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2023-10-14 Random Lamps

Some random lamps that needed cleaning and testing. All now delivered to a place where people who need them will be able to access them.

Random Lamps

2023-09-21 Dyna-Glo Grill

A random Dyna-Glo grill by the side of the road with a very nice weather cover. Luckily the wheels were fine so we wheeled it over to the house of some friends who were in need of such an item. There were 3 slices of aubergine inside on the top rack.

Dyna-Glo Grill

Update: they put on a gas bottle and it works fine with nice even blue flames all round.


2023-09-09 Room 2 Baby Containment Device

Joovy Room 2 baby bed or general container, depending on waking state or whatever. Perfect condition, shoud be useful for the impending visit of very small relatives at some stage in the future.

Room 2 Baby Containment Device

2023-09-09 Marin Redwoods

Marins Redwoods mountain bike with that classic Marin frame cross section from the period. Nice bike, rides well after tuneup, and should clean up exceot for the rust on the forks.

Marin Redwoods

2023-09-09 Liv Enchant Bike

Liv Enchant juvenile mountain-ish bike in almost new condition. Very up to date with a one-by gearing configuration.

Liv Enchant Bike

2023-09-09 Go Pro Hero 3

A Go-Pro Hero 3 with waterproof case. We will be investigating the founda footage at some point. No charging cable so functionality on this not yet tested.

Go Pro Hero 3

2023-09-09 Gary Fisher Napa

A nice Gary Fisher Napa mountain bike in good condition. Needed air in the tires and had a couple of rusty bolts etc, but is now good to go.

Gary Fisher Napa

2023-09-09 Dry Sack

A 30 liter drysack with some random logo on it. Kind of afraid to look it up but no matter.

Dry Sack

2023-09-09 Croquet Lamp

A weird lamp that is pretending to constructed out of the parts of a croquet set. A little strange and bit of a dust catcher in various ways.

Croquet Lamp

The twist switch is missing the knob so we will be fixing that and passing it on.


2023-09-09 Big Wheel

A Radio Flyer branded big wheel style device. Useful for impending visit of small relatives.

Big Wheel

2023-08-28 Chopping Board

A chopping board made of laminated maple and mahogany or some such. It was very dirty and had a lot of cut marks on it but it turns out that a thickness planer is really good at cleaning all that up.

Chopping Board

Meta-moment, aforementioned thickness planer has appeared on this page.


2023-08-25 Lamps

Four lamps, all with bulbs and all tested as working. Pretty spiffy. They will soon be illuminating homes that are not ours.


2023-08-25 Dining Table

A random dining table with an inset tiled top. It needed a clean but is now ready to go and have some dinner served on it.

Dining Table

Clearly it may have been associated with the two chairs we got at the same time and place.


2023-08-25 Chairs

Two random dining chairs that have a few dings but are nicely usable.


2023-08-14 Mutsy iGo

A Mutsy iGo stroller in good condition. After a clean and airing out it is ready for a new home.

Mutsy iGo

2023-08-12 Lamps

Two random matching lamps, and also two lamp shades that serendipitously showed up at the same time. The plugs are a little suspect but we will check them out and then get them into the supply chain for reuse.


2023-08-12 Giant Simple Seven

The Giant (or at least designed by Goant) Simple Seven is a beach cruiser with a one by seven gearset. It is a nonsense bike, built for form rather than function but we should be able to get this one ridable again and find a home for it.

Giant Simple Seven

2023-08-12 Extension Cords

Four assorted extension cords. Lots of people need these from time to time.

Extensions Cord

2023-08-12 Belt Grinder

A small belt grinder, all dusty and neglected. As yet untested, it will be a project for somebody at some stage.

Belt Grinder

2023-06-24 Wooden Dressers

Two matching wooden dressers. Cleaned and polished and ready for new homes.

Wooden Dressers
Wooden Dressers
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