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2022-06-11 Haro BMX

A random Haro BMX bike came to us with flat tires and a buggered up rear brake cable and housing. It turns out that if you put air in the tires, they are no longer flat, and if you us the correct length cable housing and adjust the brakes they work quite well.

Haro BMX

2022-06-08 Dyson V6

A random Dyson V6 cordless vacuum with fluffy head. This particular model with the powered fluffy head is highly rated. It has a bad battery but we were able to test it with a battery from a friend's similar model and it works fine.

Dyson V6

A new battery is now coming from and we will probably use this for a while.


2022-06-05 Trek Road Bike

A really nice Trek road bike. It has super nice components and such but has a small dent in in the top tube, really a shame. We found a home for it with somebody really into such things and I hope he has a good time with it.

Trek Road Bike

2022-06-05 Bedroom Furniture

We found a spiffy artistically decorated bedroom set. Two beds (only one pictured) and a nice chest. All are solid wood and quite heavy, in reasonable used condition.

Bedroom Furniture
Bedroom Furniture

This stuff is all going to a warehouse for furnishing homes of people who have need of furniture.


2022-06-04 Wooden Chairs

A pair of wuite nice wooden chairs, suitable for kitchen table or some such. The joints had been reset by somebody using copius amounts of Gorilla glue, so we cleaned the excess up a little to make them more presentable.

Wooden Chairs

Ingested into supply chain for people who need furniture.


2022-06-04 Trek 950

A Trek 950 Multitrack that has been upgraded. The cranks, brakes and tyres all all later additions. Possible reason for discard was the flat rear tyres, but who knows.

Trek 950

2022-06-04 Simpson Pressure Washer

OK, we had to snag this from curbside garbage due to it having a nice Honda engine on it. It ran briefly when we first looked at it, then not at all. We found no spark and bad resistance values through the coil. New coil was 20 USD or so, so we put that on, flushed the fuel system and it works fine now.

Simpson Pressure Washer

2022-06-04 Round Table

A random small round table with folding leaves. Possible reason for discard was a wobble in the leg mounting. This required some dissassembly to remedy but we did that and it is now ready for a new home.

Round Table

2022-06-04 Dresser

This modern style dresser came to use with lots of really annoying Dora the Explorer stickers all over it. After scraping those off and removing the sticky residue with laquer thinner it is now good as new.


Ingested into supply chain for people who need furniture.


2022-06-04 City Mini

A nice looking Baby Jogger City Mini stroller. Just needs a quick rinse to get the dust off and it is ready for a new home.

City Mini

2022-06-04 Bike Shaped Objects

These are most certainly bike shaped objects. I think the KSDA in foreground was assembled poorly and never ridden, probably just as well. We have no idea what OYMA Power is, but that is a piece of junk also.

Bike Shaped Objects

These are perhaps usable for parts, but we have not the time or space so we passed them on to somebody more tolerant of garbage consumer goods.


2022-04-30 Trek Multitrack 7200

A nice Trek Multitrack 7200 hybrid bike. The chain has jammed between the cluster and the spokes and broken 8 of them. There was also damage on the hub. No matter, new (old) rear wheel from spares and it is good to ride.

Trek Multitrack 7200

2022-04-30 Thule Bike Rack

A chunky Thule bike rack for a 2 inch receiver. Pic shows it test mounted on such a mount point.

Thule Bike Rack

2022-04-23 Huffy Beach Cruiser

A random Huffy beach cruiser bike, all present and correct but had flat tires and some rust on the chrome when picked up. Ready to go now.

Huffy Beach Cruiser

2022-04-20 Dell Inpsiron

A random Dell Inspiron desktop, all present and correct but as yet untested and of unknown spec.

Dell Inpsiron

2022-03-19 Lamp

A random ugly lamp. Reason for discard was presumably the switch, which was not working. We replaced the switch and a put a salvage builb in it and passed on the entire thing to people who need it.


2022-02-12 Toaster Oven

A random toaster oven, picked up to be cleaned, tested and sent straight to a charity that sets up housing.

Toaster Oven

2022-02-12 Lodge Cast Iron Pan

A random deep Lodge cast iron pan, nothing special, not really used much, but handy. We hasve a pan of this form factor so this is available.

Lodge Cast Iron Pan

2022-01-16 Fuji Absolute

A Fuji Absolute LE hybrid bike. It has been ridden a fair bit, judging by the brake dust, but the owner of this bike immediately before us was an idiot. The front quick release was lacking the springs and was just cranked down by twisting the lever rather that using the quick release lever.

Fuji Absolute

2021-12-15 Trek 7300FX

A random Trek 7300FX hybrid. It is a little dinged up and neglected while not having been ridden very much. It also seems the previous owner had a flat on the front and made some attempt to fix it but got confused and put the entire thing out in the trash. It now has a new front tube and is ridable. More tuneup activity will follow.

Trek 7300FX
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