for a handheld vacuum cleaner, a model we happen to have. How fortuitous.

Vacuum Filter

Update: Installed in the vacuum as it was probably about time.


2020-10-17 Toro Lawn Mower

A random dusty Toro lawn mower showed up in the scrap metal. There was fuel in the tank so we gave it a pull, started on the second try. The rule is, if it starts we have to take it.

Toro Lawn mower

Somebody will want it.


2020-10-17 Three Candles

Three red candles. Unfortunately not four candles.

Three Candles

2020-10-17 Therm-a-rest

A random therm-a-rest sleeping mat. Comes with the bag as you can see. It is not the most convenient to use but we will test it out and see if we want to keep it.


2020-10-17 Storage Bin

A floppy woven storage bin, just what we needed having cleaned out some closets and reorganized somewhat.

Storage Bin

2020-10-13 Mountain Bike Tires

Two random mountain bike tires plucked from the garbage of one of the local bike shops. They will be great for bike that comes to us at some undetermined time in the future in need of tires.

Mountain Bike Tires

2020-10-10 Micro Scooter

One of those Swiss Micro scooter thingies. It had nasty hairballs around the axles slowing the wheels down, they were removed and the bearings lubricated. It also had on broken grip, we got a new pair for it.

Micro Scooter

2020-10-09 Dell Optiplex 380

A random Dell Optiplex 380 PC, no HD but functional otherwise as demonstrated by the knoppix running on it in the picture. We grabbed this because there seems to be demand for reasonable machines like this.

Dell Optiplex 380

2020-10-06 Giant Boulder

A Giant Boulder mountain bike missing the back wheel, as with so many bikes these days.

Giant Boulder

We had a wheel in stock that came from the trash a while ago, we trued it up. The tire and cluster were from used parts stock also, as was the rimtape. The tube was new, courtesy alibaba bulk order.


2020-10-06 Dell Optiplex Machines

A pile of Dell Optiplex PC machines. We took home five but there were a couple more left behind. Only one had any storage media in it, a nice SSD. This machine spent time in a law firm and had lots of interesting but boring documents on the drive. The specs are Quad i5 3.2Ghz with 4G RAM, so usable machines.

Dell Optiplex Machines
Dell Optiplex Machines

We may scrap one or two and consolidate the memory into the rest. As you see one was missing an optical drive.


2020-10-03 Schwinn Voyageur

This Schwinn Voyageur is a weird looking bike. It was found scattered across the scrap metal pile, missing the skewers, seat and seat post. It is now ridable, and a new 26.8mm seat post is in the mail. Lots of tuneup work on it left to do, cables and housings etc, but that is all little details once we have got to this stage.

Schwinn Voyageur

Once cleaned up it will much more shiny and somebody will want it.


2020-09-28 Bob Jogging Stroller

This Bob Revolution single jogger is in really nice shape. It was put out in the trash in a nearby town and picked up by a friend on the spot for other important business.

Bob Jogging Stroller

2020-09-26 Trek Mountain Lion

This Trek Mountain Lion is a random BMX sized bike that is trying to be more like a mountain bike. Whatever, a useful thing if you want your smallish offspring to learn how to ride with gears.

Trek Mountain Lion

2020-09-26 Raleigh Talus

This Raleigh Talus has a sad story behind it. It is almost new, and you might naively think the reason for discard is the seat being at the wrong angle. But no, the drive side crank has the pedal threads stripped out. This means that the clueless owners probably did not realise that the pedals are one left hand thread and one right hand thread. It might even be the case that this was from first assembly of a flat packed bike.

Raleigh Talus

We have spare cranks and pedals so whatever happens this will be fixed up and used.


2020-09-24 Cymbal Thingy

This cymbal stand is missing some stuff from the top, and we are not sure if it is useful to anybodym but the mechanism works fine. We do know multiple people who use drum equipment.

Cymbal Thingy

2020-09-23 Saw

A random hand saw, no name on it, not really any apparent use.


The most likely use for this is in teaching offspring to properly value the power tools we have now.


2020-09-23 Fiskars Shears

Some pretty nice Fiskars garden shears. They have a some force multiplier action and are in good shape with some light use on them. They will be cleaned and oiled for further use in our garden.

Fiskars Shears

2020-09-20 Dell optiplex 3010

A random usable Dell Optiplex dsktop PC, original setup here, could come in handy for somebody in these times increased virtual contact.

Dell optiplex 3010

No HD inside, so people are wising up on the data they discard, but we will put one in should we need to get it running. Tested on knoppix for now.


2020-09-18 Folding Stool

A random little folding stool, looks like it belongs to a drum kit or some such. Somebody might want it, but we do not.

Folding Stool

2020-09-12 Bose Speaker

A random Bose SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth® speaker. It is missing the little docking base, but we can charge it with USB and it works fine.

Bose Speaker

2020-09-09 Graco FastAction Fold Duo

A Graco FastAction Fold Duo stroller, what a mess of a name. It is in OK shape, has the same grab fold as the nice babyjogger models. After a clean we will try and find a new owner for it.

Graco FastAction Fold Duo

2020-09-07 Bonntrager Tyre

A random Bonntrager 700C tyre, tossed out by the local bike shop. Part worn, but that means part unworn also, will be good for fixing up a discarded bike at some point in the future.

Bonntrager Tyre

2020-09-05 Schwinn Deelite

A random Scwhinn Deelite, needed a tuneup on the brakes but is all ready to go. Nice tires for a kids bike.

Schwinn Deelite

2020-09-05 GE Dehumidifier

This random GE dehumidifier had some weird paint splats on it and was a little grubby, but it cleaned up fine and is currently trying to dehumidify the outdoors, as a test of whether it makes cold and condenses moisture. Complete with instructions.

GE Dehumidifier

2020-09-01 Specialized Bike Carcass

This Specialized Hardrock carcass showed up with a front wheel. We are short of bike parts right now so who knows what happen to it. It may or may not achieve ridable state.

Specialized Bike Carcass

2020-08-21 Soma Generation

This Soma Generation 5-speed bike has sat for while, rusting gently on a porch and in a garage. As a test of skill and ingenuity we made it safely ridable again with minimal change or cosmetic improvements. Et voila, it is rideable.

Soma Generation

2020-08-19 Baby Jogger City Mini

This City Mini is is good usable condition we think, it certainly needs a clean and some oil on certain parts but should be fine and pressed back into service with a suitanle new owmner.

Baby Jogger City Mini

2020-08-15 Homelite Chainsaw

A random Homelite chainaw. Not the best chainsaw in the world, but if you need to chop up some tree parts, and this is what you have, then this is sufficient.

Homelite Chainsaw

2020-08-12 Bob Jogger

A rather nice BOB singler jogger, well used but not abused and all ready for another lifetime of moving offspring around.

Bob Jogger

The colors look a little washed out in the image but it looks better IRL. Not sure why that is, we have weird diffuse but string sunlight from haze and clouds.


2020-08-10 UPS

This random little Cyberpower UPs seems to all be in order. I guess we will hook it up and discharge it through load to test it. Probably avilable or going to the list of craig.


Update: It works but the batteries are pretty poor, it only carried a load for 10 minutes or so. We may replace, or not.


2020-08-10 Samsung TV

Continuing the theme of post power outage TV discards, we have here another Samsung, this one model UN55F8000BF. Seems to work fine, as usual shown booting a Pi. It was $1,899.99 new, when it came out and has numerous features.

Samsung TV

There was yet another unit there that I looked at but when testing on the power available in the shed, I could not find the on button. It was some weird non-name brand. I did not bring it home but 50/50 it works.


2020-08-10 HDMI Cable

This HDMI cable clearly delivers superior signal due to the fancy braided cover over the main part of the cable. I can tell. Whatever, at present it seems to be sensible to have a few of these in stock, what with all the TVs and such we are cycling through.

HDMI Cable

2020-08-08 Flat Screens

It seems that where we live people tend to throw away perfectly good working flat screen TVs after a power cut. We are not sure why this is true.

First up some random Samsung 4K TV, maybe 50 inch or something. It was expensive and fancy when new and seems perfectly fine now. Shown here acting as a monitor for a Pi booting up.

Flat Screens

Also another Samsung, maybe 60 inch. This one is older, a plasma display. Basically it is a giant toaster, nobody should ever run one of these in their house, unless as a heating unit that incidentally has pixels. But why would I want my toaster to have an IP address, we hear the luddites wail. Well, to stream netflix is one answer.

Samsung TV

There is always a market for cheap big screens though, and in fact the second one is already sold on the list of craig. It was only up an hour.


2020-08-03 700C Tires

A assortment of 700C road bikes tires, part worn, but perfectly usable.

700C Tires

The ideal application for these is when one gets some random road bike from the trash and the gumwall tires have decayed to nasty crud. Quick upgrade for something like this, functionality and aesthetics are vastly improved at zero cost.


2020-08-01 Tripods

A selection of professional quality camera tripods and light stands. These were found by a friend and we have been using tripods more recently so we took one of them. The big one is a very fancy Manfrotto,we have the smaller tripod.


2020-06-06 Raleigh Hybrid

A Raleigh Technium hybrid bike in somewhat neglected condition. It should clean up to be a good ridable machine but it might not ever excell in the shiny cosmestics department.

Raleigh Hybrid

2020-05-22 Putty Knife

A random broad-ish putty knife type implement. It was found "in a puddle". Not sure if we will use this but it could come in handy. I like the more flexible type.

Putty Knife

2020-05-01 Lenovo G550 Laptop

This random Lenovo G500 laptop had a completely dead hard drive in it. Not detected by Knoppix or anything. That seems like a pretty obvious reason for discard. No problem, we tossed in an old SSD from spares and put Windows 7 on it. It probably runs better now than it has ever done. Now going through a significant pile of patches.

Lenovo G550 Laptop

Probably available to anybody who needs it. Including people made known to use by the list of craig.


2020-04-27 Windscreen Wiper

This is clearly the other wiper from the pair, found by some enterprising young adventurers on a different outing. It was also in the box but now is not, as you can see.

Windscreen Wiper

2020-04-25 Hole Saw

A Lennox hole saw with arbor and a nice light application of rust. The hole saw is shown after cleanup and the arbor untouched.

Hole Saw

This arbor is a shitty cheapo model with no engagement dogs, so we will toss it. But the hole saw has better teeth than the existing model we have of exactly this size, so that is good.


2020-04-23 Windscreen Wiper

A random Rain-X brand windscreen wiper, new in the package. No idea if this fits any car we have access to, but we know somebody who has access to lots more cars.

Windscreen Wiper

2020-04-17 Lenovo Helix

Not sure where we got this thing, castoff or discard of some kind. It is a Lenovo ThinkPad Helix tablet laptop hybrid thingy. Anyway, in order to test it we grabbed a new power supply on ebay and booted it up. Sort of works OK, but it is hard to know if something that run Windows 8 is working or not.

Lenovo Helix

It is branded ThinkPad and UltraBook and all sorts of stuff. Very confusing.


2020-04-14 Henckels Steak Knife

A random Henckels steak knife. Weirdly it was found in a river, but right by a garbage dump. Difficult to know how it ended up there but it was salvaged and cleaned up and has already been used to consume multiple dinners.

Henckels Steak Knife

2020-03-15 A 2x4

A random brand new piece of 2x4 lumber. We often need one or two of these so having a nice straight one in stock is good.

A 2x4

2020-03-01 Toyota Reciever

New in the box and unused Toyota receiver setup. We may have a friend who may need this but if not then off to the list of craig to find a new owner.

Toyota Reciever

2020-01-04 Giant Rincon

Giant Rincon SE mountain bike with nice road tyres on it. Ding in the frame and needs a tuneup but probably just fine to ride after a spot of work.

Giant Rincon

2019-11-16 Knives

A selection of random knives, not top of the line but all sharp and worth using, should one need such implements. Available.


2019-10-13 Knobs

A bunch of drawer or cupboard knobs. They seem pretty nice, and should be handy if one were to need a set.


2019-10-12 Wooden Coathangers

Some nice wooden coathangers, handy for people who hang their clothes up.

Wooden Coathangers

2019-10-12 Trek MT220

A pink Trek MT220 mountain-sj bike clearly targeted towards girls, all seems fine modulo a quick tuneup.

Trek MT220

2019-10-12 Tape Measure

A New York City Transit Police branded pocket tape measure that has both inches and centimeters. Interesting indeed.

Tape Measure

2019-10-12 Scotts Fertilizer

Scotts Step4 lawn fertilizer or some such. We are not sure of the precise details of what this is or when to use it, beyond the vague notion of a lawn being involved, but we or somebody we know will use it.

Scotts Fertilizer

2019-10-12 Raleigh M40

A random neglected Raleigh M40 ladies mountain bike. Needs a clean, some air, some adjustment on the brakes but is otherwise fine and good to go.

Raleigh M40

2019-10-12 Phil and Ted Verve

A sort of nice Phil and Ted Verve stroller with lots of bits and pieces. We think it is all present and correct but it needs checking and a light clean.

Phil and Ted Verve

2019-10-12 Melita Grinder

A small Melita Coffee grinder complete with box. We have one like this that has suffered some breakge on the cap, so this might replace that items in the kitchen.

Melita Grinder

2019-10-12 Giant Bella

Giant Bella, some sort of kids bike. Had a broken rivet on the front mudguards, duly fixed and tested and tuned up and ready to go.

Giant Bella

2019-10-12 GT Bike

This is a random GT city cruiser bike with a belt drive. It certainly needed a tuneup when we got it and had some rusty bolts here and there but it has now cleaned up pretty nicely. The pic is of it in initial condition.

GT Bike

This is a pretty fancy bike, the frame is super light and it is nice to ride.


2019-10-12 Chicco Keyfit Caddy

This is just a stroller frame made by Chicco but for some reason they felt the need to brand it the "Keyfit Caddy". Never mind the name, should be handy for somebody.

Chicco Keyfit Caddy

2019-10-12 Baby Jogger City Select

This is a pretty fancy Baby Jogger double City Select. It is seemingly missing the basket underneath and needs a clean but it has a car seat and some attachments and such. We will see what this looks like when cleaned up and checked out.

Baby Jogger City Select

2019-10-12 Baby Jogger City Mini

Yet another Baby Jogger City Mini, this one is slightly grubby and in need of a clean and a tuneup. Should be quite presentable and usable when done though.

Baby Jogger City Mini

2019-10-12 BTwin Laufrad

A walking bike thingy from Decathlo's house brand for bikes, BTwin. We suspect this was carried to these shored by somebody who moved house. They were probably francophones.

BTwin Laufrad

2019-09-22 Ryobi Bench Grinder

This showed up in a dumpster and a friend grabbed it. He has one so it was dropped off with us We have one so we will rehome it, in whatever form that takes.

Ryobi Bench Grinder

2019-09-14 Schwinn Ranger

A random Schwinn Ranger bike that looks like it is targeted towards teenage girls or some such. No matter, a quick clean up and it is ready for a new rider.

Schwinn Ranger

2019-09-14 Extension Cable

A 40 foot extension cable. It is nice nd flexible rubber sheathed 16/3. The whole thing was filthy and muddy when we got it. The plugs were kind of nasty so we trashed those and will put new ones on at some point. Or we may use sections of this to upgrade power tools.

Extension Cable

2019-06-29 Homelite Trimmer

A string trimmer made by Homelite. It start and runs but when you take off the choke it dies within about 20 seconds. I suspect it just needs the jets cleaning.

Homelite Trimmer

2019-06-29 Giant Boulder

No, not a larger rock on the landscape, but a bike made by the Giant brand for which they chose the model name Boulder. Piece of junk, toasted front tube, but easy enough for us to fix for somebody who wants a super cheap bike.

Giant Boulder

2019-06-23 Uppababy Vista

Uppababy Vista stroller. Seems to be in OK shape but needs a clean.

Uppababy Vista

2019-06-23 Kelty Kids Rucksack

Another fine looking Kelty Kids rucksack. Found by the same friend who found the BOB today.

Kelty Kids Rucksack

2019-06-23 Graco Frame

Graco stroller frame, yet another. I guess part of click connect system or soemthing.

Graco Frame

2019-06-23 BOB Stroller

A nice look BOB jogger with fancy car seat attachment. Picked up by a friend but will showcase his sensible work here. He now has one BOB stroller for each offspring.

BOB Stroller

2019-06-22 Trek 720

Trek 720 small frame hybrid bike. Rear wheel was very bent, so we swapped on a new one, gave it a clean up and it is ready to go.

Trek 720

2019-06-22 Giant Innova

A Giant Innova. No, this is not some sort of large weird statistical analysis, but a bike. Rusty handledars replaced and some cleanup and it is ready to go. Pic was from before the cleanup.

Giant Innova

2019-06-22 Compressor

A Campbell Hausfeld Power Pal compressor. Kind of weird, but could be useful.


2019-06-15 Shaper

This is a Rockwell wood shaper, or maybe a table router. You put router bits and other cutter head in there and pass wood over it to change the profile. It is heavy and old and it works fine. The surface rust will clean up. We are looking for a home for this amongst friends.


2019-06-15 Delta Stroller

A low end random Delta stroller. No idea who Delta are and whether this is any good but it should not languish in the waste stream and should be given a chance to be useful again.

Delta Stroller

2019-06-15 Britax B-Agile

A randomly named Britax B-Agile stroller. Seems to be all present and correct, maybe needs a clean.

Britax B-Agile

2019-06-15 Band Sander

This is a tabletop belt sander, or band sander. It takes a 80 by 2.25 inch belt. It works fine but I cannot figure out who made it. We may give it a light restoration and use it as it or rebuild it into a vertical belt grinder.

Band Sander

Update: We ended getting a nice belt grinder from other sources so we sold this.


2019-06-09 Trek MT220

Kids size Trek MT220 mountain bike, 24 inch wheels. This was in really sparkling condition except for one missing hand grip and a worn and flat rear tyre. We think the kid who rode this just spent a few days doing rear wheel skids and then tossed it. Either way, easy fixes, tuned up and ready for some offspring to ride. Already tested.

Trek MT220

2019-06-09 Phil and Ted Double

A nice purple Phil and Ted double stroller, seem all present and correct but needed a good clean. A touch old but quite functional.

Phil and Ted Double

2019-06-09 Maclaren Pushchair

Yet another Maclaren Quest pushchair. Some damage to the foam hand grips but otherwise in very good condition. Cleaned and ready to go.

Maclaren Pushchair

New foam grips are available pretty reasonably from Maclaren, it turns out.


2019-06-09 Kid Car Seat

This is a Sunshine Kids car seat. They are interesting in that while being very safe and functional they are incrementally narrower than most other comparable cars seats. Super handy if you have a smaller car or are trying to get 3 people in the back seat.

Kid Car Seat

2019-06-09 Graco Sit-n-Stand

A random Graco Sit-n-stand style stroller, not super special but somewhat useful. It will be cleaned and made available for re-use.

Graco Sit-n-Stand

2019-06-09 City Elite

A Babyjogger City Elite stroller. This is an older model but in very good consition and it has that killer fold mechanism that make this series of joggers so handy. Ready for a new home.

City Elite

2019-06-02 Uppababy Vista

Uppababy Vista frame with bassinet attachment. Bassinet is in very good shape, the wheels might have an issue though. Worth fixing and rehoming, these are nice devices.

Uppababy Vista

2019-06-02 Teutonia Stroller

Teutonia T-Linx stroller, kind of fancy and modern. In perfect condition, good for a new small human to wriggle around in.

Teutonia Stroller

2019-06-02 Shelving

One metro wire style shelf, this is a knockoff we think but still useful.


2019-06-02 Mountain Buggy Swift

Mountain Buggy Swift single jogging/outdoors stroller. Pretty nice but has some wheels attachment/bearing issues. Worth fixing we think.

Mountain Buggy Swift

2019-06-02 Graco Fastaction

Graco Fastaction Fold Duo, what a bloody mouthfull of a name. This is transparently trying to rip off the Baby Jogger pull to fold mechanism. It is clearly lower quality and the hoods have a tenuous attachment mechanism. This thing touts membership of the Graco "quick connect system" family of offspring movement devices, could be useful, who knows. Either way we will be finding a new home for it.

Graco Fastaction

2019-06-02 Charcoal

Two bags of BBQ charcoal, randomly tossed out. Each more than half full. We are getting the feeling that there is a safety recall out about this product, has been known to catch fire or some such.


2019-06-01 Uppababy Cruz

One Uppababy Crtuz stroller, initially in slightly grubby condition but as you can see in the picture, an outbreak of cleanliness is happening.

Uppababy Cruz

2019-06-01 Shogun Bike

This was a Shogun road bike with drop bars that got converted at some time to hybrid style. It is pretty nice and in very good condition and will seek a new rider on the list of craig.

Shogun Bike

2019-06-01 Popcorn Machine

A "Pasadena Popper" popcorn machine. This was rescued by friends who spent a while cleaning it, as you can see in this cheesy before and after shot.

Popcorn Machine

2019-06-01 Kelty Rucksack

One fancy Kelty Kids offspring carrying device. Comes with the hood thingy and was slightly dusty from sitting in a garage for years. Now all cleaned up and ready for use.

Kelty Rucksack

2019-06-01 Babytrend Sit-n-Stand

A nice Babytrend Sit-n-stand stroller. Picked up by a friend but showcased here. Needs a clean but he should do fine on that.

Babytrend Sit-n-Stand

2019-05-25 Specialized Hotrock

Random purple Specialized Hotrock kids bikes. Needed air in the tyres and good to go. Came with helmet.

Specialized Hotrock

2019-05-25 LED Bulbs

Two Acculamp 500 lumen 2700K LED bulbs, both work fine. It is not obvious why these might end up in the scrap metal at the dump, though maybe there are weird anti-efficiency luddites in town? We have heard such people exist.

LED Bulbs

2019-05-25 Delta Miter Saw

A random Delta miter saw, note, not a compound mitre. Works fine. Vaguely available to anybody who wants it.

Delta Miter Saw

2019-05-22 Toro Lawn Mower

A random Toro lawn mower in good condition. It started but only ran for a couple of seconds. Pulled the carb off, pulled the jets out, cleaned with needle and works fine now. Fiddly pain in the butt to get the linkage all set but not such a bad job. We have the grass pickup also, it is just not pictured here.

Toro Lawn mower

2019-04-27 Ski Boots

A couple of pairs of ski boots in sizes that our offsprings' feet will be at some point in the near future. Handy dandy.

Ski Boots
Ski Boots

2019-04-27 Inspection Light

This thing is probably pretty useless. The bulbs are little tubes, pretty dim through the dinged up plastic. It is Snapon. The cable is really nice quality. Not sure what we will do with it.

Inspection Light

2019-04-27 Baseball Machines

Some equipment for emulating sporting activity. First an ATEC Rookie pitching machine type thing. Slightly scruffy condition but works fine. These things are not cheap.

Baseball Machines

Next an Atec Soft Toss machine. We have no idea what the use of this thing is but it seems to work and be complete etc.

Baseball Machines

With them came a bunch of practice balls.

Baseball Machines

These are fun to play with but we will be disposing of them as soon as possible.


2019-04-27 Babytrend Snap-and-go

Yet another random stroller frame device, Babytrend brand. Handy to have and presumably we will be introduced quite soon to somebody who wants this one.

Babytrend Snap-and-go

2019-04-27 Ammo Can

This is a Dutch Ammo can, often used for 5.56 and sometimes for grenades and other ordinance. This was in the scrap metal, closed up, in perfectly good condition. This type of can is one of the best available anywhere in the world for carrying tools or other stuff, the depth is just right and they are deliberately very stable when stacked. The tension on the spring catches is adjustable and it has two handles.

Ammo Can

They are quite rare and pretty unknown where we happen to exist so it is somewhat baffling as to how this thing got here in the first place and then ended up getting tossed out.


2019-03-30 Urns

We grabbed these brass urns for the 16 lbs of scrap brass they contain but somebody might want them. There are some fun things you can do by carrying an urn around.


2019-03-30 Mongoose Bike

This is a very strange object. On the face of it, it is simply a Mongoose RX 5.3 road bike, whatever that might mean. Mongoose are not the best brand in the world. They have tried to make a thing that looks like a super fancy road bike but on the cheap. They went all out on the frame, making it look all aero and putting in the carved out seat post, put on the lowest end modern components, including brifters, and just filled in the rest from the bottom of the barrel parts bin.

Mongoose Bike

Reason for discard was the flat rear tyre. We think they got a flat, replaced the tube but pinched the new tube putting it in, despaired at it and tossed it. It has the telltale twin holes you get from pinching the tube with an unsuitable lever like a screwdriver. Strangely we were able remove and refit the tire without any tools as it or the rim were slightly offsize, it was very tricky to inflate evenly centered on the rim.


2019-03-30 Ice Bucket

A random stainless steel double walled ice bucket. We may use it or give it away to anybody here who claims it.

Ice Bucket

2019-03-24 Schwinn Laufrad

A random Schwinn balance bike. Was missing the seat and the handlbars were on backwards, incorrect initial consumer assembly. No matter, it is all ready to help a small person to gain two wheel confidence now.

Schwinn Laufrad

2019-03-23 Samsung TV

Samsung 46 inch 1080 TV. Clearly the previous owner has just upgraded to 4k or something and left this in the e-waste. Well, we picked it out of the e-waste and tested it and it seems fine. There is a scratch on the screen but I think we can see through that.

Samsung TV

2019-03-23 Powermatic Fence

This is a pretty new Powermatic table saw fence. It has been modified to fit another saw but is in pretty good shape. We will probably sell it, unless a reader here grabs it first.

Powermatic Fence

2019-03-23 Echo Trimmer

A random Echo 2-stroke string trimmer. Reason for discard could be the fact that it has run out of string, not sure about that. Anyway, started right up,. had fuel in it, runs fine.

Echo Trimmer

2019-03-16 Biria Bike

This Biria eb333 step through bike does not belong in the scrap metal. This, however, is where it was found. It may be the case that incorrect intial assembly was afflicting it, we had to tweak the mudguards and the brakes a little. But it is fine now.

Biria Bike

2019-03-09 Hardwood Planks

These planks seem like oak. There are these plus a bunch of longer ones. They have holes in each end so are clearly reclaimed from some construction, maybe shelving? We might find a use for them at some point, unless one of you do first? Let us know if you want them.

Hardwood Planks

2019-03-09 Axe

This is a smallish axe head on a medium sized handle. It was pretty rusty and dried out when we got it but we reseated the head and poured epoxy in the cracks. After cleaning and oiling it looks fine and chops woody stuff. It will come in handy at some stage.


2019-02-16 Maclaren Pushchair

Shiny and fancy Maclaren Techno XT pushchair. Seems all very nice and ready to use.

Maclaren Pushchair

2019-01-06 Bugaboo Bee

One nice and shiny Bugaboo Bee, picked up after closing time in a mildly subversive manner. All present and correct, barely even needed cleaning.

Bugaboo Bee

2018-12-29 Sony TV

A Sony Bravia TV thingy in good condition and seemingly working. I guess somebody got an ultra 4K super duper upgrade for Christmas and tossed this out.

Sony TV

Our biggest impediment to properly testing it is the current lack of a HDMI cable in the house.


2018-12-29 Calphalon Pans

A couple of Calphalon pans, early ones in very good condition. One skillet and one of some other type whose name does not spring to mind. Maybe sauce pan? These both have a the plain anodixed aluminium finish in good shape and are available to anybody who asks for them.

Calphalon Pans

2018-12-20 Univega Bike

A Univega Gran Sprint. It needed a new chain and shifter cable, but is a pretty nice bike now. It was just nasty dirty when we got it but it cleaned up, modulo a few dings in the paint and such. We may tweak the config a little more before selling it.

Univega Bike

Univega bikes are often complete garbage, but this one is not bad at all. Must be from their limited, "actually a bike" line rather than the "bike shaped object" line that we usually see.


2018-12-20 Tiedown Straps

Six random tiedown straps in a big spaghetti tangle. It took a while to clean them up etc but they are now stored in a sensible manner for their next usage.

Tiedown Straps

2018-12-18 Summer Stroller

This confusingly named Summer 3D Lite, or some such. It is brand new barely used and as such should be easy get back into usage.

Summer Stroller

2018-12-07 Sweets

A bag of assorted candy. This is presumably leftover from Halloween and no longer required. This pretty much has negative value for most people but we will see what becomes of it.


2018-12-07 Steamer

A random All-Clad steamer, it just happens to fit a nice All-Clad pan we have so will be put on the shelf. Another inferior steamer will be moved into deep storage, available for anybody who wants it. It would fit in the top of a pan that has a 7.75 inch ID.


2018-12-07 City Select

Baby Jogger City Select Double stroller. It was a bit grubby when we picked it up but seems to have cleane dup OK. It is a very functional device so we shall see who wants it.

City Select

2018-12-06 Joovy Scooter X2

Grabbed by a friend for us, A Joovy Scooter X2 double stroller, we think. We have only seen it in dark so far, as the picture suggests, but we will inspect and clean as needed.

Joovy Scooter X2

2018-11-17 Miele Silver Moon

A rather nice Miele Silver Moon vacuum with big powered head. Works fine when plugged in, missing the attachments. Already allocated, we think, to a friend who has need of one.

Miele Silver Moon

2018-10-13 Winter Tires

A set of 235 55R18 Dunlop Wintermaxxx tires in very good condition. These will be offered around all friends to see if anybody can use them. If not, we will introduce ourselves to somebody who can using the list of craig.

Winter Tires

2018-10-13 Skuut Laufrad

A nice little Skuut like-a-bike thingy. Already dropped off with a friend so he can get started with his number one offspring soon.

Skuut Laufrad

2018-10-13 Raleigh Grand Prix

Raleigh Grand Prix mixte frame road bike. Rellay spiffy machine this, needs a good tuneup and go over but this is a classic.

Raleigh Grand Prix

2018-10-13 Kelty Kids Rucksack

Another Kelty Kids rucksack. Use for carrying one's small offspring around. This is a pretty nice ones, super luxury etc.

Kelty Kids Rucksack

2018-10-13 Graco frame

A Graco stroller frame from the quick connect or whatever they call that system. Funcion and useful, somebody will want it.

Graco frame

2018-10-13 Go-Glider

Random Go-Glider like-a-bike. Perfect condition, never really used. We will find a home for this at some point.


2018-10-13 Gary Fisher Mamba

A Gary Fisher Mamba mountain bike in very good condition, having been long neglected in a dry place. Air in the tires, hose off the dust and it is pretty nice already.

Gary Fisher Mamba

Random thought, who wants to sit on something named after a quite venomous snake? Or it is relevent that a thing named like a snake gets put between one's legs? Marketing is weird.


2018-10-13 Diamond Back Sorrento

A Diamond Back Sorrento mountain bike, older, not super high end and slightly beat up. It will clean up to be a very functional ride for somebody.

Diamond Back Sorrento

2018-10-13 Bianchi Hybrid

This Bianchi Avenue hybrid has seen better days. We will give it a good check over and probably build it back up with new tires and seat and substantiable tuneup. A friend needs a bike and this will suit, once back in good shape.

Bianchi Hybrid

This bike was suffering from numerous ailments, here is the list of problems and fixes:

The satisfaction gained from making this bike work with minimal expenditure of money was significant. The expenditure of time was not minimal, but also worth it.


2018-10-13 Babytrend double frame

A Baby Trend Snap-n-go stroller frame thingy for those people unlucky enough to have had two offspring at the same time. Near new condition.

Babytrend double frame

2018-10-06 Uppababy G-luxe

Uppababy G-luxe stroller, what a silly name. Never mind, handy little stroller for moving kids around, pretty light and sensible.

Uppababy G-luxe

2018-10-06 Tool Box

This is a small metal tool box labeled "Bell System D". It turns out that it originally had a Snap-on ratchet and sockets in it. Empty now but we will find something to store in it.

Tool Box

2018-10-06 Snap and Go

Yet another snap and go stroller frame thingy. People always need these so it is worth a quick clean.

Snap and Go

2018-10-06 Kids Bike

A random little Novara kids bike of no particular quality. Note, it is good as it allows kids of a certain size to learn how to use gears. As such we are pressing it into service and it performed fine on the way to the farmers' Market.

Kids Bike

2018-10-06 Jack

A Sears 3 ton jack. It was super dusty and a little rusty in key places when got it but it cleaned up just fine and works well.


Obligatory Muppets reference: Jack not name, jack job


2018-10-06 HP Detachable Laptop

This HP detachable laptop works fine. We do not have the passwords for it but a reset or reinstall should rectify that. Shown running Knoppix for testing and forensic purposes.

HP Detachable Laptop

Of course weird things happen if you are running knoppix off USB and you detach the screen part leaving the knoppix drive on the base.


2018-10-06 Dreamer Design Jogger

Dreamer Design brand jogger. Has some issues with the weird netting fringe but otherwise is really nice. Air in the tires and a clean and it is ready to go.

Dreamer Design Jogger

2018-10-06 Babytrend Jogger

A nice simple Babytrend Jogger. Nothing wrong, useful stroller, needed the brakes adjusting and air in the tires.

Babytrend Jogger

2018-09-30 Uppababy Strollers

Two Uppababy Vista stroller showed up with various problems and bits and peices. One had a bent frame, which is pretty bad. But over all there were two seats, one bassinet, two rumble seats, two boogie boards. This more or less turns into one Uppababy Vista and a bunch of parts that people might well want.

Uppabay Strollers

2018-09-30 Photovoltaic Inverters

We found 16 Enphase M210 inverters that were presumably taken of a solar install and discarded. We or somebody else might find a use for them.

Photovoltaic Inverters

2018-09-30 Extension Cord

This random orange extension cord seemed handy so we picked it up and tested it to find it was actually defective. There was a bad cut that had severed the live wire only 2 feet from the end so we will put a new end on there and it will be useful again.

Extension Cord

2018-09-30 Bugaboo Stroller

This Bugaboo Frog is a old model but a very nice device for moving small offspring. It has the quilted winter hodd, oooooh, fancy. It was in good condition and we think the reason for discard may have been the tilt mechamism.

Bugaboo Stroller

The tilt mechanism sticks when certain plastic parts in it absorb water and expand over time, wedging the mechnism so that it does not move. It is an easy fix to pull it apart and file down the white plastic disks. Having said that we have to admit that we had forgotten how to put it back together etc since the last time we did it, but it is all fine now.


2018-09-22 Portable Easel

This is a folding wooden easel and paint box carry case thing. I t is a bit of a marvel of design in some respects. One hinge point was broken due to split wood so we fixed that and will give it to a friend.


2018-09-15 Trek 7100

Trek 7100 bike with 700C wheels and a swoopy ladies frame. The rear brake cable was rusted in place, the thing has rarely been ridden. Now all tuned up and ready to ride. There are a couple of nasty rust pits in the fork shafts.

Trek 7100

2018-09-01 Fuji Mountain Bike

A random Fuji low end mountain bike. It has not really been used, came to us super dusty via our man on the spot. Air in the tires and a quick wash and it is ready to go. And go it shall, we hope.

Fuji Mountain Bike

2018-09-01 Burley Trailer

A Burley trailer for towing small lazy offspring behind your bike. This one is missing the canopy thingy but is still a handy item that somebody will want.

Burley Trailer

2018-08-25 USB Mouse

Random USB mouse, always good to have a few in stock.

USB Mouse

2018-08-25 Portable Drives

Four portable hard drives. As yet uninvestigated, watch this space. Bonus USB mini hub thingy.

Portable Drives

2018-08-25 Hole Punch

Of course we just bought one of these as part of back to school equipping. But I am sure this one will find a home somewhere in the house.

Hole Punch

2018-08-25 Grohe Bathroom Fittings

A random pile of Grohe bathroom plumbing fittings. We probably cannot use these but some person as yet unknown to us will find them on ebay and find a use for them.

Grohe Bathroom Fittings

2018-08-25 Framing Nails

A box of DeWalt framing nails. Could be handy, though only to the person with the correct nail gun.

Framing Nails

2018-08-25 Casio Calculator

A Casio fx-115W, or whatever it is. Yes, we just bouight one similer for school usage. But now we have another.

Casio Calculator

2018-08-18 Teak Chairs

Four quite a nice teak chairs from Restoration Hardware. They have sat outside for a while, probably mostly unused. As you can see we are cleaning them.

Teak Chairs

2018-08-04 Trek Kids Bike

A random Trek Mountain Lion 60 kids bike, 6 speed, linear pull brakes. Nothing really wrong with it, will get a clean and a new home.

Trek Kids Bike

Update: It has cleaned up pretty well and is ready to ride.


2018-08-04 Sink Drain

A brand new sink drain insert thinmgy with plug. We will toss this on the plumbing spares pile and hopefully find it in a moment of need at some point in the future.

Sink Drain

2018-08-04 Schwinn Varsity

A pretty nice medium sized Schwinn Varsity bike with upright bars. It has some rust spots and wear here and there but it has cleaned up nicely and looks way to nice for its age. Hopefully some hipsters will want it at some point.

Schwinn Varsity

2018-08-04 Hammer

A random Stanley hammer with pretty dodgy looking handle. Not sure if we will fix it up, might just store the head.


2018-08-04 Clamp

A pipe clamp on a short length of pipe. You can never have too many clamps but we will give this to a friend who has greater need.


2018-07-14 Tramontina Pan

This is maybe a 14 inch Tramontina non-stick skillet, lightly used. Pretty handy. Already cleaned up and pressed into service at a party within an hour of being found.

Tramontina Pan

2018-07-14 Maclaren Quest

A Random Maclaren Quest pushchair, very worn rear wheels but otherwise in very nice shape. This is a refreshing change that something had been well used before discard. We will have to check the spares shed to see if we already have these wheels in stock.

Maclaren Quest

2018-07-14 Bosch Circular Saw

A random Bosch circular saw, no blade and it does not run very well. Otherwise in very nice shape so we will look inside for obvious issues like brushes etc and see if it can be made funcrtional.

Bosch Circular Saw

2018-07-01 Clamps

We found 4 deep clamps in a pretty sad rusted state. All 4 were seized on the thread. We shall see about the other two but these two have been freed up, cleaned up and given a coat of paint and some oil.


There were also some interesting looking bar clamps present, but they were all also rusty and not very long, hence not worth the effort to anybody who is not and obsessive tool collector and restorer.


2018-07-01 Car Seats

A friend asked for a pair of car seats for their growing offspring, so we went out and grabbed a pair of medium sized Britax models.

Car Seats

It is possible a pic of the other may follow.


2018-06-30 Verizon LTE Hotspot

A Verizon Jetpack LTE hotspot device. Very small and compact, USB powered. Seems to work fine. It has no valid plan configured at present, but when prompted to do an update it is clearly using LTE to do such.

We wonder how secure that update gateway/server is and whether there are any weird proxy type things running there.

Verizon LTE Hotspot

2018-06-30 Camera Tripod

A random camera tripod, brand unknown, but seems nice and solid.

Camera Tripod

2018-06-30 Amazon Kindle DX

A big kindle, the DX model, complete with some random media. It charged and came on, no idea why that blue tape is on there etc, to be investigated further.

Amazon Kindle DX

2018-06-30 Amazon Echo Dot

A white second generation Echo Dot, Alexa in a small form factor. Seems to work fine, I am sure somebody we know will want a spy from Jeff Bezos in their house.

Amazon Echo Dot

2018-06-24 Michelin Tyres

One pair of Michelin MX 235/45 R17 tyres with 3/4 or more tread left. A friend of ours who operates closer to the edge in terms of fiscal solubility than we do may take these and attempt to barter them at a used tyre place for the size he actually needs. We will see if that works.

Michelin Tyres

2018-06-24 Graco Modes

Another Graco Modes stroller with quick connect system or some such. Near perfect condition, needed a quick rinse, and you can see here.

Graco Modes

2018-06-24 Bugaboo Bee Parts

A weird assortment of Bugaboo Bee parts. We may hang onto these for a while and see what opportunities arise. The only reason this may be worth it is that the Bee was a really nice little stroller.

Bugaboo Bee Parts

2018-06-23 Uppababy G-Luxe

An Uppababy G-luxe stroller, umbrella style fold. A little grubby on the fabric but we think it should clean up like new with a little attention and the correct cleaning fluids.

Uppababy G-Luxe

2018-06-23 Specialized Hardrock

Another Specialized Hardrock mountain bike. One bad tires, pedals were naff, but cleaned up very nicely and is waiting for a new rider. You are seeing the before picture here, it is now devastatingly shiny and appealing.

Specialized Hardrock

Grabbed directly from the back of a pickup, never touched the ground.


2018-06-23 Shelf Brackets

A pile of shelf brackets. Handy dandy.

Shelf Brackets

2018-06-23 Plane

A Buck Bros plane, clearly a Stanley ripoff. New in the box, tossed in the scrap metal. We don't want it but somebnody we know does.


2018-06-23 Phil and Ted

A Phil and Ted under over style jogger-ish stroller. It is all in pretty nice condition, all present and correct with a few random stains. It was put out on curbside with a pile of ash in the seat. You can see from the picture that we have started to remedy this issue and clean it up.

Phil and Ted

2018-06-23 Pan Lids

Two unremarkable but potentially useful stainless steel pan lids.

Pan Lids

2018-06-23 Paint Roller Tray

A random plastic paint roller tray, we use these and so now we have another one in stock.

Paint Roller Tray

2018-06-23 Kelty Kids Rucksack

A Kelty Kids fancy rucksack thingy for carrying your lazy offspring. This one seems really complicated.

Kelty Kids Rucksack

2018-06-23 Jamis Exile

This Jamis Exile mountain bike was grabbed by a bucket loader and dumped in the scrap metal before we could get to it. Nevertheless we may resurrect it thanks to our comprehensive parts supply, sourced from you know where.

Jamis Exile

2018-06-23 Gorilla Wagon

Grabbed for a friend whose crazy old mother potters in the garden and needs something to assist her pottering. Note this has a tipping bed and ball bearing wheels. Pretty fancy.

Gorilla Wagon

Upon close inspection it needs a new tyre, but that seems well within our technical capabilities and worth doing.


2018-06-23 Fireplace Hardware

These did not show up together, but an hour or so apart. First a set of fire irons, possibly with an interloper steel poker in there.

Fireplace Hardware

Next a set of heavy brass andirons.

Fireplace Hardware

A friend will be taking these and if he is late picking them up they will be scrapped for the brass.


2018-06-23 Cast Iron Pans

A small nest of cast iron pans, including some older griswolds and such. To be investigated when we have the time.

Cast Iron Pans

2018-06-23 Brass Bowl

This Brass bowl is quite thick and substantial. If you want it for your aspidistra or whatever let us know, otherwise it is scrap brass.

Brass Bowl

2018-06-23 Baby Jogger City Mini

A Baby Jogger City Mini GT, all in very nice condition and ready for a new small human to be carried around.

Baby Jogger City Mini

2018-06-16 Uppababy Stroller

One Uppababy Vista stroller in nice condition, complete with car seat holder attachment and hood for such. This was discarded in general waste, i.e. the pit, for those who know the particular location we found

Uppababy Stroller

We despair at the disgusting entitled laziness of many people in our vicinity. But not totally, as clearly we act as their environmental conscience.


2018-06-16 Scotts Mower

Yet another Scotts reel lawn mower. Brand new, never used. It was shipped with some assembly required and the purchaser was utterly incompetent and made a half assed effort to assemble it. At this point they tossed the whole thing in the trash, minues a few small pieces. Once we had custody, we had to take out all the bolts and fix things up. The little retainer rings were missing for the handle mount but we got those at our friendly neighourhood hardware store and now have a new mower for anybody who needs one.

Scotts Mower

Reason for discard: customer too stupid for some assembly required.


2018-06-16 Mongoose BMX

A random Mongoose BMX. One broken pedal was an easy fix from our spares department. Shown after a quick wash to get the dust off.

Mongoose BMX

2018-06-16 Haro Bike

Random Haro kids mountain bike. It is a little beat up but it may end up being used to stripped for parts.

Haro Bike

2018-06-16 Boos Block

A Boos butcher block. It has dried out and the joints have opened up a little on the top. This may become a chair or some other item, unless Brian wants it as his random extra chopping block.

Boos Block

It is not exactly the same, but similar to this one.


2018-06-15 Kelty Kid Rucksack

A nice Kelty Kids rucksck for carrying small lazy offspring around. Needs a clean but otherwise handy dandy.

Kelty Kid Rucksack

2018-06-10 Stanley Surform

A small Stanley Surform, in good condition, still sharp and useful so it will be tossed into the big drawer of files, rasps and surforms we have downstairs.

Stanley Surform

2018-06-09 Ryobi Table Saw

This Ryobi portable table saw has an issue with the blade tilt. If that is not easily solvable we will extract the blade and recycle the rest.

Ryobi Table Saw

2018-06-09 Maclaren Triumph

Yet another Maclaren Triump single seaat pushchair. Works fine, not even very dirty, should be good for somebody to use as soon as we can find such a person.

Maclaren Triumph

2018-06-09 BOB Jogger

A BOB Revolution single jogger. The thing was in pristine condition, barely used, except for a nasty smear of (presumably) chocolate all over the harness straps.

BOB Jogger

We really have to question the parenting and economic wisdom of whoever owned this previously. Who gives kids chocolate in a stroller? Who buys a 450 USD stroller only to toss it away once it gets chocolate on it?


2018-06-06 Peg Perego P3

A nice example of a Perego Pliko P3 pushchair, all in very nice condition. Needs a clean and will be ready to go.

Peg Perego P3

2018-06-06 Garbage Can

A random metal garbage can with lid. Seems brand new, never used. Garbage-ception, a new garbage can in the garbage.

Garbage Can

2018-06-06 Britax B-Ready

Britax B-ready stroller, what a ridiculous name. Intended to suggest things I guess. It seems all present and correct and presumably somebody will want it to move their messy offspring around.

Britax B-Ready

2018-06-02 Joovy Zoom 360

This Joovy Zoom 360 was in really nice condition except for terminal tears in the seat fabric. Not sure whether that is a design flaw or the result of user error. It turns out though that you can get a whole new fabric seat for 30 USD from their website. So, excellent, well done Joovy for providing reasonably priced parts support.

Joovy Zoom 360

Pictured with the new fabric installed and ready for action. This is a good quality half price alternative to a BOB Revolution.


2018-05-05 Wagner Skillet

A medium sized Wagner cast iron span. Clean on the inside. Should prove useful to somebody.

Wagner Skillet

2018-05-05 Strollers

A selection of strollers. First a random Uppabay umbrella fold style, not sure of the model. Seems fine and ready for a new home after a clean.


Very similar, a Chicco Liteway pushchair. Pretty nice device, annoying marketoid name.


Yet another double BOB jogger. This one a recent model with the black plastic fold levers and other changes. Tyres need air, needs a dust off and will be used by a couple of small visitors to our house.


A random Combi single stroller. These are not the most inspiring of strollers but they are pretty sensible and useful and people seem to like them. Hence, totally worth rescuing.


A Snap-and-go style thingy but made by Graco as part of the Graco Modes system they have. A handy thing to have if you need it.


A Maclaren Twin Techno, recent model in good shape. Not sure if we found the hood or not but we will sort that out when the dust settles. Busy day today.


You need to move offspring around, we have the tools.


2018-05-05 Stainless Sink and Drain

A stainless steel built-in style sink and draining surface. It is 62 inches by 21 or so. This is available to anybody who wants it. It is pretty nice for a basement work area for example.

Stainless Sink and Drain

2018-05-05 Shogun Bike

This Shogun road bike is a pretty fancy machine with lots of gears and a huge frame. Fatal weakness on these is of course the rubber brake lever hoods, they degrade and ruin the whole thing. This should be restored and looking for a new owner soon.

Shogun Bike

2018-05-05 Pitching Machine

A JUGS pitching machine. Has a broken weld on a leg but works fine otherwise.

Pitching Machine

Check out the specs on their webpage


2018-05-05 Measuring Jug

Pyrex measuring jug. Still has the label on.

Measuring Jug

2018-05-05 Games

A some random mixed games and puzzles and such. To be investigated in further detail.


2018-05-04 Cast Iron Pans

A couple of interesting cast iron cookware items. On the left a Griswold slant logo number 5, which could command high value on ebay should we choose to go that route. The other a small pot for melting things like butter or whatever. Both rehomed with somebody who knows how to use ktchen tools.

Cast Iron Pans

Maybe he knows how to use ebay as well, but he is free to do what he wants with the Griswold. It is a nice little pan, we already have one.


2018-05-03 Mongoose BMX

A Mongoose BMX bike with a twizzler, that most useless of features. But then this is not really a bike, it is a mechanism for providing creative new ways to fall and hurt oneself as opposed to a device to travelling from A to B. Somebody will want it.

Mongoose BMX

2018-05-03 KitchenAid Mixer

A random KitchenAid stand mixer. Missing the bowl and attachments but works fine.

KitchenAid Mixer

2018-04-28 Compressors

Two devices to make air smaller. First a Hitachi pancake style 2hp oilless thingy. Runs fine, was very grimy when we found it. Missing the cover on the cutoff switch. Also the on switch lives there on that cover but it runs fine and cuts out fine.

Hitachi Pancake Compressor

Also a Husky brand small compressor. It was missing a power cable when we found it so is as yet untested, we will see.

Husky Compressor

2018-04-28 Bike Seat

A Topeak Bike seat, requested by a friend for some bikes we are fixing up for him. Ask and you may receive.

Bike Seat

2018-04-28 Bike Rack

Another request, a bike rack for a car. It is missing one of the soft pads but we can glue on a patch of heavy foam there and all will be well.

Bike Rack

2018-04-28 Appliance Dolly

A dolly thingy for moving appliances around. It has the straps to hold the thing on the skid, the protective plastic strips to prevent scratching and the stair lifting runners underneath. Within a day or two we used it to swap out a dryer from a basement. Pic shows the bottom half but it is pretty tall with loop handles on the end.

Appliance Dolly

2018-03-31 Laufrad

A fancy nancy FirstBike walking bike, or whatever these things are called. We have no need for it but I am sure we can find a home for it. Needs air in the tyres, but we all need air now and then so I will not hold that against it.


2018-03-25 Trek Hybrid

Rather nice Trek hybrid bike. It was used a fair bit by the previous owner. Brake pads worn down and maladjusted and various bearings had slop and was missing pedals. No matter, is already rideable and will soon be in tip top shape for a growing member of the family.

Trek Hybrid

Note: It does not have an axe embedded in it. That was just in the background.


2018-03-17 Mac Keyboards

Two mac keyboards, but the wireless one turns out to have old AA batteries in it. They have reacted and expanded and buggered up this thing. The USB one we will keep for a spare.

Mac Keyboards

2018-03-17 Kettcar

Yet another Kettler pedal car, or Kettcar. This one has the proper rubber pneumatic tyres and as such is vastly superior to all the other ones we have, or have had. Unfortunately it was missing a key piece on the steering but we grabbed one from an inferior model to make it work.


One key advantage of the rubber tyres is that they are quiet. It is great when one's small offspring self amuse with a Kettcar, but the background noise of the harder plastic tyres is grating when one is enjoying a beer on the deck in the afternoon, speaking from experience.


2018-03-17 Ipe Wood Blocks

Some big fat blocks of ipe wood. Presumably these were the end of beams or some such. That beam was a serious piece of ipé. This wood sinks in water, so a beam that size must have weighed a fair bit. Not sure what we will do with these chunks but some semi-artistic and functional project will spring to mind.

Ipe Wood Blocks

2018-03-03 Trek Bikes

His and hers Trek 730 Multitrack hybrids. In very nice condition modulo the tyres and tubes. they are more or less ready for new owners now.

Trek Bikes

2017-11-24 Specialized Hotrock

Almost new condition Specialized Hotrock BMX-ish bike, whatever that name is supposed to signify. New inner tube required in the front and then good to go.

Specialized Hotrock

2017-11-11 Sanders

A couple of pretty fine sanders. First a Porter Cable rotary thingy, works fine. It had lots of nasty goop on it and a bit pile of duct tape around the cable (which was undamaged underneath). Much cleaner now and ready for use or a new home.


Also a Makita belt sander. Absolutely nothing wrong with it, runs great and strong.


2017-11-11 Samsung TV

A random Samsung TV. The guy who dropped it off in the recycling said it failed to turn on sometimes. Works fine for now playing Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Samsung TV

2017-10-17 Wellies

Some nice green wellies, near perfect condition and pretty new. Luckily we have an offspring that has the correct foot size to utilize these.


2017-10-14 Uppababy Vista

A somewhat older (we guess) Uppababy Vista in OK chape. Needs a clean, we will see how it comes out, if it cleans up nicely somebody will want this and they will make themselves known to us via the list of craig.

Uppababy Vista

Update: it came up nice and clean and should be ready to go.


2017-10-14 Ryobi Pressure Washer

A random Ryobi eletric pressure washer in pretty good condition. We think it has sat around a lot more than it has been used. Worked fine, all tested, ready for a new home with some friends.

Ryobi Pressure Washer

2017-10-14 Raleigh M20

A pretty low quality and basic Raleigh M20 mountain bike. Nothing wrong with it, air in the tires and good to go.

Raleigh M20

2017-10-14 Phil and Ted

A random Phil and Ted stroller with some small issues. The folding retainer catch is missing a piece and it has seen some use. It may well see a second life, not sure yet.

Phil and Ted

2017-10-14 Miyata Bike

Miyata Ninety bike. Very nice condition, not ridden. It has sat in a garage for 30 years, then had new tires applied, then sat for long enough for the tires to go flat again, then was tossed.

Miyata Bike

2017-10-14 Billy Goat

A Billy Goat machine, 5hp, made for vacuuming up leaves and small animals that might chance into your garden. This is a substantial machine, was out of fuel when we found it, but started up pretty easily when filled up. Good to go, already rehomed with a friend whose neighbours' trees drop things in his yard.

Billy Goat

2017-10-07 Random BMX

This is a random BMX of no particular value. But complete and relatively shiny.

Random BMX

2017-10-07 Outdoor Pot Burner

This is a random little propane powered outdoor pot burner. The kind you make deep friend turkey with, or some such.

Outdoor Pot Burner

2017-10-07 Maxi Cosi Selection

A reasonable selection of Maxi Cosi infant and toddler car seats. They are a little dusty and dinged up but nice items nevertheless. One we have already passed on to people who will be in need of it at some time in the future.

Maxi Cosi Selection

2017-10-07 City Minis

Two orange and black Baby Jogger City Mini strollers. One is more or less brand new, possibly discarded due to incorrect user assembly. The other is just merely a very nice used stroller.

City Minis
City Minis

2017-10-07 Ceiling Fan

A random 3 blade modern styled ceiling fan. Just fine when you need and extra fan.

Ceiling Fan

2017-10-07 Bike Wheels

One pair of 700C wheels and tyres in good condition. Missing the front skewer.

Bike Wheels

2017-09-16 Trek Bikes

Somebody bought their precious twins matching bikes, Trek MT60s. Then, after a suitable period of mild neglect and quiet rusting they tossed them out. The bikes, they tossed out the bikes.

Trek Bikes

After a little chrome cleaner etc these will be good as new.


2017-09-09 Razor Bike

A Random Razor small BMX with twizzler. Nothing wrong with it really, a quick clean and oil and it has already been ridden by a selection of small humans.

Razor Bike

2017-08-15 Baby Jogger City Twin

Baby Jogger City Twin, or some such. Pretty dirty, some wear on the fabric, but we will see if it can be cleaned up to usable condition. We suspect yes.

Baby Jogger City Twin

Grabbed by a friend in a neighboring town.


2017-08-13 Lenovo E420

A random Lenovo laptop missing HD and power supply. Boots to Bios just fine and may be otherwise fine and functional. It will be passed on to somebody who can use it.

Lenovo E420

No HD present so of course it tried hard to PXE boot and went into a BIOS loop. More functional than some Windows machines I have used.


2017-06-25 Henckels Knife

A random medium sized Henckels knife. There were a bunch of other crappier knives present in the box, which we left.

Henckels Knife

2017-06-24 Trek Bike

Trek 3900 mountain bike. Reason for discard (we got from the owner) is the rusted chain and driveline. Should clean up nicely, roughly one beer's worth of work. Other wise this bike has seen little use but a lot of sun and rain.

Trek Bike

2017-06-24 Graco Modes

The Graco Modes quick connect system comes with a small stroller, and stroller frame and a car seat. We found two out of three here. Both in nice condition, very functional small and light offspring movement devices. First the stroller part:

Graco Modes

Then the frame

Graco Modes

No sign of seat from the pile this lot came from.


2017-06-24 Bugaboo Frame

A random dusty Bugaboo frame. Parts usage mostly we suspect.

Bugaboo Frame

It does seem disturbingly common that Bugaboo frames are discarded on their owm without the rest of the stroller.


2017-06-24 Baby Jogger City mini

Baby Jogger City Mini, slightly grubby fabric, well used. Should clean up nicely though and is a pretty fcuntional device for offspring carriage.

Baby Jogger City mini

2017-06-24 BOB Revolution

A BOB Reolvution jogging stroller with front swivel but missing the front wheel. Upon closer inspection it is pretty beat up and in fact both seatbelts have been cut, for some reason. This may be harvested for parts or stored for a while, we are not sure.

BOB Revolution

2017-06-18 Maclaren Quest

Maclaren Quest pushchair, pretty nice condition except for a bit of dirt around the area the offspring contacts the thing. It will clean up nicely and be pressed back into service.

Maclaren Quest

2017-06-18 Joovy Caboose

Yet another Joovy Caboose, simply functional for anybody who needs such a thing. Cleaned up and ready to go.

Joovy Caboose

2017-06-18 Instep Jogger

Instep Safari TT double jogger, plain and simple and easy to fold, needed a clean. Now ready to go on the list of craig.

Instep Jogger

2017-06-18 Bumbleride Stroller

Bumbleride Indie Twin stroller in some color scheme that is aparently quite appealing. It was abandoned by the side of the road on bulk garbage day and was pretty dirty and neglected. No matter, the fabric unpops eaily and washes up nicely. The overall design is really nice, a well engineered and useful device worth fixing up.

Bumbleride Stroller

Given that it cleaned up to be pristine maybe the dirt was the reason for discard.


2017-06-18 Britax B-ready

The Britax B-ready. Interesting name. Over under format double stroller, like the original Phil and Teds. It was filthy but is now clean and ready for action.

Britax B-ready

Not sure what to make of this thing, it seems pretty well designed but there are some less than nice touches like plasticy wheels and such.


2017-06-03 Random Mower

This random petrol lawn mower started up when we tested it at the dump. Then we had to take it, that is the rule. Cleaned up a little and will be used by the neighbours. The wheel drive does not work but meh. Even came with half a tank of fuel. Was a touch low on oil but we have a fix for that.

Random Mower

2017-05-27 Stainless Steel Hardware

We picked up several boxes of stainless steel (and other) nuts and bolts. The ones shown in the picture are the ones we cannot really use, but there were a bunch more in useful sizes that are now stored away in little boxes.

Stainless Steel Hardware

2017-05-27 Folding Chair

We found two folding outdoor chairs. One had a bent frame and the other had several split wooden slats. Much careful extraction enabled us to build up a good set of slats on two new mounting rails on the good frame. New stainless carriage bolts and we are good to go.

Folding Chair

2017-05-06 Wheels

We got 6 700C bike wheels plus a tire or two. One wheel was both a glue-on and also was bent but the others are all fine. These will be stored away to restore a bike back to ridability at some point in the future.


2017-05-06 Vise

A small Servess Vise, ideal for your offspring to use when learning how to hammer on things or file them down. Key life skills.


2017-05-06 Top Tube

A Top Tube adaptor thingy. Brand new but seems to be of dubious utility. Maybe we will find somebody who wants it.

Top Tube

2017-05-06 Strollers

A nice mixed selection. First up an Uppababy, has a couple of issues but either we will fix them or combine it with another partial Uppababy and make a complete one.


Also a Baby Jogger, classic model, works fine as a jogger. Just needed air in the tires and some oil on a couple of moving parts.

Baby Jogger

Also a Joovy Caboose in stylish orange. Pic coming soon.

Joovy Caboose

2017-05-06 Power Tools

Some outdoor tools, first a Craftsman string trimmer. It looks in good shape, might go with some fiddling.

Power Tools

Also a slightly stripped pressure washer. Has compression in the motor, does not seem damaged.

Power Tools

These both for a tinkerer friend who has the skill and time to do them justice.


2017-05-06 Nailgun

An electric Nail Master nail gun new in the box. Very strange thing to find.


2017-05-06 High Chair

This random wooden high chair was just what some friends needed for their small monstrous offspring. Voila, ask and you shall receive.

High Chair

2017-05-06 Garden Shears

This pair of garden shears are very nice. Beautifully made, nice tight joint. The nicest pair we have found in a long time.

Garden Shears

2017-05-06 Garden Hose

A very long piece of garden hose, no leaks, and a rolling reel. They seem to work OK set up together. Picked up with a friend who now has a hose in their new garden.

Garden Hose

2017-05-06 Electric Broiler

A Farberware electric broiler thingy, new in the box. It claims to be super mult-functional, no idea if it works well in any of these tasks but a friend will try it out and see what happens.

Electric Broiler

2017-05-06 Cast Iron Pan

A smallish but quite nice cast iron pan.

Cast Iron Pan

2017-05-06 Bench Grinder

A Craftsman bench grinder. Note, this is only a bench grinder under the broadest definition of such. The main body is plastic. Handy to have if it is free and you don't have one, maybe. Another item for a friend and we will be looking out for a beter one for him.

Bench Grinder

2017-04-29 Snap N Go

Yet another Snap and Go style stroller frame. Near perfect condition, ready for a new home.

Snap N Go

2017-04-29 Jack

A Craftsman Aluminium Jack with built-in jack light. Missing half the handle, seems to work fine and holds the weight of a car for a couple of hours. This should be long enough to get jackstands underneath even if you have to walk to NAPA to buy them while the car is in the air.


Obligatory muppets ref: Jack not name, jack job.


2017-04-29 Castors

Two sets of castors that seem to be for metro wire style shelving. They might come in handy, might not. If they sell on the list of craig before we find a use for them then so be it.


2017-04-29 Bikes

A couple of random bikes. First a Diamond Back Approach, sort of a hyrbid style thing. More or less never ridden judging by the pristine state of the brake pad contact area on the rims. Somebody will want it, ideal station bike.


Reason for discard, never once used?

The other one is a large frame Miyata from the 1980s or so. Nice enough, no pic yet.


2017-04-29 Aeron Chair

A Herman Miller Aeron chair. It is in very fine condition and all the adjuster thingies work. It was tossed into the general garbage pit and had to be fished out with a broom, a most exciting adventure.

Aeron Chair

Now we can pretend we worked at a dodgy startup 10 years ago or some such and the only thing we got out of the failure was the chair, which was more valuable than the equity.


2017-04-01 McGee

A copy of McGee, On food and cooking, updated edition. This is nice reference work and we have a copy already so will give this away.


2017-04-01 Hobie Cat

This is kind of guest or vicarious stuff. A Hobie Cat on a trailer showed up in the trash. This picture shows a guy grabbing it from the trash, something we would have had to decide about had he not done it.

Hobie Cat

Thanks random dude for relieving us of this duty.


2017-03-25 Snowblower

Some random Noma 5hp snowblower with Tecumseh engine. It is kind of nice in that there are lots of nuts and bolts we can play with and such. We added fuel and it started on the very first pull, always a good sign. We may keep this to replace a prior entry on this page.


2017-02-04 Unicatch Roofing Nailers

Two Unicatch UNC175R roofing nailers in well used condition. Both work, one is a little intermittant. I suspect we will tune up the good one and keep the other for parts.

Unicatch Roofing Nailers

The nails shown in the picture came from the trash a while ago, we kept them just in case we would find a nailgun to shoot them. Up until this point that counted as mildly pack-rat behaviour. Now it has been converted into sensible foresightedness.


2017-01-26 Schwinn Sierra

A Schwinn Sierra mountain bike. It had a suspension seat post thingy that was trash (they always are) so we put on one from stores and it is good to go. Tires even had a fair bit of air in them. Nice twist grip shifters.

Schwinn Sierra

Sorry about the stupid filter on the picture, I fat fingered the dial setting on the camera.


2017-01-26 Kolcraft Contour

This Kolcraft Contour is a pretty fancy device for transporting a couple of offspring. The seats needed a clean and various bits got a drop of oil etc but it is now good to go to a new home. The list of craig shall provide, we hope.

Kolcraft Contour

2017-01-14 Miele Antares

This small Miele, an Antares model, was tossed into the scrap metal and miraculously still had the cable. It does not work when plugged in but is still a high value item for fixing or parts.

Meiele Antares

2016-12-30 Dell Monitor

A random little Dell monitor, handy for using with smaller machines like fruity Pi devices.

Dell Monitor

Pic shows it being used to test an Ubuntu machine running XP in VirtualBox.


2016-12-11 Cast Iron Pot

This strange cast iron wok shaped pot has a lid but seems to be missing a handle. Strange indeed. It looks like it is intended for use on a fire.

Cast Iron Pot

2016-12-10 Scroll Saw

A pretty big and fancy Delta Scroll Saw. It works OK but has a few little pieces missing or dinged up. Not sure if we will rehabilitate as we have no real need for this and it may be hard to get parts for it. It's fate is unknown at the time of writing.

Scroll Saw

2016-12-03 Viking Range

This Viking range has sealed burners and gas oven. These are maybe 15k BTU each burner. It may have been converted to LPG or some such. It has sat for while but according to the people who dropped it off worked when decommissioned. Evidence of mouse nesting is apparent.

Viking Range

Despite the potential issues this range is totally worth cleaning up for somebody who has time, know-how, the desire for a solid range and the lack of 4k USD. Should you fit these criteria we can help with the know-how piece. We could also help in creating a lack of 4k USD dollars for you, but that might not be productive.


2016-12-03 KitchenAid Mixer

This mixer seem all well and good at first inspection but turned out to have live angry pixies moving around in ways not intended. It popped a breaker when we plugged it in. Turns out it was just cable wear from repeated coiling and uncoiling, which was easily fixed.

KitchenAid Mixer

2016-11-22 BOB Stroller

A friend found this BOB double jogger at the side of the road. It was missing all three wheels and has a few dings but that is not going to stop our rehabilitation efforts. As you can see it already has new wheels (from spares) and looks pretty nice.

BOB Stroller

2016-10-22 Turkey Fryer

This random turkey fryer seems to have been used approximately once. It did not come with the gas ring but that is OK. We grabbed this as requested by a friend.

Turkey Fryer

2016-10-22 Macbook

A random Macbook A1278, missing HD and battery. We have a friend who knows how to reuse this so it will be set aside for him.


2016-10-22 Baby Jogger Strollers

Two offspring moving devices from Baby Jogger, a company that seem increasingly misnamed as they certainly make far more than just joggers. First a City Mini, needs a clean, otherwise very nice and functional.

Baby Jogger Strollers

Also a classic jogger, we have seen lots if these over the years. This one suffered from incorrect initial customer assembly we think, the brake had clearly never worked or been used. Not that the stroller itself had seen much use.

Baby Jogger Strollers

2016-10-15 Trek Hybrid

Trek 720 Multitrack hybrid, clearly it has been used but possibly abused a little. Rear tire was badly worn (classic crappy rear braking suspected) and the headset was loose, twist grip shifters both cracked. In our opinion, none of this was a genuine reason for discard as it was easy to put on a new tire, tighten the headset and replace the shifters with a pair from used spares.

Trek Hybrid

This is now a really nice bike, great to ride. Already rehomed with a new friend.


2016-10-15 Fan

This fan is going for that vintage metal high quality feel. It works fine, and may actually be somewhat reasonable quality. No apparent reason for discard. We are lucky we got to it before the cable cutters found it.


2016-10-15 Bike Wheels

One pair of relatively unused Mavic 700C wheels, probably new takeoff from a pointless upgrade. These will be handy at some point in the future.

Bike Wheels

2016-10-15 BMX

A pretty random little BMX, Squat Mosh or some such. Who cares, it is pretty generic, works fine, will amuse some offspring of suitable age at some point. It has a twizzler, apparently a distinct feature for some consumers of BMX bikes.


2016-10-01 Collapsible Wheelbarrow

Pretty random, a folding wheelbarrow. Previous owner had not assembled it correctly, used it for a while and then tossed. They were seemingly unclear on the whole nyloc nut concept. They just tightened the nuts down all round by hand and stoppped as the nyloc insert bit. Maybe they did not have a 13mm spanner or whatever. As a result of this a bolt fell out at some point under use and they tossed it away. A pretty crappy reason for discard.

Collapsible Wheelbarrow

This issue of incorrect initial customer assembly is pretty widespread, from what we see. Bikes suffer from it with the classic example being the left hand thread on the left side pedal. Jogging strollers seem to have this issue a lot on the brakes.


2016-09-22 Like-a-bike

This is an actual Like-a-bike brand thingy, the Germans have the best word for the generic item, a Laufrad.


These things are somewhat eyewatering on the price.


2016-09-22 Cast Iron Pan

This is an enameled cast iron pan from some manufacturer called Technique. It was discarded as new in the scrap metal. We cleaned the dust off, oiled up the porcelain surface and rehomed it within a day or two. A nice pan but we did not need it.

Cast Iron Pan

2016-09-04 Trek Jetta

A Trek Jetta limited edition mountain bike. This is pretty nice bike and has not really been ridden. Hence reason for discard seems to be negelected in a garage for the last 10 years or so. Small tuneup items like oil on moving parts and a new rear inner tube have put it back in tip top riding shape. It awaits a new home on the list of craig.

Trek Jetta

One has to assume it was some form of collaboration with VW, given the name and the logo. Not sure whether these were sold to the public at large.


2016-09-04 Phil And Ted Twin

This Phil and Ted e3 twin, or some such, is a substantial offspring moving device. We have never played with a side-by-side Phil and Ted twin like this. The this is pretty nice but has been used hard and beat up a little, not really a valid reason for discard but that might be in the mind of the previous owner. It all pretty much works now, a few drops of oil and some cleaning.

Phil And Ted Twin

Update: Happily snappd up by somebody from the list of craig.


2016-09-03 Pick Axe

A random newish pick axe. nothing wrong with it. A friend that happened to be in town was looking for one so everybody was happy, they got a pick axe, we rescued one from the scrap metal. We think that the reason for discard was, we have planted that bush now and don;t need this any more.

Pick Axe

2016-09-03 Haro Bike

A Haro mountain bike thingy. It was used a bit but not too much. Noodles and a few bolts were rusted. We immediately rehomed this with a friend so we did a spiffy tuneup job to make it all work smoothly before handing it over.

Haro Bike

2016-09-03 Babytrend Expedition

Yet another Babytrend Expedition jogging stroller. Small rip in the fabric, which we do not acknowledge as a genuine reason for discard, and otherwise pretty shiny and functional.

Babytrend Expedition

2016-08-13 Raleigh Record

A pretty nice Raleigh Record. Some of the parts were in in rough shape but a few swaps from spares and some cleaning has made it into a nice bike.

Raleigh Record

2016-07-20 Spooge Gun

One reasonably good large format spooge gun. It even had a tube of liquid nails in there, or some such. This will come in handy at some point when we need to spooge a lot of stuff into crevices.

Spooge Gun

2016-07-18 Stanley Spirit Level

This Stanley spirit level was a little crudded up when we got it but a nice scrape clean and wipe and it is good to go. It even appears to be spot on in accuracy. We needed one this length 6 months ago but were reluctant to buy one knowing that one would show up in the trash, and here we go.

Stanley Spirit Level

2016-07-16 Jamis Capri

Jamis Capri bike with derailleur gears. Not exactly sure what style this is, it is clearly something like a beach cruiser with gears and generally more functional. Whatever, somebody will want to ride it. Was poorly set up when we found it, now somewhat better adjusted. We suspect incorrect initial customer assembly might be the reason for discard. This is somewhat common.

Jamis Capri

2016-07-11 Child Seat

A random Britax Car seat in good order.

Child Seat

2016-07-09 Babytrend Strollers

Matching items, presumably from the same source, certainly pretty much brand new. First a Babytrend Expedition jogging stroller. Pretty spiffy.

Babytrend Strollers

Also a Babytrend Snap-and-go stroller frame thingy.

Babytrend Strollers

It is possible this is the discarded hardware version of the short story "For sale: baby shoes, never worn".


2016-06-27 Infant Backpack

A Tough Traveller back for moving small whiny offspring around. Seems all present and correct, but detailed inspection awaits.

Infant Backpack

2016-06-27 Babytrend Jogger

Yet another Babytrend Expedition double jogging stroller. Small tear in the fabric, some yucky black water inside the frame and lots of mud all over. Otherwise should be fine after a good clean. A functional east to fold way to move two offspring around.

Babytrend Jogger

Pic shows it after initial hose down.


2016-06-26 Topeak Seat Rack

This came with a Topeak bike seat but it was really beat so we just took the rack. It is common enough to find the seat without the rack that it is worth it.

Topeak Seat Rack

2016-06-26 Squeegee Broom

This broom had a broken off handle, obviously not a good reason for discard. That is fine, broom handles are everywhere. The interesting this is that it is a nice wide broom with a squeegee on the back, that is the yellow strip visible over the bristles. No idea if we will use it but it will get a new handle and we will try it out.

Squeegee Broom

If we do fix that up, it is likely that we will replace the bolts with stainless. Making something better than new is a fine thing.


2016-06-26 Snap-n-Gos

Two Graco stroller frame devices, otherwise known as a Snap-n-go or some such. Pretty handy, people always want them. Found within 100 meters of each other on the curb. Much have been something in the air on that block.


2016-06-26 Hybrid Tire

A random 700C Continental hybrid tire. It is a little worn but it is a very nice bike tire. This will go into inventory and be pulled out to rescue some bike of marginal value somewhere down the line.

Hybrid Tire

2016-06-26 Bertini Pushchair

A Bertini pushchair thingy with the funky four wheel passive steering. It is in pretty fine condition though this style is a very retro thing.

Bertini Pushchair

2016-06-26 Babytrend Sit-n-stand

A big Babytrend Sit-n-stand stroller thingy. It is missing a hood and such but is almost new. We will see what becomes of it.

Babytrend Sit-n-stand

2016-06-26 BOB Strollers

A couple of BOB jogging strollers. First a double, it is a little worn in various places but it will clean up to make a very functional offspring carriage device. It has a broken strut on one side, we will see how we deal with that.

BOB Strollers

Also, to complete the set maybe, a single BOB. This has badly damaged foam on the handle but is still worth fixing up. Road bike bar tape is one method. Whatever, we will appraise, take action and endeavour to get this thing under a horrible child's butt at some point.

BOB Strollers

It is certainly the week of BOB strollers.


2016-06-25 Wine Opener

A Champion branded corkscrew. The clamp is missing the little rotating pad thing but otherwise seems to be fine. Yet to be tested.

Wine Opener

Available to anybody who needs it.


2016-06-25 Shopvac

A Shop Vac brand shopvac. Works fine, a bit dusty and messy.


We do not really need this but somebody will want it, store it in the basement for sucking up messes. It has crappy filtration but is wet/dry.


2016-06-25 Schwinn Frontier

This Schwinn Frontier bike was being tossed by some friends because it was a little junky and was shedding the rear tire. We have put it back on the road and will convert it into funds that will probably be allocated for mutual consumption of delicious things. A certain drudgery celebration springs to mind. Or maybe a more select event.

Schwinn Frontier

2016-06-25 Punches

Two small punches. Handy, always good to have spares. Easy to lose or bend or whatever.


2016-06-25 Like-a-Bike

A really nice fancy Like-a-bike Kokua. Missing the seat. It even has Schwable tires, pretty fancy. We will find some seat to put on this and then press it into service under some small child's butt.


2016-06-25 Eddie Bauer Stroller

This Eddie Bauer branded thing is not the best quality offspring moving device available but who knows, somebody may need it. It will be cleaned and tested and we will see if it can be repruposed from there.

Eddie Bauer Stroller

2016-06-25 Baby Jogger Double

This is a bit of an old model now but still a classic, a Baby Jogger double. This is a really big jogging stroller. You can get a couple of fat lazy 4 year olds in this thing and trundle them around. It is light for it's size but not super easy to fold up.

Baby Jogger Double

2016-06-25 BOB Double Jogger

A nice looking BOB double jogger. The fabric is a little faded and the tires a little worn but overall the thing is in good shape and usable.

BOB Double Jogger

When we snagged it from the side of the road a lady in a car nearby said "You are sooooo lucky". It was not luck that we jumped out of the car and grabbed the stroller as soon as we saw it. That was good judgement. She was obviously sitting there debating whether to get out of her car and grab it. There is a time for thinking and there is a time for action, she cannot tell which is which.


2016-06-19 Miele Air Clean

This Miele has a strange name for a vacuum cleaner, it is the "Air Clean" model. Allegedly.

Miele Air Clean

An an older model, works fine though. This has been rehomed already.


2016-06-18 Joovy Caboose

A handy Joovy Caboose sit-n-stand stroller thingy. Good for carting around two offsprings or different sizes and capabilities. In very nice condition overall.

Joovy Caboose

2016-06-06 Uppababy Vista

This Uppababy Vista is somewhat dismantled and may have an issue with one of the joints but we will see. Came with the rumble seat and car seat adaptor.

Uppababy Vista

2016-06-06 Miele Vacuums

We suppose that the class of people who habitually discard vacuum cleaners have discovered Miele. Feels even more satisfying tossing out stuff this nice. Both have active heads, first one weirdly named a Silver Moon:

Miele Vacuums

and the other an Electro Plus:

Miele Vacuums

They both sat out in the rain and are untested as yet but still have considerable value.


2016-06-06 Maclaren Twin

Maclaren Rally Twin pushchair. It has a bike lock on it, that will not take long to snip off with bolt cutters. Look scruffy from sitting out in the rain but it will dry out and clean up, not necc in that order.

Maclaren Twin

2016-06-06 Expedition Double

Yet another Babytrend Expedition double jogger. It should clean up and become functional enough.

Expedition Double

2016-06-06 Combi Twin

A Combi Twin stroller. It is complete, looks a bit of a nmess and has a funny stain that should come out with out top secret super effective stroller cleaning protocols.

Combi Twin

2016-05-21 Woodworking Machines

A couple of older woodworking machines. First a Dewalt radial arm saw, looks to be in OK shape, needs a tune up and some attention. We have no need for this and have given a couple away already so I helped some other random guy get it into the back of his trouck and gave him encouragement of cleaning it up and using it.

Woodworking Machines

Also a Craftsman jointer planer. A bunch of surface rust and the blades are dull but it works pretty well. As we do not yet have one of tehse it will be cleaned up and given a good test. Obviously this is the as found, just tested pic. Note the woodchips as evidence of something.

Woodworking Machines

2016-05-07 Assorted Strollers

A nice Columbia jogger. Sized for a pretty large offspring. It was missing some plastic, we replaced it with some bespoke wood slats. Expect this to start a trend.

Assorted Strollers

A Sit-n-stand stroller. Pretty run of the mill by now, should find a new home at some point. Nothing wrong with it.

Assorted Strollers

Uppababy, full bassinet, stroller seat setup. This is a pretty nice setup, has been carefully used for quite a while. It also has the little riding board.

Assorted Strollers

2016-04-26 Bike Wheel

A random mountain bike rear wheel, equipped for disk brakes. Looks in near new condition, weird.

Bike Wheel

2016-04-23 Bugaboo Frame

Strangely, a complete Bugaboo Gecko frame. No fabric or netting. You sometimes see stuff like this where the frame has broken and is being replaced under warranty but this particular item seems all present and correct. We have at least one partial Bugaboo in stock so maybe we can now make a complete one.

Bugaboo Frame

It seems to be begging for use as a chassis for some arcane tech or art project. Ideas?


2016-04-16 Bike Handlebar Grips

We picked up an older bike-shaped object. It was never ridden, thankfully, but was very old with super crap components. These were pretty much the only things on that thing that we felt were usable, so into a cup of boiling water, whip them off and ready for a new future bike that needs new grips.

Bike Handlebar Grips

2016-03-27 Sinks

All on one day, three brand new uninstalled sinks. Two of them were wrapped in their delivery packaging. Smallish, hand basin style sinks but three sinks nevertheless. We happen to have need of one such and we will sell the other two, we guess.


2016-03-27 Kids Bike

A Diamondback BMX-like bike. Good for a certain age of offspring. It had a starngely chafed brake cable sheath, easy to replace so we did.

Kids Bike

2016-02-27 Gary Fisher

A Gary Fisher Mako mountain bike. One possible flaw on it that might indicate a reason for discard was the classic "screw-it-down" quick release wheel install. The lever was flipped over backwards fully into the loose position, but then had been wrenched around to tighten up the skewer. The rusty chain is still fine, bike rides perfectly now that we fixed the rear wheel in place.

Gary Fisher

Extra Note, this mode of incorrect install of quick release wheels is such a common event for us that we really need a nice catchy phrase to describe it. We often see it on brand new bikes that were obviously assembled by idiots from flatpack, but it shows up a fair bit on bikes that have clearly been ridden, at least a little. Suggestions?


2016-02-20 Dehumidifier

Another LG dehumidifier to match the other one we got a while ago. Reason for discard, the previous owner assured us it did not work, seemingly it ran at first and then "collapsed" (her expression, not mine). We ran it overnight in our basement and it collected a bunch of water so we have yet to experience the mysterious dehumidifier collapse event.


Update: deployed in a friend's basement and in use. Not collapsing.


2016-01-31 Tandem

A friend found this random beach cruiser tandem. It is barely used, possibly even discarded as new in convenient partly dismantled form. We have yet to assemble it and try it out but it seems like it will be worth a go.


Update: Assembled and rideable, such that this form of bike shaped object is ever rideable. We have to assume incorrect initial customer assembly was an issue here, in the extreme sense in that they could not put it together at all.


2016-01-31 Corona

A friend was walking down the street when she found a 12 pack of Corona lying by the side of the road. One of the bottles was broken, perhaps giving evidence of how it got there. Pic show some of then resting in our fridge.


2015-12-14 Strollers

A couple of nice strollers. First a Baby Jogger City Mini in nice shape apart from some weird red stains, food coloring or some such we guess. It needed a good clean but it cleaned up nicely and is now ready to go.


A Combi Twin in near perfect condition and once washed is all ready for action. We blew out the seats with compressed air also, lots of crumbs in there, a side effect of small offspring and constant snacking.


2015-12-05 Pedals

A pair of fancy Ritchey mountain bike pedals, or some such. We have no immediate use for them, yours if you want them.


Update: Turns out a friend has need of exactly these, excellent. It is always tricky to get rid of clippy pedals.


2015-12-05 Cast Iron Cookware

A pile of assorted cast iron cookware, all modern, mostly Lodge. It is all in reasonable shape and all available to readers, i.e. you.

Cast Iron Cookware

2015-11-28 Schwinn Crisscross

A Schwinn Crisscross hybrid in really beat-up shape. This will be a nice station bike for somebody of our acquaintance. The really cool rust spots and general beat-up-ness should deter thieves somewhat. We hope.


2015-11-28 Gary Fisher Hookooekoo

A Gary Fisher Hookooekoo mountain bike or some such. Hole in the rear tube, otherwise perfectly good condition. New tube and some air and it is good to go.


2015-11-28 Canonndale Sobe

This mountain bike is some weird kind of marketing mishmash, a Cannondale Sobe. It was missing the rear wheel when we picked it up but we had one from stock that fit just fine. This will be used by a member of the family after the application of new Schwalbe tyres. Nice.


2015-11-27 Mac Chargers

A couple of Mac chargers, one Magsafe laptop charger and one firewire charger. They shall be tested and stored or deployed as required.

Mac Chargers

2015-11-27 Cookware

Two interesting coated cast iron implements. First up a Wolfgang Puck dutch oven thingy. It has a couple of dings in the enamel and the screw holding on the knob was loose, but is fine otherwise.


Also a Cuisinart enamelled skillet trying hard to look like the Le Creuset version.


Both are available to any hungry readers.


2015-11-27 Books

A couple of books, The Bryson is for one friend and the Anthro book for another.


2015-10-17 Maclaren Twin

A Maclaren Twin Triumph, double pushchair, pretty new. The fabric needed a clean but it is in excellent condition otherwise.

Maclaren Twin

We approve of these newer Maclarens because the fabric seat liners come off with snaps and pegs and such. It is a pain to get them off but once you take it off you can do a bang up job of really cleaning it. Previous models had the fabric more permanently attached.


2015-10-17 Lascal Board

Another Lascall Buggy Board with attachment points. Somebody will want this to facilitate moving around their lazy offspring.

Lascal Board

2015-10-17 Graco Stroller Frame

Yet another Graco Snap and Go stroller frame thingy. Ready for action.

Graco Stroller Frame

2015-10-17 Bike Fenders

A brand set of Planet Bike fenders for a bike. Not sure if we need these so they are probably available to any reader who fancies them.

Bike Fenders

2015-10-17 Baby Jogger

A nice Baby Jogger Q series, a well engineered stroller that folds beautifully. We have had one like this before, who knows, maybe the same one. No apparent reason for discard, some fading on the fabric, needed a puff of air in the tyres.

Baby Jogger

2015-10-10 Table Saw

This Craftsman table saw has an alu top deck, making it far lighter than many of the others we find (and usually do not pick up). Already rehomed with a friend who is building up his workshop of tools.

Table Saw

2015-10-10 Ryobi String Trimmer

A Ryobi electric string trimmer. No idea if it works but it now has a home with a friend who happens to be an electrical tinkerer so the prospects are good.

Ryobi String Trimmer

Update: Yes, it works fine, cuts well, nice and strong.


2015-10-10 Joggers

A Bumbleride double stroller, almost jogger-ish. Broken brake plastic pieces and a small tear in one fabric liner. The gentleman discarding it claimed it did not fold any more and had brought it for disposal on top of his car. Whereupon we promptly folded it and put it in ours. Given the high resale value of this device we will probably stitch up the tear and replace the brake.


You understand of course that we do not fix it to maximize resale value. We fix to maximize probability of reuse. We would happily sell it cheaper as is but the stress of dealing with the class of idiots that respond in that case is best avoided.

Also a random Baby Jogger single jogging stroller. Nothing wrong with it, needed a clean and is now ready to go.


2015-10-10 Graco Double Stroller

A Graco Duo Glider in good condition. We have not seen one of these for a while, who knows if there is still a market for them but at the right price somebody should want it.

Graco Double Stroller

2015-10-10 Ewheel

This Chrystalyte electric bike wheel is intriguing. Missing the controller and such so no idea what to do with beyond sell it cheap somewhere. We have no real use for it.


Available to any tinkerers ready this. Else it goes up on the list of craig.


2015-10-10 Bottle Capper

This is a home brewer's bottle capper. More or less unused, simple, will probably work. Will be given to a friend who might have need of such.

Bottle Capper

2015-10-10 Assorted Toys

Some items to play with in various ways. First up a silly plastic dartboard, safety first!

Assorted Toys

Next some devices for sliding around on the solid phase of water. The little one handle butt pad things were new in the packing and are small enough to leave in the car in winter for the off chance of serendipitous sledding.

Assorted Toys

2015-09-26 Cast Iron Bench

A pretty beat up cast iron bench with weird welded plates under the legs. We have friends who need something like this so we fixed it up. A few of the original pine planks were broken so we made some new ones out of scraps we had. New stainless hardware, some cleaning up and oiling and ready to go. Mouseover for the before and after.

Cast Iron Bench

Somebody asked, so I will answer here. We drilled through the planks to mount the diagonal braces and center strip because previously there were short thick wood screws in there. For the reused planks, wood screws were not going to hold if just put back in. Far better to drill through and use some nice fender washers on number 10 stainless screws. That is why you see line of shiny bolt heads in the cleaned up pic.

For similar reasons we replaced the carriage bolts with button head cap screws. The old wood was probably not going to grab the square shoulders enough in the old holes, it is pretty soft pine, made softer by age and damaged a little by having play in the bench and the extraction of the old rusty carriage bolts.


2015-09-19 Stainless Food Trays

Yet more stainless steel food preparation trays. These ones deeper versions. Both were dinged up and a little dirty. One is now less dinged (note the hammer in side of picture) and clean enough for food usage. The other is too dinged (we judge) and will be used in the basement for other substances for which cleanliness and crevices are less critical.

Stainless Food Trays

2015-09-19 Primate Memoir

Pretty sure this was a on a to-read list at some point, certainly is now we have a nice free copy of it. A Primate's Memoir by Robert Sapolsky. Book is in perfect condition, either unread or read by somebody very careful.

Primate Memoir

Update: Read it, was great. Maybe we should start a series garbage book reviews. We have commented on the quality of certain other items.


2015-09-16 Fogacci Pot

A Fogacci steamer warmer pot thingy. We are not really sure what to do with it, but the list price is substantial in it's home market.

Fogacci Pot

2015-09-12 Fuji Bike

A random Fuji Sports 10 road bike. Steels wheels a little spotty but otherwise a pretty nice classic from it's time. Large frame, new tires, needed brakes tightening to be ridable.

Fuji Bike

2015-09-12 Books

A couple of books, including something that really seems worth reading, Inside Central Aisa by Hiro. Not Hiro Protagonist, Dilip Hiro.


The Gospel of Judas, no not the actual Coptic codex, but the initial book about it. Somewhat interesting reading.


2015-09-02 Le Creuset Lid

A Le Creuset Dutch Oven and lid. The pot itself had cracked interior enamel, boo-hoo, but the lid is nice and useful. Available to anybody who might need it for a medium sized cast iron skillet.

Le Creuset Lid

2015-08-28 Specialized Hybrid

We got two random Specialized Crossroads hybrids. The picture shows a franken-Specialized, taking the good parts from both to make one nice bike. The leftover parts may be resurrected as a super junky station bike, or may go onto shelves for a future needful bike. We will see.

Specialized Hybrid

2015-08-21 Burley Bike Trailer

A fine Burley bike trailer useful for transporting small offspring. When acquired it was quite dirty but as you can see it cleaned up nicely. We were insufficiently foresighted to provide for a before and after comparison. Already rehomed to appreciative new owners thanks to the list of craig.

Burley Bike Trailer

2015-07-30 Scwinn Mountain Bike

A random Schwinn Frontier mountain bike, nothing special, air in the tires and all ready for action. Coming soon to the list of craig.

Scwinn Mountain Bike

2015-07-25 Kids Bike

A random Malibu kids' bike. Shiny, silly, but will function for that critcial phase of a kids' life when they need this size bike. Note, any kid that fits this bike should not need those idiot wheels.

Kids Bike

2015-07-25 BBQ Chimney

Yet another BBQ starter chimney, all very handy if you happen to need one. This one available to anybody who happens to need one.

BBQ Chimney

2015-07-22 Strollers

A couple of random strollers, first up a Maclaren Volo in OK shape. Nothing special.


Also some kind of Graco thingy, seems all present and correct but awaits a full checkout.


Bonus, the Graco came with a printout of a wedding gift registry. Just what we needed.


2015-07-22 Ridged Skillet

This Lodge ridged cast ironj skillet is in OK shape but we do not really have a use for it. It will clean up OK, available to any happy reader of this.

Ridged Skillet

2015-07-01 Dell Display

This Dell 24 inch display does not really have a obvious model number on it or whatever, but it works fine, as you can see in the picture. No apparent reason for discard, it is even pretty bright compared to some displays we have.

Dell Display

2015-06-27 Snapper Mower

This random Snapper petrol lawn mower was discarded with a repair tag saying it did not start. Needless to say, we put fuel in it and it started first pull.

Snapper Mower

Yes, really, first pull. Not after a pull to compression, not after choke fiddling, literally and absolutely the real first pull.


2015-06-27 Maclaren Volo

Yet another Maclaren Volo pushchair, this one a weird lemony shade. Nothing in particular wrong with it, needs a clean, will find a new home once all that is done.

Maclaren Volo

2015-06-27 Bike Shaped Object

This is a Next PowerClimber. It is brand new and is indeed bike shaped object, and not a bike. Somebody out there may want it, so we will give them the chance for some token amount on money. Token money for token bike.

Bike Shaped Object

2015-06-21 Strollers

A fine selection of offspring transportation devices gathered up in a short drive around a curbside pickup. First up a Phil and Ted Dash, needs a clean but otherwise a pretty nice item:

Phil and Ted Dash

Yet another Maclaren Quest pushchair, OK shape except some chipped foam on the handles. The cover is missing in the pic as that pulls off and washes up nicely (it washed up nicely).

Maclaren Quest,

We had another of these Inglesina Zippy pushchair things a while ago, pretty handy. They are clearly a Peg Perego Pliko type thing with some Inglesina branding and such, This one is very nice, probably destined for an overseas deployment with a family member. A quick clean will make it super spiffy.

Inglesina Zippy

A random lightweight Chicco umbrella fold pushchair, handy dandy. Somebody will want it. Came with a cruise ship luggage tag on it, that was probably the only real deployment of this pristine device.

Chicco umbrella fold

2015-06-06 Ryobi Table Saw

A random little Ryobi table saw on a set of legs (not shown). Works fine, cuts wood, very portable. Not sure if we want it (we have a Unisaw).

Ryobi Table Saw

2015-06-06 Booster Seat

A random Recaro booster seat in good condition. Useful as we know lots of people with offspring in the booster seat age range.

Booster Seat

2015-06-03 Panasonic Mountain Bike

A random Panasonic MC 4500 mountain bike. Nothing special on the face of it but a pretty serviceable machine for running around town. Reason for discard possibly broken freewheel. New one installed, ready to ride and already given a neighbour. That is some fine and prompt waste stream minimization.

Panasonic Mountain Bike

2015-05-31 Worklight

This random halogen worklight seems fine, lights up and could be useful. Grabbed with/for a friend.


2015-05-31 Sun Lounger

A random sun lounger. Seems functional, nothing special. Lounge on it, maybe in the sun.

Sun Lounger

2015-05-31 Sucking Devices

A selection of devices for sucking up dirt. First a grungy Craftsman shopvac seemingly with all attachments included. Found with/for a friend, will sit in the garage workship and suck up wood shavings or whatever.

Sucking Devices

Also a random Kenmore vacuum cleaner. This is for the upstairs so they do not have to drag their existing one up and down stairs to keep the house clean.

Sucking Devices

2015-05-31 Specialized Mountain bike

This nice Specialized mountain bike was presumably discarded due to two broken nipples on the rear wheel. The wheel was slightly out of true as a result. This, we presume led to it's being neglected, which led to the chain rusting and hence ultimate discard.

Specialized Mountain bike

New nipples installed, new chain already on, just finishing it off with new grips and rear brake cable.


2015-05-31 Ryobi Tools

A big fat plastic box with a couple of handy battery powered Ryobi tools, minus the battery. This is a little tricky to do testing and such but might be fruitful at some point.

Ryobi Tools

2015-05-31 Dehumidifier

An LG dehumidifier, condition unknown. We shall soon see I guess. Though maybe somebody or something somewhere soon will be slightly less humid.


Update: Works fine, pressed into service.


2015-05-31 Craftsman String Trimmer

A junky electric string trimmer for a friend. Who knows, it might even work.

Craftsman String Trimmer

2015-05-31 Bosch Router

This Bosch router seems to be in good condition and works fine. This is a really nice device and as with many items this trip, found for/with a friend. He is more or less set up with his workshop now from stuff that has appeared on this page.

Bosch Router

2015-05-31 BBQ

Something Red blah blah BBQ. Not sure about the exact name. This looks in fine structural shape and such but not sure about the gas parts. Testing will occur and all is not lost should that prove negative, it is well set up inside to become a charcoal grill. Found with/for a friend.


2015-05-30 Raleigh M30

This cheapo Raleigh M30 mountain bike had apparently manifested the cheapness of it's build by a failed freewheel. We attempted to swap on a new one but there was something strange going on in the rear there so we just swapped on a whole new rear wheel from spares.

Raleigh M30

Ready to go now, all shiny and looking for a new owner on the list of craig.


2015-05-24 Raleigh MXR

This random Raleigh BMX style bike thingy was missing the brake cable, probably from when it was new. Barely used. We put in the required parts from stores and gave it some air and it is a fine offspring amusement device.

Raleigh MXR

2015-05-20 Evergreen Tree

This small evergreen tree was discarded without the pot it had spent time in recently. How sad. We grabbed it and planted it in a hole in the ground. We shall see if it survives that ordeal.

Evergreen Tree

2015-05-02 Scooter Device

This weird Powerwing scooter related device seems designed to make young girls wiggle their butts from side to side. That motion is in fact how you can move the thing forwards from a standstill on the flat. The pink clearly indicates it is marketed at girls though we do not set too much store by that. All very dubious.

Scooter Device

2015-05-02 Ross Bike

A Ross Eurotour in excellent condition for the age except for the weirdly rotted gumwalls. No matter, two new tires and it is almost ready to go. It will get a little cleaning of the chrome for extra shiny effect.

Ross Bike

2015-05-02 Peg Perego Aria

Yet another Peg Perego Aria pushchair. These are pretty good if you want a very light and compact offspring carriage device. They seem to have fallen out of favour with the public a little recently but somebody will want it.

Peg Perego Aria

2015-05-02 Rucksacks for Offspring

A couple of different items in this category, a nice Kelty Pathfinder offspring carriage rucksack in perfect condition. Ready to go and high quality.

Kelty Pathfinder

Also a Bush Baby something or other. Again, seems pretty high quality and in excellent condition. It was slightly dusty so we sprayed it off with the hosepipe. Lovely.

Bush Baby Rucksack

2015-05-02 Maclaren Strollers

Some number of Maclaren strollers were dealt with on this day. Here are some of the ones we grabbed pictures of.

A random newish Volo, reason for discard possibly a bent axle. Fixed with replacement from spares inventory.

Maclaren Strollers

Another newish Volo, reason for discard possibly a small chafe in the fabric. Does not really need fixing. This will be transported to another continent to be deployed in a future offspring transportation situation. Plus grandmas like wandering round town with a kid in a stroller, gives them something to hang onto.

Maclaren Strollers

2015-05-02 Inglesina Zippy

This Inglesina Zippy pushchair is really a fancied up Peg Perego Pliko. In the same way that an Acura is a pointlessly adorned Honda. Not a bad device though, useful enough.

Inglesina Zippy

2015-05-02 Graco Stroller Frames

These things are perenially super-abundant but people seem to be happy to take them off our hands so we keep picking them up. Graco stroller frames, possibly the shopping trolley of the infant carriage device world.

Graco Stroller Frames

2015-04-25 Scotts Mower

This Scotts reel lawn mower is in more or less unused condition. In fact when we tried it the reel blade was nowhere near the static blade, so had probably been badly set up and never used.

Scotts Mower

Update: We shuffled our available mowers around and made this is the primary mower after we adjusted the blade set. It is disturbingly new compared to mowers we have had in the past but I guess we will get used to it.


2015-04-25 New Home Sewing Machine

A friend who was with us at the time snagged this New Home sewing machine, there apparently being a need for one in their household. It seems to be basically functional so hopefully they are able to use it and have fun.

New Home Sewing Machine

Next stop, making clothes out of curtains for the kids and learning to sing.


2015-04-25 Lenovo Monitor

This is a random 24 inch or so Lenovo monitor with DVI and VGA in and seems to work fine. No apparent reason for discard, though we suspect the lack of HDMI might have something to do with it.

Lenovo Monitor

Looks like it is about to get washed up in the kitchen sink here, an essential step in maintaining good network hygiene. Make sure you use lots of bleach when cleaning monitors.


2015-04-25 Combi Stroller Frame

This Combi Coccoro stroller frame is pretty fancy and folds super small. It only works with Combi brand car seats or some such but presumably there is someboy out there who has one of those and would like one of these to go with it for a very reasonable price. We hope to meet them via the list of craig.

Combi Stroller Frame

2015-04-25 Bike Seats

A selection of devices for securing one's offspring to one's velocipede. First, yet another pair of Topeaks...

Bike Seats

Next up a Weeride seat that goes on the crossbar. Requires the rider to be a little bowlegged but they do work.

Bike Seats

Good stuff.


2015-04-15 Raleigh M50

This Raleigh M50 mountain bike was abandoned at REI by it's owner after they informed him that it required 600 USD of work. We put air in the tires and it rides fine.

Raleigh M50

It does look like it needs some drivetrain work but I have not felt it hook or skip at all yet.


2015-04-10 Bob Stroller

A random single BOB stroller, a couple of holes in some fabric and a little bit weathered but a functional device for transporting offspring. Handy dandy

Bob Stroller

Also, no picture as yet, a Baby Jogger Ciry Elite missing one rear wheel. Otherwise in pretty good shape.


2015-04-04 Phil and Ted

A random Phil and Ted stroller complete with the second seat. Seems in OK condition, we will investigate. Flat tires all round will not deter us.

Phil and Ted

2015-03-28 Mountain Buggy

Once really nice Mountain Buggy Urban stroller. Tires are a little worn but still had some air in them. Everything seems to work fine.

Mountain Buggy

2015-03-28 Metro Wire Shelving

4 pieces of heavy duty genuine Metro Wire shelving, funny size at 21 by 24 inches, but there you go. Not sure if we will use this or make it available.

Metro Wire Shelving

2015-02-28 Cast Iron Cookware

This Lodge 12 inch skillet is nearly new. It has the lodge brand text on the loop handle and has a very coarse sandy texture on the surface. We have already found a home for this so we sanded down the bumpy surface and recured it with delicious bacon grease. Mouseover for the before and after comparison.

Cast Iron Skillet

Also found at the same place and time, but as far as we can tell, entirely from a different source, is this Wagner double loaf pan. As you can see it is a bit rusty. Investigations are underway as to whether this can be rehabilitated.

Wagner double loaf pan

2015-01-19 Bob Jogger

This BOB Sport Utility jogging stroller is in near perfect condition, including having air in the tyres. It shall be used for the short while that we continue to require an offspring moving device. Then sold.

Bob Jogger

2014-12-13 Printer Ink

No idea if this is useful but you never know with printer ink whether it is more precious than champagne per unit volume or not. Take this off our hands if you need it.

Printer Ink

2014-12-06 iMac G4

A random G4 iMac with a fresh never booted install of some version of OS X on it. Pretty random. We have no use for it, and maybe nobody else does. But we would be quite happy for somebody to do something with it.

iMac G4

2014-11-22 Keyboards

We have all of a sudden run out of generic USB keyboards, so we had to go find some more. These two will do for some inventory for now.


We have a pile of old mac keyboards but they cause problems when you show up and plug them into random windows machines.


2014-11-22 Circular Saw

This random Rockwell circular saw works fine and is all complete, we got this for a friend setting up house. It has the weird short power cable pigtail thingy on it, presumably that is either some safety or corporate cheapskate thing.

Circular Saw

2014-11-15 Wheels

From the friend's garage, some spare wheels and such. Those road 559 tyres will make a nice hybrid at some stage.


2014-11-15 Stihl 025

A friend who is moving away is clearing out the garage and we went to scavenge. This saw runs fine once we got it cleaned out and warmed up.

Stihl 025

2014-11-08 Schwinn Impact

This Schwinn Impact ladies style mountain bike came with huge flabby knobbly tyres on it. They had rotted gumwalls and were generally unsatisfactory. We swapped on some semi knobbly replacements and cleaned the thing up and now it is a really nice bike. Available for such high impact activities as shopping, as you can see from the handy dismountable basket.

Schwinn Impact

So why is that? Gumwall tires will have the sides rot out and become useless? Some of them from the 1970s even get all super nasty like some eruptive fungus or some such. We have dealt with black tires from the 1960s, of a Raleigh for example, that have been perfectly fine 50 years later. And yet somehow the bike makers insist on imposing crappy gumwalls on us. End rant (for now).


2014-11-05 Spalding Blade

This rather dashingly named Spalding Blade is dated but in good shape and perfectly functional as a means of transport. We hope somebody else shares our sentiments on this matter and takes it off our hands.

Spalding Blade

The yellow paint job is kind of spiffy but certain other parts of it are not so nice.


2014-11-05 Maclaren Triumph

A random Maclaren Triumph pushchair in OK usable condition. A quick clean and it is ready to go with a new owner, should one appear. We hope the list of criag will help us out in this.

Maclaren Triumph

2014-11-03 Trek Mystic

This Trek Mystic kids bike had dismembered grips, what a strange thing. The brake cable was seized also so new grips and a cable and it is good to go under the butt of a 6 year old of our acquaintance.

Trek Mystic

Note: The seized rear brake cable is a very common thing on ladies frames. The bowdon cable housing terminates pointing upwards and this tends to accumulate water over time. This then rusts the cable in the housing. In cold weather the water in there will freeze and sieze the cable even if it has not rusted. We need a label for this disorder, ladies frame rear brake cable disoder? LFRBCD is not very catchy.


2014-10-24 Bike Shaped Object

This random Huffy Bike-Shaped-Object is masquerading as some form of mountain bike. It was scrap metal the day it was made. Somebody will want it for some very low, but hopefully not negative price.

Bike Shaped Object

2014-10-19 Playmobil

Two chests of Playmobil toys, carefully sorted into labeled drawers. Somebody somewhere is havging an interesting childhood.


We split these with some friends.


2014-10-18 Trek 720

A Trek 720 Multitrack hybrid bike. Was pretty dusty and neglected, two flat tires (yet to be pumped up in pic). Will be a handy runaround bike for somebody by the time we have finished with it.

Trek 720

2014-10-18 Tag-a-long Trailer Bike

Yet another trailer bike, this one the Tag-a-long brand. Missing the hitch for the bike but we may be able to remedy that. Very available to anybody who wants it.

Tag-a-long Trailer Bike

2014-10-18 Sony PSP

Sony PSP device, battery empty, we managed to find the charger (a few meters away) and hence were able to charge it up and show in this picture that it works. Spiffy. We will try to round up some games for it at some stage. DK?

Sony PSP

2014-10-18 Maxi-Cosi Stroller

The best futuristic German design here in this Max-Cosi Foray. Needed air in the tires and a dust off but no real reason for discard. A lady grabbed it ahead of us where it was dropped off and we helped her to fold it and sort it out but she ended up not taking it for some reason. Whatever, we will find a new owner for it.

Maxi-Cosi Stroller

2014-10-18 Giant Innova

A Giant Innova hybrid-like bike in OK shape. Air in the tires and a clean up and it is ridable. It will meet a new owner on the list of craig.

Giant Innova

2014-10-18 Dictionary

Duden Idiomatic german dictionary, not so essential in these networked times but nice to have anyway. Should one wish to browse for German idioms.


2014-10-18 BOB Double Stroller

A rather nice BOB Revolution double stroller. Nice shape all round ready to go.

BOB Double Stroller

2014-10-10 Tandem Frame

A KHS Tandemania tandom frame and fork. This is quite unusual, it was sitting in a garbage pile on the street with some other bike stuff and the toaster. Aaccording to bystanders it was the detritus from an apartment cleanout of some form. But who has a tandem frame and a dualit toaster lying around? We think some form of squatter/hoarder secnerio was involved.

Tandem Frame

2014-10-10 Dualit Toaster

Yet another Dualit toaster, this one a 2 slice model and seemingly quite old. It has cleaned up quite nicely since this picture was taken and is generally avaailable to any who should want it.

Dualit Toaster

2014-10-08 Valco Stroller

A rather fine Valco double stroller in excellent used condition. No apparent reason for discard, even cleanish. Rescued at the last second from being crushed and dropped into the scrap metal by our man on the spot. Heroic indeed.

Valco Stroller

2014-10-08 Pressure Washers

Two random pressure washers seemingly complete but completely unknown as to their functional state, destined for you electrical fixer friend.

Pressure Washers

2014-10-05 Cruiser Bike

This thing is supposedly a La Jolla Street Cruiser. Truthfully it is a bike shaped object with all that entails. Fortunately some people value such things, when priced suitably.

Cruiser Bike

2014-10-04 Cub Cadet Snowblower

What an interesting device. This Cub Cadet 528 SWE 10hp snowblower showed up in the back of the a pickup and the two discarders said it did not run and there was a problem with the oil. A quick pull test indicated it seems to turn over with the appropriate resistance at presumably appropriate times. We grabbed it.

Cub Cadet Snowblower

Update: Further inspection, oil level was way high. We dumped that and tossed the right amount of new oil in. Plug was dry, no fouling. Fuel in the tank, nothing really seems wrong. Started first pull once we figured out the safety key triggering mechanism, which was a little dismembered by some previous half assed attempt to diagnose things.

Runs all funny though and the throttle is a bit weird so tuneup required and we are fine with that.


2014-10-03 Schwinn Collegiate

This Schwinn Collegiate bike had dry rotted tyres and some general brake misconfiguration. Not so hard to remedy, and a quick clean made it into quite an attractive device, as you might see from the picture. It shall be sold as soon as we find somebody who appreciates said attraction.

Schwinn Collegiate

2014-09-27 Appliances

One random vacuum cleaner and one random drill. Vacuum works, drill does not.


These gathered for a friend who wishes to do more electrical tinkering. We have access to fodder for that.


2014-09-06 Dog Bowl

This random stainless steel dog bowl showed up a little dirty but we cleaned it and left it with a dog owner friend.

Dog Bowl

Note, we know it is a dog bowl because of the bones around the rim. This is clearly a signal to the dog that what is in the bowl is for canine consumption.


2014-08-23 Frankenbike

This bike showed up as a hashed up fixie conversion. Salient points included:

The frame is a pretty nice thing so I found a possible owner for it.


It needed a bunch of stuff to get it in the state seen above. Specifically

It is now a great ride, really quick and agile. Maybe too nice. If the prospective new owner likes it I will finish off things like bar tape and other bits and pieces.


2014-08-16 Instep Jogger

A random Instep Ultra double jogger in perfectly usable condition. No apparent reason for discard. Certainly needs a quick clean (note it is already soaking wet as part of that process) but will be good to go soon.

Instep Jogger

2014-08-14 Bianchi Hybrid

A nice Bianchi Advantage with a moronic previous owner. The evidence of their stupidity:

Two new tubes, some oil and all round cleaning and it is a rather nice machine. 700C wheels but a smallish frame. Also, can't short people just ride bikes with 559 wheels? It makes more sense to me.

Bianchi Hybrid

2014-07-26 Knives

A couple of Henckels knives, one with a cracked handle. We may or may not fix that handle by custom making a new one out of ipe wood but we will see. Both available, though somewhat blunt at present.


Also present at the scene were these extra items of weaponry. Some of those shotgun shells had a pin mark in the cap, seemingly implying they are misfires. Some upstanding and responsible gun owner dropped those into the scrap metal.


Needless to say we did not bring those home. We left a bunch of crappy knives also.


2014-07-22 Bugaboo

This Bugaboo Chameleon, picture as found in situ, is in OK shape but a little neglected. Weirdly the two fron wheel bearings are seized, possible reason for discard, we shall have to have a look at that. The other stroller visible in the pic, a cheap jogger, was also discarded but that may stay that way.


2014-07-19 Tools

A strange assortment of tools, mostly junk or peripherally useful. Notable this very interesting hammer:


This nice little adjustable wrench, shown here after dressing the jaws and some oil:


And some other crud.


2014-07-19 Peg Perego P3

A Peg Perego P3 stroller discarded by some bins in a duplex rental. I picked it up on the cargo bike, as you can see. Reason for discard seems to be one popped rivet under the seat that retains the seatbelts, easy fix.

Peg Perego P3

2014-07-19 Lodge Skillet

Yet another Lodge 12 inch cast iron skillet, somewhat used. Shown here out of its natural element, obviously. This will probably get a stripping and reseasoning before becoming available. Yay for scrap metal.

Lodge Skillet

2014-07-19 Babytrend Stroller Frame

One Babytrend stroller frame thingy complete with pretty recent Peg Perego infant seat. The seat may or may not be any good but somebody will want the frame.

Babytrend Stroller Frame

2014-06-22 Two Child Solutions

A selection of devices purporting to be effective at transporting two children at once. First a Schwinn double jogger with missing front wheel. We will almost certainly be able to fix that problem in short order and render it functional again.

Two Child Solutions

Also a Babytrend double snap-and-go stroller frame thingy. A useful item in these times of increased infertility treatments.

Two Child Solutions

Matching the previous, a Babytrend Sit-n-stand style thing. All present and correct.

Two Child Solutions

Lastly a Joovy Caboose, same basic form factor as the Babytrend above.

Two Child Solutions

Spiffy selection.


2014-06-22 Bike Seats

These two random Topeak Bike seats are a bit beat up in places but between them will yield one good one and some parts.

Bike Seats

2014-06-15 Peg Perego Milano

An older stroller, a Peg Perego Milano pushchair. These are pretty nice and it has the quilted hood for winter etc. Somebody will find a use for it, we hope.

Peg Perego Milano

2014-06-15 Peg Perego High Chair

A pretty fancy Prima Pappa Best high chair from Peg Perego. It has small updates on their older model to warrant the addition of the word "Best". Useful though and somebody will want it.

Peg Perego High Chair

2014-06-15 Maclaren Pushchairs

A Maclaren Twin Techno double pushchair in used but OK condition. It needed a clean and some new wheels on the rear (a common wear issue with these) and it is ready for action.

Maclaren Pushchairs

More or less the half of the previous, a Maclaren Vogue stroller all spiffy and ready to move offspring and nothing wrong.

Maclaren Pushchairs

2014-06-15 Instep Double Jogger

A double jogger with swivel front wheel made by Instep. This thing was protected from UV degradation by a seriously thick layer of dust all over it. That has been hosed away to leave this pretty nice stroller underneath. Ready to be deployed under the stinky butts of two smallish offspring.

Instep Double Jogger

This jogger is nice in that it has the one-hand fold feature, a little known criteria for stroller choice and rare in a double jogger.


2014-06-15 High Chairs

A couple of wooden high chairs, one a generic bar/restaurant style thing. Cheap and simple but functional:

High Chairs

This one looks sort of like a Tripp Trapp ripoff, is actually a One Step Ahead Euro style or some such. Comes with washable cushion.

High Chairs

2014-06-15 Graco Ipo

A Graco Ipo puschair that is pretty much ripping off the basic Maclaren design. Works OK, fabric is a bit junky but it is a Graco and there you have it.

Graco Ipo

Are they trying to cash in on the dotcom IPO craze with this silly name?


2014-06-15 Delta Drill Press

This Delta DP350 drill press has an exploded rear pulley, apparently this is due to a design flaw and lots of people on the interwebs bemoan the crappification of Delta products. To add insult to injury, the replacement parts are not available. Hey guys, lets sell off and outsource all our manufacturing so we can all have shiny toys a few dollars cheaper!

Delta Drill Press

We will probably try to source a replacement item for the delta pulley and put this back in service as we have some friends who could use it.

P.S. Yes, the rear pulley literally exploded and it seems that this happened to many people.


2014-06-15 Combi Pushchairs

A pair of Combi pushchairs, nothing remarkable really except the first has a high handle, good for taller people.

Combi Pushchairs
Combi Pushchairs

2014-06-15 Bugaboo Frog

This Bugaboo Frog stroller is in excellent condition and comes complete with the bassinet, cover and car seat mount. Really nice, though it was quite dusty upon pickup.

Bugaboo Frog

We now have all of the Frog, Gecko and Cameleon in the house at present, though not for long as new owners are urgently being sought for two of the three.


2014-06-15 Bikes

First off a nice as new Panasonic Sport 1000. This is a really nice bike and just needed air in the tyres. It was not even that dusty, as long disused bikes tend to get.


With it came a Free Spirit FS12. There is not a lot wrong with this except for the fact that it has Free Spirit written on the side indicating that it is utter crap. Still, no matter, it has already been passed on to a guy interested in random bikes and parts.


And just in case some of these did not appear here, here is a batch of bikes we made up for that same bike nut. He wanted parts and stuff to play with so he got 6 bikes cheap. He even managed to get all 6 of these into his random volvo sedan.


2014-06-14 Strollers

A mixed bag today. First up a Maclaren stroller frame thingy. Somewhat rare and useful.


This Bugaboo Gecko is a little beat up and somewhat faded but is still a Bugaboo and quite functional. Available.


This Baby Jogger jogging stroller has built-in suspension and is super fancy with some form of fly screen. Spiffy and ready to be used.


2014-06-09 Mountain Bikes

A couple of random mountain bikes that showed up. First a Giant Boulder that had a bad rear axle and bearings. No matter, a much nicer rear wheel showed up and we swapped that on. This is now allocated to a friend.

Mountain Bikes

The other is a juvenile Raleight Mtn Scout. Nothing special, just a kids mountain bike.

Mountain Bikes

2014-06-08 Graco Infant Seat

Run of the mill Graco infant car seat with base. Spiffy, cleaned and all ready to go.

Graco Infant Seat

2014-06-07 Tool Tote

This random Workforce tool tote is pretty much brand new and unused. No idea if we will use it so claim it if you want it.

Tool Tote

2014-06-07 Stainless Cookware

This set of stainless steel cookware is pretty much new and unused. It is not something we would choose to use but we are sure we can find an introduction to people who do on the list of craig.

Stainless Cookware

2014-06-07 Snapper Mower

This Snapper Hi-Vac lawn mower is a real high quality item. It runs OK but maybe needs a tuneup or some such. The equivalent mower now is 800 USD new and though we are tempted to keep this and clean it up, demands on space and time may be such that we allow a new owner to have that fun via the list of craig.

Snapper Mower

2014-06-07 Sit-N-Stand

Babytrend Sit-N-Stand LX stroller that was seemingly suffering some short term assembly problems. In perfectly good order now and will be redeployed to new owners as soon as they can be found.


2014-06-07 Peg Perego Aria

Yet another Peg Perego Aria pushchair, this one needs a good clean and has uninspiring colours but should be fine and ready for redeployment soon.

Peg Perego Aria

2014-06-01 Wet Footwear

This assortment of footwear for use in diverse wet environments is handy dandy and will be deployed wherever needed.

Wet Footwear

2014-06-01 Strollers

A broad selection of devices for transporting offspring. Often two at a time. First up a Kelty deuce coupe double jogger. These things are super high quality, very robust and the only jogger that folds vaguely umbrella style. It had a flat tire, possibly the reason for discard?


Next a Baby Jogger City Micro double stroller. Had a slight bend in the brake activation rod that made it difficult to disengage the brakes. Possibly the reason for discard. A spot of leverage with the vise grips and some oil and it is good as new. That and a clean of course.


A random Baby Jogger style double jogger in nice condition. The hood is a bit of a flimsy pretense but that is fine. It was missing the front wheel but we happened to have one in stock that exactly matched. We are inclined to think that this suffered from incorrect inital assembly due to the weird configuration of the brakes. Nothing wrong with it now.


This Dreamer Designs double jogger is kind of beat up but would make a great summer beach stroller, hence will be offered up as such.


This random Babyplanet stroller is in perfect condition and is usable if one's legs are not too long or one's stride is curtailed.


Yet another random stroller frame, this time a Kolcraft. No big deal but always in mild demand.


2014-06-01 Garmin Nuvi

This Garmin Nuvi model 255 car GPS booted up first time and works fine. Lots of interesting data in there of course, all the previous owner's POIs and trips.

Garmin Nuvi

2014-06-01 Driveway Gate

This random driveway gate is in perfect condition. We already have one that is sort of falling apart so this is possibly a fortuitous find.

Driveway Gate

2014-06-01 Car Seats

Two recent Britax child car seats in very nice condition, one in spiffy cowhide pattern. Both good for a few years of further use.

Car Seats

2014-06-01 Bosch Toys

This small toy tool set is Bosch branded. A fresh set of (old) batteries in the drill and hours of amusement have already resulted.

Bosch Toys

2014-06-01 Bobbi Car

A nice red Bobbi car, useful for the purpose of amusing small offspring. Unfortunately not the quiet wheels version that we are looking for but hey, still useful.

Bobbi Car

2014-06-01 Bilibos

These Bilibos are ostensibly flexible multimodal play toys. We have one already and have to say they do somewhat live up to this claim. Ours of course is beat to crap compared to these so clearly our offspring are doing something the previous owners of the particular examples are not.


2014-05-31 Stainless Steel Workbench

This stainless steel workbench was much dirtier when we found it but is now clean. It needs the retaining bolts for the legs but is super fine apart from that. Available to anybody who needs it.

Stainless Steel Workbench

Update: claimed by a friend, we will possibly be helping out with the design and implementation of a nice shelf for underneath.


2014-05-29 Schwinn Super Sport

This Schwinn Super Sport bike was converted from drop bars a long time ago. It is pretty rare, with alu rims and has a certain chic now that we cleaned it up. Required new tyres and a drop of oil and is now ready to ride.

Schwinn Super Sport

2014-05-29 Babytrend Jogger

This is a run of the mill Babytrend Expedition jogging stroller. Nothing special, just useful, especially with the summer coming. Will appear on the list of craig.

Babytrend Jogger

2014-05-24 Raleigh Bike

This random Raleigh kids' mountain bike was given a crude black paint job by the previous owner. Nothing wrong with it in functional terms. Probably surplus to our requirements so we may get rid of it.

Raleigh Bike

2014-05-24 Giant Bike

This is a bit of a delayed listing here, we found this a while ago, but better late than never. A Giant MTX 225 juvenile mountain bike, the seat was a bit chewed up and the chain stiff and rusty but otherwise no real reason for discard. Available now on the list of craig.

Giant Bike

2014-05-10 Toro Mower

This random Toro lawn mower run fine. One wheel is broken yet still curiously functional. It is a 4-stroke engine.

Toro Mower

2014-05-10 Oil

This new old stock oil was discarded (4 cans total) at the waste oil bins. We have the feeling that some avid collector of old car stuff may actually want this, though it is not clear we have the time or inclination to find that person.


2014-05-10 Compressor

This random Campbell Hausfeld air compressor works fine. It has lots of little leaks in various peripheral pieces, including the power cable, but seems solid in the main pieces. Available to anybody who might want to clean it up and use it.


2014-05-10 Bikes

A middling nice Puch road bike showed up. Only middling as it has steel rims but some of the components on it are very nice. Should be restorable for deployment under a hipster's arse.


This Raleigh Grand Prix has obviously been altered in a half arsed fashion over the years. We may put it back to drop bars and sell it on.


2014-05-07 Strollers

A couple of random offspring carriage devices. First up a Clic brand stoller frame type thing, often known by the dominant brand Snap n' go. These are handy to have kicking around so somebody will probably take this off our hands. This has its retractable sunshade showcased here, fancy.


Next a Dreamer Designs jogging stroller. It is faded and has a touch of rust but is solid and usable. Somebody should want this somewhere sometime.


2014-05-03 Peg Perego Pushchair

This Peg Perego A3 Pramette stroller sort of vaguely converts from this standard stroller form factor into a bassinet type thingy. Oh noes, Michael Bay left this out of the Transformers movie. Meh.

Peg Perego Pushchair

2014-05-03 Kids Sports Stuff

The picture shows a couple of items from a reasonable haul of kids' sports stuff.

Kids Sports Stuff

2014-04-20 Teak Chairs

The previous owner of these reclining folding teak chairs was presumably quite confused, they had discarded them in the scrap metal area. There are 5 in total. One has a split on one leg and will be assessed for repair possibility, these 4 have been cleaned up ready for oil and then use.

Teak Chairs

Yes, we cleaned them up with this pressure washer , previously seen on this page.

Update: They appear to be this chair, or something very close.


2014-04-20 Schwinn 3-Speed

This old rusty Schwinn 3-speed bike is too far gone for a proper restoration but might make a nice rat bike for a friend of ours who lives in an area known for the disappearing of bikes. New tyres, some oil and a tune up and it may well be an effective ride.

Schwinn 3-Speed

Update: Mouseover the image to see the finished fixup. Ridable but looks like arse. We hope this acts as a theft deterrent.


2014-04-20 Mongoose BMX

A Mongoose KO BMX. Nearly new, never really ridden, badly assembled we suspect. Destined for the list of craig after we correct some small (assembly related) problems.

Mongoose BMX

2014-04-20 Bowl

Oh look, a spiffy little stainless steel bowl. Not the best quality but handy dandy if you need that sort of thing.


Currently being use to hold teak oil for the refinishing of the chairs. Future uses, who knows?


2013-12-27 Schwinn Hybrid

This random Schwinn Tourist hybrid bike has no visible reason for discard except possibly incompetent initial assembly. It has pretty much not been ridden. It will be available soon to readers of this page or the world at large via the list of craig.

Schwinn Hybrid

2013-12-08 Dell Desktop

This random Dell PC was missing the hard drive and some other bits. Upon inspection it seems the reason for discard was a nebulous failure in the in the graphics card. It would come on and work but as it got hot lots of lovely artistic blocks would tile the screen, at least this is what occurred under a linux live CD. We tossed a new card in from junk inventory and made the machine run just fine.

Dell Desktop

2013-11-28 Plant Thingies

These random planter bracket things seem pretty nice, not that we need them. They may be going to some friends more inclined to use them.

Plant Thingies

2013-11-28 Ochsner Bike

This Swiss Ochsner road bike is super fancy and has all sorts of nice components on it. The frame is starting to get rust spots and it has been wel used but it is still a really nice bikes. It may get stored until spring and when the hipster crowd start biking again we will see if they want this.

Ochsner Bike

2013-11-28 Maytag Oven

This Maytag gas oven is seemingly new ish and we got a report from the discarder that it was deployed for only about 4 months and barely used.

Maytag Oven

Maybe there is somebody somewhere nearby who is struggling with cooking a turkey and needs a new oven at short notice.


2013-11-28 GT Hybrid

We got a couple of bikes together from our man on the spot and this one was more of an actual bike and the other a bike shaped object. GT Cirque hybrid, missing a seat and gears all out of alignment but full of potential.

GT Hybrid

2013-11-16 Ochsner Bike

This Ochsner road bike is really fancy and has been ridden but is still a nice thing. It will be cleaned up and offered to those interested in such devices.

Ochsner Bike

2013-11-16 Graco Stroller

This random Graco stroller is in fine shape and will probably be used by some person who finds us on the list of craig.

Graco Stroller

2013-11-16 Giant Bike

This Giant Cabriolet road bike is horribly named and is really a piece of junk. No idea what we will do with it but at the very least some parts will be scavenged.

Giant Bike

2013-10-19 Firewood

This reasonably large pile of firewood is conveniently presplit, at least to some degree. We took most of the good stuff and left the gnarly bits.


Update: This is mostly split now, 2 days later. Spiffy.


2013-10-19 Double Maclaren

This nice double Maclaren stroller had an interesting hole eaten in the hood, who knows by what animal. Luckily we had a spare in stock from a Maclaren with a bent frame that was unsalvagable except for various parts.

Double Maclaren

2013-10-19 Baby Jogger

This Baby Jogger jogging stroller is in near unused condition despite being a few years old. The tyres are absolutely perfect. After a quick clean it will appear on the list of craig.

Baby Jogger

Update: Quickly sold. Autumn jogs must be in fashion or something.


2013-10-12 Tripp Trapp

This Tripp-Trapp offspring feeding retention chair was filthy when we found it. It came with the straps etc but we dismantled the whole thing to clean it up and have not yet put the straps back on. We may not put them on as they are only really for naughty offspring and we try not to have those.

Tripp Trapp

Note, we have two of these already.


2013-10-12 Offspring Seats

Two random plastic lawn chairs sized for small offspring. These will be deployed at the bottom of the garden for offspring amusement purposes.

Offspring Seats

2013-10-12 Ice Skates

A pair of usefully sized ice skates. Handy for amusing offspring when there is a large quantity of water in the solid phase.

Ice Skates

2013-10-12 Bugaboo Cover

This is a cover for a Bugaboo Cameleon stroller. This is a pretty handy dandy thing and somebody will want it. We have one. One zip head has a broken off handle but the thing is still pretty fine.

Bugaboo Cover

2013-10-09 Chicco Cortina

This Chicco Cortina stroller is in OK and usable shape, especially after some small maintenance fixes on the wheels and axles. It needs a wash but we will see about that. It will find a new home soon.

Chicco Cortina

2013-08-11 Trek Bike

This Trek 200 Mountain bike was missing the seat but that is an easy fix, as you can see. Shortly to appear on the list of craig.

Trek Bike

2013-07-27 Lawnmower

This random Craftsman lanwmower started first pull upon investigation but is missing a few bits and pieces. Somebody will want it and we will give them the chance to find it and acquire it for very little outlay.


2013-07-27 German Bike

This random and somewhat unidentified German 3 speed bike is pretty fine. Even still has air in the tyres. It is a little dinged up but will clean up nicely.

German Bike

2013-06-23 Wood

Twp random short pieces of 2x6, our neighbour needed them and we grabbed them.


2013-06-23 Peg Perego Stroller

Yet another Peg Perego Venezia pushchair, dusty but complete. If it cleans up nicely we will try to rehome it. Possibly via the list of craig.

Peg Perego Stroller

Bonus, some Lascal boards, possibly missing hardware.

Lascal Boards

2013-06-23 Ikea Storage

No idea what silly Nordic name the IKEA guys give this but it is all very useful for storing crap associated with offspring. It is already cleaned up and will be pressed into service. Missing one screw on one of the drawer runners, as you can see in the pic. Not a huge and daunting task to fix.

Ikea Storage

2013-06-23 Chicco Highchairs

We found two Chicco highchiars, slightly laden with food spill, for want of a better term. Pic shows the frame units after pressure washing, the padding pieces were cleaned seperately. Should be very fine when all done.

Chicco Highchairs

2013-06-23 Backpack

Camp Trails, whoever they are, made this backpack at some point. It seems perfectly functional but we have enough of these and are making this available. Anybody?


2013-06-22 DVDs

Hmm, the way these are presented it is almost the case that two of these films make the other look good. We have no real use for these but the two (really) bad ones might offer some laughable kitsch crappiness moments.


2013-06-22 Calphalon

This random Calphalon dutch oven showed up without the lid, shame really. We have already found a new home for it and will check our supplies for a lid that fits.


2013-06-14 X12

This bike says X12 and 12-speed on it. If I had made it I would not put my brand on it either. It is total junk but yet all shiny and more or less in perfect condition. We may find a home for it but what a turd.


2013-06-12 Booster Seat

This Graco Booster seat was requested by a friend and we grabbed it to order. Nothing wrong with it, just dusty.

Booster Seat

2013-06-12 BBQ Chimney

Our old BBQ starter chimney has rusted through so we grabbed this one from the side of the road the other day.

BBQ Chimney

I keep meaning to make my own spiffy stainless steel one that will outlast me and all my friends and family but I never get around to it. I guess that just makes it more likely that when I do make it that it will outlive me.


2013-06-09 Mountain Buggy

This Mountain Buggy Urban double jogger was discarded on our street, how convenient. Reason for discard may the the missing wheel clip on one side, a 10 cent part if that. Otherwise in OK shape except for a couple of small chafes.

Mountain Buggy

2013-06-05 Peg Perego Venezia

This Peg Perego Venezia pushchair is in nice condition and has a fancy attached footmuff. Spiffy, and hopefully browsers on the list of craig will also think so.

Peg Perego Venezia

2013-06-05 Babytrend Jogger

Random Babytrend jogger with swivel front wheel. Cleaned up nicely, ready to go.

Babytrend Jogger

2013-05-26 Raleigh Technium

This Raleigh Technium mountain bike has that fancy (for the time) frame and weird cow horn handlebars. It has a sort of retro appeal though and has cleaned up nicely. It will seek a new home soonest.

Raleigh Technium

2013-05-26 Mountain Buggy

This newish Mountain Buggy has spent a while at the beach. Despite that it seems to have lots of life left in it. It may be deployed on a beach in the Netherlands next month.

Mountain Buggy

2013-05-26 Double Snap-and-go

This Babytrend double snpa-and-go stroller frame type thing is an impressive construction, but I guess one might need that were one to increment one's parity twice in a short period of time. No apparent reason for discard, all ready for a new owner.

Double Snap-and-go

2013-05-22 Peugeot Mountain Bike

Vaguely a mountain bike, anyway. Peugeot US Express, ostensibly ladies style. Cleaned up OK and will find a new home somehow.

Peugeot Mountain Bike

2013-05-18 Pressure Washer

This Karcher K 2400 HH pressure washer was discarded, presumably due to it not putting out high pressure despite running fine. The unloader valve was stuck and it was the work of a minute to clean it out and lubricate it. Works great now, a really good strong pressure washer.

Pressure Washer

2013-05-04 Sander

There is no reason for discard for this sander. All present and correct and works fine.


2013-05-04 Mixer

This KitchenAid mixer was dicarded due to a presumed burnt out motor, according to the nice lady who dropped it off. In fact a nick in the cord was responsible. A quick temporary plug jacked on allowed testing and it will soon be seeking a new home.


2013-04-28 Light Bulbs

This tin contains light bulbs that were scavenged off a large and ornate candelabra type light fitting. They are E12 Edison Candelabra size. It so happens we have a similar fitting in the house that takes these bulbs and until we replace it with something less silly we need a supply of bulbs. Better scavenged sunk cost models than buying new.

Light Bulb

2013-04-28 Laptop Carcases

This assortment of laptop carcases, 2x HP, 3x Thinkpad, a Toshiba and such, is all stripped and acrppy but somebody out there may wish for tinkering fodder. We shall try to find them.

Laptop Carcases

2013-04-27 Gary Fisher

We found Gary Fisher in the scrap metal. Actually no, just a Gary Fisher mountain bike. It had several issues upon pickup but it has never really been ridden and will be put back into service forthwith.

Gary Fisher

2013-04-25 Audi Roofrack

Found, a perfectly good roofrack system for an Audi Q5. We do not own such a vehicle but the list of craig has access to many such people and maybe they will find us through that mechanism and purchase this from us.

Audi Roofrack

2013-04-24 Golf Club

This TaylorMade R11 driver was discarded apparently brand new still with the price stickers on it. It may be an accidental discard or a spite discard. We picked it up from a location where it would have been fast destroyed and irretrievable, so the previous owners are finished with this unless they buy it off us on the list of craig.

Golf Club

2013-04-21 Trek 400

We got this snazzy Trek 400 road bike a while ago. It had a bodged up cruiser bar conversion and numerous other issues. We rectified these issues and as you can see it is indeed snazzy in its restored state.

Trek 400

2013-04-20 Shelving

Yet more Metro Wire style shelving. 18 by 36 inches, lots of shelves and a bunch of legs. We use this stuff in various ways so we will store this and see if it is needed.


2013-04-20 Peg Perego

yet anotehr pefectly good Peg Perego Pliko stroller. This one has the optional cup holder, spiffy.

Peg Perego

2013-04-20 Offspring Rucksack

Yet another Kelty Country offspring carriage device, all present and correct in perfect condition. Look for it on the list of craig?

Offspring Rucksack

2013-04-20 Microwave

Our neighbor has been looking for a new Microwave for a while and I guess this is exactly what he wanted. It was in the original box but had a minor misalignment on the latch. A couple of minutes with some screwing and all is well.


2013-04-20 Messenger Bag

A random messenger style bag. Perfect condition, barely used. Could come in handy.

Messenger Bag

2013-04-20 Canoe

This fibreglass canoe is in OK shape and even comes with a paddle. It has a couple of dings on one end that we will have to monitor and test but we plan on paddling around this summer in this.


2013-04-20 Bianchi Eros

This Bianchi Eros road bike is now pretty fine and dandy, apart from the highly dubious name. It has been tossed in the scrap metal and the scrap metal moving process had crunched the front wheel and dinged some stuff up. One applicatiuon of pressure washer and a front wheel from spares and it is ready to go and rather nice to ride.

Bianchi Eros

Also on the bike was the little pouch shown with some tools and spares in it.

Bianchi Eros

2013-04-20 Beater 3-Speed

This Glider 3-speed bike is beat up and missing mudguards. Various parts are of dubious origin. But it rides fine and makes a great beater bike.

Beater 3-Speed

2013-04-20 Beach Cart

A friend requested a beach cart and we were able to oblige within a week or so with this item. It needed a squirt with the pressure washer and oil on the wheel bearings but all is well.

Beach Cart

2013-04-07 Jogger

This Cycle Design jogging stroller is in OK shape and ready for various summer activities. Possibly including jogging.


2013-04-07 Heat Pad

This random silicone heat pad was sitting by the side of a road and was pretty dirty. Incomprehensibly dirty in fact. Never mind, it is cleaned right up and is now pressed into service.

Heat Pad

2013-04-06 Tool Chest

This random Craftsman tool chest looks like a Kennedy model and is perfectly fine. A friend has run off with it and will press it into service.

Tool Chest

2013-04-06 Electric Chainsaw

A Remington electric chainsaw, not the most useful thing in the world but you never know we may end up in a situation where it is handy dandy.

Electric Chainsaw

2013-03-30 Cookware Roundup

Some nice stuff today, quite mixed. There was a huge batch of cookware that included this set of Belgique stainless. OK quality, pretty nice condition.

Cookware Roundup

Also there were a couple of Le Creuset casseroles. The pots were shot on the insides and the other lid was a funny shape but the brown lid shown in this ensemble was just fine for one of our cast iron skillets. The skillet lurking in the background in fact. All the lids in this pictured are sourced from scrap metal.

Cookware Roundup

2013-03-09 Schwinn Moab

This random Schwinn Moab mountain bike is perfectly rideable and even came with air in the tyres. Reason for discard was probably the gummed up pawls in the trigger shifters. Lots of WD40 and some wiggy jiggy with the cable and off we go. Off we go to the list of craig.

Schwinn Moab

2013-03-09 Calphalon Pan

This random Calphalon pan needed nothing but a light cleaning. No apparent reason for discard. It shall find a new home somehow, we have no need of it.

Calphalon Pan

2013-03-03 Monitor

This monstrous Maxent monitor works OK after warmup. We have had stuff like this before and cheapskate gamers who want large screens go for this so, off it goes to the list of craig.


2013-03-03 All-Clad Frying Pan

This random stainless-alu sandwich All-Clad frying pan seems in OK shape and has already been snapped up by some neighbours.

All-Clad Frying Pan

2013-01-21 Trek 220

This Trek 220 kids mountain bike is in reasonable condition except for the seat, but whatever. It should find a new home soon.

Trek 220

2013-01-06 Bikes

A couple of bikes to ring in the New Year in style. First a Matsuri mixte style thingy. Perfectly nice, converted from drop bars some time ago by a previous owner, will go nicely under a hipster's arse in a large city.


Next a Giant Awesome, obviously not being an eponymous artifact as it is neither giant nor awesome. A bit of a piece of crud really but it will clean up and somebody may want it once they see its availability on the list of craig.


2012-11-18 Peugeot Bike

This random Peugeot road bike has been neglected but is in pretty good shape underneath the dirt. It will be cleaned up and pressed back into service with a rider we do not know.

Peugeot Bike

2012-11-17 Lights

Somebody discarded their home power outage kit and we picked it up. First a Coleman headlamp that has some small issue, to bes investigated.


Two 3D maglites, both with one expanded stuck alkaline battery. One is also missing the lens and bezel. Investigation with percussive action released the stuck batteries and the two units may be pressed into some form of service at some point. Upgrade to LED may be involved in that process.


2012-10-28 Bike Trailer

If you need to drag your 'orrible offspring around and you are on a bike this handy dandy Instep bike trailer is just the thing for you. Available until sold.

Bike Trailer

2012-10-27 Raleigh Kids Bike

This Raleigh MXR kids' bike is very similar to one we found a while ago and is in fine condition. Seeking a home.......?

Raleigh Kids Bike

2012-10-27 Peugeot Bike

This Peugeot Bordeaux is a fine bike, found by our man on the spot. 3-speed Sturmey Archer, aluminium 700C rims, skirt guard, nice all round. A reminder that the French are not just useful for cheese and wine.

Peugeot Bike

2012-10-27 Paintball Gear

Some random paintball bits and pieces. We have no real use for this crap and so will sell it.

Paintball Gear

2012-10-27 Huffy Bike

This Huffy Granite Pass should never have been designed, made or sold. But given that it has been, and we have gained posession of it, we will return it into the usage pool. The list of craig will assist.

Huffy Bike

2012-10-27 Dyson

This Dyson vacuum is well used, full of human hair, but seems OK and useful. We will find a new home for it somehow.


2012-10-21 Tent

This tent is sort of old and simple but handy if you need it for some kind of fairweather event. A party, a sleepover, a summer camping trip or whatever. Available to any who want it, needs a spot of airing out.


Update: Sold within 24 hours on the list of craig.


2012-10-21 Raleigh MXR

This bike needed a few parts but it was sort of worth fixing. If nobody we know needs it somebody we do not yet know may.

Raleigh MXR

2012-10-21 Combi Stroller

This Combi stroller is in perfectly good shape and though not the fanciest stroller in the world it will find a new home via the list of craig. They fold pretty small and are OK quality.

Combi Stroller

2012-09-20 Bugaboo Chameleon

Somebody chose to discard this Bugaboo Chameleon along with a fair amount of extra gear for it. There is nothing wrong with any piece of it, though it was a little dusty upon pickup. The only downside is the heinous replacement pink hood. Never mind, some browser of the list of craig will think this is cute or versatile or some such.

Bugaboo Chameleon

Extras not shown that were included, seat cover, cup holder, rain cover, mosquito netting and winter muff thingy. Bargain.


2012-09-16 Schwinn Runabout

This Schwinn Runabout trailer bike has damage to the wheel, looks like it has been run over by a car or something. The frame is all fine. A new wheel and seat will present themselves to us in the near future and then this item will be disposed of.

Schwinn Runabout

2012-09-16 Babytrend Navigator

This Babytrend Navigator double stroller is a bit of a monster. It is in almost new condition and about a year old. There is no apparent reason for discard, though the fact that it does not fit through standard sized doors may be an issue. The upside of that is that it can take two infant car seats side by side. For sale on the list of craig forthwith.

Babytrend Navigator

2012-09-05 Pan Lid

This random yellow Le Creuset lid was all alone in a big pile of scrap metal, no sign of whatever went underneath it. Luckily it fits nicely on a lidless cast iron skillet we got from that same pile some time ago.

Pan Lid

2012-09-02 Shelving

Thi is a small random piece of Metro Wire style corner shelving. nothing wrong with it, we have no use for it but some neighbours have all ready set it in the corner of their kitchen and filled it.


2012-09-02 Logs

This pic shows a bit of a nice pile of firewood we found discarded. It was cut split and aged, so all in all a good deal. That very night used used a bunch to cook dinner in a firepit. Saves buying charcoal, gas or other combustibles. Also this type of cooking repels mosquitoes quite nicely.


2012-08-31 Fuji Juvenile Bike

This Fuji Ace juvenile fancy schmancy hybrid type thing is pretty fine and barely ridden. This was grabbed by our man on the spot in the nick of time. Upon pickup it had a flat rear tyre which was probably the reason for discard.

Fuji Juvenile Bike

Update: The tube had two small holes in a pattern that indicates a tool induced puncture. So we theorize they had a flat, got a new tube, put it in clumsily with a screwdriver or some such, punctured the tyre in the mounting process, pumped it up and threw their hands up in disgust and tossed the bike in the scrap metal. Yay consumer culture!


2012-08-25 Rake

This random rake showed up and it seems all present and correct. Note it has been discarded just prior to prime raking season so we shall see how it performs very soon. It resides in the designated rake rack.


2012-08-25 Jamis Kids Bike

This random Jamis Laser kids' bike is functional-ish. We may flog it off on the list of craig or give it away to friends who have offspring in this size range.

Jamis Kids Bike

2012-08-25 Hand Tools

These random hand tools were in the bottom of a large scrap container. We fished them out with the help of a hard drive magnet screwed to the end of a broom handle. Handy dandy.

Hand Tools

2012-07-28 Tomos Bike

This Tomos S bike is a pile of crap. Single speed, backpedal brakes only, junky parts. Should sell well in any large city obsessed with single speeds. Dude, it is the ultimate hipster vintage single speed. The people who made my bike were into it way before it was mainstream.

Tomos Bike

2012-07-28 Columbia Bike

This Columbia Sports III was pretty filthy and disgusting. We think it had the old bat turd treatment at some point. No matter, it cleaned up OK, the Sturmey Archer hub needed oil but works fine now, ready to ride and shiny.

Columbia Bike

2012-07-21 Instep Jogger

This Instep double jogging stroller is in OK shape, cleaned up OK and will be ready for a new owner soon. It needed a wash and air in the tyres. Shown here after some washing and before airing.

Instep Jogger

2012-07-17 Bikes

Two mountain bikes showed up together. First up a Trek 820 Mountain Track, blah blah, standard issue mountain bike not for use on mountains. No apparent reason for discard, already on the list of craig seeking a new owner.


Next a Bridgestone Comp, older bike but with very nice parts on it. This may find an appreciative new owner, watch this space.


2012-07-14 Chicco Pushchair

This Chicco Cortina stroller is guest stuff, the neighbours found it. It has a small tear in the cargo basket but otherwise is fully functional, nice quality and with no reason for discard.

Chicco Pushchair

2012-07-10 Schwinn World Tourist

This Schwinn World Tourist bike seems not to have been used for its named purpose, but never mind. It was discarded due to needing repairs too expensive to warrant, but we have managed to put it back in working order for near free and hence get to put it back into circulation.

Schwinn World Tourist

2012-07-07 Roadmaster Bike

This Roadmaster Smokey Point so-called mountain bike is a piece of crap that never should have been manufactured, purchased or used. As it happens the previous owner got a flat front tyre and tossed it away, preventing their further use of it. Despite all this we will find a new home for it.

Roadmaster Bike

2012-07-07 Dyson Vacuum

This random Dyson vacuum cleaner came with a nice selection of attachments and works perfectly. The interesting thing with a discarded Dyson is that unlike other more opaque devices you get to immediately inspect the precise nature of the previous owner's sucked up junk. Vacuum cleaner archeology? We all know that archeologists greatly value middens as a source of information, so maybe this is one little modern example of that.

Dyson Vacuum

This has already been used in anger on a large source of dust and seems fine.


2012-07-06 Raleigh Bike

This 1971 Raleigh Sports 3-speed bike is a little neglected but will probably clean up just fine. Not bad for 41 years old, mouseover the image for the cleaned up pic.

Raleigh Bike

It could have survived with the existing tyres but they had a fair few cracks in them and one wheel needed new rim tape so we just put matching new ones on. Also the gear hub was out of oil but a few quick squirts freed it up and it runs fine now.


2012-06-30 Dualit Toaster

This Dualit 4 slice toaster has a couple of issues. Somebody wrestled the crumb tray into new and interesting geometric shapes, and somebody else cut the cable off for the miniscule amount of copper in it. We feel that this is worth rehabilitating, despite these issues. The crumb tray will be bent back into some semblance of normality using sheet metal vise grips and the cable replaced entirely.

Dualit Toaster

2012-06-30 Cookware

Some assorted cookware. First up a nice little stainless kettle that was requested by a friend. We are happy to take requests, and voila.


This 14 inch skillet is a no-name thing but is very functional. It shall probably become the handy kitchen tool of a friend.


2012-06-25 Thule Rack

This Thule bike and ski and whatever rack seems awfully complicated. We will see if anybody wants it.

Thule Rack

2012-06-25 Car Seat

This random Peg Perego infant seat came with spiffy spare base. All very nice.

Car Seat

2012-06-23 Miyata Bike

This Miyata Triton road bike is in good condition, maybe because the previous owner seemed to have oiled the drivetrain more than actually riding the bike. Either way it is nice and will make somebody very happy one day.

Miyata Bike

2012-06-23 Kolcraft Stroller

This Kolcraft Contours stroller is hard to judge. It seems to be pretending to all flexible and fancy and modern but we get the feeling it will not actually work out that way in actual use. We will clean it up and see what happens.

Kolcraft Stroller

2012-06-18 Strollers

A small collection of three mildly coordinated strollers here. Note they are all wet from liberal application of the pressure washer we got the other day. They all got cleaned off and are soaking with detergent now. First a nice Maclaren Techno XT, badly in need of a clean but otherwise perfect:


Next a Peg Perego Pliko stroller, missing the front bar and maybe a catch somewhere but otherwise OK. We will see if this ends up usable:


Last a Per Perego Aria small stroller, pretty disgustingly dirty but it should all clean up nicely.


Update: all three cleaned up pretty nice after rinsing out the applied detergent.


2012-06-18 Snowblower

This Arien ST350 snowblower started up fine after the addition of some fuel. It comes with a little white bag with all the instructions and such. Not sure where this will end up.

Snow Blower

Update: sold to a nice chap from the list fo craig.


2012-06-18 Jeep Jogger

This Jeep Liberty Limited jogging stroller with swivel front wheel also has the highly dubious feature of a bay for one's portable cd player. This was ridiculous even when people had portable CD players. Though you could put an iPhone or some such in there and play soothing music to your offspring as you wander around. This feature was indeed tested by our crack team of reverse engineers and it worked.

Jeep Jogger

2012-06-18 Car Seat

This random Peg Perego infant car seat may come in handy to somebody.

Car Seat

2012-06-18 Bike Trailor

This Schwinn bike trailor is in pretty nice condition and is only missing the tow hitch part that you put on the bike. JPL, this is yours and I have the hitch coming.

Bike Trailor

2012-06-18 Bike Seat

Yet another Topeak bike seat, this one complete with the rack and all associated hardware in a little bag. How nice.

Bike Seat

2012-06-17 Pressure Washer

This Karcher ressure washer is in OK shape and works fine, perhaps despite being made in Italy. It may move into service as our default pressure for a while.

Pressure Washer

2012-06-17 Offspring Warmer

This Buggy Snuggie, or some such, is the skin of a dead sheep configured with convenient strap holes etc so that one might insulate a small child from excessive heat loss whilst perambulating in a wheeled device. All very convenient.

Offspring Warmer

2012-06-17 Offspring Seating

Shown are a Topeak bike seat and Britax Monarch car seats, two reasonably handy device for securing and transporting offspring.

Offspring Seating

2012-06-17 Freespirit Bike

This Freespirit Rock Creek is complete garbage and never should have been manufactured, purchased or ridden. Yuck. We will find a home for it or strip off a couple of parts and junk it.

Freespirit Bike

2012-06-17 Cast Iron Griddle

This cast iron griddle had some surface rust on the top and some crud buildup on the bottom but cleaned up pretty quickly and has already been used twice. It will travel to a foreign country with a friend and form part of his kitchen paraphenalia.

Cast Iron Griddle

2012-06-16 Trek Mountain Bike

This Trek 3700 mountain bike has a small frame and beyond air in the tyres needed no work. All spiffy and ready for a new arse on its seat.

Trek Mountain Bike

2012-06-11 Tricycle

This handy dandy little Schwinn Tricycle is half traditional trike and half bigwheel. It has retro metal looks and vaguely functions as both distraction and mobility device for small offspring.


2012-06-11 Rucksack

This Lowe Alpine 60 litre rucksack had fine mould all over it when picked up but a rinse in bleach and such and it seems fine, almost brand new in fact. We may find a use for it at some stage.


2012-06-11 Ross Compact

This Ross Compact is a homely little bike but has great vintage appeal. It ha sa patch of missing chrome and is heavy but will make a charming fashion accessory for some hipster in a large city. Note it is not yet cleaned up, in strictly as found condition.

Ross Compact

2012-06-11 Raleigh c40

This Raleigh c40 hybrid bike was discarded minus the skewers and the saddle. There is a longer story behind it that you can ask for when you see us in person. But for now, it is fixed up and ready for a new owner. Spiffy.

Raleigh c40

2012-06-11 Offspring Carriage Devices

A selection of devices with which one might transport offspring. First a couple of Sit 'n Stand types from OneStep and Joovy:

Offspring Carriage Devices
Offspring Carriage Devices

Next up a random weird Graco stroller that may or may not prove to be useful.

Offspring Carriage Devices

This Peg Perego Pliko stroller is somewhat unique in this colour but it is missing the hood so we are not sure of its chances for reuse.

Offspring Carriage Devices

Last a Kelty Kids rucksack for when the terrain is inhospitable to wheels.

Offspring Carriage Devices

2012-06-10 Fire Device

This random outdoor fire Chiminea type thing is superficially rusty and yet perfectly functional. We tested it out one evening before donating it to a friend.

Fire Device

2012-06-06 Strollers

Another Peg Perego Aria double pushchair, this one a bit grubby but people seem to like them so it may find a new home.


This Combi Flare is small and not so distinguished but is pretty functional and deserves another chance to perambulate.


2012-06-06 Pack and Play

This random pack and Play is all branded with Baby Einstein etc, and despite that brand being thoroughly discredited this thing still functions perfectly well as an imprisonment device for small offspring.

Pack and Play

2012-06-04 Trek 1100 remains

This Trek 1100 is in a pretty sorry state. We think it may have been just fine at the time of dropoff but that a large bucket loader crunched it up and tossed it into a large dumpster full of scrap metal. Most of the parts are good and will be swapped onto some other frame in better shape.


2012-06-04 Cookware

This Calphalon Dutch Oven thingy is in really nice shape apart from some small defects on the interior. They are quite baffling anf will be investigated further.

Calphalon Dutch Oven

2012-06-04 Cannondale Criterion

A nice Cannondale Criterion Series road bike with nothing wrong with it. Air in the tyres and good to go. It was very dusty, so maybe that was the reason for discard.


2012-06-02 Peg Perego Tender

This Peg Peregop Tender pushchair is in near new condition and is complete with hoods and covers and such. Very nice indeed. It will meet the custodian of a set of twins, or some such, on the list of craig.

Peg Perego Tender

2012-06-02 Juvenile Clothes

The picture shows most of what was in a medium sized garbage bag full of clothers. The previous owner was nice enough to wash and fold all the clothes neater than we would ever do it. Show in the pic is what will be deployed in removing rthe nakedness from a certain 4 year old for the next year.

Juvenile Clothes

2012-05-28 Kool Stride Jogger

This random Kool Stride jogger was languishing in the basement forgotten and neglected. No idea where we got it or how long we had it but it needs to find a new home. We suspect it comes from a time when we had several of these and put this one aside for when the rest had gone.

Kool Stride Jogger

2012-05-27 Snap and Go

This random crappy Kolcraft Snap and Go style thingy is in perfect condition and just needed the dust removed. All very fine.

Snap and Go

2012-05-27 Schwinn Trike

This weird Schwinn Tricycle seems to be related to the bigwheel concept. Either way a friend found this and deployed it with her offspring and it worked for actual transit purposes as opposed to just riding round in circles.

Schwinn Trike

2012-05-27 Ross Bike

This Ross Peryton did not always look like this, we suspect. At some point the region of the handle bars was changed drastically and the big fat comfy seat was put on. That is just fine by us as the hypothesized future owner will probably prefer it that way.

Ross bike

Update: This has since been cleaned up and looks super spiffy.


2012-05-27 Maclaren Techno XT

Yet another Maclaren Techno XT pushchair. The clip that holds it closed had broken off but it was the matter of a minute or so to swap on one from a parts example retained for exactly this purpose. Spiffy. You can see said clip in the picture as it is made of a different coloured plastic.

Maclaren Techno XT

The pic shows a frequently applied fix for strollers like this, the seat area gets full of crumbs and crud of the lazy messy offspring and washing it out improves matters no end. Even worse than the strollers are the high chairs.


2012-05-27 Maclaren Double

This Maclaren Twin Traveler pushchair has a couple of issues but seemingly neither are terminal. It is otherwise in very nice shape and hopefully will be appreciated but whichever new owner gets the use of it.

Maclaren Double

2012-05-27 Kool Stride Double

This Kool Stride double jogger is just like all other Kool Stride joggers, irritatingly misspelled, vaguely functional and a huge pain in the arse to fold. Nevertheless somebody we do not yet know will find a use for it.

Kool Stride Double

2012-05-22 Royal Scot Bike

This Royal Scot English 3-speed was made in 1969, or thereabouts. When found it bizarrely had no cotter pins. We replaced those and with some polish, air and oil it came up looking like this. Original tyres. The only thing that still needs to be fixed is the rear brake cable, a common issue on this type of frame.

Royal Scot Bike

2012-05-13 Wagon

This pretty fine little wagon and trailer will supercede our existing model due to the presence of the cool trailer. Even more small offpring can pile in now to be towed around by a larger offspring.


2012-05-13 Maclaren Pushchairs

Strangely, two Maclaren Triumph strollers from seemingly different sources but within a short time window. Nothing really wrong with them though they will get a clean and one may need new wheels on the rear.

Maclaren Pushchairs
Maclaren Pushchairs

2012-05-13 Juvenile Mountain Bike

This Rhino Amplifier juvenile mountain bike is a horrific thing that never should have been manufactured, purchased or ridden. It is entirely exemplary of that increasingly large class of consumer products that are designed and built to be sold once, and never used.

Nevertheless somebody out there will want it and we will sell it off cheap to minimize our contact with it.

Juvenile Mountain Bike

2012-05-13 Combi Stroller

This random little Combi stroller is in fine shape and does not deserve to die a lonely death by the side of the road, crushed as it is loaded into a garbage truck. Hence, we rescued it and will deploy it to the household of either a) some people we know, or b) some people we do not know.

Combi Stroller

2012-05-13 Chicco Seat

This Chicco seat clamps onto a table and can used in lieu of a highchair. Handy, compact and portable.

Chicco Seat

2012-05-13 Bike Parts

This random small pile of bike parts will come in handy somewhere down the line.

Bike Parts

2012-05-06 Small Bikes

A bunch of smaller bikes, including but not limited to, the following, a Jamis BMX witn aluminium frame and such,

Small Bikes

Also a Jamis Miss Daisy in a different colour to the previous:

Small Bikes

A random red BMX that cleaned up pretty well and will be disposed of to a suitable home.

Small Bikes

2012-05-06 Jeep Doors

A pair of fabric (i.e. soft-top) Jeep doors for some as yet undetermined Jeep. A friend of ours has a Jeep and he seems to need new body parts for that thing rather frequently, so we will store them until he comes by. They are very dusty but since that pic was taken they have cleaned up nicely.

Jeep Doors

2012-05-06 Cookware

This small wok and large Calphalon skillet are in fine condition and will be snapped up by a friend.


Update The wok was cleaned out and cured. Below you see a picture of the first deployment. Also everything visible in this picture except the flagstones was mentioned on this page at some time.


2012-04-29 Lotus Bike

This Lotus Excelle bike has a bunch of rusty spots stemming from years exposed to batshit we think, but it cleaned up OK and rides pretty nicely. It has some really nice parts on it, we shall see if it finds a new home.

Lotus Bike

2012-04-28 Toyota Corolla Manual

This random Toyota Corolla Manual applies to the transportation device of a friend of ours so we are banking this info in case he might have some question regarding a malfunction, or some such.

Toyota Corolla Manual

2012-04-28 Tools

We show here a small selection of tools that showed up today. This was a batch we gave to a neighbour but much more stuff was present in the pickup event. Shown; old oil can (cleaned up for the pic), trim removal tool, hacksaw blades, sanding pads. Not present, sawzall blades, more sanding stuff, random hardware.


2012-04-28 Router

This random Craftsman Router and Table are in fine working condition with no apparent reason for discard. It is not the best router in the world but you can do stuff with it.


2012-04-28 Plates

These random plates are now being used by friends. They are Williams Sonoma so at least they come with some high end mall name value. Quite apart from that they are perfectly functional.


2012-04-28 Maclaren Pushchairs

These two Maclaren pushchairs showed up in a small time interval.

Maclaren Pushchairs
Maclaren Pushchairs

No big song and dance here, we have had plenty like this before.

Update: Fast turnraound on the list of craig for the Techno.


2012-04-28 Jumper Cables

These jumper cables are really nice, brand unknown. They have nice thick yet flexible wire with chunky copper grips on the front. Everything seems fine with no apparent reason for discard.

Jumper Cables

2012-04-28 Ikea Glasses

These six random Ikea glasses showed up new in the box. They do not stack so we will give them away.

Ikea Glasses

2012-04-28 Grout

We, along with some friends, find ourselves in need of some random grout for two seperate small projects. Voila, some shows up this weekend, how nice.


2012-04-28 Child Seats

These two really nice Britax child seats were being discarded together. They will be checked out and deployed as required.

Child Seats

2012-04-28 Bikes

These two bikes showed up close to each other, and another that we missed out on. First up a Raleigh Gran Prix, pretty nice except for some beat up paint and the steel rims.


Next up a Shimano 3-speed Huffy Catalina. Some paint has peeled off and flown away but it will make a nice ridable bike at some point.


2012-04-15 Shovel

This shovel was constructed from two seperate finds. The orange fibreglass handle was attached to a rake head that was broken. The shovel blade was attached to a broken wooden shovel handle. Voila, we have now made a spiffy long-handled shovel.


2012-04-15 Kids Bikes

These random BMX-like bikes showed up to amuse the offspring. A Magna and a Huffy, nothing special, though the Huffy is really rather loud.

Kids Bikes
Kids Bikes

2012-04-15 Bike Rack

This bike rack is a random low profile device that you can use to mount a bike high on the wall. It braces against the floor and the ceiling. This is available for anybody but meanwhile will appear on the list of craig.

Bike Rack

2012-04-14 Schwinn Ditch

This Schwinn Ditch 3.0 full suspension mountain bike showed up missing the wheels. Unless some disk brake wheels show up to fit it there is a not a lot we will do with except dispose of it to a good home as is and cheap. Available to readers.

Schwinn Ditch

2012-04-08 Nishiki Blazer

This Nishiki Blazer was sittiong by the side of the road with a sign on it. There seemed to be nothing really wrong with it apart from the incredible crapness of the wheels, so we swapped those off and cleaned it up ready for an appearance on the list of craig. It now rides quite nicely.

Nishiki Blazer

Update: Sold finally. What bunch of wibblers. 10 or so people wanted it and insisted we call them back with all possible haste and yet they did not pick up their phones. Eventually a nice chap from nearby picked it up.


2012-04-08 Lady Goose

This Mongoose Lady Goose BMX style thingy is pretty nice for a random kids' bike. If it were not in such good shape we might strip it for the parts on it to use them adult bikes. But now, the reason for discard may have been the loose headset or flat rear tyre. Either way, it is off to the list of craig.

Lady Goose

2012-04-03 Stainless Steel Jug

This random stainless steel jug is nice except for teh weird ugly welds it has on the handle mount points. We shall see, maybe friends will want it, maybe it will clean up, maybe we will re-weld the joints.

Stainless Steel Jug

2012-04-01 Firewood

These rounds of red oak were lying around by the side of the road so we picked them up. That was logistical exercise of some interest but we ended up with these and a couple more rounds and some smaller logs. Two of the big rounds are already split up into fireplace sized chunks.


2012-03-24 Roadmaster Bike

This Roadmaster Mtn Sport is the bottom of the quality barrel, possibly even could be said to be in the quality cesspit. Never mind, somebody from lisrt of craig may wish for a supremely cheap bike.

Roadmaster Bike

2012-03-24 Grills

This nice stainless BBQ grates will ciome in handy at some point we think. Not sure when but we can store them away. These are very expensive to buy new.


2012-03-24 Citronella

This package of six citronella candles will come in handy during the upcoming mosquito and BBQ season. We will of course be barbequeing mosquitoes on these nice little flames for consumption.


2012-03-24 Britax Stroller

This random Britax Preview stroller has a couple of issues but they might get sorted out and it may then find a new home on the list of craig. We shall see.

Britax Stroller

2012-03-17 Yokota Bike

This Yokota Ahwahnee, or some such, has 700C wheels and is pretty nice except for being a bit dated. We put the new tyres on and it just needs a seat and tuneup now to be ready for action. It is available to readers and if not snapped up will make an appearance on the list of craig.

Yokota Bike

2012-03-17 Baby Jogger

This Baby Jogger ATS is pretty damn fancy. It has lockable swivel front wheel, cupholders, easy fold, welded aluminium frame, suspension and all sorts of nice features. The reason for discard was the exploded front tyre, due to over-inflation we assume. Never mind, it is now renewed and ready to meet new owners on the list of craig.

Baby Jogger

2012-03-04 Golf Balls

This tin of golf balls should find a home somewhere. Lots of golfers are super snobs on this subject but for random driving practise they seem to secretly value cheap balls as they are actually bad enough golfers to lose a lot of balls and be too lazy to look for them.

Golf Balls

2012-02-26 Maclarens

Recently we acquired a couple of Maclaren pushchairs from various sources. First up, this Techno Classic was at the side of the road with a lamp, a dishcloth and a bike helmet. It was very dusty but we grabbed it and here it is shown shortly after a wash and brush up


This next, a Volo, was acquired from more conventional sources and is in OK shape. The cargo net had some extra holes in it but we had a spare in stock and replaced it.


Both of these are now ready to meet their new owners on the list of craig.


2012-02-18 Schwinn Frontier

This random Schwinn Frontier mmountain bike is nothing special but will find a new home via the list of craig thanks to our rescue efforts. Reason for discard seems to have been the flat rear tyre, a half-hearted attempt was made to fix it. We used a full-hearted effort and a new tube to make it usable.

Schwinn Frontier

2012-02-18 Giant Iguana

No, not one of these,

Giant Iguana

though that might prove pretty tasty. Merely one of these

Giant Iguana

nicely posed in the pic by the new owner. This is his commute bike now. It rides pretty well. Upon acquisition it was very dusty and had flat tyres (no punctures). Not, we think, a bona fide reason for discard.


2012-02-04 Mountain Buggy

This Mountain Buggy Urban Double is in OK shape modulo one of the seatbelt clips. We will have to see whether that can be fixed, but it seems like a useful item. This may hit the list of craig once cleaned up.

Mountain Buggy

Update: Mountain Buggy sent us a new plastic clip for the seatbelt and we sewed it on. Mouseover the image for updated pic, included the newly installled cleanliness option.


2012-01-22 Stainless Pot

This random cheapo thin stainless steel pot has found a home with somebody who needs it in a temporary pied-a-terre. Just fine.

Stainless Pot

2012-01-09 Maple Table Top

These shelves are made of a heavily used maple workbench top that was being discarded. There were holes in it but the slabs we cut from it avoided them. We also have some extra offcuts left for other things.

Maple Table Top

2012-01-07 Skillet

This small yellow/orange Le CReuset skillet is in OK condition and is available to those who ask for it.


2011-11-24 Peg Perego Aria

This nice orange and grey Peg Perego Aria pushchair was sitting by the side of the road waiting for the garbage men to come along. Luckily we came along first. It needed cleaning and drying out but seems in fine condition otherwise. It shall find a new owner on the list of craig.

Peg Perego Aria

2011-11-03 Bikes Aplenty

A few bikes, first a weird chinese (?) single speed that is in very nice condition. It has stainless steel rims and freaky handlebars. This is interesting and will be sold as such in the big city.

Bikes Aplenty

This lot of random US origin bikes will be flogged off cheap to get rid of them. We have not the time for such as these at present. They are not in bad condition though and somebody might want them.

Bikes Aplenty

A Schwinn Continental with randonneur bars, a Schwinn Varsity and a random Ross.


2011-10-30 Graco Frame

This random Graco Snap and Go stroller frame thingy is more or less new and will find a new home with friends or strangers, we know not which.

Graco Frame

2011-10-25 Motobecane Bike

This Motobecane Mirage Sport came to us missing a front wheel and with a large amount of idiot previous owner issues applied. We swapped on a matching set of spare (700C) wheels we had lying around and cleaned it up. New front shifter cable, pressure washer and voila, a nice bike.

The seat is a little bent and the colour is weirdly coming off but we may swap on a new seat for sale in the big city. It also has the weird one piece bar grips and brake hoods. They are in OK shape except for the ingrained dirt the pressure washer mostly took out.

Motobecane Bike

2011-10-23 Snap n go

This Kolcraft brand Snap 'n' go device is all very servicable and will be retained for usage in a while. These things are so simple and stripped down that a crappo brand like Kolcraft is fine.

Snap n go

2011-10-23 Mosquito Magnet

This mosquito magnet thingy seems in OK shape except for the delicate little net thingy inside. This was a request from a friend. It is quite robustly built compared to some brand of this device.

Mosquito Magnet

2011-10-23 Maclaren Triumph

This Maclaren Triumph pushchair is really snazzy looking and in great shape after the quick pressure washing we gave it. It shall soon find a new home via the list of craig.

Maclaren Triumph

We have no idea how people with kids get by without a pressure washer.


2011-10-23 Knife block

This random small knife block hold six knives of the steak variety. As you can see we have no trouble filling all those slots. It shall find a useful place somewhere in the kitchen where it can hold these knives for us.

Knife block

2011-10-16 Trek Mountain Bike

This Trek 830 Mountain Track bike has a beat up saddle and a really rusty chain on it. Other than that is had not really been abused so much as neglected. This is much like the Raleigh M40, which may have come from the same previous owner. It will be restored and given to a colleague for use as a station bike. Shown in part restored state, saddle and chain are tossed already and the bike awaits installation of replacements.

Trek Mountain bike

2011-10-16 Raleigh Mountain Bike

This Raleigh M40 mountain bike was neglected and barely used. The chain was rusted solid and the tyres dry rotted, also one spoke was broken. No matter, off to the list of craig with it.

Raleigh Mountain Bike

2011-10-16 Baby Jogger City Double

This Baby Jogger City Series double was in OK shape except for the ripped seat and some mould. We put a new cover on and may use it for a while before selling it. We have the hoods as well, they are being cleaned and will be reinstalled when ready.

Baby Jogger City Double

2011-10-06 Pink Centurion

This random pink Centurion Mixte haas never been ridden, just sat around in garage for 25 years or so. No matter, one new inner tube and a drop of oil on some parts and it is ready for a new life that might actually include being ridden. The crazy thigs some people do with their bikes.

Pink Centurion

2011-09-03 Bikes

Several bikes today, of which we only show the following for complex reasons we choose not explain here. First a Schwinn Woodlands mountain bike, pretty random but near new condition. This is will make a fine station bike for some happy person sent to us by the list of craig:


Next, yet another Svhwinn High Plains juvenile mountain bike. These things must have sold by the thousand a few years ago. This again will find a new home via the list of craig.


2011-08-27 Schwinn Super Sport

This Schwinn Super Sport road bike has freaky bar end twist shifters on it but is functional enough and might clean up nicely. It is claimed by the previous owner that he got it from the guy who invented these particular shifters. Dubious, but you never know.

Blue Schwinn Super Sport

2011-08-27 Keg

This nice Sankey Keg showed up complete with tap. It shall end up with our friendly neighbourhood brewery and hopefully prove useful there.


2011-08-16 Kids Mountain Bikes

These two Schwinn kids' mountain bikes are ready for new owners. One of them has been around a little while and may have appeared here already but the purple one showed up recently. They shall seek their fortune on the list of craig together and we are reusing this dual photo out of sheer laziness.

Kids Mountain Bikes

2011-08-14 Mongoose Update

We got this Mongoose IBOC mountain bike a while ago and it sat around waiting for deployment. Just today a friend called and wanted a big city beater bike so we put slicks on this and cleaned it up for him. It is now a really nice ride.

Mongoose Update

We chose this bike because it was OK quality but crappy looking, but now that we have finished it looks a little too nice. Oh well, never mind.


2011-07-23 Hose

This nice long length of robust hot water garden hose has absolutely no reason for discard. Our previous garden hose, seen here was a slightly different style and after 6 years or so outside had started to degrade. It still works fine and may be retained as an occasional use extension.

The pic shows a short piece of it in repose after the valve and quick release fitting was swapped on from the old hose.


2011-07-16 Panasonic Sport

This Panasonic Sport has a huge frame. Really huge. It was a little splattered with some weird household paint goop and needed two new shifter cables and tyres but is now back in usable shape. Possibly the wheels have been replaced with cheaper ones over the years but it rides OK.

Panasonic Sport

2011-07-12 Schwinn Collegiate

This bright yellow Schwinn Collegiate bike was a little rusty when picked up and even after cleaning up it looks quite dinged up. The paint is pretty chipped in various places. But it is a solid bike and the chrome looks super shiny, so it was worth the 30 minutes of effort. It did not have flat tyres but the chain was in a strange state.

Schwinn Collegiate

2011-07-09 Raleigh Super Course

This Raleigh Super Course is a high end bike from its time. It had those horrible black plastic Simplex derailleurs on it which we had to swap out but otherwise was good to go after a clean and some air in the tyres. It is a pretty nice bike to ride, has aluminium rims and a brooks saddle.

Raleigh Super Course

2011-07-07 Free Spirit Bike

This Free Spirit Brittany is a little homely and crappy but servicable. It shall be rehoused with somebody from the list of craig, we hope. Spillover from the univega.

Free Spirit Bike

2011-07-06 Huffy Cruiser

This random Huffy Cranbrook cruiser was seemingly ill-adjusted from new and never really used effectively. This is probably a part of the reason for discard. After tensioning the chain and doing up the headset and replacing the pedals it will be just fine for a relaxing ride down some boardwalk somewhere. The list of craig has already shown promise in this item, albeit as a result of the spillover Univega Hybrid customers.

Huffy Cruiser

2011-07-05 Toaster

This Dualit 3 slice toaster has had the cord cut off by some unscrupulous copper recycler, but we will test it out and see if we can save it. They are not cheap and while not exactly worth their new purchase price they are very nice if you get then cheap. We use one already and have given several salvaged models to friends or family.


2011-07-05 Bowls

Three handy dandy stainless steel bowls, they just need a rinse and maybe a scrub. We have enough of these so we gave them to a neighbour.


2011-07-04 Univega Active Trail

This Univega Active Trail bike is a complete pile of crap quality-wise but is a fairly functional 700C hybrid. The tyres are possibly the best part of the whole thing. When we got it the front wheel was trashed (reason for discard?) but we swapped this one on from our supplies.

Bike Roundup

All cleaned up and ready to ride.


2011-07-04 Schwinn High Plains

This Schwinn High Plains juvenuile mountain bike was missing the seat and post but is otherwise in fine shape. It will serve to entertain some insolent youth for some period of time. Said youth's parents may be introduced to us via the list of craig. We will see.

Bike Roundup

2011-07-04 Raleigh M40

A Raleigh M40 mountain bike with disk brakes and loads of gears etc. This is a fancy bike on the surface and as such will please somebody, but is really not our cup of tea. Reason for discard may have been bent handlebars, we just swapped in another set (10 minutes work).

Bike Roundup

2011-06-30 Jamis Bike

This random Jamis Miss Daisy is probably supposed to be some form of beach cruiser for kids. Not so wonderful but somebody might want it. The list of craig shall provide access to that somebody.

Jamis Bike

2011-06-28 Trek

This random Trek mountain bike was part of a batch and needed a cleanup to get back to the donor. This is for his wife, who apparently has short legs. He gave us a pile of bikes from the garbage in exchange for two of them cleaned up for him and his wife. Bargain.


2011-06-28 Giant Innova

This Giant Innova has deck stain spilled all over it and was severely neglected. Maybe the previous owners thought that the decay through neglect would be prevented by a preservative? Who knows, it is cleaned up and given to a neighbour. It is a pretty nice bike now, just a little unsightly.

Giant Innova

2011-06-28 Diamond Back

This Diamond Back road bike came with a rear wheel. That has since been deployed to fix another bike, and a couple of small part also have been used. This may be given away to somebody in need of a frame.

Diamond Back

2011-06-20 Assorted Bikes

A small selection of recently acquired velocipede machines shown here. First up a pair of Fahrradmanufaktur CX bikes. They are slightly different in age and spec but they are both very fine machines. The previous owners were moving continents and did not want to take these things with them.

Assorted Bikes
Assorted Bikes

Next up a bunch of kid's bikes that showed up together. All very mixed and random, the first cleaned up and given to a neighbour,

Assorted Bikes

. This next maybe given to a more remote neighbour on the other side of town,

Assorted Bikes

...and this last yet to be assigned but already enjoyed by various offspring.

Assorted Bikes

2011-06-16 Offspring Backpack

If one wishes to carry one's offspring over hil and vale then this Evenflow Trailblazer backpack thingy is what you need. This will probably end up on the list of craig or with some friends.

Offspring Backpack

2011-06-16 Combi Stroller

This Random little Combi stroller will come in handy for some person who will be introduced to us via the list of craig. 'Nuff said on that.

Combi Stroller

2011-06-16 Bike Selection

A nice selection of bikes today, varied in all dimensions. First up a Fuji Arcadia of saleable, but not exactly good, quality. It needed new tyres and shifter cables but that took very little time and it is ready for the arse of come city dweller.

Fuji Arcadia

Next up a nice, if a little purple, English St. James lightweight 3-speed. It needs new tyres and a clean up here and there but will be a fine historical bike when finished. It will almost certainly outlive the Fuji despite being 30 years older or so to start with.

Bike Selection

Last up a Mongooze BMX with twizzler. This iwas a request relayed to me from a scrap metal dealer whose son had his bike stloen. You would think there would be no shortage of these things in his neck of the woods but maybe the value added in a tuneup was what he wanted. Either way, this shall flow to him and other things shall flow to us.

Bike Selection

2011-06-07 Scwhinn Varsity

This spiffy Schwinn Varsity came in a batch of four, we got four salvaged bikes in exchange for one of them being cleaned up and given back for the donor to ride. There was pretty much nothing wrong with it except that it had sat in a garage for 40 years.

Scwhinn Varsity

2011-06-07 Nishiki Century

This random Nishiki Century road bike was part of the batch of four previously mentioned and cleaned up quite nicely. There was nothing really wrong with it of course.

Nishiki Century

2011-06-05 Zip Ties

Zip ties. You never know when you need them, but they are handy for securing the brake cables and stuff on bikes.

Zip Ties

2011-06-05 Maclaren Quest

This is yet another Maclaren Quest pushchair, it has a tear or two but seems to function well enough.

Maclaren Quest

2011-06-05 Kids Stuff

A nice selection of stuff suitable for amusing offsprings. Hula hoops, a saucer sled, stuff for interacting with water, a black board and a PlasmaCar.

Kids Stuff
Kids Stuff
Kids Stuff
Kids Stuff
Kids Stuff

A PlasmaCar sounds like some great thing from science fiction but is really not that cool. Its great attribute is the ability keep offspring amused for periods of time.


2011-06-05 Bike Trailer

This Instep bike trailer is for transporting two small offsprings in style. It is pretty much brand new and never used. It converts to become a rather unweildy stroller of some sort.

Bike Trailer

2011-06-05 Baby Jogger

This Baby Jogger II-20 was in fine condition except for decayed hand grips. The application of bike handlebar tape and fixed that small issue and made it super cool and custom ready for a new life.

Baby Jogger

2011-06-04 Schwinn Continental

This Schwinn Continental road bike is pretty much unused but neglected. It has some form of weird animal crap on it, we think. It cleaned right off though after this pic was taken and it is now ready to impress a new owner with the sparkling shinyness.

Schwinn Continental

2011-06-04 Nishikis

These two Nishiki Olympic road bikes were being tossed out by somebody and we grabbed them right away. He claimed they would take a lot of work to put back on the road but we just nodded sagely and hinted that we like a challenge. There is of course nothing wrong with either and after air in the tyres and a rinse with the hosepipe are ready to ride.


2011-06-04 Joggeroo

This Baby Jogger Joggeroo is (we think) an earlier example of their fine products. It has a tear here and there but is still a great stroller.


2011-06-04 Footwear

Some action footwear here for interacting with water in different phases.


2011-06-04 Double Strollers

These two double strollers are interesting in that they are obscure and large in a mildly preposterous way. First an Eddie Bauer branded Cosco, looking like the Ford Excusrion of strollers:

Double Strollers

Next a Contours something or other that looks like the space alien planetary exploration vehicle of strollers:

Double Strollers

2011-06-03 Ross Europa

This Ross Europa III has a some bad rust patches but it has been acquired by a sensible person who wants it tuned up and functional whilst retaining a crappy looking demeanor. It is all ready to be deployed into the wilds of the big bad city.

Ross Europa

2011-06-03 Mountain Buggy

This black Mountain Buggy Urban is in pretty nice condition. When acquired one tyres was off the rim and the tube hanging out. It did not have a puncture or anything, it was just hanging out. This is now fixed and once we have investigated the back board in the seat it will be made a vailable on the list of craig.

Mountain Buggy

2011-05-25 Cannondale M400

This Cannondale M400 had a few issues when it was picked up by our man on the spot. The chain was rusted (and then broke) and the shifters were all messed up. Luckily these are simple fixes and they were performed so as to make the thing desirable to the punters on the list of craig.

Cannondale M400

We hate derailleur drivetrains. People buy them enthused about having bazillions of pointless gears but then when they ride the bike they use maybe two gears and bugger up the system through disuse or abuse.


2011-05-21 Stroller

This random little umbrella folding stroller is super cheap and too small for anybody over 66 inches to use but will be useful somewhere. Makes an ideal disposable stroller for a trip or some such. It is brand new. Small enough to go through subway turnstiles, which is an important feature sometimes.


2011-05-21 Raleigh Bike

This Raleigh M60 mountain bike is in fine condition, it has barely been ridden . We are not huge fans of mountain bikes but this one feels nice and tight etc, modulo the stupid suspension forks. This will find a new home soonest via the list of craig.

Raleigh Bike

2011-05-21 Baby Jogger

This Baby Jogger Q-series is in pristine condition. The reason for discard seems to be that the previous owner tries to pump up the tyres and managed to fat-finger the a valve stem in such a way as to break it off. At this point of course the thing was toast, irredeemable beyond repair, hence they tossed it away. We put in a new tube and it is all ready for deployment to some established friends or some new ones sent to us by the list of craig.

Baby Jogger

2011-05-19 Medical Data

We got a pile of stuff including books like "What to expect when you are expecting" and such like. Tucked into that aforementioned book was this handwritten log of medication taken. It seems that this is the pile of drugs taken by a mother after she squeezed a screaming wibbler out from between her legs.

Medical Data

Without being judgemental, this seems "interesting" to say the least. Note that certain members of our household are in a position to be judgemental on this matter.


2011-05-19 Double Jogger

This seems to be a Baby Jogger Super Twinner double jogger. It was found in the barn of a friend. It is oldish and archaic, but still in excellent usable condition and hence will be made available via the list of craig.

Double Jogger

2011-05-14 Tre Multitrack

Trek 730 Multi track hybrid with 700C wheels. A pretty nice bike if you just want to ride somewhere. The rear tube was half out of the tyre and wrapped around the cluster. Because of this it seems like the reason for discard could have been a moronic attempt to fix a flat, possibly even invovling a severe topology impairment.


2011-05-14 Trek 900

This Trek 900 is sort of a hybrid bike (and hence more useful than a mountain bike) and is a shade of pink that may well appeal to certain bike purchasing demographics. Needed new gear cables and air in the tyres, everything else worked fine.


2011-05-14 Strollers

Two pushchairs, a Graco City-lite stroller and a random small Babytrend. These we got for a friend who might need an upgrade for her offspring. What she does not want may appear on the list of craig.


2011-05-14 Miyata Seven Ten

A really nice Miyata Seven Ten road bike. Quite similar to the Miyata from a few weeks ago, nice condition, one flat tyre and needed bar tape. All ready now for some new owner to discover in used bike boutique.


Huffy Bike

Huffy make a crappy bike and this is both crappy and homely. No matter, it is pretty complete and sort of shiny so when priced correctly it should sell.


2011-05-14 General Hybrid

A crappy General hybrid-ish mountain bike. It is quite old but it will make a fine beater bike for riding to the station or some such. General make crap bikes but this one is quite ridable while resgistering low on the theft appeal scale.


2011-05-07 Scooter

This random aluminium Razor Scooter has great offspring amusement potential and hence was harvested. We will see how much offspring injury potential it has. All in the cause of science.


2011-05-07 Hallmark Bike

This bike is labelled Hallmark, by Murray and the model is Monterey. It is a random crappy (shimano) 3-speed but has cleaned up pretty nicely with all that chrome so will be snapped up by first impressions driven hipster.

Hallmark Bike

Given that this bike was branded Hallmark, is one suppposed to send it with some cheesy message like a greeting card and what does it say? Answers on a greetings card of your choice....


2011-05-07 Graco MetroLite

Here are two Graco MetroLite strollers in near perfect condition. They seem to be reasonably functional compact strollers. Pics below:

Graco MetroLite
Graco MetroLite

2011-05-07 Globe Puzzle

This globe puzzle looks intriguing and yet possibly a huge pain in the arse. We shall have to see how far our patience extends but it has great potential as an offspring attention absorbtion device as well as an offspring educational device.

Globe Puzzle

2011-05-01 Robin Hood Bike

This is a random English 3-speed branded Robin Hood, but of course it was probably made in a certain large and well known factory in Nottingham. No matter, it has cleaned up well, despite a bunch of surface rust and will be highly desirable in certain markets.

Robin Hood Bike

Note that this is from the 1960s and though the chrome has started to go but the original tyres have not and the gears and brakes work fine. They knew how to make stuff then.


2011-05-01 Mohawk Bike

This Mohawk brand 10-speed is pretty low on the quality scale but is rideable and has a certain bright happy demeanor that might earn it a place under somebody's arse in the near future. It was never really used, it just decayed slightly in storage from when it was new.

Mohawk Bike

2011-05-01 Columbia Bike

This Columbia Tourist is a medium quality 3-speed, but what is really important about it is that it has cleaned up pretty nicely and as such will probably catch the eye of some hipster type.

Columbia Bike

2011-04-30 Centurion Le Mans

This Centurion Le Mans mixte 12-speed has sat in a garage for 20 years. It has pretty much never been ridden as evidenced by the pristine rims with no brake abrasion. When acquired by our man on the spot it was covered in some kind of faeces. It was probably birds or bats, as opposed to dogs or horses. Anyway, that cleaned off and with a new rear tyre and new bar tape it is ready for a new owner.

Centurion Le Mans

2011-04-29 Mountain Bikes

A couple of finds here. First off a Specialized Hardrock bike that had the forks bent back at an improbable angle. A random pair of forks from some other junky bike and a quick spray of black paint and we now have a shiny rennovated bike good for the list of craig.

Mountain Bikes

This next one is a Trek 800, it was pretty beat up when we picked it up but the Trek name seems have some form of appeal so we cleaned it up a little. It is gathering responses from the list of craig even as I type.

Mountain Bikes

2011-04-26 Graco Stroller

This a Graco Lite Rider stroller, mediocre but servicable. Nothing wrong with it, not even really dirty. They are super cheap to start with but maybe somebody perusing the list of craig will like one even cheaper from us.

Graco Stroller

2011-04-24 Peg Perego Pliko P3

This Peg Perego Pliko P3 pushchair had a slight bend in one of the frame pieces but that was rectified with the careful application of some force. It was filthy also but most dirt comes off this fabric easily with radical new technologies such as soap, brush and hosepipe.

Peg Perego Pliko P3

2011-04-24 Joovy Caboose

This Joovy Caboose sit and stand style stroller is missing a bit of foam here and there but otherwise in excellent shape. A quick clean and it is ready for some new owner made known to us by the list of craig.

Joovy Caboose

2011-03-22 Schwinn Suburban

This Schwinn Suburban bike needed new tyres and some tweaking to put it into better than new condition. Who knows, whitewall tyres might become the next hipster bike trend.

Schwinn Suburban

Pretty nice when cleaned up


2011-03-19 Schwinn Continental

A Schwinn Continental road bike is always a classic for the city crowd, let us hope they remember their classics this year. Required no work except some air and a clean.

Bike Batch

2011-03-19 Pyrex

This 8 piece Pyrex storage set is slightly deceptive in that the lids contribute to the piece count. But nevertheless, it is handy and new in the box, so certainly no reason for discard.


2011-03-19 Panasonic Sport LX

This Panasonic Sport LX is quite a mixed bag of parts but should amuse some future owner, not super special but it has a certain charm to the right eye. Just needed air and a clean to be ready to ride.

Panasonic Sport LX

2011-03-19 Miyata One Ten

A super shiny fancy Miyata road bike that had dry rotted tyres but no signs of use. New tires and a clean and it is a really nice tight ride and ready to go.

Miyata One Ten

2011-03-19 Le Creuset Skillet

This Le Creuset 12 inch skillet is in near perfect condition except for a little greasy food residue that cleaned right off. We are unsure whther we will keep this to use or give away, so if you can make a good case that you (dear reader) should get it, then you might just get it.

Le Creuset Skillet

2011-03-19 Kia Mixte Road Bike

This Kia mixte frame road bike is junk, but somebody might like it. Better to be under a hipster's arse than rusting in the garbage, at least if you are a bike.

Bike Batch

2011-03-19 Files

These files are more or less unused and were discarded together. They will be tossed in the drawer full of files.


2011-03-19 Baby Jogger

This Baby Jogger II 16 jogging stroller is absolutely brand new and even includes the instruction booklet. It will shortly find a new home on the list of craig.

Baby Jogger

2011-03-08 Peg Perego Aria

This Peg Perego Aria twin stroller had one of the plastic tyres half off the rim, this was presumably the reason for discard. Otherwise it is in near new condition. Dunking the tyre in hot water to soften it enabled prompt remounting and all is good. Ready for the list of craig.

Peg Perego Aria

These Arias are super light and portable but fairly flimsy, people seem to desire them disproportionately highly relative to their utility and quality characteristics. Oh well, not our problem, quite the reverse in fact.


2011-03-08 Maclaren Pushchair

This is yet another Maclaren Volo pushchair, all present and correct including carry strap and hood. It got a quick wash with the hosepipe and will seek its fortune on the list of craig.

Maclaren Pushchair

2011-03-05 BBQ Starter

This is yet another BBQ starter chimney in good condition. We like to keep two of these under the BBQ so that we can give one away at a moment's notice and that event occured some time last year. This then replenishes our supply.

BBQ Starter

2011-03-02 Schwinn M3

This Schwinn M3 jogging stroller is in nearly new condition and we found out that the reason for discard was that the owners discovered after purchase that they really wanted a jogger with a swivelling front wheel. Oh well, this will find a home somewhere via the list of craig.

Schwinn M3

For some reason people seem to like the Schwinn and Jeep branded joggers and strollers. They are not very good but there you go.


2010-11-27 Schwinn Jogger

This Schwinn double jogging stroller is in fine shape and only needed air in the tyres to become fully functional again. It has all sorts of interesting features that will doubtless attract the attention of its new owner on the list of craig.

Schwinn Jogger

2010-11-27 Phones

A couple of random Verizon flip phones and chargers, always useful to give to people who need such devices. One charged up and works fine, shown in the pic is a screen shot of the poignant last text message sent from it.


2010-11-27 Cast Iron Cookware

Two cookware items today. First up a Lodge skillet that is shown below in cleaned and restored condition. We have one exactly like this but exhibiting signs of considerable use. Today's has found a home in a faraway land and hopefully will be used to cook dinner.

Cast Iron Cookware

Next is a random Emeril ridged base skillet. We have no real use for this and it is available.

Cast Iron Cookware

2010-11-21 Mower

This random push lawn mower is in fine condition. We picked it up for a friend and just oiled a couple of bits and tightened up the reel to the blade, now it should serve well to massacre next year's grass.


2010-11-21 Jogger

This random Baby Jogger seems pretty nice. It needed and received a few stitches on one of the retaining straps but apart from that is in near perfect condition. It has the large aluminium wheels and still retains the hood. This shall earn it attention on the list of craig.


2010-11-13 Woodworking Clamps

These six clamps were in fine condition modulo a little rust here and there. Four are pipe clamps which means they are extendable to any length. When glueing up large things like tables or frames one can never have enough clamps so these are all going into the clamp department.

Woodworking Clamps

2010-11-13 Trailer Bike

This random Tag-a-long trailer bike is in near perfect condition. When picked up it had a terribly unsightly layer of dust on it, though this does not qualify as any form of valid reason for discard.

Trailer Bike

2010-11-13 Sherry Glasses

These two sherry glasses will come in handy during a a prolongued session of turkey cooking and eating that will shortly be upon us. Also shown are some other kitchenwares that sneaked into the picture.

Sherry Glasses

2010-11-13 Murray Bike

This random 3-speed bike is made by Murray but confusingly (and irrelevently) rebranded as something else. No matter, it should clean up nicely and attract the attention of a silly hipster at some stage. They might even ride it as a form of transport, as opposed to as a posing device.

Murray Bike

2010-11-13 Maclaren Selection

These three Maclaren stroller all have various faults that might have been their respective reasons for discard. Fortunately we have a supply of spare parts and a well of expertise in tweaking these things so that they become servicable again. One is already fixed and on the list of craig.

Maclaren Selection

2010-11-13 Kids Hammer and Nails

This game is for kids and has some nails and wooden blocks that they hammer into a cork background. All very instructive. Casually hanging around in the rear of the picture is a toy drum that seems to provide great amusement to kids and yet is mercifully quiet to the parents of said kids. Win-win.

Kids Hammer and Nails

2010-11-13 Hammock

This LL Bean green hammock is new in the box and conveniently labelled. We might play with it next year when the weather is hammock-worthy. We already have one similar but when there is slacking in hammocks to be done the amount of slackage often exceeds the capacity of the hammock, so we might end up deploying this.


2010-11-13 Double Jogger

This classical Baby Jogger double jogger is in pretty fine shape and all ready to go to its new home after a quick clean and air in the tyres.

Double Jogger

2010-11-13 Denim Jogger

This Baby Jogger is may look a little stripped down in this picture and that is for good reason. It came with a snazzy denim cover that we threw in the wash to give that super nice appearance for the next owner. When cleaned up it should delight some person sent to us by the list of craig.

Denim Jogger

2010-11-13 DVDs

This pile of DVDs represents many gigabytes of schlock. We took them all to browse through and will donate them to the town library when we have finished with them. Who knows, we might absentmindedly take some out in the future.


2010-11-13 Curtain Rods

These random curtain rods might come in handy for us or some friends. Available should any reader want them.

Curtain Rods

2010-11-13 Combi Stroller

This random little Combi pushchair is functional and quite small and light. It will probably find a new owner via the list of craig. Perfect condition, no reason for discard.

Combi Stroller

2010-11-13 Cast Iron Pot

This Emeril Brand cast iron pot is missing the handle from the lid and has been used approximately once, we think. We will be able to put a new handle on without too much trouble so if anybody wants please it speak up, we will put the handle on for you. There is nothing wrong with it, it just has that most undesirable quality in a cast iron pan, newness.

Cast Iron Pot

2010-11-13 Bike Seats

Bike Seats

2010-10-30 Maclaren Pushchair

This is random Maclaren Quest pushchair is pretty nice except for the slightly bent front axle, presumably the reason for discard. This shall be remedied and it will seek its fortune on the list of craig.

Maclaren Pushchair

2010-10-30 BMX

This random Next FS BMX is a pretty junky but shiny and seemingly unused. The reason for discard seems to be improper assembly leading to a slack chain that has a tendancy to come off.


2010-10-24 Fuji Discovery

This random Fuji Discovery mountain bike was missing pedals, seat and rear brake pads but is otherwise in perfectly good shape. No apparent reason for discard and virtually no prior usage judging by the black finish on the rims. It is not the best two wheeled mechanized transport machine in the world but will be great for a crappo station bike or intern transport.

Fuji Discovery

Update: It has now been cleaned up and has slick tyres and different wheels on it, the pic you see is the updated version. The ride is pretty nice now. The list of craig may send some nice people to remove it from our custody at some point.


2010-10-23 Schwinn Super Sport

This Schwinn Super Sport road bike has cotter pin based disconnect sleeves in the frame tubes and little screw connectors on the various cables. It also has spiffy randonneur bars. It seems a bit of a rarity all round. It shall be cleaned up, we think, and offered for sale to various enthusiasts of such machines, or maybe just to any random person with sufficient finances available for frittering.

Schwinn Super Sport

2010-10-23 Cookware

A mixed haul. First an oldish Wagner cast iron skillet that seems in fine shape except for the layer of crud on the bottom. No real reason for discard as the crud will scrape off.


Next a small Le Creuset skillet is seemingly OK shape modulo some burnt on grease. Investigation shall proceeed on this and it may then be cleaned up and given to a friend.


Finally a large Wearever aluminium pan. It seems to be brand new. We are not huge fans of these soft unfinished aluminium pans but somebody we know must have a use for it.


2010-10-16 Stainless Bin

This stainless steel bin is in near new condition and was not even dirty. We are torn between using it as an ice bucket for champagne and using it for the less interesting original purpose, garbage can. We shall see.

Stainless Bin

Update: In the ice bucket role it functions fine but almost seems to demand a Magnum to really get the best use of the space. Hmmmmmmm......


2010-10-09 Kettcar

This spiffy yellow Kettcar is quite nice and of course turned up shortly after we replaced a wheel on the other one we have. No matter, the offspring seem to like them both. Reason for discard on this seems to be that the chain had come off the sprockets. This was of course remedied in about 15 seconds.


2010-10-09 Juvenile Wheelchair

This fancy looking Allegro wheelchair is in OK shape but maybe missing a piece or two. It is of pretty high quality with good parts on it so we will try to get it back into circulation.

Juvenile Wheelchair

The more sensible among you might suggest we donate it to the Red Cross or some such. Unfortunately it seems that they threw it into the scrap metal in the first place.


2010-10-02 Tomato Cages

Yet more tomato imprisonment devices, harvested by us for friends. These ones coated in green stuff.

Tomato Cages

2010-10-02 Jogger

This Safari TT jogging stroller is in good shape and has such handy features as swivel front wheel, one hand fold and kid's snack tray. Most of these features are useless but the browsers of the list of craig seem to value them. These are the consumers responsible for the marketplace full of feature bloat.


2010-10-02 Cast Iron Skillet

This Lodge cast iron skillet looks pretty rough but the rust is really not as bad as it looks. This should clean up nicely for whichever friend claims it first.

Cast Iron Skillet

Update: Mouse over for the clean up pic.


2010-10-02 Bike Carcas

This random GT mountain bike is missing a fair amount of stuff and has a few bends and scrapes but will probably form the basis for a nice bike for a friend.

Bike Carcas

2010-09-18 Tomato Cages

These tomato cages are not to imprison the tomatoes but to assist them in escaping, in some strange way. These were grabbed for a friend who was along for the ride and the pickings.

Tomato Cages

2010-09-18 Silver Tray

This random silver plated tray will be used by a friend to display/hold some adornment related devices. We think.

Silver Tray

2010-09-18 Miele Vacuum Cleaner

This Miele Red Star vacuum cleaner is in OK shape. There is a loose connection in the mains power supply plug so that if you bend the cable a certain angle it works but at other angles it does not. This is probably the reason for discard, which could be of course could be remedied by simply splicing a new plug on the end.

More importantly we could put a new plug on this cable assembly and use it to fix our other (even nicer) red Miele that had the cable cut off. It seems like we are developing Miele expertise.

Miele Vacuum Cleaner

2010-09-18 Fuji Bike

This nice green Fuji Sports 10 bike was picked up for us by our man on the spot and has cleaned up pretty nicely. It just needs bar tape now and it will be off to a nearby large city full of bike rabid hipsters. It had never been seriously ridden in the 30 plus years it has sat around in a garage, the tyres still had the mold flanges on them. Said tyres were dry rotted and useless so we replaced them.

Fuji Bike

2010-09-18 Fajitas Skillet

This random little Fajitas style skillet was probably part of a "make fajitas at home gift set". Needless to say it was never used. We, or some acquaintaince of ours, might find a use for it.

Fajitas Skillet

2010-09-14 Fuji Bike

This Fuji was acquired mostly stripped a while ago. Months later we got a Windsor road bike with nice parts and chromed lugs. Unhappily the Windsor frame was badly rusted but we transplanted most of its parts onto the Fuji to give this vaguely nice end product. The spiffy, if a little chipped, orange paint looks pretty cool and the nice parts and ride set it off.

Fuji Bike

2010-09-14 Cookware

Of the cookware in this picture the steamer and the large Calphalon skillet were found today. The other pieces have made their appearance on this pages in previous years.


2010-09-14 Bike Wheels

This handy set of bike wheels is of moderate quality and seems only slightly used. They both appear straight and in good order with no apparent reason for discard. One possible reason is a total bike upgrade by somebody rather wasteful.

Bike Wheels

2010-09-08 Baby Jogger Twinner

This Baby Jogger Twinner double jogging stroller is in pretty fie condition except for some sun fading and the black hand grip foam coming off. It will get a wash and air in the tyres before it meets its new owners on the list of craig.

Baby Jogger Twinner

2010-09-07 His and Hers Schwinn

This his-and-hers matching pair of Schwinn World tourist bikes are in near perfect condition. I was able to find out from the discarder that they were in the beach house they bought and they decided to buy shiny new bikes rather than use these shiny old ones. It is probable that these bikes will outlive the ones they bought (Walmart specials?).

His and Hers Schwinn

These are pretty special as they have the freewheel in the bottom bracket and aluminium cranks. Those features are not especially desirable to us but make the bikes a little unique.

Update: They sold very fast and as a pair. That is quite satisfying.


2010-09-07 Bike Wheel

A friend of ours has a younger relative who has a runabout beater mountain bike. This bike was deployed at a well known prestigous university for her everyday usage but got run over by one of the power-crazed security guards in the little golf cart type things.

This random rear wheel and tyre is unremarkable other than the fact that it is exactly what is required to fix said bike, which will arrive here soon for rehabilitation purposes. It showed up as if ordered.

Bike Wheel

2010-08-14 Nishiki Manitoba

This Nishiki Manitoba mountain bike is a bit beat up and junky but will be excellent deployed as a station bike or summer intern transit. Rides fine looks like crap.

Nishiki Manitoba

2010-08-13 Stainless Pot

This large stainless steel pot is in fine shape and has no apparent reason for discard apart from the fact that it needed a clean. It even has a nice lid. Magda?

Stainless Pot

2010-07-25 Schwinn World

This large frame Schwinn World road bike is in fine condition except the missing shifters and front derailleur. We think that it sat untouched in a garage since the 1980s until a junior member of the household decided to participate in the trendiness of single speeds. They then removed said shifters and the front derailleur and proceeded to ride the few feet required to find out that this is not how ones makes a single speed.

Schwinn World

We used parts from stores to turn it back into a proper bike again before rehoming it.


2010-07-25 Huffy Mountain Bike

This Huffy Blue Ridge mountain bike is in perfect condition and yet complete junk but will be great as a disposable bike or transport for interns.

Huffy Mountain Bike

2010-07-25 Giant Kids

This Giant 125 MTX is a fancy aluminium framed kids' bike with gears and linear pull brakes and such. It seemed to have been mildly damaged upon discard but a couple of quick tweaks and it is fine.

Giant Kids

2010-07-07 Dolls' House

This wooden dolls' house is in fine condition and comes with a full set of interior accessories. It has a nice cutaway aspect for full interference in the dolls lives by their controlling overlord.

Dolls House

2010-07-06 Kids Kitchen

This kids play kitchen set replaces one we found a year or two ago. Wear and tear had taken its course and something new and shiny was required.

Kids Kitchen

2010-07-03 Kindling

This package of Grandpa Willie's kindling is still sealed and was discarded in a scrap wood recovery container. While all the scrap wood present would make nice kindling this seemed like it would make a nice instant present for a friend.


2010-07-03 Joggers

These three Babytrend Explorer jogging strollers all showed up loosely at the same time and place. They are all in fine shape (modulo the missing wheel which has been remedied since the pic was taken). They will be pitched to the beach crowd on the list of craig.


2010-06-20 Samsonite Suitcase

Somebody staying with us needs a clothing conveyance device for a short trip so we grabbed this for him. He seems to think it approriate and it is certainly timely.

Samsonite Suitcase

2010-06-20 Peg Perego Aria

This random little Peg Perego Aria twin pushchair will sell nicely, these seems to have a rabid following. They are super light and easy to pack up but the lightness seems to impair the quality, in our opinion.

Peg Perego Aria

2010-06-20 Kids Devices

Here a couple of things for kids to emulate their parents or whoever. A shopping trolley and an umbrella stroller. We have one of each already but ours are significantly abused and falling apart, each in the seperate way. These will step into the breach as shiny distracty replacements.

Kids Devices
Kids Devices

2010-06-20 Joovy Big Caboose

Technically this Joovy Big Caboose is a sit and sit and stand format stroller. Whatever, it is in near perfect condition and ready for deployment with some harrassed family. It even has all the car set holder thingies and snack trays present and correct.

Joovy Big Caboose

After a light wash it looks great. The picture does not really do it justice.


2010-06-20 Graco Quattro Tour

This weird and fancy Graco Quattro Tour stroller is some kind of development of the Duo Glider, we think, but different in several ways. It is all too weird and space age for our tates but hopefully the list of craig will introduce us to some people for whom this is not an issue.

Graco Quattro Tour

2010-06-20 Graco Duo Glider

Yet another Graco Duo Glider stroller, this time in a colour scheme we have not yet encountered and one that might cuase problems with the selling. Not because people do not want but because a certain type of person wants it and they tend to be annoying to deal with in what should be a simple transaction.

Graco Duo Glider

While it seems to emulating some form of lowrider in this pic that is just the storage basket hanging incorrectly. It is nice and tight now. Possible reason for discard?


2010-06-20 Chicco Seat Base

This ranom Chicco seat base is pretty new and just needs a clean. We already have some Chicco stuff so this may get bundled in with it.

Chicco Seat Base

2010-06-20 Boat Cushions

These are boat cushions that double as flotation devices when you manges to capsize the junky hulk you are floating on. Not sure what we will do with them.

Boat Cushions

2010-06-20 Bigwheel

This Hotwheels brand bigwheel trike is a load of crap but amuses offspring for a while. It will probably be tossed pretty soon.


2010-06-20 Beer Keg Gas Setup

This random and slightly home made beer keg gas regulator and pump setup still have a full tank of carbon dioxide and is all present and correct. We do not really have a use for it but know people who do.

Beer Keg Gas Setup

2010-06-19 Malibu Girlpower bike

This preposterously named Malibu Girlpower is in near perfect condition and has not really been ridden. That of course is fine because the purpose of shiny bikes is the gratifying buzz of consumerism that you get at purchase time, not any incidental transportation related properties.

Malibu Girlpower bike

2010-06-19 Graco Duo Glider

Yet another Graco Duo Glider stroller in OK shape, just missing the front hood. That is fine as there are always people scouring the list of craig for a economical device for the transportation of two horrible little offspring. For some reason the fabric on this, called the Princeton pattern, arouses more interest in purchasers than the plain blue ones.

Graco Duo Glider

2010-06-19 Fan

This fan is in like new condition and is presumably the type that ones uses to air out wet rooms or some such. It has a water proof switch cover and a built in breaker. It works great and generates a substantial blast of air. The thing, despite being plastic, has a pretty nice quality feel to it.


2010-06-19 Babytrend Expedition

A nice Babytrend Expedition single jogger in fine shape and ready for another lifetime of usage. After a clean and air in the tyres it will hit the list of craig.

Babytrend Expedition

2010-06-14 Zooper Double

This Zooper Tango double stroller is in near perfect condition and is quite new. It has a variety of good useful features and came with the winter foot muff. It had a significant layer of dusty pollen type stuff on it but a happy little pressure washer took care of that.

Zooper Double

2010-06-14 Maclaren Pushchair

This Maclaren Techno XT pushchair is in fine shape and will fit nicely into the lengthening line of these that we seem to be acquiring. It will be quickly cleaned and sent off to the list of craig to find its fortune.

Maclaren Pushchair

2010-06-14 Babytrend Jogger

This Babytrend expedition jogger is in near perfect condition and will make some new owner very happy, assuming we can make contact with them via the list of craig. No apparent reason for discard, barely used. Our favourite type of trash.

Babytrend Jogger

2010-06-13 Roadmaster Mountain bike

This Roadmaster Sierra Trail bike is unused. It had been assembled incorrectly with the rear wheel rubbing the frame due to the drive side axle nut being not quite tight. This presumably lead to it being discarded. If only our lifestyles and concsiences afforded the opportunity for such profligate consumption. On the other hand we would probably not get whatever pleasure it is that some people seem to get from it, even if we had the chance.

Roadmaster Mountain bike

2010-06-13 Graco Duo Glider

This slightly aged Graco Duo Glider stroller is in excellent shape with all the snack trays in place and good fabric. For some reason there is a cadre of people perusing the list of craig that really values the snack trays and cupholders and other random peripherals on strollers. They will doutbless find pleasure in obsessing over this item. They often write to us regarding strollers that have no snack trays and inquire about them so this will be a nice change.

Graco Duo Glider

2010-06-13 Babytrend Pushchair

This random little Babytrend stroller is a little light on the quality but also physically light and has a one hand fold. A useful device for lazy offspring, it shall doubtless find new owners on the list of craig.

Babytrend Pushchair

2010-06-13 Assortment of Junk

This assortment of junk includes some paintball parts, some Swedish silver table implements (including sugar tongs and butter knives) and some photography bits and pieces. How eclectic, and it all canme from one big box with even more junk in it.

Assortment of Junk

2010-06-12 Trek Bike Treadmill

This random Trek bike treadmill is in OK shape and something we have zero use for. That is no problem as I am sure we can find a new owner to ride nowhere fast on it.

Trek Bike Treadmill

2010-06-12 Swan Caravan

This Swan Caravan stroller is a long the lines of a double Peg Perego and it really nice quality. The front bar is missing but that seems inconsequential, to us at least.

Swan Caravan

2010-06-12 Peg Perego Pliko

Yet another Peg Perego Pliko stroller, this one in OK but slightly faded shape. It will be sent off to the list of craig to find a new owner. It has a the spiffy canted handles and the net basket all intact.

Peg Perego Pliko

2010-06-12 Maclaren Techno

Another Maclaren pushchair, this time a Techno Classic model. We have no idea what the exact difference is between the Techno Classic and Techno XT models but we do not really care. This one we might keep for a while as it is nice and mildy superior to an older Maclaren we have and use.

Maclaren Techno

2010-06-12 Drill Press

This random old Craftsman drill press arrangement is not the best thing in the world but is handily portable and useful for somebody who does not have a better one but needs to drill holes at the correct angle.

Drill Press

2010-06-12 Babytrend Double Jogger

This nice Babytrend Expedition double jogging stroller is in good shape and only has a little fading on the seat fabric. Judging from the joints, brakes and precise nature of the thing it seems to have been rarely used it at all and has just sat in the sun on a porch or some such. No matter, maybe the new owner will get more value out of it.

Babytrend Double Jogger

2010-06-06 Snow Shovels

These small snow shovels might be useful if we are to harness the offspring to perform useful work in moving large amounts of the solid phase of water. We get enough of that appearing every now and then to make it worthwhile training up and equipping said offspring, hence the reclamamtion of thse items.

Snow Shovels

2010-06-06 Snap-n-Go

This random Babytrend Snap-n-go stroller frame will find a home soon enough via the list of craig. It is nothing special but people seem to like them.


2010-06-06 Sit-n-Stands

Two Sit-n-stand style strollers. First off the classic Joovy Caboose, this time in orange. It is missing the hood but has the infant seat support. Will be sold cheap on the list of craig.


Second a Babytrend version of the same thing. This one has the hood and the much coveted cup holder thingy. The denziens of the list of craig will love this thing, though past experience has told us that the particular people interested in this style of stroller might be annoying.


2010-06-06 Rollerblades

The Rollerblade brand rollerblases look like thye have never been worn and even fit somebody in the household. They may be saved for future fun or transportation needs.


2010-06-06 Phone Chair

This chair with form vaguely reminiscent of a phone was too good to pass up. We got it originally for the Z-lab but a certain small offspring decided that it would make a nice addition to a bedroom. So it was cleaned (just slightly) and installed such.

Phone Chair

2010-06-06 Peg Perego Pliko P3

This Peg Perego P3 pushchair is in fine shape except for the fact that the fabric on it never really looks clean. This is a problem for an item that spends its time being smeared with faeces and food by disgusting offspring, at least sometimes. We cleaned it up as best we can and it will find a new home on the list of craig. It is still very useful device, despite the slight cosmetic tendancy on the yuck side.

Peg Perego Pliko P3

Also found an older Peg Perego Pliko with a weird laminated mesh fabric. It seems the very devil to clean but when cleaned look pretty spiffy, which is all most people want. Again, this is a very handy pushchair.

Peg Perego Pliko P3

2010-06-06 Mountain Buggy

This single Mountain Buggy Urban jogger is exactly the single version of the double we found a while ago. It has a few issues but is still solid and good to use. We suppose these things are actually worth their high initial cost if you use it for rigourously for some extended period of time.

Mountain Buggy

2010-06-06 Maclaren Pushchairs

This Maclaren Quest pushchair is in pretty nice shape will be promptly sold off to any interested party. Nothing much to see here.

Maclaren Pushchairs

Also present was a slightly beat up Maclaren that yeilded some useful parts, not pictured.


2010-06-06 Floating Aids

A selection of various device for the assistance of flotation. First some basic life-vest type appliances.

Floating Aids

Also found were these floats that are presumably to assist in the learning of the swimming. We shall see how well they perform in that role.

Floating Aids

2010-06-06 Combi

This random little Combi pushchair is weird yet has a lightness and compactness to it that will probably appeal to some people out there perusing the list of craig. We will see.


2010-06-06 Chicco System

These items were found in different locations but together make up a so-called travel system, even though the colours do not quite match. The Chicco Cortina stroller is pretty nice with all sorts of nifty features. The special seat dovetails nicely into it and its base for maximum interoperability. This will be made available on the list of craig.

Chicco System

2010-06-06 Calphalon

Yet more Calphalon cookware, yet to be closely inspected, but it seems that some postal activity might be warranted.


2010-06-06 Bike Seats

Two Topeak bike seats in slightly weathered condition. One has the rack, the other does not. These will find new homes at some stage via the list of craig.

Bike Seats

2010-06-05 Sledge

This sledge might prove useful for offspring amusement and transportation once the solid phase of water is more plentiful around here.


2010-06-05 Plastic Pool

This plastic poole was seemingly never previously used and replaces one we threw away this very day. It has a slow leak but nothing too fatal.

Plastic Pool

2010-06-05 Mosquito Traps

These are yet more Mosquito Traps. We mostly pick these up for friends but we may give one a try at some stage.

Mosquito Traps

2010-06-05 Maclaren Pushchair

This Maclaren Techno XT is in fine condition and is a useful items for those who need to transport various offspring around in a flexible manner. It might be used by us or it might find its fortune on the list of craig.

Maclaren Pushchair

2010-06-05 Kitchen Storage

This set of matching pottery kitchen storage jars seem to have some utility to those that use their kitchen and eat food every now and then. As such people we will see if we have a use for them. They have a rubber sealing ring and some resistance to opening which makes them more handy than if not.

Kitchen Storage

2010-06-05 Huffy Bike

This Huffy Stalker random crappo mountain bike is total junk. With a few random parts and a lot of oil it will make an ideal bike for summer interns to get around on. First thing monday morning it will be deployed in that role. What was histero perceived as junkiness will perform admirably (we hope) as theft deterrence.

Huffy Bike

2010-06-05 Hiking Gear

It seems that somebody went hiking and then really did not enjoy it so they tossed out their rucksack complete with a whole bunch of the gear left in it. Items present include water filter, groundsheet, maps, toilet paper, first aid kit and numerous other sundries. Lots of it will be tossed out but some of the more useful items will be kept for future usage, including the rucksack itself, which is really rather nice.

Hiking Gear

2010-06-05 Flippers

These swimming flippers are size 40-41 and fit somebody ehre and possibly other family members. They will be pressed into service when said individuals next encounter suitable conditions.


2010-06-05 Coolant

This random bottle of engine coolant mixture was discarded near the waste oil disposal and seems to be new and unused. Lovely stuff for an old beater that uses coolant.


2010-06-05 Centurion Bike

This Centurion Le Mans 12 road bike had some rust issues when picked up but is cleaning up pretty nicely. It just needs spiffy bar tape and then can inserted under a hipster's butt in exchange for cash.

Centurion Bike

2010-05-23 Ross Eurotour

This Ross Eurotour bike was sort of a discard at a local bike shop. We traded a piece of the Specialized carcass for it and then spruced it up and inserted it under some hipster's arse. The wheels of commerce turn, often without falling off.

Ross Eurotour

2010-05-15 Sled

This random wooden sledge seems to be in new and unused condition. This may come in handy for dragging lazy offspring around in the snow when winter rears its snowy head.


2010-05-15 Screwdriver

A Maclaren Mac 3 pushchair was discarded and was incomplete. We used some parts from it to fix another Mac 3 we had in stock but in the Maclaren was this screwdriver and a small bicycle pump. Fine and dandy.


2010-05-15 Junk

A map of London, a Darwin awards book and what might be an aperitif glass. They could be clues to a murder or just some junk.


2010-05-15 Double Jogger

This Instep 10k Ultimate surely does not imply with its name that you should be running 10 kilometres with your two lazy disgusting offspring in this thing. Hmmmmmmm. The hand grip foam was all broken so we threw some cheap bike bar tape on there and it will appear on the list of craig forthwith.

Double Jogger

2010-05-08 Trek Kids Bike

This snazzy Trek MT60 was more or less picked up to order for an acquaintance whose daughter is less than enthused about her current bike. One hopes she shall be happier with this, it is in near perfect shape and quite fancy for a bike for a 5 year old.

Trek Kids Bike

2010-05-08 Stainless Shelves

These stainless steel shelves are the standard items from the Metropolitan Wire Corporation. We have a pair exactly like this already so we may have to now buy some legs or some such to make a nice shelving unit. Legs are cheap, these large stainless shelves are not.

Stainless Shelves

2010-05-08 Pressure Washer

This Karcher pressure washer has had the cord cut and is missing everything but we will test it for functionality. Since we got a few pressure washers lots of readers of this publication have expressed interest.

Pressure Washer

2010-05-08 Instep Double Jogger

This random Instep double jogging stroller is in OK shape except for the handlebar grip material, a common issue. Some road bike bar tape and it will be ready to thrust itself upon the world again, starting with the list of craig.

Instep Double Jogger

2010-05-08 Handcycle

This thing is lamentably missing a good name by we will employ the token "handcycle" for the time being. It was in fine shape but nearly unusable due to dry bearings. This was a course remedied with a little red oil can and it is now a pretty functional offspring amusement device.


2010-05-08 Britax Car Seat

Yet another Britax car seat. Nothing wrong with this one and it will stored for future short term deployment.

Britax Car Seat

2010-05-04 Pressure Washer

This random little Powerwasher 1400 was sitting by the curb in a nearby town. A plastic quick-release fitting had been used on the hose coupling for the water inlet and it had indulged in a spot of brittle fracture. We unscrewed the old coupling fragment and put on a shiny new one and voila, the thing works fine. Reason for discard was presumably the broken coupling (not part of the unit itself) but also contributing could have been the fact that the power cable and high pressure hose were nastily knotted up.

Pressure Washer

2010-05-04 Bikes

A couple of random bikes, First a Schwinn Varsity with very little wrong with apart from a coating of dust and spot of rust.


Next a Raleigh Sprite that had been crunched by the bucket loader. So far it seems that only the rear wheel is damaged so this should be fixable pretty easily.


2010-05-01 Tile Cutter

This random cheapo tile cutter is in pretty much unused condition. We have one similar so this is available to all and sundry. Simon or Charlie?

Tile Cutter

2010-05-01 Offspring Rucksack

If you wish to carry your offspring around in a manner that is condusive to longer walks and actually getting there then plonking them in one of these devices is a feasible option. We have no need of it though and will hence purvey this item to some nice poeple made known to us by the list of craig.

Offspring Rucksack

2010-05-01 Offspring Amusement Devices

A small selection of things that might amuse offspring. First a thing that might best be described as a gravity ball xylophone. It certainly functions well in amusing a 18 month old inquisitive monster.

Offspring Amusement Devices

Next up a swimming noodle thingy. It is sort of a waste of space and expanded petrochemicals until you throw a small offspring in a pool and toss them this, it seems to amuse them for hours. Thusly will it be employed.

Offspring Amusement Devices

2010-05-01 Mats

Lots of random table place mats. Some of these are eminently suitable for grandparent deployment. Some for other random usage modes.


2010-05-01 Graco Snap-n-Go

This Graco brand Snap-n-go stroller frame implement is in near perfect shape and will be welcomed by some nice person who owns a Graco car seat and wishes to wheel it round a mall with their offspring inside.

Graco Snap-n-Go

2010-04-24 Peg Perego Venezia

This random Peg Perego Venezia pushchair is in fine condition and has a nice robust fabric. It has had a clean and oil all ready for the new owners that hopefully will chance upon it on the list of craig.

Peg Perego Venezia

2010-04-24 Kelty Kid Rucksack

This Kelty offspring carriage device is in near perfect condition and ready for action. All very nice, and we hope the new owners agree with us.

Kelty Kid Rucksack

2010-04-22 Specialized Hotrock

This random Specialized kids bike is all present and correct after a little tune up. It has a ridiculous name but you can always deliberately avoid reading that silliness that whilst riding along. Available for trade or will be sold.

Specialized Hotrock

2010-04-20 Babytrend Double x2

This might be a little confusing but a fine friend of ours has a occupation that tends to lead to lots of roaming through towns with curbside garbage. Hence these two Babytrend Expedtion double jogging strollers, both average condition with some fading on the seat fabric and stiff collapsing catches. The latter we can fix and then after air in the tyres they will be ready for a new home with people sent by the list of craig.

Babytrend Double

2010-04-18 Sigg Flasks

We found 20 brand new Sigg drinking bottles and a convenient tub to carry them home in. They seems to have been personalized for some event or other but that is no problem. They have already been given away to friend and visitors. The pic shows them already depleted by gifting. Within a day of this pic they were all gone.

Sigg Flasks

2010-04-17 Swing

This random two child swing is in such nice shape that we picked it up despite the fact that we already have one. One of them may have to be sold off.


2010-04-17 Kolcraft Stroller

This stroller is pretty fancy for a Kolcraft and came with the car seat frame and reversible seat thingy. It seems all present and correct and will presumably find a new home with people sent to us by the list of craig.

Kolcraft Stroller

2010-04-17 Cast Iron Pans

These two small cast iron pans are of no particular interest unless somebody out there wants them. The square one is a no-name but quite nice and would clean up OK.

Cast Iron Pans

They came with a huge batch of cookware. Most of it was scrap aluminium that we put towards garbitrage. Some were Wagner Magnalite that may have some value on ebay and the remainder these two items. Cookware is strange that way, it seems that some people discard entire kitchens worth of it all at once.


2010-04-11 Swings

These random swings showed up a while ago but we only just now got around to documenting them here. The pics are pretty self explanatory.


2010-04-10 Trek 220

A Trek 220, which was really a discard/trade affair. It was traded for the aforementioned Bianchi Rollo plus some beer so we will include it here. It shall find a new home somehow.

Trek 220

2010-04-10 Strollers

A nice selection of offspring transportation devices this week. First off the Mountain Buggy stroller, a conveyance of substantial price. It is in fine shape and just needed a clean to be ready for sale on the list of craig.

Mountain Buggy

Next up a snazzy Ingelesina Zippy psuchair, which is basically a Peg Perego Pliko. Some different features, some nice stuff, but all in good order and ready for a new owner.

Inglesina Zippy

2010-04-10 Stainless Steel Sink

We got this stainless steel sink a while ago but only recently the barbeque ash pan rusted out and we cast around for a replacement. It turns out that this standard size sink slides into the slots under the BBQ quite nicely, modulo some hammering on the alignment strips. And everybody loves hammering.

Stainless Steel Sink

Note that this BBQ came from the scrap and is in great shape as it is all stainless, except for the ash pan that was cheapo thin zinc plated steel. We hope that with all the improvments we are making this cooking implement will outlive us.


2010-04-10 Spalding Blade Bike

A Spalding Blade road bike, in reasonable shape, ready for cleanup and then sale to hipsters in a large nearby city.

Spalding Blade

2010-04-10 Raleigh Mixte

Next up a Raleigh Mixte road bike, in reasonable shape bar the crunched front wheel from the bucket loader packing it into the scrap metal container. Not to worry, we have a spare in stock and it shall ride again. Under the arse of some trendy character.

Raleigh Mixte

2010-04-10 Hoop

This Basketball Hoop is, as you can see, new in the box. We set it up so that certain small offspring could attempt to toss balls through the hoop and they seem to be entertained thus far.


2010-04-10 Coleman Lamps

These two Coleman Lamps have been used and need new mantles but otherwise seem in fine shape. They shall be deployed at the next crazy nightime weirdness event we end up at.

Coleman Lamps

2010-04-03 Miele Vacuum Cleaner

This Miele was dumped in the scrap metal area and one of the annoying old men had cut the power cable off for the 5 cents worth of copper therein. We inspected the innards and spliced a plug on for testing purposes and it seems to work fine.

Miele Vacuum Cleaner

Particularly galling is the fact that this seems to be quite an expensive (though discontinued) item, see the next pic for some demonstration of that.

Miele Vacuum Cleaner Ad

For now we will replace the power cord with the correct Miele one and deploy this on the top floor of our abode to save carrying the others up there.


2010-04-03 Kenmore Dryer

This random Kenmore dryer is seemingly nearly new and we are informed by the previous owner that it works fine. Available to any readers of this page and shortly to readers of the list of craig.

Kenmore Dryer

2010-04-03 Graco Duo Glider

Yet another random Graco Duo Glider stroller, this will find a home via the list of craig like the rest of them that we have found.

Graco Duo Glider

These things are not the best quality but if you have two lazy offspring you need to move around they are a good basic option, we suppose.


2010-04-03 Britax Car Seat

This Britax Boulevard car seat is only a year or so old and has barely been used. The previous owners had cut the straps before discarding this predominantly plastic item in the scrap metal. We stripped it down to check for damage and such but it seems fine. We put on new straps and now we have a shiny new Britax seat.

Britax Car Seat

This "cut the straps" meme is obviously a great delight to the seat manufacturers as it is fear based marketing that masquerades as concern for consumers and happens to sell more seats.


2010-04-03 Bobby Car

This green Bobby-Car seems to have been imported from Germany and used a fair bit before discard. This will be retained for a while as we have use for such things for the meantime.

Bobby Car

2010-03-27 Wood

Some random oak planks that might come in handy for something. Also, not shown, some 2x4s required for a project on the house.


2010-03-27 Radiator

Yet another cast iron steam heating radiator. Some friends may want this but if not then off to the list of craig with it. People in our vicinity must have heatings systems to fix or upgrade.


2010-03-27 Pack and Play

A Graco Pack and Play in perfect condition. It will find a new home soon we hope. It has the little wheels on the end for moving your imprisoned offspring sround. Maybe you could take them shopping in this?

Pack and Play

2010-03-27 Bike Carcass

Some poor chap had crunched the frame on his fancy Specialized road bike. We grabbed the carcass and stripped off no end of interesting parts, some of which are shown here.

Bike Carcass

2010-03-27 Bianchi Hybrid

A friend had this bike rendered surplus to requirements upon his male offspring entering the navy. We gladly took it off his hands and fixed it up a little. We may keep it and replace one of our other round town bike with it. That other bike (which appeared on this page), will get sold off to some person in a large nearby city.

Bianchi Hybrid

2010-03-20 Sledges

These two plastic sledges (sleds to the North American speakers of English who may chance upon this page) are in OK shape and may make useful offspring amusement/transportation device when the snow comes back.


2010-03-20 Razor Scooter

This weird Razor Scooter has a spare wheel and a set of Hex keys built in so that you can change the wheel over. Not really useful with these wheels but an interesting idea nevertheless.

Razor Scooter

2010-03-20 Cast Iron Pans

These two random cast iron pans have yet to be properly investigated but may find a home. They join the stack we have in stock.

Cast Iron Pans

2010-03-20 Books

Some large number of books (some not shown here) and a strange kids' box. All good stuff.


2010-03-20 Babytrend Jogger

This random Babytrend jogging stroller is in good shape and lacks nothing but a happy new owner. This deficiency will be remedied with judicious application of the list of craig.

Babytrend Jogger

2010-03-10 Dreamer Designs Jogger

This Dreamer Designs double jogging stroller is in fine condition. The reason for discard was that the previous owner, who had two kids already, had another one on the way and hence wanted some form of new stroller.

Dreamer Designs Jogger

We may use this for a while and then let it find a new home via the list of craig.


2010-03-09 Bronx is Burning

This DVD was still in the shrinkwrap and discarded with a bag of books. Some people might think that this is some incisive metaphorical social commentary on urban unrest, or even a more literal critique of fire codes, but no. It turns out thats it is 15G or so of crappo data that some random guy on ebay in Australia will snap up promptly. Gone already.

Bronx is Burning

2010-03-07 Jamis Hybrid

This random Jamis hybrid has a bunch of rusty spots but very nice tyres and rides OK. It has had a quick tune up and will be given to a friend, the rusty spots should provide it with a small measure of theft protection. It had a couple of previous owner stupidity induced issues but they are fixed now.

Jamis Hybrid

2010-03-06 Snap and Go

This is a random crappy Snap-n-Go, they are really not our cup of tea but other people, especially those who cruise the list of craig, seem to love them.

Snap and Go

2010-03-06 Maclaren Pushchair

This is yet another random Maclaren stroller. It had worn down rear wheels (a common issue) but we replaced them from stock. Otherwise the thing is fine and should find a new home soon.

Maclaren Pushchair

You know how we accumulated aforementioned stock.


2010-03-06 Honda Wheels

This is a set of Honda Accord wheels, they look to be new take-offs, with hub caps. Somebody in our vicinity will want these and that will be just fine.

Honda Wheels

2010-03-06 Chicco Pushchair

This is some random cheapo Chicco stroller, but it is in good shape and Chicco have a good name so we think that somebody will want it.

Chicco Pushchair

2010-03-06 Cast Iron Pan

This is a long awaited item and turned up thanks to Walter, our man on the spot. It is a nameless cast iron size 12 skillet with heat ring. It measures 13 inches from lip to lip and hence fits a random lid we had lying around and also perfectly complements our existing nest of cast iron pans.

Cast Iron Pan

Update: It is has already been cleaned and cured and we look forward to deploying it in strategic feeding manouvres. It has quite a bit of usage to go before it catches up with the deep shiny black of the rest of our cast iron, but we will do our best.

Update 2: Added the picture of it after a fair bit of use, mouse over for that.


2010-03-06 Britax Verve

This slightly funky thing is a Britax Verve. The previous owner were doubly clueless. The presumed reason for discard is a broken piece that stems from their inability to fold it properly. Also they had jammed open the brakes with a twig due to a cable coming out of its slot. It will be made available forthwith, having had the faults fixed.

Britax Verve

2010-02-13 Wood Box

This wooden basket-like storage container was in the scrap wood dumpster. It needed one joint gluing and a quick sand and some finish of some form (shown in the pic). Whatever was wrong with it was certainly no good reason for discard.

Wood Box

It seemed to have had some previous finish on it that was just not very good, so it should not have been in the scrap wood dumpster at all. That is only for untreated wood. The previous owner was not only clueless for junking something with no real reason for discard but also clueless for tossing it incorrectly!


2010-01-25 Maclaren Pushchair

This is yet another fine Maclaren pushchair in very nice condition and all ready for a new home. The previous Maclaren sold well so this should wander off quickly also, via the list of craig.

Maclaren Pushchair

2010-01-16 Maclaren Pushchair

This Maclaren pushchair is in near perfect shape and was callously discarded in the deepest pit of landfill fodder. Rescued, a quick clean and it is ready for a new owner. They shall become known to us via the list of craig.

Maclaren Pushchair

Update: Sold promptly to a lady who wanted to use it for a "destination wedding" in Las Vegas. While we agree that these Maclarens are handy for travelling we have to laugh at people who first figure out the need for a practical stroller when their horrible offspring reaches the age of four and a half. They had another stroller prior to this but it was of a type never supposed to be used and when they used it to go to a "Christmas Special" discovered that.


2010-01-09 Trike

This Giant brand kids' trike is in OK shape and may amuse offspring of a certain age and/or capability, so we will give it a try.It has roller-blade style wheels, for some reason or other.


2010-01-09 Snowblower

This Murray Ultra snowblower was tossed because the pull cord housing had come unmounted from the side of the engine. Note that if you hold the housing on with one hand and pull the cord with the other then it starts. It will probably be fixable with just some screws or pop-rivets. It runs a bit rough but has great compression and such so some form of carburetter adjustment will probably be in order. Either way, a nice find, approriate for the time of years and should have a long service life ahead of it.


Update: This seems to be claimed by distant family member. They get tom come and pick it up though, there is probably not a convenient flat-rate box for it.


2010-01-09 Snow Shovel

A random wide blade snow shovel that is a little beat up but happens to be a type that we like for certain types of snow. No, we are not like apocraphyl eskimos who taxonomize 37 different types of snow. Our driveway is pretty sensitive to snow and having the exactly correct tool really helps. Pic possibly to come.


2010-01-09 Skateboard

This random long skateboard is pretty beat up but we have a friend into these and small kids like to use them in manner they are not really intended for.


2010-01-09 Rowing Machine

This Integrity Air 3000 rowing machine is nothing special but is in very good condition and seems to work fine. A possible reason for discard might be that when we found it there was a stiff link in the pull chain. This was easy to unstiffen of course. We will see what the users of the list of craig make of this.

Rowing Machine

Update: Sold to a nice chap who turned up on time. A hot item this, lots of people wanted it.


2010-01-02 Workbench Legs

These standard issue workbench legs might prove useful if we need to bolt them to a workbench top at some stage. No apparent reason for discard.

Workbench Legs

2010-01-02 Plane

This small plane might or not appeal to the rabid tool collectors of our acquaintance. Or it might even prove useful in the ancient art of "Making Wood Smaller" should we end up practising that art and find ourselves in need of this particular implement.


2010-01-02 Cast Iron Skillet

This is a small Lodge cast iron skillet that seems to have never been used in anger. There were a couple of marks but the seasoning on it seemed remarkably like that present upon initial purchase. We cleaned it a bit and deployed highest quality bacon grease and high heat to restore the seasoning. It was used in the preparation of dinner within about four hours of being found and performed admirably. Available; Magda, Trudy, JPL, Kendra?

Cast Iron Skillet

2010-01-02 Calphalon

This is yet another Calphalon 10inch non-stick omelet pan, as they call them. It has a pretty thick crusty layer akin to that that develops on cast iron pans but more importantly has a valid reason for warranty return.


2010-01-02 Booster Seats

Two more of the Britax booster seats. We shall have to assess the market for these in our local catchment area of the list of craig as we have enough of these. We do know that they clean up very nicely by virtue of the nature of the fabric.

Booster Seats

2010-01-02 Books

A pile of books were present and we picked up some useful stuff. First some informative technical titles for a friend obsessed with mechanical watches. We have no idea if he has or needs these but he is getting them anyway. What is with a book specifically about complicated watches? Simple ones are not worth documenting?

Watch Books

Then some other random books:


2009-12-27 Dell Laptop

This Dell Inspiron 9300 is missing the charger and the hard drive but otherwise seems to work fine. It may just get sold off on the eBay, but might merit some further consideration.

Dell Laptop

2009-12-23 Cast Iron Restored

The pan part of this combination is a nice Wagner that was once part of a two part piece with handles that snuggled up together. The lid came as part of a trade for a campfire pot that was rescued from imminent meltage. These two seemed to form a nice pairing and when some friends chose them from the selection we had available that was a fine thing. Some cleaning and curing and we are all set to cook Czech Christmas Carp, or some other alliterative dish.

Cast Iron Restored

2009-12-23 Antiques Book

This random book seems rather useful if one is delving into the more valuable things discarded by society. We gave this to a friend as it concentrates on stuff that is way too ornate and fancy for us.

Antiques Book

2009-12-19 Pedigree Pram

This pram is a Pedigree Brand, as seen for example in that classic of camp comedy, Carry on Nurse. It is built like a tank. It is a little scruffy in places but wheels along fine. Features to note include chrome mudguards, coil springs, nice clearance for long legs, pivoting footrest, flexible mattress, harness clips and apocalypse-proof construction. We may have to do the vintage thing with our youngest offspring for a while just to enjoy this masterpiece of perambulator engineering. This is better built than most cars, certainly if any naughty drivers give us crosswalk issues we can ram them and come away the better party.

Pedigree Pram

2009-12-19 Mongoose Mountain Bike

This is yet another random Mongoose Mountain Bike. It is not so bad but it needs some tuneup and a chain. It will probably be turned into a station bike or some such. Next year's summer students, this may be your trusty steed. Pig ugly bottle cage though.

Mongoose Mountain Bike

2009-12-19 Grilly Thingy

This is a pierced stainless steel grill pan thingy that you plonk on the barbeque and do your salmon or veggies in, or some such. It has a delightful patina of brown grease stain on it but that will be coming off at the first chance. Since we found that mesh pan we may not need this but we will hang on to it until we get the chance to try it out. BBQ season where art thou?

Grilly Thingy

2009-12-12 White Bikes

These two random bikes are almost unused. We are not exactly sure what brands they are but they seem to go together. They will be stored until spring and then cleaned up and sold off.

White Bikes

2009-12-12 Lego

This is about 20 pounds of Lego. It was just dumped in a large pile in the scrap metal dump. No box was nearby. We rescued five of the blue contai9niers from the plastics recycling at the same time so it was conmventient to press them into service.


2009-12-12 Britax Boosters

We piciked up two identical Britax Parkway booster seats. They were pretty filthy but we have already cleaned one up ready for eventual use. Here it is, all shiny and ready to go.

Britax Booster

2009-11-28 Raleigh Bike

This random Raleigh 3-speed is pretty beat up but all its ailments seem pretty easily correctable. By next spring this will be a shiny vintage gem, ready to hold up a lazy hipster's arse.

Raleigh Bike

2009-11-28 Assorted Bikes

This random assortment of crappo bikes was gathered over the last week or so and is finding a new home as a batch with a nice chap who presumably intends to fix them up etc. This is a good thing, we do not have the time or inclination to return all of these to working condition and it seems that Fritz (the chap in question) does. This is the third batch of bikes he has bought off us.

Assorted Bikes

2009-11-21 Lawn Mower

This lawn mower showed up just after some friends bought their first house. That is all jolly fine, it is a bit off-season for mowing the lawn but it should come in handy next year. It got a wash and some oil in the bearings and then we set the blade a little closer.

Lawn Mower

2009-11-15 Snorkeling Mask

This snorkeling mask is sized for smallish offsprings and seems to be in very nice condition. In fact it has been worn for substantial periods around the house alrady so even if they never use it underwater it has amused them enough to justify its rescue.

Snorkeling Mask

2009-11-15 Kids Bikes

This small batch of smallish bikes was assembled in the last week or so and will be deployed to acquaintances or sold off. Too much inventory on the bike front is not good over the winter.

Kids Bikes

Update: This batch was sold off to a nice chap named Fritz.


2009-11-15 Instep Trailer-Bike

This is yet another trailer bike, this one branded Instep. Presumably it is made by somebody else but it will be serviced and deployed or sold as required.

Instep Trailer-Bike

2009-11-15 Ikea Banana

This Ikea banana style cushion thingy is some kind of semi-structural toy device. We washed the cover and deployed it so that offspring could play with it while the grandparents watched over video chat. Intergenerational happiness abounds.

Ikea Banana

2009-11-15 Glass Cups

This random almost a set of octagonal glass cups and saucers is not something we would use a lot but is does seem to rather fit the style of Feuerzangenbowle. They shall be tested in this role as soon as we set light to come booze in our living room.

Glass Cups

2009-11-14 Panasonic Bike

This Panasonic DX1000 road bike seems in OK shape except for air in the tyres and some dirt. It will be cleaned up and stored for springtime hipster bike mania.

Panasonic Bike

2009-11-14 Offspring Entertainment Infrastructure

A selection of items around which offspring entertainment can be deployed tuyrned up. First a random box with letters on it, you know it is educational and therefore socially acceptable if you print some letters on it! Whatever, this is handy for storing junk.

Letter Box
Play Table

2009-11-14 Lego

This is a pretty large Lego set, exo-force, whoever those guys are. Seems like a cheesy ripoff of Stargate but who can tell. Either way, good stuff and shall be used at some stage.


2009-11-14 K-nex

A random set of K-nex in its box is always handy for entertaining some offspring somewhere.


2009-11-14 Geomag set

These Geomag thingies seem to be more executive toys but they also amuse offspring so they will be deployed in the latter role. Maybe the former also, I am sure some of our acquaintances have moods that causes them to emulate bored executives.

Geomag set

2009-11-14 Biology Book

Random big fat Biology textbook. Too nice to leave behind.

Biology Book

2009-10-31 Trail-a-Bike

This bike trailer thingy is in very nice shape except for the missing pedals and the seat. It might be the case that is new, unused and never properly assembled, but that is all fine. We will find the parts to complete it and find ait a nice home, possibly using the list of craig.


2009-10-31 Mesh Pan

Throughout this year we have debated buying one of these. never knowing which one to get and such. Well, that of course was a silly activity but did serve to hold us off buying one until we get a free one, brand new, unused, from the garbage.

Mesh Pan

This will be deployed at the earliest opportunity on the BBQ when some vegetable matter needs to be charred.


2009-10-31 Jogging Stroller

This Baby Jogger jogging stroller has the large wheels, is lightweight and in near perfect shape. It still had air in the tyres. Its new owner will be made known to us once they see this item on the list of craig.

Jogging Stoller

2009-10-25 Kool Stride Jogger

This Kool Stride double jogging stroller is in fine shape, and after air in the tyres and a quick clean is ready for a debut on the list of craig. The last one we found like this, a red one, is still with us but now we have the advantage of choice to offer.

Kool Stride Jogger

2009-10-19 Anolon Pan

This Anolon brand teflon wok/pan thingy is in pretty fine shape. We have no use for it but I am sure somebody out there does, even as just a disposable pan for one trip??? Bob?

Anolon Pan

2009-10-06 Selection of 2 by 4s

While putting in a number of replacement windows we found ourselves in need of 4 5ft 2 by 4s, 3 3ft 2 by 4s and numerous smaller pieces of 5/4 x 4. On the way to the lumber yard we looked in on the scrap wood and picked up 3 5ft 5/4 x 4 and 7 or so 8-10ft 2 by 4s. Just what we wanted. We still had to proceed to the store to pick up a 2 by 6 and some insulation foam but it was quite nice that most of our needs were already met. Pic shows a random offcut of 2 by 4. Not very informative.

Selection of 2 by 4s

2009-10-03 Stroller Roundup

This first was mentioned previously in conjunction with another double jogger. It is a Kool Stride and had a small retaining pin missing on the folding mechanism. Recently we found a bike trailer that had been crushed by a bucket loader and salvaged a suitable pin from it to fix this thing. The picture shows it all clean and ready for the list of craig:

Kool Stride double jogger

This next item is a Joovy Caboose, which for the stroller impaired is a sit-n-stand style. One of these has passed through our hands before. This one was wrapped up in brown package tape and pretty dirty. Careful application of a pressure washer (you know which one) and some cleaning materials yields the glorious device shown in the picture, ready for its grand debut on the list of craig.

Joovy Caboose

2009-10-03 Cuisinart Coffee Maker

This Cuisinart coffee machine was in fine shape when picked up and just needed a clean. We ran lots of vinegar through and flushed it and such, then brewed a test batch of coffee, shown here. We have no need of a coffee machine that has an LCD and beeps, luddites that we are, so this is available.

Cuisinart Coffee Maker

2009-10-02 Radiator

A random little cast iron steam radiator, enticing to the various users of the list of craig in this season of heating maintanance.


2009-10-01 Horrible Kids Bike

This Next Slumber Party bike is pretty horrendous but we can probably find some acquaintance who has an offspring that will fixate on this particular train wreck of gender stereotypes.

Horrible Kids Bike

Update: Sold to a nice lady whose female offspring appreciated this ensemble of memes. We know she is nice because she bought stuff from us before. We like return customers, they get stuff super cheap.


2009-09-29 Dell LCD

This Dell LCD monitor is a the bog-standard offering that comes with their package deal and has nothing wrong with it, as testified by the fact that you can see Ray Winstone's face below. I guess somebody just bought a bigger monitor and tossed this one.

Dell LCD

2009-09-27 Movie Lamp

This is a lamp for shooting home movies that is pretty old, we think, but also pretty unused. It does provide substantial illumination and so may come in handy at some stage. Meanwhile we get to admire the fine packaging design.

Movie Lamp

2009-09-26 Pram Wheels

These wheels were pulled of a partly crushed Emmaljunga pram. They will help us save some future pram or be sold off to help somebody else do so.

Pram Wheels

2009-09-26 Peg Perego Venezia

This Peg Perego Venezia pushchair is pretty nice and in near new condition except for the lack of a hood. We shall consult our supplies as we may have that in stock. Either way it will be heading off to new owners somehow.

Peg Perego Venezia

2009-09-26 Log Rack

This firewood storage rack is new in the box. It got a bit wet between discard and the picture you see but that should not affect the ultimate functionality of it when some friend of ours assembles and uses it. Hal?

Log Rack

2009-09-26 Fuji Sand Blaster

This Fuji Sand Blaster mountain bike is pretty handy, despite technically being a mountain bike. The previous owner seems to have had some pretty wild and whacky ideas of exactly what the chain is supposed to do on a bike. This is a not a problem as we are traditionalists in this regard and once we have imposed our stodgy views upon things it should be fine.

Fuji Sand Blaster

What a stupid name for a bike, and how confusing. Sand Blaster, not Fuji.


2009-09-26 Bookshop

A bookshop seemingly discarded a large pile of new books, including such things as advance reader copies and such. Possible pics later.


2009-09-26 Avalon Pushchair

This Avalon twin pushchair is not the fanciest device in its class but is pretty small, lightweight, folds nicely and could be usefull for somebody. That somebody will become known to use via the list of craig.

Avalon Pushchair

2009-09-19 2 by 4 lumber

We will be replacing some more windows soon and it was highly fortuitous that some lengths of clean 2x4 showed up. We now have them in stock and ready for miscellaneous framing purposes. No pic, you know what a 2x4 looks like.


2009-09-19 Schwinn Varsity

This Schwinn Varsity road bike is in more or less new-old-stock condition except for the slightly critical absence of wheels and front brake pads. No matter, a lesser bike will have its wheels removed to put this thing back on the road under a hipster's arse.

Schwinn Varsity

Mouseover for the cleaned up pic.


2009-09-19 Offspring Wagen

This small Radio Flyer type thing with two seats and seatbelts seems to be almost useful for towing beer and offspring around. We shall see if it gains useful employment with our household.

Offspring Wagen

2009-09-19 Kids Bed

This child's bed is complete and new in the box and never assembled, or presumably used. This will find a home with an acquaintance we have already or somebody we meet through the list of craig.

Kids Bed

2009-09-19 Double Joggers

Two double joggers found at one time. One was missing a couple of tyres and both needed a light cleaning. Only the purple Dreamer Designs model pictured for now, the other one will probably make it way here pictorially at some stage.

Double Joggers

2009-09-19 Bike Rack

This Schwinn Bike rack is new in the box and never used. Somebody will want it and that person will become known to us via the list of craig.

Bike Rack

2009-09-18 Potter's Wheel

We found four "Randall Pottery" 1/2 hp potters' wheels like this but could only rescue one of them. It is in OK shape, heavily built and formerly the property of a local educational establishment. It works fine though needs a few screws put back in and cleanup etc. It is available, until it is sold on the list of craig.

Potter's Wheel

2009-09-09 Lodge Campfire Pot

This 6 quart 12 inch Lodge cast iron campfire pot is complete with lid and absolutely brand new and never used. It was discarded in a scrap metal recycling bin. It is vaguely available, apply if you think you are a worthy new owner. It has 3 legs on it so is not really suitable for stovetop use.

Lodge Campfire Pot

2009-09-01 Trailer Bike

Yet another slightly different trailer bike for the purpose of offspring transportation. This one has a superior folding mechanism to the previous few but has a crappy steel wheel on the rear. It may end up being retained for usage but being improved with a few new parts along the way.

Trailer Bike

2009-09-01 Schwinn World Sport

A Schwinn World Sport road bike in pretty nice shape, just needed new bar tape and a cleanup to be ready for a new owner.

Schwinn Assortment

2009-09-01 Schwinn World

A Schwinn World ladies frame road bike. It needs a bit of a cleanup and some bar tape but was easy enough to put back into service.

Schwinn Assortment

2009-09-01 Schwinn Traveller III

A Schwinn Traveller III road bike in need of c cleanup. New bar tape, a tuneup and some general attention made it good to go. No key present for the U-lock so that had to go.

Schwinn Assortment

2009-09-01 Peg Perego Pliko

This is a very early Peg Perego Pliko pushchair, we think. It is in OK shape and has a nice primary colour look to it so it should find a home somewhere with some nice people sent by the list of craig.

Peg Perego Pliko

2009-08-23 Mercedes Helicoil Kit

This is a Mercedes-Benz cylinder head bolt helicoil kit. It is obviously not all present and correct but there are two M10x1.5 taps in there that look excellent, plus one matching helicoil and an insertion tool. Handy stuff. The box is pretty spiffy also.

Mercedes Helicoil Kit

2009-08-22 Le Creuset Skillet

This Le Creuset enameled cast iron skillet seems in OK shape, it is just a little used. The interior lining seems to be intact and it has a few chips on the outside.

Le Creuset Skillet

It is shown sitting on a Dell Pentium 4 PC but that should not necessarily be interpreted as a comment on how hot modern computing machinary runs. This particular Dell made an appearance on this page a while ago and was cleaned up and given away. We got it back because it caught something nasty, so we get to redeploy it to somewhere new after a clean up and configuration. We know of a local bike shop that has a worn out Athlon 866Mhz as their P.O.S. machine and this might be a nice upgrade for them.


2009-08-22 Bike Seat

Yet another nice Topeak bike seat, this one missing the special rack that allows quick-release functionality. Never mind, somebody will want it and they will make themselves known to us via the list of craig in due course.

Bike Seat

2009-08-22 Beach Cruiser

This Murray beach Cruzer (sic) is close enough to a hybrid style bike to be useful, as opposed to regular beach cruisers. As such it will find a home with some prospective cyclist in a nearby large city. No apparent reason for discard, apart from just being crap.

Beach Cruiser

2009-08-09 Robocop Pachinko

We picked this up thinking there might be a market for these and indeed there is. Unfortunately it is a low value saturated market full of crud. This will be given away on the list of craig or failing that tossed out.

Robocop Pachinko

2009-08-08 Stepladder

This handy dandy little stepladder will be hidden away in some corner until such time as we feel the need to be taller for some reason.


2009-08-08 Radio Flyer thingy

This random Radio Flyer peanut car is just about right for a certain offspring.

Radio Flyer thingy

2009-08-08 Lego

Two random boxes of fairly recent Lego stuff. These will be stored and deployed top offspring as a appropriate.


2009-08-08 Bianchi Rollo

This Bianchi Rollo was missing a seat and had a dinged up front wheel. It is not the most valuable Bianchi in the world but once cleaned up it is pretty fun to ride. It will be held in stock as a bike for visitiors for a while.

Bianchi Rollo

2009-08-07 Sawzall

This Milwaukee Sawzall seems to be in a pretty sorry state, missing the rubber grip and the foot and the cord is pretty wrecked. It does work though and will be archived for parts usage or some other nefarious project.


2009-08-07 Plumbing Stuff

A large plastic bucket full of various things. A lot of it was junk but in there were some useful plumbing fittings and some solder and plumbers' sandpaper. These will be filed in the appropriate places for when they might be needed.

Plumbing Stuff
Plumbing Stuff

2009-08-07 Nails

1800 or so collated nails. If you have a gun that shoots these you are probably welcome to them.


2009-08-05 Trailer Bikes

These two kids trailing bikes showed up a while ago but we only recently got around to looking at them. The Trek one was missing the seat and had a bent crank, both now rectified. The Tag-a-long was fine as is.

Trailer Bikes
Trailer Bikes

2009-08-04 Maclaren Pushchair

This Maclaren pushchair was pretty dirty. The aforementioned pressure washer was used to clean it up a little and soon it will appear on the list of craig to seek its fortune.

Maclaren Pushchair

The rear wheels were very worn, a common issue with these devices. They were replaced with some matching used ones from stock. and it is now in very good condition.


2009-08-04 Beach Chairs

These two beach chairs are of the reclining variety and also happen to be brand new with the plastic still in place. They will be deployed at some stage ina sandy environment.

Beach Chairs

2009-07-25 Vista Sophisticate

This Vista Sophisticate bike is far from sophisticated but seems fine after a clean up and a few new parts. Just needs a new shifter cable before it is sent to seek its fortune among the hipsters.

Vista Sophisticate

2009-07-25 Presure Washer

This random pressure washer (presumably 1600 psi?) works fine and comes with two different nozzles. No apparent reason for discard. We used it, slightly gratuitously, in the cleaneing of the Vista bike.

Presure Washer

2009-07-25 Laptop Power Supplies

Extra Dell laptop power supplies are always handy for testing random laptops.

Laptop Power Supplies

2009-07-25 Calphalon

This small selection of Calphalon cookware will be sorted out and dealt with appropriately. We seem to have a surplus so if you know what's up and want to partake please enquire.


2009-07-25 BBQ Starter

We have several of these but always like to give them to friends so we picked this one up and gave it a test drive, as shown in the pic.

BBQ Starter

2009-07-24 Watch Winder

This Steinhausen quad watch winder is a really silly thing. We have no use for it but somebody out there perusing ebay may find themselves compelled to bid on it. Hopefully more than one such.

Watch Winder

2009-07-24 Hosepipe

This hosepipe is more of the industrial hose variety than the garden hose type and hence might actually be good quality. It will be pressed into service assuming there are no issues with it. Reason for discard was that the nozzle was stuck on the end, according to the previous owner. We shall see about that.


Update : The previous owner had put the nozzle in a vise, it seems, and tried to undo the hose. The vise was proabbly squeezing down on the female threads and preventing the intended unscrewage. We, by means of more cunning clampage, got the spray nozzle off and the hose is now a wonderfully useful thing.


2009-07-23 BMX Parts

Some of the parts in the picture were here previously but a whole bunch were found today. They were all sold off a lot on the list of craig with the Specilized BMX bike seen in the second pic.

BMX Parts

A nice chap named Bob came to pick them up and he was on time, organized, polite and interesting. For these virtues he was a awarded a bonus wheel and frame. We are doing our part to civilize the uncouth wilds of the interwebs.


2009-07-21 Cast Iron Radiator

This slightly elegant steam radiator will make somebody war in winter, once a new home for it is found.

Cast Iron Radiator

2009-07-18 Instep Double Jogger

This Instep Safari TT double jogger had a bad bearing on the front wheel swivel. By bad we mean that it had totally disintegrated due to the fact that the bearings were not really made to take an axial load. No matter, the manufacturer charged us 4 dollars for new bearings and installed them with minimal fuss. It is now ready for a new life with some nice people to be sent to us by the list of craig.

Instep Double Jogger

Update: Sold to the nice chap who previously bought the bike trainer. He was so nice we gave him a free Fuji mountain bike that had not yet made its appearance here.


2009-07-18 Graco Pack and Play

This Graco Pack and Play is in fine condition. It is of a more modern type with easier to see collapse buttons on the edges (if you have ever used a Pack and Play you will udnerstand that statement). It also has wheels on one end. Somebody who wishes to imprison their offspring in it will introduce themselevs to us via the list of craig.

Graco Pack and Play

2009-07-18 Chicago Knives

In the scrap metal we found a biscuit tin with around 20 knives in it. Most of them were total junk but these two Chicago knives are of OK quality and we like them because of their nice wooden handles. They had been through a dishwasher many times and the handles were pretty dry and bleached but some oil brought them back to life. They were not super blunt when picked up and quick hone leaves them servicable.

Chicago Knives

2009-07-18 Bike Pump

This random bike pump may be good for summer interns to use.

Bike Pump

2009-07-18 Bike Parts

This small collection of bike parts came from a couple of bike carcasses. They will be filed away so that another bike may be resurrected at some point in the future.

Bike Parts

2009-07-08 Bluestone

This conveniently pre-aged bluestone showed up and was purloined for a friend who wishes to deploy a garden path to lead people up. All well and good. There was a fair bit more present but somebody had emptied a bunch of wet concrete over some of it and glue it into a large bluestone ansd concrete mass.


2009-07-05 Schwinn Speedster

This Schwinn Speedster bike and a Rollfast beach cruiser were being tossed by a nice chap. We picked them up and applied some spit and polish to the Schwinn to make it hipster ready. Now that that is a fine yellow thingy.

Schwinn Speedster

No picture of the Rollfast yet, it has tentatively been given to somebody's daughter.


2009-06-30 Pool Filter

This stainless Posi-Flo pool filter unit is not especially interesting except for the fact that somebody of our acquaintance requested something like this for a project. The tank-ness of it is what they want we think, not the filter-ness. Yours if you want it Ben.

Pool Filter

2009-06-29 Stihl 039 Chainsaw

This Stihl 039 chainsaw carcas will prove useful to somebody via an introduction on ebay, so will be sent there forthwith. Used Stihl machines are a treasure trove of handy parts.

Stihl 039 Chainsaw

2009-06-28 Raleigh Mountain Bike

This Raleigh 400 mountain bike had dead suspension forks. The bike itself is not so bad but the forks were lowest possible quality. We traded in some other garbage sourced bike parts for these Rockshox forks. After a clean up and some fiddling the bike is more or less ready to go.

Raleigh Mountain Bike

Update: It seems this frame is under recall. Hmmm.....


2009-06-28 Maclaren Pushchair

This Maclaren Pushchair had a bent axle when we found it, probably driven over backwards by a large vehicle with horrible visibility. That is presumably the reason for discard. The axle straightened up nicely in about 30 seconds, once removed, and it was all put back with some oil to give a super smooth running stroller. This seems to be some funky European model of Maclaren, seemingly not sold in the US. Oooooh, grey market specialness, we will see whether the readers of the list of craig covet this item.

Maclaren Pushchair

2009-06-27 Turd Drill

This special turd drill seems be in working condition and will come in handy because we do not have one. Previously we have always borrowed one.

Turd Drill

2009-06-27 Nashbar Bike Trainer

This bike trainer came with the recent Schwinn road bike but we only just got around to cleaning it up. It will attempt to hook up with a new owner on the list of craig.

Nashbar Bike Trainer

2009-06-27 Giant Mountain Bike

This small Giant mountain bike had a flat rear tyre but is otherwise in OK shape. Some parts on it seem to be new and others used, no matter. Earmarked for Hal's cousin?

Giant Mountain Bike

2009-06-23 Graco Duo Glider

This Graco Duo Glider double stroller is in fine shape and needs just a wash before being put back into service with some nice people sent to us by the list of craig. We have a slight glut of these right now but we will see about fixing that.

Graco Duo Glider

2009-06-21 Schwinn Road Bike

This Schwinn was found without a rear wheel. That is a little strange as it had obviously been used on a bike trainer treadmill, i.e. without the front wheel. Oh well, we plonked one on from stock and will see how it is. We also got the treadmill thingy as people seem to like those.

Schwinn Road Bike

2009-06-21 Road Runner Jogger

This Road Runner Sport jogging stroller has humungous rear wheels on it and is generally in spiffy condition. The brake needs a little tweaking but that will be fine.

Road Runner Jogger

2009-06-21 Pliko P3

This Peg Perego Pliko P3 pushchair is in OK used shape except for having a couple of broken wheels on the front left. Luckily, we, or more specifically the Verrückte Tante, know how to get a whole new castor arrangement for very little money. Spiffy, restored and will be lovingly sold to somebody who needs it.

Pliko P3

2009-06-21 Play Kitchen

This weirdly abstract play kitchen was sitting by the side of the road so we brought it home and clean it up. It seems to serve the purpose of entertaining and distracting certain offspring with reasonable efficiency, so it gets to stay. It actually showed up 2 weeks ago but we forgot to list it then, the horror!

Play Kitchen

Large backlog of bikes in the background. We should probably get building and fixing though come to look at it two of those became parts since this picture was taken and some of those parts are already back on fixed up bikes.


2009-06-21 Pack And Play

This Graco Pack and Play is not the cleanest but is fully functional and good for offspring imprisionment. Better still, good for small dogs.

Pack And Play

2009-06-21 Mountain Bike

This mountain bike has been painted over with an overspray-mungous sloppy black by its (presumably) angst ridden teenage owner. Isn't there a pill for that now amongst the plethora of elective offspring medications? Anyway, we suspect it looks better this way (in a Mad Max sense, not in the way the previous owner imagined) than before so we fixed it up a little and it shall be made available. Just needs a chain.

Mountain Bike

2009-06-21 Maclaren Volo

This Maclaren Volo pushchair is in fine shape and has a handy dandy hood. It was picked up a week or so ago for us by a friendly chap and it is already sold off to a new home via the list of craig.

Maclaren Volo

It does have front wheels and such, but I gave you a cropped pic to show the nice colourful parts of it in better details. With lots of aliasing stuff on the mesh.


2009-06-21 Calphalon Pans

We found a large cardboard box with various cookware in it, including these and other Calphalon pans. The large flat one is good to use but the others may demand some warranty work.

Calphalon Pans

2009-06-20 Trek 220

This Trek 220 is in almost new condition and seems to be targeted at juvenile females. For a junky "made in china" kids' bike it is pretty fancy. Whatever the original target market, a quick check over and we will try to find a new home for it.

Trek 220

2009-06-20 Scotts Mower

This push lawn mower seems in fine shape though it needs the blade setting. It has a wide cut and we will be giving it to certain friends as part of our carbon neutral lawn mower distribution program. Other acquaintances may also want this...

Scotts Mower

2009-06-20 Ross Compact

This Ross Compact bike is a bit strange, it has a shimano 3-speed gear hub and a strange wavy frame. It is in excellent condition though and should be fine for a hipster type, once we make it available to them.

Ross Compact

Note that what we mean by strange in this context is ugly and crap. This intended market for this of course will see it as quirky and cool.


2009-06-20 Peg Perego Seat

yet another Peg Perego baby seat. This one is a little old and maybe a little beat up but it will be inspected carefully and disposed of accordingly.

Peg Perego Seat

2009-06-20 Offspring Rucksack

This Tough Traveller offspring rucksack seems to be all present and correct. The list of craig has historically been an excellent disposal outlet for these and hopefully that will continue. They have similar qualities to the bike seats, people think they will do so much cool outdoor stuff with their kids so buy them but never really use them. This ensures both our supply and demand.

Offspring Rucksack

2009-06-20 Laminator

This laminator is formerly the property of the local school system. It it slightly beat up but seems to work. We may give it some testing usage and then put it in storage for the occasional future use. It will do 8.5 x 11 paper.


2009-06-20 Bonntrager Fork

This Bonntrager carbon fiber fork seems to be a new take-off type item. It is in very good condition but has been installed. It may be traded for other bike stuff or sold on ebay.

Bonntrager Fork

2009-06-14 Tag A Long

This Tag-a-long offspring bike appendage is in fine shape. We may use it or find a new owner for it. It looks pretty much unused.

Tag A Long

2009-06-14 Royce Union Bike

This Royce Union Lady Luck ladies' mountain bike may look like a pile of crap in the picture but in fact it is! Never mind, when assembled and cleaned up it has that shiny allure that somebody will love.

Royce Union Bike

2009-06-14 Peg Perego Bases

These two Peg Perego infant seat bases will be useful for somebody. One is new in the box and the other is dirty. We know a fix for both.

Peg Perego Bases

2009-06-14 Offspring Warming Bag

This thing is a fleecy sleeping bag type arrangement that is perforated in exactly the correct places such that it can be used in a pushchair in conjunciton with the harness system. It sounds complicated but it is rather handy. If you have a fidgety offspring and cold weather then you pretty much need one of these.

Offspring Warming Bag

2009-06-14 Offspring Rucksack

This offspring rucksack is not nearly as fancy as the Kelty one we found the other day but it will be just fine.

Offspring Rucksack

2009-06-14 LL Bean Jogger

This LL Bean branded jogging stroller is actually just a Baby Jogger with some logos and small tweaks on the folding mechanism. Either way there is nothing wrong with it and it shall find a new home soon.

LL Bean Jogger

2009-06-14 Graco Snap and Go

This Graco version of a Snap and Go stroller frame is mildy useful. The list of craig will see it soon.

Graco Snap and Go

2009-06-14 Giant Bike

This Giant Option hybrid style bike is all present and correct except for a bald spot on the rear tyre. This was duly rectified in short order and it is now awaiting a new owner.

Giant Bike

2009-06-14 Cosco Pushchair

This random Cosco pushchair is in OK shape and will be a fine little offspring transportation device for some other people yet unknown to us.

Cosco Pushchair

2009-06-14 Cork Bulletin Board

This Cork Bulletin Board is new in the wrapping. This may be employed at some stage to distract certain offspring.

Cork Bulletin Board

2009-06-14 Britax Seat

This Britax Regent car seat is a pretty huge contraption but is handy for offspring in a certain phase of growth. We will probably not use it as we have our selected favourite car seats but somebody else may wish to use it.

Britax Seat

2009-06-13 Playhouse

This random playhouse is pretty plasticy but provides nice amusment. It folds up small and exands out to have lots of useful stuff. It has a toilet of course, which provides great amusment to certain offspring.


2009-06-13 Maclaren Volo

Yet another Maclaren Volo single pushchair, ideal for random summer deployment. Somebody will want this.

Maclaren Volo

2009-06-13 Laundry Basket

This carryall or whatever it is had some junk in it but we decide it would make a fine laundry receptable.

Laundry Basket

2009-06-13 Kid Floater

This thing is some form of device to float one's young offspring in water. Presumably it works, if not it will drown said offspring. We will see.

Kid Floater

2009-06-13 Ice Skates

These ice skates are brand new and have never been used. Obviously no apparent for discard.

Ice Skates

2009-06-13 Huffy Beach Bike

This Huffy Beach bike is sized a teenager or very small person. It is missing a tyre but we shall clean it up and find it a home, a candidate home is already in the offing.

Huffy Beach Cruiser

Update: Mouse over the pic to see it in cleaned up condition.


2009-06-13 Huffy 3 Speed bike

This mildy ugly 3 speed Huffy bike needed a bit of tuneup and stuff but is now fairly respectable and usable. Not very interesting at all but it will soon be periodically inserted under some hipster's butt for transportation or posing duty.

Huffy 3 Speed bike

2009-06-13 Graco Coach Rider

This Graco Coach Rider stroller is a reasonable attempt by Graco to make a nice European style pushchair. It has some handy features and seems OK quality but has that trademark Graco ugliness. Still it should prove useful to somebody.

Graco Coach Rider

2009-06-13 Emmaljunga Pushchair

This Emmaljunga pushchair looks a little funny but seems to be in good order. It is really nice quality and pretty functional. It is the sort of thing you would need for the prolongued infantilization that some people seem to do with their kids, it is long and strong enough for a pretty large child.

Emmaljunga Pushchair

2009-06-13 Babytrend Double Jogger

Yet another Babytrend Douile jogging stroller. This one is entirely typical, needs air in the tyres and oil on latches and has some fading. Once cleaned up it is a fine and useful device that will prove useful to some nice family yet to introduce themselves to us via a connective service such as the list of craig.

Babytrend Double Jogger

2009-06-12 Quickie Wheelchair

This Quickie RX wheelchair is in fine shape and is overall a pretty nice device. It was discarded into the garbage by the local branch of the Red Cross. This surprises us a somewhat as we had always imagined that one of their core competencies was giving stuff to people who need it. No worries though, we were there to salvage it and we shall find a new owner for it, probably via the list of craig.

Quickie Wheelchair

2009-06-11 Saint Tropez Bike

This mildy random Saint Tropez 3-speed bike was found at the side of the road with the red Schwinn Breeze. It is a little beat up but has great promise as hipster transport.

Saint Tropez Bike

2009-06-10 Schwinn Breeze

This Schwinn Breeze bike was one on two sitting by the side of the road. Our correspondent on the scene could not carry them on the vehicle he was using at the time. He put them behind a barn and went back five days later to retrieve them with a suitable vehicle. Now that is a friend with initiative.

Schwinn Breeze

It is slightly scruffy but it has great hipster bike appeal to certain demographics we have access to.


2009-06-09 Peg Perego Atlantico

This Peg Perego Atlantico model pushchair has slightly faded fabric and is missing the little bar thingy across the front. Despite these issues somebody will probably want it as this is a handy dandy offspring transportation device.

Peg Perego Atlantico

2009-06-08 Spalding bike

This random Spalding Blade bike was in pretty sorry shape when we picked it up but not much has really changed! It has been restored along the "Mad Max" lines to give a pretty nice ridable machine. Though there is a reasonable chance that the hipster who buys it will never ride it.

Spalding bike

What is with Spalding making bikes anyway (yes, yes, we know they probably did not actually make this)? Is it for riding round the golf course or something? The business-weasel phrase "focus on our core business" springs to mind....


2009-06-08 Raleigh Grand Prix

This Raleigh Grand Prix road bike was found more or less stripped, but parts from various places and other junky bikes have resurrected it nicely. This was built to order for a weekend hipster friend of ours, though she may go for the Spalding when she sees it.

Raleigh Grand Prix

2009-06-07 Steering Lock

This handy dandy steering lock was found complete with key. It is not the most secure thing in the world but sometimes handy to brandish.

Steering Lock

2009-06-07 Roadway Beach Cruiser

This Roadway QC-1 beach cruiser did not look like this when we picked it up. In fact it looked 50 years old and as if it had spent that time in a barn. The dust washed off and the chrome cleaned up to give this junky bike that will win some female hipster's heart by virtue of its colour.

Roadway Beach Cruiser

2009-06-07 Peg Perego P3

Yet another Peg Perego Pliko pushchair, this time the more recent P3 model. Due to the combination of robust fabric, nice colour and good condition we may keep this one and sell all previous Plikos. We were flirting with the idea of keeping the brown one found last week but this is nicer.

Peg Perego P3

2009-06-07 Peg Perego Aria

Yet another double Peg Perego Aria pushchair. This is fortunate as we have just sold the last one we got. These are hot items it seems. Their prinicple virtue seems to be their super low weight but they seem a little junky and fragile, maybe just because of their weight?

Peg Perego Aria

2009-06-07 Kelty Kid Carrier

This Kelty offspring portage device is in fine almost unused condition. We have been known to foist our offspring on their grandparents in one of these so this may get used. On the other hand it may just get sold via the list of craig.

Kelty Kid Carrier

2009-06-07 Inglesina Sofia

A complete Inglesina Sofia pram, a current model. This is an excellent find and will be investigated further. A pic of the chassis for now, watch this space for the bassinet. You might consider this the Maserati of prams.

Inglesina Sofia

2009-06-06 Schwinn Suburban

This Schwinn Suburban 5 speed bike has new tyres, is in beautiful condition and only needed air in the tyres to be ridden. It is the weird lime green colour that is pretty nice and seems hip and desirable in certain large cities of our acquantance. It will meet its new hipster owner soon.

Schwinn Suburban

This was actually a garbitrage trade. A gentleman whose retirement hobby is perusing the discards of other people saved it for us and traded it for a large BMW SUV alloy wheel which we picked up a while ago. Everyone is happy.


2009-06-06 Nishiki 5 Speed

This Nishiki 5 speed cruiser seems in fine shape. The derailleur seems a but mis-configured but other than that it does not even need a clean. Hipster equipment to be.

Nishiki 5 Speed

2009-06-06 Emmaljunga Pushchair

This old-ish Emmaljunga pushchair is in pretty fine shape. It has barely been used and just needs a clean and some oil on the folding joints. Destined for the list of craig.

Emmaljunga Pushchair

2009-06-06 Double Joggers

Within half an hour we found three double jogging strollers. Two of the recently ubiquitous purple Babytrend models and one red Baby Jogger. We may have to reduce our prices a little to get the inventory down, but then people value what they get less. It is a difficult tradeoff.

Double Jogger
Double Jogger
Double Jogger

The Babytrend ones were pretty fine and just5 needed a quick wash but the red Baby Jogger need a fair bit of scrubbing with powerful cleaning agents. It is now fit for sale.


2009-06-06 Baby Jogger

Along with the great selection of double joggers we got this single Baby Jogger jogging stroller today. The front tyre was bald, which is not really a big deal, but we replaced it anyway.

Baby Jogger

2009-06-05 GT Vertigo BMX

This GT Vertigo Freestyle BMX is in fine shape modulo the surface rust in some places. It has never really been used, more neglected. It will find a new, hopefully less neglectful, owner via the list of craig.

GT Vertigo BMX

2009-06-04 Huffy Bike

This random Huffy 3-speed bike is pretty spiffy looking after a spot of cleaning etc, but it is still junk. It was one of the batch of four and will join the others, it does look spiffy enough to attract hipster purchasers though.

Huffy Bike

2009-06-04 AMF 3 Speed

This AMF 3-speed bike is a right catastrophe of design, but it does look pretty shiny after our lavish detailing attention. It will probably end up the fashion toy of a hipster, like the other two wheeled conveyances from the batch of four.

AMF 3 Speed

We actually think that the rear dropouts look somewhat like a hurley stick.


2009-06-02 Huffy Regal

This Huffy Regal is anything but. It does however clean up in a nice superficially shiny way so it will find a home as a retro fashion accessory. For the detail minded among you this has a twist grip two cable 5 speed derailleur, that actually still works and needs no adjustment! What a load of junk. Part of the batch of four.

Huffy Regal

2009-06-02 AMF Bike

This AMF 3 speed is one of a batch of four found late one night by the side of the road. It is really ugly and unpleasantly executed but it has the same seventies coolness that a AMC Gremlin might have. It cleaned up pretty well and rides as well as it ever did during its neglected life so somebody will probably wish to exhibit their retro hipster cred by purchasing it from us.

AMF Bike

2009-05-31 Topeak Bike Seats

These two Topeak bike seats were found within a short window of time. They will both be farmed out via the list of craig to happy new owners. We hope. The pics shows them in the raw, they will be cleaned first of course.

Topeak Bike Seats

2009-05-31 Small Rucksack

This small black rucksack is seemingly configured for a person with a lot of tech toys and their attendent chargers, dongles and whatnot. While this might not apply to us it might come in handy at some point.

Small Rucksack

2009-05-31 Maclaren Pushchairs

These two Maclaren pushchairs were found within a short time. First one was almost unused and was complete with accessoriess bag and such. The second had a chocolate stain on it, possible reason for discard?

Maclaren Pushchair
Maclaren Pushchair

2009-05-31 Graco Duo Glider

Yet another Graco Duo Glider stroller in nice condition. After a quick clean to remove the dust this will be fit to meet the nice people who will contact us about it via the list of craig. Though it may have to wait as we have a couple in stock now.

Graco Duo Glider

2009-05-31 Floatation Vest

This offspring flotation device is all shiny and new and does not really seem to have been used much. That is not a problem, it was tested out the same day and proved satisfactory at preventing submersion of offspring.

Floatation Vest

2009-05-31 Chicco Highchair

Yet another Chicco Highchair, this one is in some ways super fancy but has damage to the cover. It will eventually find a new home.

Chicco Highchair

2009-05-30 Schwinn Prelude

This Schwinn Prelude road bike is in fine shape and just needed air in the tyres to be perfectly ridable. All well and good.

Schwinn Prelude

2009-05-30 Ross Pocono

This Ross Pocono mountain bike is pretty junky but after some oil and new gear cables is somewhat useful. We will see who ends up on it, a craigslister or a summer intern.

Ross Pocono

2009-05-30 Peg Perego Pliko

This later model Peg Perego Pliko pushchair (not sure if it is a P3?) is in OK shape except for being missing a useless piece of plastic and being pretty grimy inside. We may use this in place of our older model Pliko so it will be detailed, we suspect, followed by deployment in the service of offspring transportation.

Peg Perego Pliko

2009-05-30 Peg Perego Arias

Within a short space of time we found double and single Peg Perego Aria strollers. They all seem in fine shape, mostly just in need of a wash and such. Both of these will be sent to tantalise idle readers of the list of craig.

Peg Perego Aria
Peg Perego Double Aria

Update: Both sold within 24 hours of their initial exposure on the list of craig, These must be hot items as many people wanted them, we shall keep an eye out for more.


2009-05-30 Offspring Clothing

Somebody had thrown out more or less all the clothes needed for offpring from age one to 7. We picked through the huge pile and the pic below shows about a third of what we picked up. A lot of these items are really good stuff and will be deployed in the pursuit of protecting our offspring from the ever present threat of charges of indecent exposure.

Offspring Clothing

2009-05-30 Misfit BMX Bike

This Misfit Rhino BMX is a little rusted in places and beat up in others but should clean up well enough to make some misfit juvenile very happy at some stage. Intermediate steps might include oil, adjustment and indexing on the list of craig.

Misfit BMX Bike

Update: Mouse over the picture to see it in slightly shinier condition.


2009-05-30 Instep Jogger

This Instep Elite jogging stroller is in fine shape except for the tyres, weirdly one of them is worn down to the fibre under the rubber. It seems tricky to wear out a jogger tyre like that, onne would think. New tyres from stock and this should be sent off to the list of criag to seek its fortune.

Instep Jogger

2009-05-30 Britax Car Seats

We found two Britax car seats within a short space of time, both recent enough to use and all very handy. One is pretty dirty due to the previous occupant being given free reign over foodstuff beyond their capabilities but that is easily remedied.

Britax Car Seat
Britax Car Seat

2009-05-30 Babytrend Sit n Stand

This Babytrend Sit 'n Stand LX stroller (oooooh, the luxury model?) is in fine shape and seems to be all present and correct. We have no need for it so it will be disposed of via the list of craig.

Babytrend Sit n Stand

2009-05-28 Windex

We found this bottle of Windex on top of a pile of rubbish on the street. Now it may not be the most exciting or valuable garbage find we have ever had but we, like many people we know, have windows and they sometimes need cleaning. Just what you need, sometimes when you actually need it. Shown sitting on Egbert.


2009-05-28 Submersible Pump

This fancy looking Alita AUP250 pump was in perfect condition except the screw holding the impeller on had fallen off at some stage. This was probably the reason for discard. We put in a new stainless metric screw and tested it in a bucket of water and it worked rather well. We will dispose of this unless anybody elucidates their need for it.

Submersible Pump

2009-05-25 Stainless Food Trays

These two small stainless steel food service trays were slightly dirty but after a scrub and a cycle in the dishwasher they positively sparkle. As you can see one is already pressed into service, it did not come with the potatoes inside.

Stainless Food Trays

2009-05-24 XFX Video Card

This dual DVI XFX Ge 6800 card is used but is repacked in the original box. It will be tested and deployed at some stage. Contact us if you want it, it is an AGP slot mount.

XFX Video Card

2009-05-24 Sony Laptop

This Sony Vaio PCG F350 came with the power supply. As the pic shows it sort of tries to boot. The machine itself is pretty old but may find a buyer on ebay.

Sony Laptop

The presence of the power supply also allowed us to test this Sony PCG XG9 we found a while ago. This is newer and ostensibly more useful to the world in general though it seems to have arty and abstract graphics issues.

Sony Laptop

Investigation of the found data to occcur at some point and then they will be ebayed off as is.


2009-05-24 Dell Power Supplies

In a cardboard box with the XFX video card were these two Dell laptop power supplies. They will be used for testing future Dell laptops that happen to be found without their power supplies. Spiffy.

Dell Power Supplies

2009-05-23 Trek Mountain Lion

This random Trek Mountain Lion kids bike had a broken brake cable, this of course was quickly remedied. The air inserted into the tyres rendered it perfectly functional. The brake cable was presumably the reason for discard. This will either go to a new owner via the list of craig or a bike shop.

Trek Mountain Lion

2009-05-23 Roadmaster Mt. Fury

This random Roadmaster Mt. Fury mountain bike is really total junk but it is in such nice shape that we figure somebody with little or no eye for quality will want it. We would not go anywhere near Mount Fury on this bike, but then we would not take it on any roads, master of them or not, except to deliver it to a new owner.

Roadmaster Mt Fury

2009-05-23 Raleigh Mermaid

This Raleigh Mermaid child's bike seems pretty crappy but the fact that it has mudguards and a Raleigh badge means that a new owner may be found for it amongst those who consider bicycles fashion accessories.

Raleigh Mermaid

2009-05-23 Magna Look'n Good

This is Magna Look'n Good is actually pretty innaproriately named. That is not important though because we can find people who might actually agree with the name of this bike and wish to acquire it.

Magna Look'n Good

2009-05-23 Graco Mosiac

This Graco Mosaic stroller is of a slightly newer generation of Gracos than we are used to. It had been pretty well used by a messy offspring but has held up well and will have another lifetime with some nice people who will introduce themselves to us via the list of craig.

Graco Mosiac

2009-05-23 Graco Duo Glider

This Graco Duo Glider is is near perfect condition and just needed a squirt with the hose to remove the dust. They are fairly functional devices, if a little unwieldy to push, but it will meet its new owner on the list of craig and we will all be happy.

Graco Duo Glider

2009-05-23 Fondue Thingy

This copper fondue related device is probably intended for chocolate fondues. We will see if we end up using it, we really need extra regular fondue for when we have a crowd. Inside are 4 sterno pots ready for us to use, even if we do not use the device itself.

Fondue Thingy

2009-05-23 Babytrend Jogger

This is Babytrend Double Jogging stroller is a used but good condition. A quick wash and air in the tyres rendered it ready for service with whoever ends up taking custody of it.

Babytrend Jogger

Like the Topeak bike seats we seem to have a steady supply and healthy demand for this particular model. These tend to actually get used more than the bike seats thogh.


2009-05-22 Radiator Tool

W already have one of these special radiator fitting removal tools but we are bound to have friends that do not. Monika?

Radiator Tool

2009-05-22 Centurion Bike

A spiffy Centurion LeMans RS road bike that had lots of dust all over it and no pedals. One issue was dealt with by means of an advanced cleaning methodology (hosepipe) and the other by delving into the spare pedals bin. Rides fine now.

Centurion Bike

2009-05-21 Topeak Bike Seat

Yet another Topeak bike seat, this one complete with the rack system. This will follow the numerous others to the list of craig. Good thing we seem to have both a reliable supply and a reliable market for these. The only problem with this is that the class of CLers interested in purchasing one of these are, as a demographic, clueless and annoying.

Topeak Bike Seat

2009-05-21 Kettler Scooter

This random Kettler Scooter is nothing special but has some level of quality due to being Kettler. We have no shortage of random 'orrible offsprings of our acquantaince that could use it.

Kettler Scooter

2009-05-21 Bouncer

These baby bouncer things are often crappy but there maybe be a critical transsition period in the life of an 'orrible offspring where they can use this effectively. It functions as an inadvertant imprisonment and amusement device.


2009-05-20 Fan Unit

This fan is the sort of thing one might use for drying out floors in basements or generally circulating air in spaces. It works fine and has been lodged in a friend's custody for now. He seems particularly keen that we mention that he now has it, maybe being mentioned like this is fame enough for him?

Fan Unit

2009-05-19 Raleigh M20

This Raleigh M20 mountain-ish bike was missing a couple of pieces off the rear derailleur and the rear tyre. Spares from stock and it is reassembled and ready to go. It is still a piece of junk though.

Raleigh M20

2009-05-16 Shuttle PC

A 2.8Ghz Shuttle PC with 2G RAM and no HD. It has a fancy nVidia video card in it and seems to sort of run knoppix. More investigation to follow.

Shuttle PC

Further investigation reveals that it works fine. It has on board video so if it gets deployed to a certain task the nVidia will become spare parts. As this text is being written it is getting a test install of Ubuntu on it.


2009-05-16 Schwinn Caliente

This Schwinn Caliente bike is pretty junky and has some issues. We cleaned up a bunch of stuff and replaced some parts. The pic shows it halfway through this process, the front half of the bike is spiffy while the rear is still looks rusty crusty. When finished it will be an item coveted by numerous hipsters, we hope. But it will still be crap quality.

Schwinn Caliente

2009-05-16 Lawn Mower

This fairly new push lawn mower was procured to order. The blade seems nice and tight, it cuts fine, it rolls, Monika?

Lawn Mower

2009-05-16 Extension Cable

This orange extension cable is about 80 feet long and has a missing ground pin on the plug. A new plug will be procured and installed. A handy thing.

Extension Cable

2009-05-16 Double Jogger

This BabyTrend double jogging stroller needed air in the tyres and a quick rinse to get rid of the dust and it is as good as new and ready for sale. It does not even have the latch problems that frequently plague these models. No reason for discard apart from the flat tyre? Making an appearance on the list of craig soon.

Double Jogger

2009-05-16 Chicco Highchair

Well, this is a slightly different model to the one we got a while ago. The previous one was given to friends but we have run out of friends in need of such so we will have to make new temporary friends via the list of craig to dispose of this one.

Chicco Highchair

2009-05-16 Books

Some random books to either add to shelves or give away.


2009-05-16 Bike Rack

Most of a bike rack is present here in these parts, but not all of it. We suspect that bike shop owners of our acquaintance will be able to find a use for this pile of metal.

Bike Rack

2009-05-16 Bike Parts

We got a bunch of parts in a transitional state, previously they were not bike parts but at some point they will be. We got another exercise bike from which we salvaged the crank and chain. Also a garage door opener yielded up its chain to us. It is good to stockpile these things while we can. No pic for now.

Also found was brand new front wheel and a road tyre for a mountain bike wheel. All very handy.

Bike Parts

2009-05-14 Dahon Folding Bike

This folding bike is pretty crappo and heavy and primitive compared to the modern version but it was definitely worth picking up. If we can get it going somebody might want it but if not it has numerous parts on it that could be used on other bikes.

Dahon Folding Bike

2009-05-14 Cranks

Given the high flow of random bikes passing through we decided to scavenge more key parts. One source of certain bike parts in perfect condition is Exercise Bikes. They yield parts of "New Old Stock" quality for two reasons, nobody ever uses these things and while they are being unused they sit inside in the basement as opposed to outside where they might rust. Pic shows some nice cranks we got, the chain was retrieved from this one also but not shown.


2009-05-12 GT Kids Bike

This kids' GT bike has seven gears and fancy linear pull brakes. It needed some attention regarding the front brake lever and saddle. The number of holes in the rear tube was also in excess of design parameters. Luckily, we know secret methods to remedy all of the above. Monika?

GT Kids Bike

2009-05-09 Simo Bertini

This Simo Bertini twin pushchair would seem to be the Maserati of pushchairs except that we think they are Norwegian rather than the obvious Italian. Whichever, they make quality gear and this is no exception. It needs a clean and then will be introduced to some new discerning owners at some point using the list of craig.

Simo Bertini

2009-05-09 Schwinn Hollywood

This Schwinn Hollywood girls' bike is from the mid 1940s we think. The previous owner had conveniently put two new tyres on it before tossing it into the scrap metal. It needed some seatpost attention and a clean and here it is for your viewing pleasure. It will probably find a home with some hipster, we will see.

Schwinn Hollywood

2009-05-09 Peg Perego Centro

This random Peg Perego Centro pushchair is in fine shape and needed nothing but a clean to be ready for offspring transportation deployment. Surplus to our requirements so off it goes to seek its fortune on the list of craig.

Peg Perego Centro

2009-05-09 Mongoose A40

This Mongoose A40 bike has a few rusty screws etc and needed air in the tyres and the chain putting back on. Rides fine, junky but light and fancy looking, to some peoples' eyes. It will shortly be available on the list of craig for those very people.

Mongoose A40

Update: Sold to a nice chap who refused to test ride it but tested out the various subsystems in the static mode. Not our problem.


2009-05-09 Emmaljunga Seat

This is just the detachable seat part of an Emmaljunga. This would be the Volvo of pushchairs, we suspect. This model is pretty old but fully functional and in nice condition. There exists a small but discerning userbase for these things and hopefully we will make one of them happy at some stage. Egbert is visible behind it along with five (plus?) other items that have appeared on this page.

Emmaljunga Seat

2009-05-08 Royal Scot Bike

This classic English 3-speed Royal Scot Lightweight seems like it could be quite a viable bike after some air in the tyres. It obviously does not have the quality of Raleigh but seems pretty nice. Some hipster will love it.

Royal Scot Bike

Update: Sold off to a happy hipster.


2009-05-08 Britax Car Seat

This is a random large size Britax car seat with the adjustable element in the high back area. The cover is great but one of the straps has issues. It will either get new straps or donate its cover to the cause of rehabilitating another one, we will see.

Britax Car Seat

2009-05-06 Evergreen Tree

Some guy was tossing this tree, rootball and all, onto the brush pile. It seemed like it might have a chance so we rescued it and brought it home. After dinner an earnest youth of our acquaintance implemented the planting procedure in our garden.

Evergreen Tree

2009-05-06 Brace of Puters

First a Dell 2.4Ghz PC with 512M RAM, XP installed and working, no apparent reason for discard. Lots of juvenile plus "mom" usage of the machine. Below is a randomly chosen IM session from the AIM chat logs, the names (and usernames) have been tinkered with to protect the terminally clueless.

cornsyyrup354: hi cathy look i think we have to talk, i no we have are
               diffirences and stuff but i think we both miss are friendship and 
               we both want to be friends and of all the years we have been friends
               and all the laughs we had i miss it and i am ok with u being friends
               with alicia -not that u need my okay- but i am fine u can have friends. 
               i just was woundering if we can put this behind us and be bffl again
               bc i no it would mean a lot to both of us, i am tired of fighting
               and i thought it would last a day but i guess i was wrong-witrch
               i am a lot- i am sorry abot what happened
Auto response from ladytattoooo: Your IM has been sent to my mobile
device. When I receive it, I will be able to reply. Thanks for your IM!
Want your IMs forwarded to your phone? Click here

cornsyyrup354: plz call or wright or send or talk or reply soon
ladytattoooo: you just dono't get it do you??
ladytattoooo: i have told you so many times that i am not becoming friends with
              you untill you fisically YOURSELF calls my mother and appoligizes this
              could have been over with so long ago but you just can't seem to realize 
              your in the wrong and your NOT right and you need to do something for
              someone else
ladytattoooo: the thing that pissed me off is that you never apologized to me
              or my mother
ladytattoooo: you have appoligized to me but you still have my mom
ladytattoooo: get that through your head
cornsyyrup354: wait wait wait watdoes any of this have to do with ur mom?
cornsyyrup354: i am trying to say i am sorry
cornsyyrup354: but wats the point if u wont forgive me  ..the best part 
               of being a best friend is that when u have a fight u never stop
               being friends u just find yourself makeing up and huging
cornsyyrup354: u forgive and forget ..
cornsyyrup354: a bump on the rode wont stop u from driving
ladytattoooo: IT COSTED MY MOM 1,000 DOLLARS
ladytattoooo: DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH MONEY THAT IS?!?!?!
cornsyyrup354: lest u get a party for 1 and 2 u kenw about it, 3 yes i no
               what $$is and 4 it did mean a lot to u and u had a good time - darryl
               showed me the film - 5 i am glad 6 ...7
cornsyyrup354: i did!
cornsyyrup354: the day after i left u a message
cornsyyrup354: the day at school i said to gg give this to her but dont read it
cornsyyrup354: on wed i said darryl ask her - i never told darryl any thing -
cornsyyrup354: i put it on ur home phone! so u and ur mum can here it
cornsyyrup354: that is y i put it on ur home phone not ur cellz
ladytattoooo: but you didn't say sorry to her
cornsyyrup354: yes
cornsyyrup354: the film
ladytattoooo: shut up your wrong
cornsyyrup354: on darryls cellz
ladytattoooo: no your rong
ladytattoooo: you have to get this over with
cornsyyrup354: darryl has a tape on her cellz
ladytattoooo: call my mom and appoligize
ladytattoooo: thats all i have to say
cornsyyrup354: what do u want me to say
ladytattoooo: GOOD-BYE!!!!!!
ladytattoooo signed off at 8:11:41 PM.

Well, we are glad they got that sorted out. Any linguistics students out there want a Ph.D. topic?

The other machine was a Alienware thingy, missing HD and various hardware parts. It will certainly yield various parts for the fixing of computing machines in general, it will probably not run again in this form unless for short-term amusement purposes.

Alienware PC

2009-05-05 Thinkpad T40

This Thinkpad T40 has a 1.5Ghz CPU, 512M RAM and no keys. It has a keyboard and typing still works but the keys were salvaged by the previous owner, or some such. Apart from that it cannot seem to make it past the BIOS when booting but we forsee no major issue there as it will probably be ebayed as is.

Thinkpad T40

2009-05-02 Lego

A plastic bag full of Lego pieces, fairly modern ones in general. This will be rinsed and tossed in whatever big bucket of Lego comes to hand first here.


2009-05-02 Devices for Seated Offspring

All in one day we gathered up this nice selection of various devices for use with offspring in the seated position. We could have pictured and listed them seperately but the ensemble picture seems quite nice.

Devices for Seated Offspring

From the left:


2009-05-02 Dell Pentium 4

This is a random Dell Pentium 4 2.6Ghz PC or so with memory, disk etc. The fan on the power supply is dead (possible reason for discard?) and the HD had all the personal files on it unlinked. Unlinked but still present.

Dell Pentium 4

2009-05-02 Compaq Laptop

This Compaq seems all nice and new and shiny on the outside but does not boot or show any sign of life. That is fine, maybe watch this space for more investigation or we will ebay the thing off entire as is. Maybe even both.

Compaq Laptop

2009-04-30 Dell Pentium 4

This Dell P4 GX270 2.8Ghz PC was missing memory and disk but they are in general machines worth saving, if possible. We found some memory in stock from prior salvage, a disk from a decommisioned RAID array and a discarded G-wireless PCI card and installed them. Then, using an XP install CD from the trash (first sale doctrine) we put an OS on it and made it ready for a friend's father. Bonus points for multi-sourcing we feel! Spiffy, despite the scuff marks on the case.

Dell Pentium 4

2009-04-25 Wooden Chairs

These random wooden chairs are nothing special, but they are useful and pretty nice. We have no great need for them but somebody we know will be able to find a home for them.

Wooden Chairs

2009-04-25 Raleigh Grand Prix

This Raleigh Grand Prix bike was dropped off complete except for one set of brake pads and the pedals. One tyre was blown out and the other was sketchy so after two (cheap) new tyres and a couple of various new cables it is ready to be ridden. The pic shows it approaching ridability, strictly downhill would be possibly with it in this state, but not desirable.

Raleigh Grand Prix

2009-04-25 Play House

This plastic play house and slide thingy is in perfect shape and was presuambly tossed because the offspring outgrew it. That is fine, there are always offspring somewhere ready to grow into it.

Play House

2009-04-25 Patio Chairs

A member of the barstaff at our friendly local brewpub requested some random patio sitting equipment, so we picked this up. They are pretty nice and after a clean should be fine. Cheers.

Patio Chairs

2009-04-25 Kids Bikes

This red no-name kids bike was found in almost new condition with horrible stickers all over it. We removed them and it is now tolerable and no-name-esque. The stabilizer wheels came seperately but exactly when called for.

Kids Bike

This Magna Blowtorch bike is also pretty much new and unused, reason for discard may have been that the chain had come off. It is a horrific paint scheme and overall concept but it will go to some random offspring in need of a wheeled device to fall off.

Kids Bike

2009-04-25 Double Jogger

This Babytrend double jogging stroller is in near new condition and has not discernable signs of use except a slight fading in certain places. That of course is not neccesarily a sign of use, just of having sat in the sun, but there you go. Reason for discard may have been chronic disuse but more likely the folding catches, which on this particular model become stiff and unworkable with time in a humid climate. A judiciously applied drop of oil on each side fixed that though, so it is destined for the list of craig.

Double Jogger

2009-04-25 Calpalon Pot

This is a random Calphalon "sauce pan" that has lost the interior coating. We know what to do with it. Shown in repose upon Egbert.

Calpalon Pot

2009-04-25 Bianchi Strada

This Bianchi Strada bike is a piece of crud for a Bianchi but with that name on it somebody will want it. It was missing wheels, saddle, pedals and brake pads, all of which we have in stock. This will be nicely detailed for sale to a hipster.

Bianchi Strada

2009-04-23 Schwinn Varsity

This Schwinn Varsity bike has a huge frame, which is apparently in demand in certain circles. We shall see if some long legged hipster snaps it up. It needed a new gear cable, new tyres, a few other random things and some tweaking and tuning. Overall it has cleaned up nicely and is pretty nice to ride.

Schwinn Varsity

2009-04-18 Peugeot Bike

This bike looks in a pretty sorry state and is missing the chainrings and possibly some other small pieces. Some of the parts on it are really nice though and it may be worth saving, we will see.

Peugeot Bike

2009-04-18 Coffee Machine

This coffee machine, though slightly too feature-laden for our taste, seems to work fine and be all present and correct. It will tentatively become the reserve Z pot.

Coffee Machine

2009-04-18 Cast Iron Table

This table turned up with no top and looking a little rusty and forlorn. It was pretty simple to clean it up and the new wooden top was made up of wood we salvaged last year from a different table top. This might become our outdoor cafe style table, depending on how it turns out. The picture show it in mock-up mode prior to actually committing to a final design.

Cast Iron Table

2009-04-15 Schwinn Varsity

A pretty classic Schwinn Varsity road bike in the strange light green colour, somewhat spiffy but in need of a fair bit of tuneup and attention.

Schwinn Varsity

This was in part trade for the Gary Fisher. Kind of counts?


2009-04-15 Gary Fisher Hybrid

We rescued a Gary Fisher hybrid bike from stagnant imminent discard a while ago, here it is:

Gary Fisher Hybrid

It needed numerous new parts and fixing but with what we had in stock we did not have to buy much. This then makes a really nice ridable bike for our friend. In return he gave us the two bikes he had that were not really being used and destined for some form of future discard. Those are also here somewhere.


2009-04-15 Centurion Le Mans

The first is a Centurion Le Mans mixte. It is pretty junky but is in nice shape, just needed a flat fix and some general tuning.

Centurion Le Mans

2009-04-14 Ross Eurotour

A murky brown Ross Eurotour bike in much neglected but not abused state. It may actually have never been ridden, certainly not discernably. The tyres are dried out and there is some surface rust but apart from that it is but a small amount of work from being a hipster's dream transportation device.

Ross Eurotour

Update: Sold to a happy hipster within hours of being put on sale. In a slightly cleaned cleaned up state of course.


2009-04-12 Kids Bike

A random kiddie bike procured upon request for some friends. It had a genuine reason for discard, something along the lines of "we reversed over it with the SUV". This is a pretty common cause of death for strollers and bikes these days. Fortunately the damage was limited to the front wheel so we replaced that and voila, ready to ride (or fall off).

Kids Bike

2009-04-11 EMac

A random eMac 1.25 Ghz, 768M RAM, 40G HD, all in good shape, boots fine. The picture shows it undergoing upgrade to 10.4 for the purposes of use or trade or sale. The previous owner had some real estate related documents on it and some pictures that seemed to be documenting an insurance claim, otherwise uninteresting.


2009-04-11 AMF Roadmaster

This is a pretty junky AMF Roadmaster bike but it is cleaning up nicely and will go to make some hipster happy in their newfound bike-trendiness. It needed air in the tyres and one spoke replaced. The reason for discard may have been the fatal error inducing install of some bracket on the seat mount, that is all cleaned away now and it is more or less ready for sale.

AMF Roadmaster

We are not sure exactly which roads this thing is supposed to be the master of, but we definitely do not wish to travel them. Update: Sold to a hipster and a basket installed on the front.


2009-04-09 Schwinn Suburban

A friend had this spiffy little Schwinn Suburban for years in his garage, it was his childhood bike or some such. Given a choice between near/long term tossing and us he discarded it our way. We cleaned it up to it's present state and it will go to satisfy a hipster's urge. The proceeds will be (partly) spent on a keg of beer from our friendly local brewer for a party of some form.

Schwinn Suburban

Update: Sold and the proceeds earmarked for a keg of beer or some such.


2009-04-02 Fuji Suncrest Bike

This Fuji Suncrest was a little dirty and had two flat tyres when found. Either of those factors may have been the reason for discard but both were remedied in about five minutes leaving a pretty functional bike ready for the next owner. This person shall be introduced to us by the list of craig.

Fuji Suncrest Bike

Update: Sold, after some dithering by flakey customers to a nice chap. Certain CLers are really a pain in the butt.


2009-04-01 Lotus Viking

This Lotus Viking mountain bike was partly stripped and not very happy at all when we found it. A bunch of spare parts made it rideable and pretty nice but we will see what occurs with it.

Lotus Viking Bike

B>Update: Sold to a nice Dutchman for use as a random round-town bike.


2009-03-28 Phillips 3 Speed Bike

This is a nice Phillips 3 speed English bike in OK condition. It was made in 1959, the year before Raleigh bought the company. It had 4 missing spokes but that seems to be all the real problems. The Sturmey Archer hub was dry and wedged in neutral but upon refilling with oil and some mechanism working it was fine. The tyres and tubes are original (or at least very old) and in fine shape. The pic shows it after some cleaning, front wheel, cable sheaths and some small details yet to do.

Phillips 3 Speed Bike

The quality on the Phillips was slightly below Raleigh but this is an astounding piece of technology. It has lasted 50 years with very low maintainance and after some lube and air and such it is now a great pleasure to ride. Dear reader, how many items do you own that exhibit these properties?


2009-03-28 Hilift Jack

A Hilift Jack with a slightly rusty mechanism. We are betting there is nothing really wrong with it and that a quick "canadian rebuild" will put it in order. These things have a habit of sticking unless you keep them slathered in oil so I bet the previous owner encountered that condition in the dim and distant past. Then they neglected it for a few years before tossing it. We will see when we inspect it more closely.

Hilift Jack

Update: Just need a bunch of oil and it now works fine.


2009-03-28 Disposable Luggage

A random suitcase that will be handy for giving away to somebody who needs one at some point.

Disposable Luggage

2009-02-28 Jogging Stroller

This random Baby Jogger only had one wheel when we found it, but luckily the spares department was able to supply a full set in nice condition. The rear ones are larger than intended but that will be heralded as a feature for rolling smoothly over extreme jogging territory, or some such. Off to the list of craig with it.

Jogging Stroller

Update: Sold on CL a day or so after listing.


2009-02-23 Jogging Stroller

This is a mostly stripped down Baby Jogger. It is missing all the accessories but usaable as is, hence will be sent to seek its fortune on the list of craig.

Jogging Stroller

2009-02-19 Double Jogger

A random but pretty fine double jogging stroller, it may or may not be missing the hood. A sticky strip has come unstuck at the bottom but that will be glued back on at some point. Shown here after a quick wash.

Double Jogger

2009-02-14 iBook G4

A random iBook G4 that will be good for spares/parts etc. Pieces of it may end up on ebay.

iBook G4

2009-02-14 Trek 800 Bike

A random Trek 800 ladies model bike that seems in OK shape. Some scavenger had just pulled wheels off it when we got to it but it seems in OK shape so we pulled a couple fo stock to rebuild it. Previous owner had put on a new front gear cable and wired it up wrong, probably the reason for discard.

Trek 800 Bike

2009-02-14 Radiator

A small cast iron radiator set up for steam heating. This will be made aavailable on the list of craig soon.


2009-02-14 Limestone

A random piece of limestone cut to be a large step, we think. This will be used to make some form of little bench in the garden at some point. It is quite nice.


2009-02-12 Thinkpad X41

An X41 thinkpad tablet machine in pretty rough shape. Somebody had beat it up but we took it for spares etc. HD was full of evidence of a drugs company sales rep who use but not much else. The 60G super mini HD and the 1G RAM stick are pretty handy, everything is pretty much scrap thinkpad material.


2009-02-10 Mongoose Switchback

This middling crappy mountain bike had two flat tyres upon pickup but after insertion of compressed air into same it seems fine. It is barely ridden though a few years old and pretty fine bike for pootling around town, it has mountain bike slicks on it. Going up onto the list of craig.

Mongoose Switchback

Update: Sold to a nice chap for use as a station bike, a good choice on his part we feel.


2009-02-10 Jogging Stroller

A random jogger in OK shape, nothing special but handy if you need one of these. This will be quickly destined for the list of craig. It needed air in the tyres and a quick clean, pic shows it rinsed before getting a light scrub.

Jogging Stroller

2009-02-10 Dell GX270

Yet another Dell GX270 Pentium 4 PC machine, this one is pretty dirty inside and is also missing memory and HD. It is a 2.4Ghz and seems like it should be fine after a spot of cleanup and a few parts from the pile. It seems like this came from the same previous owner as the others but the dirt profile inside is very different.

Dell GX270

2009-02-08 Offloaded Pentium 4 Batch

Having examined the rather large inventory of Pentium 4 PC machines at our disposal we decided to offload a batch of complete but non-booting machines in exchange for cash. The two Dell machines you may recognise from the sketchy picture below but the Compaq and the Gateway probably did not make it onto this page when they were picked up. All are between 1.4 and 1.8 Mhz and kind of junky but perfectly useful for basic computing needs. Coincidentally (or not) they are all case designs that annoy us, hence maybe better to have somebody else do the serious fiddling.

Offloaded Pentium 4 Batch

This is probably an update entry and a new stuff entry.


2009-02-08 Dell Computers

We found three Dell Pentium 4 GX270 PC machines, all three were missing their memory and hard drives. We took two, a 3 Ghz and a 2.4Ghz model. We have access to some memory with which to resurrect these, and random hard drives are easy to come by. The pics show them baring their guts with new drives and an OS installed but awaiting their longer term memory (borrowed sticks were used for the install process). These will be sold or traded.

Dell P4
Dell P4

2009-02-02 Computers

A bumper crop of computing machinary all in more or less the same state, missing HD but complete with RAM. This seems to indicate that somebody just closed down an office and was wise enough to secure their data before tossing out a whole bunch of perfectly good machines.

First up a Dell dual 3Ghz PC machine with no HD, 1G RAM and a super fancy graphics card. A test with knoppix indicate two happy little penguins and everything seems to work.

Dell Dual P4

Next in line is a HP Pavillion dual 2.8Ghz, again plenty of RAM but missing the HD. Again tests fine but needs a quick clean out before it settles into what ever use we find for it.

HP Pavillion Dual 2.8Ghz

Also present were 2 1.4Ghz Dell Pentium 4 machines, obviously less fancy and such but still pretty functional machines. The missing cover is out of shot, not actually missing. Pic is fuzzy but you get the idea:

Dell Dimension 1.4Ghz

Last an not least were two Dell Pentium 3 laptops, presumably from the same source but they both still had their hard drives but were missing the power supplies. Both booted XP and ran slowly due to all the anti-virus junk. We investigated the yellow trimmed one and once all the anti-virus stuff was taken off it ran surprisingly well for a 500Mhz with XP on it. Fortunately we sold them both off before we could play with them any more.

Dell Laptops

2009-01-31 Macally Keyboard

A random Macally USB keyboard, these are always handy to have if only to give away to friends in need.

Macally Keyboard

2009-01-31 Kitchenaid Proline Mixer

This KitchenAid mixer was unfortunately missing the stainless steel bowl, we suspect that the scummy scrapmetal guys took that. On the plus side it works fine and even looks very fine now that is cleaned up, the pic shows it still all covered in special previous owner dust.

Kitchenaid Proline Mixer

Update: Snapped up by a friend, they call him "the Donald.". Well, we do anyway.


2009-01-31 Cast Iron Steam Radiator

A somewhat ornate cast iron radiator in nice condition. We have no need for this and none of our steam powerred friends are in needs of units so this will be sent to heat another home via the list of craig.

Cast Iron Steam Radiator

Update: Sold to a nice chap who introduced himself to us via the list of craig.


2009-01-12 Ross Gran Tour Bike Reborn

This Ross started out a while ago as a silver 10 speed Gran Tour II and ended up being converted to a painfully hip flip-flop singlespeed. Various parts were purchased in the process but the frame and some other stuff came from the original discarded Ross. The paint job is the tar-like bumpy undercoating for cars, probably this one.

Ross Gran Tour Bike

2009-01-12 Refurbished Dell

This Dell was picked up a while ago but we only really got to grips with it today. It is a 2.4Ghz Pentium 4 PC, so plenty useful enough for most people.

After some parts shuffling (cdrom was working but slow) we attempted a clean OS install but it failed with a big fat bluescreen. It seemed like a memory failure so we used knoppix to conduct a memtest. That failed hugely so we pulled one memory card out and tried again, hence success! After the install we threw in a new piece of memory into the empty slot and failure again, oh no! Maybe the slot was bad? A few false starts and then close inspection revealed dust bunnies in the RAM slot. Shopvac action and all is fine. This presumably explains the reason for discard, previous owner put extra memory in some time after original purchase, in doing so crushed accumulated clumps of dust into the slot rendering the machine nebulously useless, hence to discard.

Refurbished Dell

Update: Sold on the list of craig.


2009-01-08 Topeak Bike Seat

This was attached to the Gary Fisher bike. It is probably better to try and sell them seperately rather than together so we unscrewed it. After a quick wash this will be off to the list of craig, complete with the suitable rack under it.

Topeak Bike Seat

2009-01-08 Gary Fisher Big Sur

This fine bike is Gary Fisher Big Sur, which is apparently something halfway fancy. It had been dropped in the scrap metal with the Topeak seat attached. The bucket loader had grabbed it by the front wheel and tossed it in the big can, ruining the front wheel. We rescued it, put on a new wheel (and tube) and will sell it on the list of craig forthwith. Reason for discard appeared to have been a flat front tyre, the tube was missing and the tyre was off the rim. It had a weird junky seat with it but we tossed this Trek seat on for the pic and will throw on a spare Gary Fisher seat later.

Gary Fisher Big Sur

Update: Sold within 12 hours of being salvaged. In other news we have available one Gary Fisher front mountain bike hub.


2009-01-06 Trail a bike

Yet another Trail-a-bike, this one slightly more used, or at least older, than the last. This is also missing the little coupling hitch on the front but after a clean and some new (old) handlebar grips it is ready for the list of craig.

Trail a bike

The traffic cone is nothing to do with the bike, it is just allowing it to pose in the rough orientation it is intended to be used in.


2009-01-03 iBook

A 12 inch iBook G3 missing battery and power supply. Upon testing absolutely nothing occurs when attempting to boot. This will probbaly be parted out for ebay at some stage.

iBook 12inch

2009-01-03 IBM Pentium 4

An IBM dual 3Ghz Pentium 4 in nice shape except missing memory and hard drive. Some memory from inventory allowed us to test it using knoppix and it seems fine. The addition of a HD will make this a fine element in a certain distributed computing task. Pic shows the scavenged memory installed.


2009-01-03 Fuji Touring Bike

A pretty fancy Fuji Saratoga touring bike with triple chainring, spare spokes mounted on the frame, and lots of lugs. It is really rather nice but we have no use for it. It is already on the list of craig but super special deep discount available to readers of this page if they should want it.

Fuji Saratoga

Update: Sold within 12 hours of initial pickup.


2009-01-03 Cast iron griddle

A Lodge cast iron griddle with ridges on one side and smooth on the other. We do not really need this so it may be available. Two pics, one showing each side.

Lodge Griddle
Lodge Griddle

This may already have been snapped up.


2009-01-02 Snowblower

It started snowing again today so of course we are on the lookout for snow clearing tools. Most conveniently we found this Snapper Snowblower. With the choke on and a couple of pumps on the fuel bulb it started first time. It has half a tank of fuel. The reason for discard seems to be the fact that the drive belt to the snow chomper on the front seems to have stretched and does not engage properly anymore. A quick adjustment on the moving idler pulley that engages said drive and it works fine.


The previous owner seems to have kept it well serviced, the oil was clean, the plug is new and the joints had fresh grease on them. But maybe we will throw it away once we have finished the fuel in it...


2008-12-30 Xbox 360

An Xbox 360 in undamanged physical state but missing the special power and A/V stuff required to actually use it. We will borrow some cables to try this out and see what happens.

Xbox 360

2008-12-30 Stainless Steel Table.

This stainless steel catering style table is brand new and seemingly never been assembled. That must be sufficient reason to discard it we suppose. Pic soon, maybe?

Stainless Table

2008-12-30 Phones

A selection of wireless phones and other mobile gadgetry, notably five Palm Treo devices. We picked these up for somebody who needs a new phone thinking we would get one of them working and indeed that proved to be the case. Two shown working in the pic that will accept the relevent sim card, various chargers and USB thingies present. Also a palm and lots of random adaptors and gear in the bag.

Wireless Phones

Some cheesy pics present on the phone from the previous owners, nothing too exciting though.


2008-12-30 Nishiki Cresta

This Nishiki Cresta was partly stripped by the time we got to it, which is a shame as it is a really nice classic bike. We have the wheels for it and it came with bars etc, just lots of little parts were missing.

Nishiki Bike

Update: Sold with the Fuji to a nice chap who was sent by the list of craig.


2008-12-30 Dell P4

A small form factor Dell Pentium 4 PC, missing the HD. It has 2.7Ghz, 512M RAM, boots knoppix fine and runs very quietly. How nice.

Dell P4

Update: Refurbished and a huge hit on the list of craig. It seems these small machines are in quite some demand.


2008-12-22 Chair

A small chair we acquired some time ago turns out to be moderatly nice and made of maple. It had a nasty thick coat of dark finish on it and was loose and rickety. After liberal applications of sandpaper, glue, clamps and varnish it looks like this. It does not fit to the maple desk but it is useful nevertherless for the offspring.

Maple Chair

2008-12-17 Desk

A friend bought a house and this desk was left in the basement by the previous owners. It did not, of course, look like this at the time we came into possession of it. It had a thick layer of ugly stained varnish on it and the drawers were all falling apart at the backs. The liberal application of sandpaper, glue, varnish and such rendered it into this state. The centre drawer is not yet finished (in more ways than one) but will make it in there eventually. The desk is now deployed in service of the offspring.

Maple Desk

2008-12-13 Mixer

A white KitchenAid mixer in used but perfectly working usable shape. Comes with two mixer blades, stainless bowl, pouring thingy. This is available to anybody who wants it.


Update: snapped up by some vegans.


2008-12-13 Matching Luggage

A set of 3 Victorinox luggage pieces. We are quite sure the swiss army don't use these. Two large cases and a rolling suit bag. All three seem lightly used and in excellent condition. We have no idea what to do with these at present as we pretty much never travel with anything this large. We will see.


2008-12-13 Kawasaki BMX

BMX bikes are really not bikes in the sense of being a useful conveyance and so we do not generally deal with them, but this Kawasaki seems quite new and complete, hence we may be able to hook it up with a new owner at some stage.

Update. While the bike seemed eminently fixable the previous owner had got sand in all the bearings and bent the rear wheel. Too much effort for us so we stripped some useful parts to help another bike live.


2008-12-13 Cookware

A selection of pots and pans. We left several cheaper (but technically usable) items behind and cherry-picked the good stuff. First a couple of Calphalon items that both have a very good reaason for warranty return and hence may end up being returned.

Calphalon Pan
Calphalon Pan

Next an Ikea collander, sort of useful. Not sure if we will keep this yet.


Also in this batch were a large Le Creuset lid, a steamer and some stainless steel bowls. The lid fits a nice cast iron pan that previously featured here so we may deploy it in that role. The bowls are available and the steamer has yet to be tested for fit and effectiveness.

Update: Several items found homes already with various friends. The Le Creuset lid fit one of our pans so it gets to find a home here.


2008-12-10 Sony Laptop

A Vaio Pentium 4 laptop with a broken screen. It seems in good shape otherwise but we have no power supply for it. No worries, we were able to make a handy backup of the previous owners data and see what was there. Lots of pics of suburban club culture, a bunch of mp3s reflecting the same taste and almost nothing else. The browser cache was entirely what one might expect for the relevent demographic.

Some of the pics seem like they could appear here, except that the parties involved are only respectively douchie or hot to a moderate degree, nothing worthy of widespread publication on the interwebs. Sorry, no pics for you here.

Vaio Laptop

Update: Turns out that the fine users of ebay seems to find this enticing. Smashing, entertainment and cash value in one easy to ship package.


2008-12-10 Cast Iron Update

Somebody took some nice cleaned up up cast iron pans from us a while ago and they got all excited and made pizza with them. Turned out pretty well, according to the reports, and here is the pic they sent of the results.

Cast Iron Pizza

Seems like pizza might be a great way of building up the cure on pans that have a young cure on them.


2008-12-09 Plane

A Stanley No 72 chamfer plane, in pretty good shape and still sharp. The pic shows it after a quick cleanup. If the crazy tool collectors of our acquaintance do not want this it will be sent to make its fortune on ebay, where apparently they are rather sought after.


2008-12-04 Parking Meter

This is the working guts from a parking meter. Who knows what it was doing in the scrap metal but it is a nice piece of machinery for generally playing with etc. It may find a home in the z-dudes' museum of computing.

Parking Meter

2008-11-29 Schwinn Varsity

We got this Schwinn Varsity road bike a while ago and it sat around until we cleaned it up. Lots of attention with the chromezall and some new bar tape and it is off to be sold to an eager hipster. Pic shows the new bar tape and the super cool Schwinn head badge.

Schwinn Varsity

2008-11-29 Mac G4 Cube

A Mac G4 cube, missing the power supply. Pity, the power supply is worth more than the cube, testing will commence once we borrow a spare power supply. Also present the keyboards pictured, a 1st generation 450Mhz iMac and a mac flatscreen. A competing scavenger got the screen and those iMacs are too slow for us to bother with now.

G4 cube

Update The thing works fine though now but the IDE ribbon was pulled out of the HD. Was this a primitive attempt at data security by the previous owners we wonder? Probably was considering the tricky nature of the mounting. Contents of the HD:


2008-11-29 Lamps

Two small strip lights. One came a few days ago and is shown installed under some cabinets in the pic below. The other also works but is as yet hanging around and not illuminating anything.


Note the toaster appeared on this page in the past.


2008-11-26 Bikes

Two bikes, all very wibbly and spiffy. First a Kona Hahanna, whatever that is. It is not the best bike in the world but certainly not the worst. Somebody will want this. When found it was missing a seat and the two quick release skewers for the wheels, but otherwise in fine shape. A seat and skewers from the pile and it rides OK. Look for it on the list of craig or snag it before it gets there.

Kona Bike

Also a Lotus Excelle, which seems to have been a halfway fancy road bike at some time. The bars were badly bent by some collision/crushing type event but we tossed another pair on. It is very tight and smooth to ride, needs bar tape then off to feed the rabid hipster market for drop bar bikes. There is a good chance that some hipster might want this to be a single speed, the frame has a certain elegance to it. We don't care as long as they hand over the cash.

Lotus Road Bike

Update: The new bar tape is on and the thing is ready for the list of craig, pic updated also.


2008-11-14 Krate Bike

A small Krate bike in middling condition. This may clean up nice and find a home, we are not sure. Bikes of this ilk seem to be recently trendy and commanding absurd prices so it is worth a try.

All Clad Stainless Pan

Update: Cleaned up and sent away to amuse the offspring of certain relatives.


2008-11-14 Coffee Pot

Due to coffee pot issues in certain circles we frequent, we resolved to collect a stash of spare coffee pots. Shortly thereafter a friend dropped his and hence was able to take advantage of said (small) stash. Shown in his kitchen ready for deployment in wakeup duties.

Coffee Pot

2008-11-14 Brass Lamp

A brass lamp in the form factor of a candle stick. The pic shows it stripped of most of the junk that came on it. We originally picked this up for the considerable scrap brass value but it seems like it might make an OK lamp to actually deploy somewhere, so we will put a new cable and fitting on it and find a shade for it. We have already used it as a candlestick.

Brass Lamp

2008-11-14 Bike Part

A random bike minus the wheels and seat, we picked it up for the rear derailleur to fix the slightly stricken Fuji. Here then is the part installed and all happy. The rest went back into scrap metal as it was pretty junky and beat up.

Fuji Bike

2008-11-08 Computing Machinary

A Dell 866 Mhz Pentium 3 laptop with 128M RAM and 20G HD. It lacks the horsepower to really run the XP installed on it but there was nothing physically wrong with it. Even the battery seems to hold a charge.

In the cdrom was a CD full of 500M of powerpoint stuff, all very important sounding business deals and such. On the machine were two users. One had a selection (on the order of hundreds) of cheesy soft-core porn in IE cache, the other had this image cached:

Adult Scan

Errr, duh!

It turns out that the second user also had 5000+ mixed hard-core porn images in cache. Wow, a deceptive popup thingy actually turns out to be accurate! Nothing else on this machine but the porn and the powerpoint, not even regular surfing (that we could find). There were some RTFs with birthday invites and house construction info etc but they were standard issue for this demographic of computer user. Polarized porn and powerpoint 'puter.

Also found a small case Dell Pentium 4, partially stripped but useful for parts and the G-wireless PCI card that was in it.

Dell Pentium 4

We do not use these cards but we know people who do.


2008-11-01 Bike

A Fuji Odessa mountain bike. This one is in OK shape except a broken derailleur hanger. That is a easy fix. It was also missing the front skewer as some guy had just taken it off rather than taking the whole bike. What a moron. We like these bikes as they make great city beater bikes, not fancy enough to be stolen, robust enough to use and reliable enough to just ride without ever doing maintainance again after the first tuneup.

Fuji Bike

2008-11-01 All-Clad Pan

A very nice All-Clad stainless pan. When found it had traces of sauce on the outside and some burnt food on the inside. We suppose that yes, it may actually be easier in some sense to toss a pan rather than clean it, but no, it is not the correct thing to do. And this pan was not difficult to clean, maybe 5 minutes scrubbing.

All Clad Stainless Pan

In the periphery of the pic you can see four items that previously appeared on this page.

Update: Pan snapped up by some friends along with a suitable lid that turned up a couple of weeks ago and did not merit a mention here on its own. Voila, a new home for a fine piece of cookware.


2008-10-25 Puter

A Pentium 4 Dell 2.4Ghz PC with 250G HD and 256M of RAM. All seems present and correct with the machine including the data from the previous owners, a mother and daughter. Salient points:


2008-10-23 Pushchair

A somewhat funky but pretty fine Maclaren pushchair in fine shape. The picture here tends to emphasize the random things that get in the way of the flash but it is nice and will be sent to a new owner by way of the list of craig. Shown sitting on a table that should have appeared on this page at some stage in the past.


2008-10-23 Lumber

It may shock you to see us installing windows for our own use, but yes we did. We have some replacement windows to put in various area of the house and these basement ones called for some 2x6 type stuff. We found some very nice 2x8 that we cut down and used to frame the hole for some of the windows. Spiffy, much better than buying the stuff, it was very solid old wood that is far denser than the modern stuff. Shown here framing out the window, no internal trim yet applied. Finished but unfinished, so to speak.

2 by 8 lumber

2008-10-19 Stroller

The Volvo of strollers, for those in the know, an Emmaljunga in pretty fine shape. This is all present and correct and this model has a niche following in our area so we will introduce it to its niche via the list of craig. All very nice.


Incidentally if you are in the market for a pushchair this is a pretty nice machine if you have the space for it. It is very high quality with various adjustments and has modular replaceable tops. The old style chic it exhibits might be seen as a plus or a minus, depending who you are.


2008-10-19 Bike

A Fuji cruiser bike in very nice condition. This is almost found to order as a possibly buyer for the Huffy wanted something a little different and this might be it. Has a leather saddle, 5 or so gears, chrome mudgards etc etc. All very nice, only needed air in the tyres.


2008-10-14 Schwinn Kids Bike

A random Schwinn kids bike, stunt nuts all round, works fine, just needed air in the tyres.

Schwinn Bike

2008-10-14 Nishiki Mixte Road Bike

A Nishiki road bike in nice shape that has been converted from drop bars and had a cushy seat put on. The rear wheel looked like it has been driven over by a minivan, but we tossed on a new one from stock. Curiously the idle flexing of the damaged rear wheels snapped it back into shape afterwards, certainly good enough to ride on. Further investigation required.

Nishiki Bike

A nice bike to ride.


2008-10-14 Murray Redwing

A crappo Murray Redwing mountain bike that had some issues. We replaced the gear shift and fixed a flat and put new hand grips on. It still has issues, being a Murray, but is now a usable bike. It will either go to meet an owner on the list of craig or be saved for summer intern transportation.

Murray Redwing

2008-10-14 Mongoose Stormer

A Mongoose Stormer mountain bike type thing. With full gears, brakes etc. It needed air in the tyres and one or two things being adjusted, otherwise looks almost new.

Mongoose Bike

Just don't tell people you use it daily.


2008-10-12 Side Table

This random little side table cabinet thing seems ideal to store the ongoing booklist by the bed and hold anomalous drinks and lights and things. It is not the highest quality but certainly is better the the items it replaces (came with the house). Note that several of the books in shot and the lamp have previously appeared on this page, and if not then they should have.

Bedside Table

2008-10-12 Pushchair

A Mothercare pushchair modelled on the Maclaren umbrella design. It is in fine shape and actually might work better than the Maclaren. This may be deployed in the near future for a while before we sell it off.

Mothercare Pushchair

2008-10-12 Mosquito Killer

A Lentek Mosquito Trap, see here for specs etc. Some scummy bottom feeder had cut the cable off this before we got to it for the 2 cents worth of copper. Other than that the thing looks unused with absolutely no reason for discard, even comes with the optional extra bug baggie. The pic shows it hiding out in the bushes, as you can see the previous owners were not considerate enough to include the propane tank, unlike those of the previous mosquito trap.

Mosquito Trap

2008-10-12 Lounger Cushions

Two super cushy and pretty nice sun-lounger cushions. They have some stuff on them that may have fallen off trees but should clean up nicely. We are guessing that their apparent need of a clean is the reason for discard.


2008-10-12 Jogger

A Instep single jogging stroller in OK shape, previous owners had some strange zip-tie bodge instead of using the supplied seat adjustment. We tossed that away and shall send it to the list of craig after a quick clean. The handlbar grip is missing on one side but otherwise it seems fine. Shown displaying the fine reflective safety strips for nighttime use.


2008-10-12 Ikea Bed

A Ikea kids' bed that can be deployed in a variety of height configurations, again check out the specs here. The one we found come with the optional extra tent sky thing. All very fine, but in its flat-packed state does not make for an interesting picture.


2008-10-11 Trek Bike

Next, a Trek 820 juvenile model. It had a rusty chain, which was soon remedied. Otherwise rides fine, has a few dings in the paint and no apparent reason for discard, presumably the juvenile that rode it is slightly less juvenile now, they grew out of it. Pic soon.


2008-10-11 Huffy Bike

A Huffy Savannah. When we picked it up it had flat tyres and some flecks of rust on the chrome parts but no real reason for discard. It was also pretty dusty and likely had been passed over by those with a less appreciative eye prior to our arrival. Huffys are generally crap but when cleaned up this now looks like a cross between a sensible round-town hybrid and a hipster city bike. Amazingly it rides really nicely. Seeking new owner.


The cleanup procedure consisted of some strategic application of metal polish for the rust flecks and a squirt with the hosepipe. Wow, tricky stuff.


2008-10-11 Coffee Device

A Bialetti stovetop latte maker. We got one of these before and it is a fine device for certain types of coffee. This new one has the cool cow pattern on it but is missing the dingle that goes on the top. Well, we just pulled the dingle off the old one and pressed this new one into service. The previous owners seem to have used it approximately once and tossed it, I guess they just do not get it.


2008-10-11 Books

A mixture of books, mostly gathered by certain folks tagging along with us. First no idea why they picked up this partial Shakespeare, but at least it comes with a handy set of instructions. We would never have thought of anything so sensible.


Also an assortment of the usual suspects, Harry Potter and The Nanny Diaries etc. All very canonical, for certain canons.


2008-10-04 Puters

A few Compaq Pentium 4 machines in various states of having been scavenged. We grabbed one nice machine and a disk to look at. Salient points:


2008-10-04 Pedal Car

A Kettler pedal powered car thingy to amuse offspring by making them power their own locomotion. The chain is off (easy fix) and one of the wheels may have some issues but we will see about that.

Pedal Car

2008-10-04 Bike

A Schwinn Cross-Fit hybrid bike. It is a fair few years old but has not been ridden to any significant degree. No real reason for discard. A puff of air in the tyres and a quick squirt with the hose leaves it all happy and ready for a new home, possibly via the list of craig. Unless that is one of you avid readers wants it at the special discount rate?


Update: Sold to a friend at a special discount rate.


2008-09-30 Bike

A Cannondale H400 is pretty fine shape except one or two items. The rear wheel was off and the tyre and tube were missing, hence the reason for discard is probably foreign object penetration of said rubber devices. A puncture, in layman's terms. New tyre and tube from stock and it rides fine. Front tyre needed a puff of air also, presumably even if they had not had the puncture in the rear they would have tossed it anyway due to the front being slightly low. Who can tell?


The change visible on the table behind and to the right of the growler was in the little Cannondale pouch.


2008-09-28 Ironware

A delicious selection of cast iron cookware. First off a 12 inch skillet. This is for Jeff, for those who know him. Pic shows it cleaned up and cured, in fact it has already been used to cook parsnips and suchlike.


Next up a nice little cast iron pot with lid. It is in very good condition but needs a quick brush and cure. This is available.


The rest are pictured here getting a light rinse in a rainstorm. They will be dried and stored until somebody wants them. They are not as crazily rusted as the light portrays them in this picture.


2008-09-23 Scraper

An ice scraper thingy. At least that is what we think it is, it has a distinctly spade-like essence but has a flat blade with a crude edge on it. It is pretty much new and if you are lazy enough to not get your driveway cleared before the evening then this is what you need. Probably being taken by a friend.


2008-09-20 Trailor

An Instep brand bike trailer suitable for hauling two horrible offspring. This is in near new perfect condition but is missing the hitch part that bolts to the bike. Fortunately that can be obtained from the manufacturer for the quite reasonable sum of 8.99.

Bike Trailer

2008-09-20 Jogger

A Baby Trend jogging stroller in OK shape. It needs air in the tyres, a quick wash and a starring appearance on the list of craig.

Jogging Stroller

Update: Sold via the list of craig.


2008-09-20 Car Seat

A random Cosco car seat, nothing particularly special, but we seem to be encountering sufficient people who need one such as this so we squirreled it away for stock.

Car Seat

2008-09-20 Bikes

A single speed Sears bike, not the highest quality and a little beat up but this will clean up fine. That rear mudguard will straighten out also. Hipster special.

Sears Bike

Also, this bike was acquired a while ago and was spruced up today for a chance encounter sale. Flogged off for some cash and a sixpack of beer.

Murray Bike

2008-09-20 Bike Workshop

The bike shop that was closing has tossed out more stuff, this time a load of tools and more spares. Here are some pics shown after initial sorting, first a large box full of inner tubes, some handlebars (davek) and bottle cages.

Bike Parts

Some large number of BMX chains, we suspect these may be donated to an artist type or some such.

Bike Parts

A bunch of derailleur and other associated parts.

Bike Parts

A metric buttload of bike cables, handy as our current mode of fixing a broken cable is to pull one off a bike that is past fixing in other ways.

Bike Parts

Finally a huge pile of bike tools, mostly Park Tools brand. Some pics of them sorted maybe later.

Bike Tools

2008-09-18 Guest Stuff - Toolbox

Today a guest entry from far flung parts, a green folding toolbox. Our correspondant was in need of such a device so checked out the prices in the hardware store. These being too high he proceded to the local used items outlets with no satisfactory outcome. Shortly afterwards this nice green model appeared in some local refuse. No apparant reason for discard. The chair under also.


2008-09-13 Meat Grinder

A meat grinder attachment for a Kitchen-Aid mixer. This is in fine shape apart from being missing one small part. This has been offered to, and claimed by a friend with such a kitchen device.

Meat Grinder

2008-09-13 Child Seat

A child safety seat identical to one we already have. This is convenient as a friend had just requested such, specifially the one we already have, and we had pledged ours. Now we give them the fresh one and keep ours as a spare.

Child Seat

2008-09-13 Bike Parts

A bike shop, going out of business, decided to toss a bunch of stuff. Some of it is only faintly interesting but there are some pretty handy things present also. A box full of BMX parts, some of which are scap alu, and some special bike tools:

BMX parts
Bike Tools

Next was a large pile of new bike tyres being tossed. Some will be happy on ebay and others will be handy for fixing bikes for usage or sale. Super spiffy haul.

Bike Tyres
Bike Tyres

2008-09-10 iMac

A 700Mhz iMac with 128M RAM, complete and in working condition. Possible reason for discard was the missing spacebar on the (slightly grubby) keyboard. It boots OK and yields an interesting insight into the life of the previous owner. Salient points include:

Sony Camera

2008-09-10 Bike Parts

Some random bike parts useful for fixing stuff. Some of the random ones are not so exciting (assorted pedals and such) but we did get a pair of pretty fancy wheels, Mavic rims, that were basically new old stock, seemingly never used. These are now deployed on a nice Trek we found a while ago to give a pretty nice bike. Davek, last chance before it gets sold....


2008-09-09 Laptop

Dell Pentium 4 laptop, 1.6Ghz, 256M RAM. It had a bad optical drive and bad HD but otherwise works fine. Available or will be bartered/sold for parts.


2008-09-06 Wine Opener

A screwpull type wine opener mounted in a "convenient" tower. We have the real Screwpull without the tower and we far prefer it to this, but somebody we know may like this for their basement bar or some other party location. Apply to us if you want it.

Screwpull Opener

2008-09-06 Cast Iron

This is a the bottom half of a Wagner number 5 skillet set. The lid half is like a very shallow skillet and it fits neatly into the strangly shaped handle. The discarder of this unfortunately forgot to leave us the lid. Not sure what this is destined for but at the very least it will make a nice skillet for somebody when cleaned up.

Wagner Skillet

2008-09-06 Bike

A random Kawasaki mountain bike in a pretty sorry state. It was missing the front wheel, one brake pad and various cable parts. The forks were facing backwards and the cluster was not actually screwed on, it all fell off when we removed the rear wheel. All that was left of the pedals were the spindles. So, two shiny new wheels from stock, an adjustment of π radians to the steering, a tuneup for the brakes, new pedals (scavenged from a junk BMX) and it works fine. Hal?


Update: Traded to a friend for some pesto and beer and such like. All very sociable.


2008-09-01 Sit-n-stand

A Joovy Caboose Sit-n-stand stoller with seat attachment. It is in perfect, nearly new condition except the hand grip padding coming off. This is all very handy but not something we use so it is going on the list of craig forthwith.


Update:Sold to a nice lady with two offspring.


2008-08-29 Radiator

A natty little cast iron radiator set up for steam. This style sort of matches our house but as we are replete with radiators at present we shall be exposing this to other people in need of heating devices via the list of craig.


Update: Sold to a nice chap who had a leaky radiator.


2008-08-28 Bike Parts

Some handy dandy bike parts selected for their possible usefulness on imminent projects, davek.

Bike Parts

2008-08-23 Splitting Maul

A splitting maul of moderate weight with a fibreglass handle. It was a little rusty and blunt when we found it but that was soon fixed by applications of abrasive techniques of various types. Cleaned up and given to a friend. Hopefully they will use it to split lots of firewood and have nice fires in the winter, around which we can congregate and set light to booze etc.

Splitting Maul

2008-08-23 Offspring Equipement Containment Devices

A pretty substantial set of plastic boxes for storing one's offspring's amusement devices. One of the the blue towers was broken so we left that but a friend has taken the rest of it. All well and good.

Storage Boxes

2008-08-23 Meat Slicer

A pretty old but sturdy Hobart meat slicer. This is the old vertical blade model (as opposed to the angled models) but it still works and looks pretty handy. We will cast around for a home for this, ultimately the list of craig may get a peek into the action. Note the stainless cart it is shown sitting on appeared on this page some time ago.

Meat Slicer

2008-08-23 Cast Iron

A small cast iron skillet, having been obtained some time ago, was requested by a friend. It was then exposed to the cleaning and curing process and was made ready for transit to their home cooking environment. Prior to said cleansing process it was significantly crusty and rusty.

Cast Iron

2008-08-23 Bluestone

Some small amount of bluestone for a friend to make a small area for a fire thingy. No big deal.


2008-08-21 Schwinn Breeze.

A nice green Schwinn Breeze bike. It has flat (but new) tyres, perfect chrome mudguards, fine seat, good paint. Some rust in various places but all that will come off nicely. The gear cable is a little shy of its proper connected state but that should fix up easily. Some hipster is hunting for this bike with cash in hand, not literally as hipsters don't carry cash, but nevertheless they will come back four days later with that money. It should also provide entertainment for us riding it around until it is sold, these bikes can be quite relaxing to ride for a while.

Schwinn Breeze

The special romantic photographic effects are just what an iPhone does in this particular light.


2008-08-16 Bike Seat

Yet another Topeak bike seat for kids. We have sold a few of these recently and this one is in near perfect condition so it should sell well also.

Bike Seat

2008-08-09 Trailing Bike

A Trail-a-bike device for pretending that your offspring are contributing to the general familial propulsion effort. This is in perfect shape except for being missing the attachment point. It will probably go on the list of craig neverthlessas said attachments are available seperately from reputable outlets. Shown below in the folded position.


A corner of Egbert is just about visible in the top of the picture. Some horrible offspring seems to have drawn on his leg.

Update: Bought by a very pleasant and with-it couple who had even already got the missing attachment device. What a refreshing change.


2008-08-09 Offspring Rucksack

A super fancy Kelty rucksack for carrying one's offspring. This is in really nice shape and is a pretty fine example of its type. Cleaned and ready for the list of craig.

Kid Rucksack

2008-08-09 Joggers

Two single jogging strollers, same brand, different conditions. The blue one is near perfect, pretty much never been used and good to go. The little rubbers hairs have not even worn off the tyres. The purple one had some brake issues and rusty poppers but cleaned up nicely enough for the list of craig, at a discouinted price iof course relative to the blue one.


Update: Blue one sold quickly. Purple still waiting for a home.


2008-07-26 Mosquito gathering device

This was picked up a few weeks ago but for some reason got neglected in issues of documentation. A mosquito killer thingy complete with full cannister of gas. It starts right up and seems to run so all is well there. We have no idea what the reason for discard was on this, it is in excellent condition modulo some dust etc. We gave it to a friend who likes such things, but only after we deployed it for a party at a different friend's house (yes, you may infer that we have more than one friend!). The only thing it might need is a the little attractant smelly thing, it being a consumable. Pic shows it in dismantled state for transport.

Mosquito Killer

2008-07-26 Clown Bike

Yet another clown bike. This one is smaller than the previous one and will be used in the lab as a procrastination device or job candidate filter. Pic soon.


2008-07-26 Bike Trailer

A bike trailer suitable for dragging a brace of offspring around. Seems in OK shape and seems to amuse offspring mightily when deployed. Despite its great entertainment value we will be letting it entertain somebody else's offspring via the list of craig.

Bike Trailer

2008-07-17 Map Cabinet

A map filing cabinet in pretty fine shape and all ready to file maps in. A pity we have none worth filing. This will hit the list of craig in an attempt to find a new owner.

Map Filing

Update: Sold on the list of craig within a day or so, a nice lady wanted it for her offsprings' art. Hmmmm.


2008-07-12 Offspring Transport

A Baby Trend double Jogger that seems brand new and never used. The brakes were not set up even and it did not need a wash. This will be sent to meet its purchasers on the list of craig.

Jogging Stroller

Further, a single Baby Trend Jogger double in similar condition. It needed air in the tyres and may actually have been used once or twice. This also will be sold.

Jogging Stroller

Further, a Graco random newish stroller. All present and correct and barely needs a clean before going to the list of craig. Quite a haul of indistinguishable-from-new strollers today.


Update: The two singles sold within a few days, the double will have to wait for the next crest of the IVF twins wave, so next month maybe.


2008-07-05 Puters

A brace of Dell Pentium 4 PC machines. First one a 2.66Ghz, 75G HD, missing the memory. On the HD was a completely fresh install of XP waiting for first boot config etc.

Next a Pentium 4 Dell, very similar but better motherboard ( more ram slots and better graphics setup). Some Notes:

  • 6752 mp3s and 1115 iTunes, some popular artists shown:
        254 CMJ New Music Monthly
        135 Chris Whitley
        132 Various Artists
        114 Compilations
        106 Aesop Rock
        101 Jazz Artists
        100 25 Jazz Greats
         97 The Beatles
         95 Neko Case
         84 Led Zeppelin
         80 David Bowie
         75 The Roots
         75 Cocteau Twins
         74 Sea Songs
         70 Jill Scott
         69 The Beastie Boys
         66 Irish Artists
         66 Edith Piaf
         66 Bruce Springsteen
         66 80's Artists
         63 PJ Harvey
         63 Paste
         62 Indigo Girls
         61 Badly Drawn Boy
         60 Beck
         57 Jack Johnson
         55 Prince
         54 Gipsy Kings
         50 Dave Matthews Band
         50 Country Artists
         49 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
         47 Blues Artists
         46 Peter Gabriel
         46 Fleetwood Mac
         44 We Love New York
         44 Virgin Recommends
         44 Iron And Wine
  • Fertility planning stuff and associated data.
  • Lots of baby pics etc, including pics of the obligatory caesarian. Canon PowerShot S60 took them.
  • Home movies of fresh offspring.
  • Lots of course work for Art History classes and such.
  • One user had only wine labels and porn in browser cache, another lots of random stuff.
  • Some great mailing list material cullable from contact lists in excel files.

2008-07-05 Joggers

A Babytrend double jogger in near perfect condition. It needed air in the tyres and a further application of compressed air to blow the dust off. It does not even have the sticky folding mechanism that is so common on these models, though we oiled it up anyway so as to be ready for several years service after we sell it to the nice people shortly to be introduced to us by the list of craig. It seems it had never been set up correctly as the brake quick release was in the open position and was not closable without cable adjustment. Fixed now.

Jogging Stroller

Further, a Babyjogger double in fine shape. This one is more of a pain to fold but has aluminium wheels and frame etc. The air was still in the tyres so it just needed a wash to be ready for its new owner. Horror film style pic here for now, check back soon for a better one?

Jogging Stroller

Update from the future: Obviously we never fixed the picture


2008-07-02 Schwinn

A green Schwinn bike that, once cleaned up, looks respectable enough for a hipster. This was pulled from curbside by a friend who will be wined and dined at our expense once we sell this. See, reuse of garbage is a social catalyst as well as the correct thing to do.


2008-06-28 Trike

Random kiddy trike in perfect shape and all too ready to go into the breach that is offspring entertainment.


2008-06-28 Golf Stuff

A Golf bag, possibly of use to some friends of ours. We shall see next time they come over for Kasseler, maybe they will want this.

Golf Gear

2008-06-28 Chair

A random plastic chair that happens to match those of friends of ours, hence it was acquired and dispatched off to their house. The fact that said friends we along for the ride helped of course.


2008-06-28 Car Seats

A veritable array of Britax kid seats for usage in newfangled automobiles. Those in the know will know what there is to know about Britax, i.e. they are pretty good. One has damaged insert, that will have the cover scavenged. A couple more are sort of too old, we may pull covers of them likewise. So far 3 have cleaned up to near perfect condition, ready for the list of craig or other usage. Note, not all of them are shown in this pic, the bench under the back row previously appeared on this page and is now rehabilitated enough to put into regular usage. No name yet.

Britax Seats

2008-06-28 Bouncer

An offspring containment bouncer thingy. Comes with built in amusement plastic things. This again for aforementioned friend.


2008-06-24 Stroller

Some random Sit-n-stand stroller in OK shape. It is actually also a regular dual seated stroller so all very flexible etc. Destined for the list of craig we feel.


2008-06-24 Kids Bike

A random Huffy kids bike in pretty fine condition. The chain guard had embrittled so we broke that off and threw it away. Awaiting an appropriatly sized kid to come and draw blood on it.

Huffy Bike

2008-06-22 Tools

A plastic garbage can full of tools. Including sockets, ratchets, spanners (Craftsman), spark tester, hole saws, screwdrivers, marking bob, some files, brace, old stanley level, and all sorts of extra goodies.

Apart from all the loose hand tools there was also a Craftsman power sander, the pic is pretty self explanatory. Works fine.


2008-06-22 Sting Ray Update

Well, somebody actually wanted to buy the Sting Ray and it was most convenient to meet nearby for handover. The journey there being mostly downhill it was actually feasible to ride the thing there. The new owner was very shaky on the bike (natural, bearing in mind its preposterous geometry) so we left her practising and took the money and ran.


2008-06-22 Pushchair Craziness

A Maclaren Techno XT single pushchair in excellent condition but with sand in the crevices. Found nearby were winter covers for another Maclaren, probably a double.


A Maclaren Vogue single pushchair in good shape but dusty. It will be subjected to cleaning procedures and sold off via the list of craig.


An Instep jogger in OK condition. Entirely unremarkable and it will hopefully find a new home in a routine manner via the list of craig.

Instep Jogger

Also a Safety First pushchair in fancy modern form factor. It has some issues folding but we expect to be able to fix that. Otherwise in pristine condition. No pic yet.


2008-06-22 Pack and Play

An entirely typical pack and play, also the extra accessories for another including hood, hammock thingy and changing table. The list of craig for the lot of it, unless you happen to need them dear reader?

Pack and Play

2008-06-22 Maple

A piece of maple butcher block about 3 ft by 4 ft by 2 inches thick. It is very nice, no cracks etc. The finish on it is pretty thick and nasty but that will have protected the wood nicely. Previously was configured as a single legged table. It this were 4ft by 10 ft we would use it as a dining table but alas no. It may become a coffee table or some addition to a kitchen. We will see.....


2008-06-22 High Chair

Two luxury Peg Perego High chairs in fine shape. They both have the fake leather cover on them, both need a clean but are otherwise ready for deployment under some messy offspring's butt. Fine examples of their type, note that Martinelli is just rebadged Peg Perego for these purposes.


2008-06-22 Car Seat

A Britax car seat for year old offspring and up. It has a luxury cover and is in good shape modulo the clean it requires. This may be used for a while and then sold, barterd or whatever. This has the less annoying buckling arrangement.


2008-06-21 Pushchair Roundup

A Peg Perego Venezia pushchair in dark blue and nice shape. It is all very spiffy and in fact was sold before it got a chance to appear here or on the list of craig, luckily we grabbed a pic of it at some stage.

Peg Perego

A Peg Perego Milano, similarly in nice shape and dark blue.This one has the full insulated winter cover and hood, all very nice. It has on adjustor button that is problematic, we will work on that. Going on the list of craig if no readers of this page snap it up.

Peg Perego

A random cheapo jogger that needed a couple of tweaks and some oil. All is well with it now , brakes adjusted, tyres pumped up and it is on the list of craig waiting for a new owner.


A pretty fancy modern Snap-and-go, it is constrained in its usefulnes in that it only take Graco infant seats but somebody will want it on the list of craig for some amount of money. Egbert visible again through the leaves!

Snap and Go

2008-06-21 Lifting Table

A hydraulic lifting table very similar to this one apart from the diamond-plate top. It was covered in a fine dust and the let-down valve was disconnected. A quick clean and a new bolt later it seems in fine shape and works, the rubber mat that goes on top is not present in the pic, it is being cleaned elsewhere.


2008-06-21 CF Card

A SanDisk 256M CF card. While this size is not as useful as it might once have been, it has the entertainment value of the pictures on it. We have gained a disposable CF card and the elevation of our artistic souls though pics such as this:

Food art

I think you have to agree that whatever the (de)merits of this particular image, it is superior to a picture of the CF card itself. Unless maybe we edited the card into this pic...... Hint: check the exif headers, or just save it to your Mac desktop and look.


2008-06-19 Pram thing

An Emmaljunga pushchair/pram thing. This is a Swedish super fancy offspring portability mechnism which allows you to swap the top part from pram to pushchair arrangement and has full recline and loads of stuff even on the regular pushchair mode. Rolls nicely, looks great. Probably the bext price for this will come from selling it on the list of craig to some crazy scando dog owner, but we will see.


2008-06-19 Bike Followup

This random Nishiki has been floating around quite some time, we have no idea where we got it from but we definitely got it from some discard arrangement, hence it is elligable here. Anyway, an acquaintance wants a real beater bike for city usage and this may well be it. Missing front derailleur but some scavenged tyres and a flat fix make it into an unexpectedly pleasant ride.


Update: Bike now has a front derailleur installed and is now seeing regular use as city beater. Fine stuff, with friends like us who needs the craigslist?


2008-06-17 Bike Followup

First, another bike off that pile shown the other day is a Trek 800. Upon acquisition it looked a bit sorry, the tyres were off the rims and the tubes hanging out. However; once they were popped back on and given a puff of compressed air they seemed fine. In fact in this pic it seems pretty damn shiny! Seems like the previous owner was just plain stupid, or some such. This has been given a squirt with the hose, a wipe with an oily rag and is now proudly advertised of the list of craig. Pic shows it posing with the ever-present recently acquired chair. This chair has appeared so much here that maybe we ought to give it a name? Suggestions? We propose Egbert.


This is a Roadmaster Mt. Fury (??) in almost brand new condition. Such a pity that is a complete piece of junk that should never have been manufactured in the first place. One wheel nut was missing from the front wheel but we soon found a replacement kicking around for that. Again, this will be sold pronto, if there is any bike we wish to get rid of this is it. Well this and the idiotic Schwinn from a few days ago.


2008-06-15 Tube

An offspring amusement tube in brand new perfect condition. You might well ask how an offspring amusement tube works in its designated capacity, but empirically we find that the offspring in question have an excellent innate knowledge of how to make it work.


2008-06-15 Pack and Play

A pretty shiny Graco Pack and Play, all present and correct and in perfect condition. We may use this for offspring containment purposes as it is so spiffy. Then maybe later sell it on the list of craig.

Play Pen

2008-06-14 Jigsaw

A Sears Craftsman jigsaw. This has the steerable blade thing and a nice fence. When found it had the plug cut off but it was the work of but a moment to wire one on for testing purposes. Voila, it worked. Already claimed by tk we think.


2008-06-14 Golf Trolley

A pretty fancy folding golf bag trolley that we think might be useful for a friend. That or scrap aluminium. Rotate your vision -π/2 for the pic:

Golf Trolley

2008-06-14 Double Jogger.

An Instep Safari TT double jogger in fine usable shape. Comes with 5 point harness, seat liners (not shown in pic), folds easily, peek-a-boo window, locking front wheel swivel etc etc. Some sun damage, a couple of screws loose and air required in the pneumatic road contact devices. No real reason for discard. Available or destined for the list of craig.


2008-06-14 Clothing

Some rags to hang on the offspring as they grow, mostly just for legal reasons as we see no reason to demand they wear clothes. Note they are draped over the chair recently featured here, said chair has entered arduous service in the outdoor zone quite sucessfully.

Kids Clothes

2008-06-13 Peg Perego

A Peg Perego Venezia pushchair that seems to be in very nice condition and has loads of features. A quick cleanup and it is good for the list of craig or other outlets.


2008-06-13 Jogger

A pretty nice single jogger, InStep brand, 5k model. It has a digital odometer/speedometer and is in near perfect condition with hood and all that stuff. This will be sold off as we do not need it.


2008-06-13 Graco Double

A Graco Duo glider stroller in nice shape. These are a reliable commodity around here so it will be turned into ale and victuals via the intermediate step of cash from a person introduced to us via the list of craig.


2008-06-13 Firepit

A little patio fireplace thingy. This has some potential usefulness to us so we may well try it out in the bottom of the garden in the late night patio area.


2008-06-13 Bike Breakout.

The first one examined from that large pile of bikes is a Trek 820, it has been used, needed some air in the tyres and a clean but seems fine. It will be a great the list of craig station bike sale, of maybe for JP? JPR not JPL.


2008-06-10 Bikes

A selection of random mountain bikes in need of some tuneup etc. They all look complete. The two Treks at the back are the best but all will make fine station bikes for some happy commuters. More info later on these as we investigate.


Update: See other entries more recently for details on the actual bikes but three are sold and the other is out to a summer student. Fine stuff.


2008-06-08 P.O.S.

A Schwinn Stingray badged Orange County Choppers. It is amazing how somebody could take something as useful as a bike and turn it into something as pointless and crap as this. It is pretty hard to ride, at least for people of our build and sensibilities, but is otherwise in OK shape modulo the rust spots on the chrome.


2008-06-07 Calphalon

A big nonstick Calphalon frying pan, or omelet skillet as they like to call it. This has the non-stick coming off so we are going to return this for a new one and who knows what we will do with that one. Present your worthy cause....


2008-06-07 Brass Lamp

A large brass lamp that is remarkable for its size but not especially for its form. This is for a friend who values such things, we hope.


2008-06-06 Double Jogger

A Kool-Stride double jogger in OK shape and delicious purple colouring. It needed only air in the tyres and it is ready to be off to the list of craig.


2008-06-03 Sink

A Stainless steel slop sink that seems in pretty fine condtion. Obviously somebody had it in a garage sale and nobody wanted it for the advertised price of ten currency units, how sad. This may be deployed in the rennovation of our basement washing area, we will see. Previously we had been looking for large double deep stone or ceramic slop sink for this area but now who knows what we will do.


Now we have that sinking feeling.


2008-06-01 Furniture Update

The chair was glued and screwed and cleaned and oiled. It seems too red to be teak, it may be mahogany or some such. But here it is so you can see for yourself:


Update: This chairs seems to have been named Egbert. It needs a name as it seems to appear in the background of so many subsequent pictures on this page.


2008-06-01 Cast Iron update

We cleaned the rusty Wagner from yesterday but then got sidetracked by a prior find, a slant logo Griswold with heat ring, and the other no-name pan from yesterday. Here they are after a good clean and an initial cure. Both are sort of available if you convince us you are a good cause.

Cured Pans

Meantime the Wagner has to wait a while.


2008-05-31 Tennis Machine

A tennis ball floinking machine. We had one of these that we sold on the list of craig but this one has a power cord and AC power and hence is more conducive to immediate fun. It works fine and can function as garden artillery.

Tennis Machine

2008-05-31 Furniture

A hardwood chair and small table for outdoor usage. We get the feeling that the damage they seem to have sustained occurred upon discard. Attempts will be made to fix them as they seem worth it. A spot of glue, some clampage and some nailgun action should suffice. Pic shows the chair being glued and screwed, note the clamps all appeared on this page at some time.


2008-05-31 Compaq

A Compaq 2.8Ghz Celeron machine with a 40G HD and 256 M RAM. Boots XP, for what it is worth. This is a HP compaq and it still seems to have crappo Compaq issues, once stable it may have some cycles to offer. It has been converted to a Pentium 4 2.8Ghz (using a CPU from the trash). CDrom issues holding us up on the forensics front. Watch this space......


Update: Bartered for a bunch of beer, the social kind of beer of course. Not just a bunch of beer, that would be crass.


2008-05-31 Cast Iron

Yet more cast iron pans, a Wagner with heat ring and some random no-name but "Made in USA" thing. Wagner is rusty but we aim to fix that, pic shows the crusty rusty Wagner hanging out on the stove.

Wagner Skillet

2008-05-31 Bike

A Giant ladies' mountain bike. Before you ask, no, not the bike that this woman rides:

...but in fact a Giant brand Acapulco model bike that is marketed towards females. It is of not so great quality. It seems functional after a couple of tweaks, one of which involved a large hammer and a vise. We already have a possible taker for this, people want simple ridable bikes for some reason.

Giant Bike

2008-05-29 Tractor

An offspring amusement device that shows much promise. We will see what occurs when the offspring returns from overseas and checks it out.


2008-05-29 Bike Parts

A friend had his rear tyre slashed on his beater bike, and rather than fixing the tube and getting a new tyre it is much easier just to get a whole new rear wheel. Shown here with a random seat and pole that came with.

Trek parts

2008-05-26 Cast Iron Update

Attending an event involving the cooking of numerous things outdoors, we took a bunch of random cast iron, some of which has been featured on this page, some not yet. We found recipients for some of it, then we cured the whole lot on the large open cooking fire and used some of it for actual cooking. An excellent scaled cleanup.


2008-05-17 Tablet

An Acer table/laptop thingy with XP installed and sort of working fine, the only problem seens to be an intermittant connection in the powersupply connector. Despite its many claimed features we have no use for it.


2008-05-17 Dell

A Dell XPS gaming laptop with hyperthreaded 3.4 GHz cpu, 1G RAM etc. It booted but had a bad GPU which was part of the motherboard and hence not easily fixable, that was probably the reason for discard. It also had a chewed power cable that had been bodge fixed with some tape. We sold the carcass off to somebody who has the time and inclination to care. The pic does not do it justice, it is boat anchor in laptop form factor.


2008-05-15 Table

A stainless steel restaurant food prep table that appeared to have been discarded in curbside garbage by a well known (but not good) restaurant. It had some skanky tape on the top and a bunch of scratches but there is no apparent reason for discard. Shown here after a good clean and a light sanding to take out some scratches from the surface. Prospective future uses include the sushi bar at an outdoor wedding and some form of useful loadbearing function in an art thingy?


It is bloody heavy, in case you are thinking of borrowing it.


2008-05-04 Sewing

A Brother Sewing machine complete in the box. It has been lightly used, if at all, and so far tests OK. This was a request by a friend, and sure enough within a week we had found a nice one. This posting is also belated, we got it a while ago but only got the pic from the new owner recently.

Sewing Machine

2008-05-04 Jogger

A twin Baby Jogger Q series. This is a pretty fancy jogging stroller, the folding action is well worth the price and complexity. It had been run over by its previous owner but it was very simple to fix the broken frame piece. Despite all its features, it is however, too wide for our local railway station door, hence off it goes on the list of craig.


2008-05-04 Dell P4

A Dell Pentium 4 1.7Ghz PC with 256M RAM and no HD. Previous owners had a clue we guess. Works fine, boots Knoppix fine so there is no apparent reason for discard except possibly that they had too many infections on that HD we did not see.

Dell Pentium 4

Update: Refurbished with a HD and some extra memory from stock and sold on the list of craig because we have way too many Pentium 4 machines lying around at present. Pic is actually the pic used to sell.


2008-04-30 Bikes

A random Jamis mountain bike, pretty nice condition, still had air in the tyres etc. Quickly cleaned up ready for presentation to its new owner on the list of craig.


Also a slightly junkier and more primative model, a Redline (whoever they are) with a nasty paint job. It had a bent front wheels and some issues but a spare from stock and some tuning and it is good to go. Would make a good "station bike".


Update: The Jamis sold on the list of craig and spawned inquiries that sold the Royce Union and the blue Trek. Handy dandy.


2008-04-29 iMac

A G5 iMac 1.8GHz with some issues. One issue is that it does not power up but the other is that somebody has made some weird USB modification on it involving drilling a hole in the case. Investigation will ensue.


Update: The weird USB mod was a Troll Touch touch screen modification. We opened up the machine and observed various things upon attempted boot. After disconnecting the HD it booted fine. Upon reconnecting the HD it booted fine. Take it apart and put it together again, our favourite problem solving method. The machine was used as a kids' machine we think. A few iTunes on it (Julie Andrews, Johnny Cash, Peter Paul and Mary etc) but not much else.


2008-04-29 Cocktail stuff

A WMF cocktail set. Complete except for the jigger stick thingy. Some of the implements are quite nice so we may use them at some stage. We do not use measures anyway so we do not care about the missing piece. Shown on top of the stainless BBQ that made an appearance here but recently got cleaned up(it had some nasty gunk on the top).


In the same box were these glasses. Not the finest in the world but given the breakage rate in our service a welcome addition to the random glass cupboard.


2008-04-29 Bikes

A nice Trek mountain bike of middling quality. The shifters were a little sticky in p[laces, that seems to have been the reason for discard. Pretty much ready for a new owner now.


A very similar but slightly lighter Royce Union. Nothing wrong with this at all except for some rust spots on some components. It has super cheapo brake caliper thingies but the bike rides nicely.


Update: Sold by the Jamis ad on the list of craig.


2008-04-29 Assorted ironware

Shown in the pics below a small assortment of handy things. One strange cast iron pan suitable for donation to friends, one tap wrench that seems very nice, one random crude chisel, a bike chain (required for the Peugeot) and the floor wand from a Miele vacuum cleaner. All of it fairly useful.

Iron stuff

Update: Pan donated to people who cook, the tap wrench is really nice to use, and some relatives just happened to need the floor wand for a Miele.


2008-04-27 High Chair

A high chair in good condition suitable for positioning the offspring for food ingestion. This will be for a friend who has need of such.


2008-04-27 Graco Dual

Not a particularly special device but somewhat handy, a Graco Duo Glider stroller. All present and correct and just needs a quick clean. Somebody will want this, craisglist may introduce us to them in due course.


2008-04-19 Wood

A selection of 2x6 wood, excellent material for our next replacement window project. You know what a 2x6 looks like, if not see prior 2x4 pics and extrapolate.


2008-04-19 Radiator

A chunky and not so inelegant cast iron radiator for use with steam or water. Pretty fine, about 27x27x7 inches.


2008-04-19 Lamp

A lamp thingy that seems to be for photo studio use. It is very bright and seem to have uses beyond those it was intended for.


2008-04-19 Dell Laptop

A Dell Pentium 4 1.4GHz laptop with 256M RAM, 20G HD in fine condition. When powered on it turned out to have a BIOS password, which is hard to get around. After consulting the interwebs we found the chip on the motherboard containing said password and flashed it with a paper clip as instructed. This involved a moderate amount of dismantlement and a painful period of reading chip IDs. Once flashed we were able to boot the installed XP then a more useful knoppix CD for the purposes of investigation. Machine works fine, though the fan is both loud and often on. Salient points on HD (which was not obviously not encrypted):

  • Previous owner a female lawyer. Evidence of prolongued job search, wedding plans, details.
  • Lots of evidence of shopping on Amazon for offspring related products. Also lots of handbag shopping.
  • A bunch of pics scanned in with a Kodak Film Scanner, some more pics documenting arrival of previously mentioned offspring.
  • 195 MP3s, mixed artists.
  • 696 iTunes, the major contributing artists being:
        311 Compilations
        119 Dave Matthews Band
         62 The Beatles
         28 Pearl Jam
         25 Led Zeppelin
         18 U2
         16 James Taylor
         14 Weezer
         14 Dave Matthews
         13 Alanis Morissette
         12 Billy Joel
         11 Sarah McLachlan
          9 Janet Jackson
          8 Metallica
          8 Jessica Simpson
          8 Fiona Apple
          7 TLC
          7 Phish
          7 Mariah Carey
          6 Vanessa Carlton 
  • TurboTax and stuff.

2008-04-19 Cast Iron Pans

A scrap yard full of cast iron pans of various types. One super nice Griswold with italic logo and heat ring, some nice Wagners and some no-names. All in all some good functional stuff. Some already promised but siome still available.

Cast Iron
Cast Iron

2008-04-14 iMac

An iMac 800Mhz in fine shape, obviously used by the offspring of a household. Disk contains:

  • Evidence of import of OS 9 stuff from the old machine.
  • 3452 mp3s, substantially acquired with Limewire. Lots of them untagged and ill organized, of those that are organized here are some big contributors:
        342 Compilations
         97 Blink-182
         64 Unknown Artist
         34 The Ataris
         33 David Tao
         32 Jock Jams
         29 the get up kids
         29 Counting Crows
         28 Original Broadway Cast Recording
         28 Less Than Jake
         25 Orishas
         24 Elephant Man
         23 Hall & Oates
         23 Good Charlotte
         22 James Taylor
         22 Green Day
         21 Red Hot Chili Peppers
         21 Queen
         21 Living Colour
         21 John Mayer 
  • 339 iTunes, including
        114 Compilations
         26 Pink Floyd
         20 James Taylor
         20 Frank Sinatra
         18 Queen
         18 Elvis Presley
         16 Red Hot Chili Peppers
         15 Jimi Hendrix
         13 Van Halen
         11 Led Zeppelin
         11 Guess Who
         10 Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Lots of digital pics of teenage girls doing what they do.
  • Lots of AIM chat logs and huge buddy lists.
  • No discernable porn.
  • A nice shiny Morgan Stanley investment report that shows their portfolio to have gone from 1,693,444 to 1,440,059 in one month. Ooops.
  • Several documents related to making wills, assessing potential estates for such, SSNs, amounts and other details all included.
  • Lots of Sunday school documents.

2008-04-12 Wood

Knowing we have more framing and stuff to fiddle with, these seems to be most handy. Four 2x4 planks that are seemingly quite new.


2008-04-12 Tool Case

A tool case, specifically the case for a Ryobi circular saw. This seems to house a stray router quite nicely so it will be pressed into service.


2008-04-12 Radio Flyer

A couple of pristine Radio Flyer wheeled offspring amusement devices. First the little truck thingy:

Radio Flyer

Also a classic trike with tassels. Certain nearby offspring found these quite attractive.

Radio Flyer

2008-04-12 Legs

8 legs for a common and useful shelving system, we took the best four. They had some fancy castors on them but no sign of the shelves or the little collets you need to hang the shlves on the legs. These are for a friend with storage needs.

Shelf Legs

2008-04-12 Cast Iron

A cast iron thingy that allows one to bake things in the shapes of various animals. Wow! It has seemingly never been used. This will be donated to somebody who might have a use for it.

Cast Iron

2008-03-29 Switch Plates

A bunch of brass switch covers, mostly of them OK and one ornately ugly. These are for a neighbour who may have need for such.

Switch Covers

2008-03-29 Pipe Wrench

This is a cheapo junky pipe wrench but will be handy to keep in a car or some such place where it might provie of crucial usefullness one day.

Pipe Wrench

2008-03-29 Mac Tower

A Mac G4 tower missing HD but full of memory. THis will be invesitgated for its usefuless but we suspect it is getting a bit old to be anything but fanboy fodder.


2008-03-29 Bag

A random travelling bag that has a couple of rips but is otherwise in very usable shape. This will be stored for the next visiting European to use to take all their swag home with. Now the US really does have monopoly money we expect more surgical shopping strikes to pass through and require extra bags for homeward transportation.


2008-03-26 Tie down

A tie down that presumably literally fell off the back of a lorry. It will come in handy for our trailor. Note this is genuine "stuff" because even though the owner lost it they threw it away by not coming back for it.

Tie down

2008-03-26 Schwinn

We got a modern Schwinn racing style bike a while ago and recently found the parts to fix it up. The handlebars were rusty and drop style, not popular and not nice. We put on some straight bars and old schwinn sparkly grips and gave the thing a clean up and voila. This may already have a home waiting for it.


2008-03-25 Cookware

A Griswold No9 skillet in excellent condition. This one is nicer than ours in certain details so we will use this and pass our existing Griswold No9 on. Shown here after cleaning and a light cure at 450F.