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2024-06-10 Copper Skillet

A 12 inch stainles steel lined copper skillet from the Williams Sonoma store brand. We are not sure who made it but it could have been Mauviel.

Copper Skillet

We gave it a bit of a clean and it is good to go now. Maybe some slight bowing on the base but it works fine on our gas stove.


2024-06-09 Dressers

Two random little dressers. We found these at different times though in the same place. Clearly the occupants of the house were slowly moving this stuff outside.


2024-06-09 Dewalt Angle Grinder

A large Dewalt angle grinder. It was very dusty inside but runs fine. We have given it a clean and some inspection.

Dewalt Angle Grinder

2024-06-08 Side Table

A random little side table that just needed a wipe and a polish to be ready for a new deployment in the household of somebody who has need of such.

Side Table

2024-06-08 Miele Flamenco Vacuum

A random older Miele Flamenco vacuum cleaner. Mostly present and correct, works fine, needed a clean and certainly a new bag.

Miele Flamenco Vacuum

2024-06-08 Lamps

Some more random lamps that just need cleaning and testing before they go into the supply chain of lamps for the lampless.


2024-06-08 Dyson V7

A Dyson V7 cordless vacuum complete with charger. Works fine.

Dyson V7

2024-06-08 Craftsman Sander

Craftsman random orbital sander, works fine, full of dust, but ready for a new home.

Craftsman Sander

2024-06-01 Phil and Ted Stroller

A nice example, not sure of the vintage but in very good condition and certainly fit to move some noisy little offspring around.

Phil and Ted Stroller

2024-06-01 Coffee Table

A random coffee table with a few scratches that will probably be sent straight into the pipeline of furniture for those who need it.

Coffee Table

2024-05-11 Lamps

Some more pretty random lamps. We had to piece them together from lamp parts, put in bulbs and test everything. But they are all three good to go to new homes.


2024-04-26 Lamps

A couple of random brass lamps that are not matching but are close enough to appear as if a "found eclectic match".


2024-04-26 Dining Chairs

Three dining chairs. One had a small break which is being glued up and they all need a wipe. They will soon be off to a new home.

Dining Chairs

2024-04-24 Air Tank

A portable air tank that came with funky shrader fitting on it. We put on a regular industrial fitting and tested it out and it works fine for moving around a chunk or air at elevated pressure.

Air Tank

The thing was clearly part of a particular corporate technical setup at some point in the past. A souvenir from the big phrama industrial complex.


2024-04-14 Teak Furniture

Two teak side tables and a teak reclning chair. They all needed a clean so we first cleaned out the carb on the pressure washer and got it running. Once cleaned and dry we splatted some teak oil on the items in question.

Teak Furniture

2024-04-13 Moccamaster Coffee Maker

This Technivorm Moccamaster coffee maker was sitting in peices scattered around. We gathered them all up and gave it a test and it works fine.

Moccamaster Coffee Maker

2024-04-13 Lamps

More random lamps to be checked and fixed and sent to where they might be used. The smaller one has some ugliness value.


2024-04-13 Bike Tyres

A brand new pair of Maxxis mountain bike tyres. Somebody we know must need some like this. Or we might come to meet somebody who needs then.

Bike Tyres

2024-03-22 Tables

Some random smaller tables of the type "side" and "coffee" or some such.


2024-03-22 Lamps

Some very assorted lamps that just needed a clean and some testing before being sent off to a place where they will find new owners.

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