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2014-11-08 Schwinn Impact

This Schwinn Impact ladies style mountain bike came with huge flabby knobbly tyres on it. They had rotted gumwalls and were generally unsatisfactory. We swapped on some semi knobbly replacements and cleaned the thing up and now it is a really nice bike. Available for such high impact activities as shopping, as you can see from the handy dismountable basket.

Schwinn Impact

So why is that? Gumwall tires will have the sides rot out and become useless? Some of them from the 1970s even get all super nasty like some eruptive fungus or some such. We have dealt with black tires from the 1960s, of a Raleigh for example, that have been perfectly fine 50 years later. And yet somehow the bike makers insist on imposing crappy gumwalls on us. End rant (for now).