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2015-06-21 Strollers

A fine selection of offspring transportation devices gathered up in a short drive around a curbside pickup. First up a Phil and Ted Dash, needs a clean but otherwise a pretty nice item:

Phil and Ted Dash

Yet another Maclaren Quest pushchair, OK shape except some chipped foam on the handles. The cover is missing in the pic as that pulls off and washes up nicely (it washed up nicely).

Maclaren Quest,

We had another of these Inglesina Zippy pushchair things a while ago, pretty handy. They are clearly a Peg Perego Pliko type thing with some Inglesina branding and such, This one is very nice, probably destined for an overseas deployment with a family member. A quick clean will make it super spiffy.

Inglesina Zippy

A random lightweight Chicco umbrella fold pushchair, handy dandy. Somebody will want it. Came with a cruise ship luggage tag on it, that was probably the only real deployment of this pristine device.

Chicco umbrella fold