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2023-02-26 Samsung TV

A Samsung 54 inch flat screen TV. Works fine, no remote, no stand, no wall mount. I suspect somebody near us just got a 65 inch TV or some such.

Samsung TV

2023-02-21 KitchenAid Fizzy Machine

This is a sodastream dressed up as a KitchenAid mixer. The bottle did not come with it but it seems otherwise in working condition.

KitchenAid Fizzy Machine

2023-02-21 Dell P2213 Monitor

A random little Dell monitor, will become ourt new testing display after the last one fell off the table saw and broke into pieces. The rigours of a cluttered multi-use workshop.

Dell P2213 Monitor

2022-11-19 HP PC

A random little HP ProDesk PC. 120G SSD and 8G RAM makes it quite usable. It is a clean install of Windows 7 on it so we suspect it was sanitized by the previous owner.


2022-11-12 Strider Laufrad

A brand new Strider Laufrad. Never used.

Strider Laufrad

2022-11-12 Lamps

A couple of random reading lamps. After hunting around for bulbs where we found them from other less useful lamps, these two work fine and will be sent to people currently lampless.


And then a couple more lamps.


And then a couple more lamps.


2022-11-12 Crock Pot

We are not really fans of these things and have seen many discarded over the years that looked usable, but we never bothered with. It turns out that there is a outlet for them that we can funnel these towards. Hence we will now, starting with this one, pick up these things, test and clean them and send them off to people in need of such.

Crock Pot

More resuse is good.


2022-11-12 Britax B-Free

A Britax B=Free stroller. Nothing wrong with it and interestingly a friend speciifically requested a Britax of this rough type recently.

Britax B-Free

If you can shop to order in the waste stream you know there is too much stuff in it.


2022-11-05 Orange Extension Cable

A pretty long extension cable. When it came to us it was bodge spliced onto another shorter cable with electrical tape. We got rid of that and just on put a nice matching orange socket.

Orange Extension Cable

It seems to have previously belonged to a painter.


2022-10-09 Ridgid Thickness Planer

A random 13 inch Ridgid brand thickness planer sitting by the side of the road. We blew off a lot of dust and such and plugged it in and it works. Probably needs new blades and some oil here and there but otherwise a pretty nice find.

Ridgid Thickness Planer

Pic shows a test piece of wood we ran through it for testing purposes.


2022-10-09 Emglo Compressor

An Emglo compact compressor. It is pretty beat up but works well and puts out air. The bleed valve leaks and some other stuff is messy.

Emglo Compressor

2022-10-08 Giant Revel

Giant Revel juvenile mountain bike thingy. Came to us with two flat tyres and really dirty. It turns out that you can pump up tyres and clean off dirt, but a bunch of poeple seems to not have picked up on this. where we found it.

Giant Bike

2022-08-18 Nightstands

A couple of pretty solid wooden nightstands with drawers. They were missing the handles but that was easy enough to fix and they will be off to furnish somebody's bedroom soon.


2022-08-13 Tall Chair

A chair for use at a breakfast bar or similar, we suppose. All very nice and already deployed into a house that has a distinct lack of chairs.

Tall Chair

2022-08-13 Beds

A couple of single beds of reasonably nice quality. They were mixed up with the ends of one found with the frame of the other etc. Weird.


All cleaned up and ready for new homes now.


2022-07-16 Skillets

A couple of assorted skillets, a nice stainless All-Clad and a random weirdly coloured non-stick, both in excellent condition.


2022-07-09 Miele Swing H1

A random Miele Swing H1 stick style vacuum. It works fine, and we have found a home for it already.

Miele Swing H1

2022-07-09 Log Splitter

A random log splitter in usable condition. Will be going to the house of some friends so they can split their firewood this winter.

Log Splitter

2022-07-09 Dining Set

A maple extending dining table with matching chairs, along with two non matching chairs that end up looking pretty nice when they are all put together.

Dining Set

This will be used by a family moving to a house nearby whose furniture is currently subject to the whims of the global shipping system. After that, we will find another home for it.


2022-07-09 Cast Iron Pans

Some random cast iron pans, two from interesting brands and two no-name.

Cast Iron Pans
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