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2012-06-17 Freespirit Bike

This Freespirit Rock Creek is complete garbage and never should have been manufactured, purchased or ridden. Yuck. We will find a home for it or strip off a couple of parts and junk it.

Freespirit Bike

2012-06-17 Cast Iron Griddle

This cast iron griddle had some surface rust on the top and some crud buildup on the bottom but cleaned up pretty quickly and has already been used twice. It will travel to a foreign country with a friend and form part of his kitchen paraphenalia.

Cast Iron Griddle

2012-06-16 Trek Mountain Bike

This Trek 3700 mountain bike has a small frame and beyond air in the tyres needed no work. All spiffy and ready for a new arse on its seat.

Trek Mountain Bike

2012-06-11 Tricycle

This handy dandy little Schwinn Tricycle is half traditional trike and half bigwheel. It has retro metal looks and vaguely functions as both distraction and mobility device for small offspring.


2012-06-11 Rucksack

This Lowe Alpine 60 litre rucksack had fine mould all over it when picked up but a rinse in bleach and such and it seems fine, almost brand new in fact. We may find a use for it at some stage.


2012-06-11 Ross Compact

This Ross Compact is a homely little bike but has great vintage appeal. It ha sa patch of missing chrome and is heavy but will make a charming fashion accessory for some hipster in a large city. Note it is not yet cleaned up, in strictly as found condition.

Ross Compact

2012-06-11 Raleigh c40

This Raleigh c40 hybrid bike was discarded minus the skewers and the saddle. There is a longer story behind it that you can ask for when you see us in person. But for now, it is fixed up and ready for a new owner. Spiffy.

Raleigh c40

2012-06-11 Offspring Carriage Devices

A selection of devices with which one might transport offspring. First a couple of Sit 'n Stand types from OneStep and Joovy:

Offspring Carriage Devices
Offspring Carriage Devices

Next up a random weird Graco stroller that may or may not prove to be useful.

Offspring Carriage Devices

This Peg Perego Pliko stroller is somewhat unique in this colour but it is missing the hood so we are not sure of its chances for reuse.

Offspring Carriage Devices

Last a Kelty Kids rucksack for when the terrain is inhospitable to wheels.

Offspring Carriage Devices

2012-06-10 Fire Device

This random outdoor fire Chiminea type thing is superficially rusty and yet perfectly functional. We tested it out one evening before donating it to a friend.

Fire Device

2012-06-06 Strollers

Another Peg Perego Aria double pushchair, this one a bit grubby but people seem to like them so it may find a new home.


This Combi Flare is small and not so distinguished but is pretty functional and deserves another chance to perambulate.


2012-06-06 Pack and Play

This random pack and Play is all branded with Baby Einstein etc, and despite that brand being thoroughly discredited this thing still functions perfectly well as an imprisonment device for small offspring.

Pack and Play

2012-06-04 Trek 1100 remains

This Trek 1100 is in a pretty sorry state. We think it may have been just fine at the time of dropoff but that a large bucket loader crunched it up and tossed it into a large dumpster full of scrap metal. Most of the parts are good and will be swapped onto some other frame in better shape.


2012-06-04 Cookware

This Calphalon Dutch Oven thingy is in really nice shape apart from some small defects on the interior. They are quite baffling anf will be investigated further.

Calphalon Dutch Oven

2012-06-04 Cannondale Criterion

A nice Cannondale Criterion Series road bike with nothing wrong with it. Air in the tyres and good to go. It was very dusty, so maybe that was the reason for discard.


2012-06-02 Peg Perego Tender

This Peg Peregop Tender pushchair is in near new condition and is complete with hoods and covers and such. Very nice indeed. It will meet the custodian of a set of twins, or some such, on the list of craig.

Peg Perego Tender

2012-06-02 Juvenile Clothes

The picture shows most of what was in a medium sized garbage bag full of clothers. The previous owner was nice enough to wash and fold all the clothes neater than we would ever do it. Show in the pic is what will be deployed in removing rthe nakedness from a certain 4 year old for the next year.

Juvenile Clothes

2012-05-28 Kool Stride Jogger

This random Kool Stride jogger was languishing in the basement forgotten and neglected. No idea where we got it or how long we had it but it needs to find a new home. We suspect it comes from a time when we had several of these and put this one aside for when the rest had gone.

Kool Stride Jogger

2012-05-27 Snap and Go

This random crappy Kolcraft Snap and Go style thingy is in perfect condition and just needed the dust removed. All very fine.

Snap and Go

2012-05-27 Schwinn Trike

This weird Schwinn Tricycle seems to be related to the bigwheel concept. Either way a friend found this and deployed it with her offspring and it worked for actual transit purposes as opposed to just riding round in circles.

Schwinn Trike

2012-05-27 Ross Bike

This Ross Peryton did not always look like this, we suspect. At some point the region of the handle bars was changed drastically and the big fat comfy seat was put on. That is just fine by us as the hypothesized future owner will probably prefer it that way.

Ross bike

Update: This has since been cleaned up and looks super spiffy.


2012-05-27 Maclaren Techno XT

Yet another Maclaren Techno XT pushchair. The clip that holds it closed had broken off but it was the matter of a minute or so to swap on one from a parts example retained for exactly this purpose. Spiffy. You can see said clip in the picture as it is made of a different coloured plastic.

Maclaren Techno XT

The pic shows a frequently applied fix for strollers like this, the seat area gets full of crumbs and crud of the lazy messy offspring and washing it out improves matters no end. Even worse than the strollers are the high chairs.


2012-05-27 Maclaren Double

This Maclaren Twin Traveler pushchair has a couple of issues but seemingly neither are terminal. It is otherwise in very nice shape and hopefully will be appreciated but whichever new owner gets the use of it.

Maclaren Double

2012-05-27 Kool Stride Double

This Kool Stride double jogger is just like all other Kool Stride joggers, irritatingly misspelled, vaguely functional and a huge pain in the arse to fold. Nevertheless somebody we do not yet know will find a use for it.

Kool Stride Double

2012-05-22 Royal Scot Bike

This Royal Scot English 3-speed was made in 1969, or thereabouts. When found it bizarrely had no cotter pins. We replaced those and with some polish, air and oil it came up looking like this. Original tyres. The only thing that still needs to be fixed is the rear brake cable, a common issue on this type of frame.

Royal Scot Bike

2012-05-13 Wagon

This pretty fine little wagon and trailer will supercede our existing model due to the presence of the cool trailer. Even more small offpring can pile in now to be towed around by a larger offspring.


2012-05-13 Maclaren Pushchairs

Strangely, two Maclaren Triumph strollers from seemingly different sources but within a short time window. Nothing really wrong with them though they will get a clean and one may need new wheels on the rear.

Maclaren Pushchairs
Maclaren Pushchairs

2012-05-13 Juvenile Mountain Bike

This Rhino Amplifier juvenile mountain bike is a horrific thing that never should have been manufactured, purchased or ridden. It is entirely exemplary of that increasingly large class of consumer products that are designed and built to be sold once, and never used.

Nevertheless somebody out there will want it and we will sell it off cheap to minimize our contact with it.

Juvenile Mountain Bike

2012-05-13 Combi Stroller

This random little Combi stroller is in fine shape and does not deserve to die a lonely death by the side of the road, crushed as it is loaded into a garbage truck. Hence, we rescued it and will deploy it to the household of either a) some people we know, or b) some people we do not know.

Combi Stroller

2012-05-13 Chicco Seat

This Chicco seat clamps onto a table and can used in lieu of a highchair. Handy, compact and portable.

Chicco Seat

2012-05-13 Bike Parts

This random small pile of bike parts will come in handy somewhere down the line.

Bike Parts

2012-05-06 Small Bikes

A bunch of smaller bikes, including but not limited to, the following, a Jamis BMX witn aluminium frame and such,

Small Bikes

Also a Jamis Miss Daisy in a different colour to the previous:

Small Bikes

A random red BMX that cleaned up pretty well and will be disposed of to a suitable home.

Small Bikes

2012-05-06 Jeep Doors

A pair of fabric (i.e. soft-top) Jeep doors for some as yet undetermined Jeep. A friend of ours has a Jeep and he seems to need new body parts for that thing rather frequently, so we will store them until he comes by. They are very dusty but since that pic was taken they have cleaned up nicely.

Jeep Doors

2012-05-06 Cookware

This small wok and large Calphalon skillet are in fine condition and will be snapped up by a friend.


Update The wok was cleaned out and cured. Below you see a picture of the first deployment. Also everything visible in this picture except the flagstones was mentioned on this page at some time.


2012-04-29 Lotus Bike

This Lotus Excelle bike has a bunch of rusty spots stemming from years exposed to batshit we think, but it cleaned up OK and rides pretty nicely. It has some really nice parts on it, we shall see if it finds a new home.

Lotus Bike

2012-04-28 Toyota Corolla Manual

This random Toyota Corolla Manual applies to the transportation device of a friend of ours so we are banking this info in case he might have some question regarding a malfunction, or some such.

Toyota Corolla Manual

2012-04-28 Tools

We show here a small selection of tools that showed up today. This was a batch we gave to a neighbour but much more stuff was present in the pickup event. Shown; old oil can (cleaned up for the pic), trim removal tool, hacksaw blades, sanding pads. Not present, sawzall blades, more sanding stuff, random hardware.


2012-04-28 Router

This random Craftsman Router and Table are in fine working condition with no apparent reason for discard. It is not the best router in the world but you can do stuff with it.


2012-04-28 Plates

These random plates are now being used by friends. They are Williams Sonoma so at least they come with some high end mall name value. Quite apart from that they are perfectly functional.


2012-04-28 Maclaren Pushchairs

These two Maclaren pushchairs showed up in a small time interval.

Maclaren Pushchairs
Maclaren Pushchairs

No big song and dance here, we have had plenty like this before.

Update: Fast turnraound on the list of craig for the Techno.


2012-04-28 Jumper Cables

These jumper cables are really nice, brand unknown. They have nice thick yet flexible wire with chunky copper grips on the front. Everything seems fine with no apparent reason for discard.

Jumper Cables

2012-04-28 Ikea Glasses

These six random Ikea glasses showed up new in the box. They do not stack so we will give them away.

Ikea Glasses

2012-04-28 Grout

We, along with some friends, find ourselves in need of some random grout for two seperate small projects. Voila, some shows up this weekend, how nice.


2012-04-28 Child Seats

These two really nice Britax child seats were being discarded together. They will be checked out and deployed as required.

Child Seats

2012-04-28 Bikes

These two bikes showed up close to each other, and another that we missed out on. First up a Raleigh Gran Prix, pretty nice except for some beat up paint and the steel rims.


Next up a Shimano 3-speed Huffy Catalina. Some paint has peeled off and flown away but it will make a nice ridable bike at some point.


2012-04-15 Shovel

This shovel was constructed from two seperate finds. The orange fibreglass handle was attached to a rake head that was broken. The shovel blade was attached to a broken wooden shovel handle. Voila, we have now made a spiffy long-handled shovel.


2012-04-15 Kids Bikes

These random BMX-like bikes showed up to amuse the offspring. A Magna and a Huffy, nothing special, though the Huffy is really rather loud.

Kids Bikes
Kids Bikes

2012-04-15 Bike Rack

This bike rack is a random low profile device that you can use to mount a bike high on the wall. It braces against the floor and the ceiling. This is available for anybody but meanwhile will appear on the list of craig.

Bike Rack

2012-04-14 Schwinn Ditch

This Schwinn Ditch 3.0 full suspension mountain bike showed up missing the wheels. Unless some disk brake wheels show up to fit it there is a not a lot we will do with except dispose of it to a good home as is and cheap. Available to readers.

Schwinn Ditch

2012-04-08 Nishiki Blazer

This Nishiki Blazer was sittiong by the side of the road with a sign on it. There seemed to be nothing really wrong with it apart from the incredible crapness of the wheels, so we swapped those off and cleaned it up ready for an appearance on the list of craig. It now rides quite nicely.

Nishiki Blazer

Update: Sold finally. What bunch of wibblers. 10 or so people wanted it and insisted we call them back with all possible haste and yet they did not pick up their phones. Eventually a nice chap from nearby picked it up.


2012-04-08 Lady Goose

This Mongoose Lady Goose BMX style thingy is pretty nice for a random kids' bike. If it were not in such good shape we might strip it for the parts on it to use them adult bikes. But now, the reason for discard may have been the loose headset or flat rear tyre. Either way, it is off to the list of craig.

Lady Goose

2012-04-03 Stainless Steel Jug

This random stainless steel jug is nice except for teh weird ugly welds it has on the handle mount points. We shall see, maybe friends will want it, maybe it will clean up, maybe we will re-weld the joints.

Stainless Steel Jug

2012-04-01 Firewood

These rounds of red oak were lying around by the side of the road so we picked them up. That was logistical exercise of some interest but we ended up with these and a couple more rounds and some smaller logs. Two of the big rounds are already split up into fireplace sized chunks.


2012-03-24 Roadmaster Bike

This Roadmaster Mtn Sport is the bottom of the quality barrel, possibly even could be said to be in the quality cesspit. Never mind, somebody from lisrt of craig may wish for a supremely cheap bike.

Roadmaster Bike

2012-03-24 Grills

This nice stainless BBQ grates will ciome in handy at some point we think. Not sure when but we can store them away. These are very expensive to buy new.


2012-03-24 Citronella

This package of six citronella candles will come in handy during the upcoming mosquito and BBQ season. We will of course be barbequeing mosquitoes on these nice little flames for consumption.


2012-03-24 Britax Stroller

This random Britax Preview stroller has a couple of issues but they might get sorted out and it may then find a new home on the list of craig. We shall see.

Britax Stroller

2012-03-17 Yokota Bike

This Yokota Ahwahnee, or some such, has 700C wheels and is pretty nice except for being a bit dated. We put the new tyres on and it just needs a seat and tuneup now to be ready for action. It is available to readers and if not snapped up will make an appearance on the list of craig.

Yokota Bike

2012-03-17 Baby Jogger

This Baby Jogger ATS is pretty damn fancy. It has lockable swivel front wheel, cupholders, easy fold, welded aluminium frame, suspension and all sorts of nice features. The reason for discard was the exploded front tyre, due to over-inflation we assume. Never mind, it is now renewed and ready to meet new owners on the list of craig.

Baby Jogger

2012-03-04 Golf Balls

This tin of golf balls should find a home somewhere. Lots of golfers are super snobs on this subject but for random driving practise they seem to secretly value cheap balls as they are actually bad enough golfers to lose a lot of balls and be too lazy to look for them.

Golf Balls

2012-02-26 Maclarens

Recently we acquired a couple of Maclaren pushchairs from various sources. First up, this Techno Classic was at the side of the road with a lamp, a dishcloth and a bike helmet. It was very dusty but we grabbed it and here it is shown shortly after a wash and brush up


This next, a Volo, was acquired from more conventional sources and is in OK shape. The cargo net had some extra holes in it but we had a spare in stock and replaced it.


Both of these are now ready to meet their new owners on the list of craig.


2012-02-18 Schwinn Frontier

This random Schwinn Frontier mmountain bike is nothing special but will find a new home via the list of craig thanks to our rescue efforts. Reason for discard seems to have been the flat rear tyre, a half-hearted attempt was made to fix it. We used a full-hearted effort and a new tube to make it usable.

Schwinn Frontier

2012-02-18 Giant Iguana

No, not one of these,

Giant Iguana

though that might prove pretty tasty. Merely one of these

Giant Iguana

nicely posed in the pic by the new owner. This is his commute bike now. It rides pretty well. Upon acquisition it was very dusty and had flat tyres (no punctures). Not, we think, a bona fide reason for discard.


2012-02-04 Mountain Buggy

This Mountain Buggy Urban Double is in OK shape modulo one of the seatbelt clips. We will have to see whether that can be fixed, but it seems like a useful item. This may hit the list of craig once cleaned up.

Mountain Buggy

Update: Mountain Buggy sent us a new plastic clip for the seatbelt and we sewed it on. Mouseover the image for updated pic, included the newly installled cleanliness option.


2012-01-22 Stainless Pot

This random cheapo thin stainless steel pot has found a home with somebody who needs it in a temporary pied-a-terre. Just fine.

Stainless Pot

2012-01-09 Maple Table Top

These shelves are made of a heavily used maple workbench top that was being discarded. There were holes in it but the slabs we cut from it avoided them. We also have some extra offcuts left for other things.

Maple Table Top

2012-01-07 Skillet

This small yellow/orange Le CReuset skillet is in OK condition and is available to those who ask for it.


2011-11-24 Peg Perego Aria

This nice orange and grey Peg Perego Aria pushchair was sitting by the side of the road waiting for the garbage men to come along. Luckily we came along first. It needed cleaning and drying out but seems in fine condition otherwise. It shall find a new owner on the list of craig.

Peg Perego Aria

2011-11-03 Bikes Aplenty

A few bikes, first a weird chinese (?) single speed that is in very nice condition. It has stainless steel rims and freaky handlebars. This is interesting and will be sold as such in the big city.

Bikes Aplenty

This lot of random US origin bikes will be flogged off cheap to get rid of them. We have not the time for such as these at present. They are not in bad condition though and somebody might want them.

Bikes Aplenty

A Schwinn Continental with randonneur bars, a Schwinn Varsity and a random Ross.


2011-10-30 Graco Frame

This random Graco Snap and Go stroller frame thingy is more or less new and will find a new home with friends or strangers, we know not which.

Graco Frame

2011-10-25 Motobecane Bike

This Motobecane Mirage Sport came to us missing a front wheel and with a large amount of idiot previous owner issues applied. We swapped on a matching set of spare (700C) wheels we had lying around and cleaned it up. New front shifter cable, pressure washer and voila, a nice bike.

The seat is a little bent and the colour is weirdly coming off but we may swap on a new seat for sale in the big city. It also has the weird one piece bar grips and brake hoods. They are in OK shape except for the ingrained dirt the pressure washer mostly took out.

Motobecane Bike

2011-10-23 Snap n go

This Kolcraft brand Snap 'n' go device is all very servicable and will be retained for usage in a while. These things are so simple and stripped down that a crappo brand like Kolcraft is fine.

Snap n go

2011-10-23 Mosquito Magnet

This mosquito magnet thingy seems in OK shape except for the delicate little net thingy inside. This was a request from a friend. It is quite robustly built compared to some brand of this device.

Mosquito Magnet

2011-10-23 Maclaren Triumph

This Maclaren Triumph pushchair is really snazzy looking and in great shape after the quick pressure washing we gave it. It shall soon find a new home via the list of craig.

Maclaren Triumph

We have no idea how people with kids get by without a pressure washer.


2011-10-23 Knife block

This random small knife block hold six knives of the steak variety. As you can see we have no trouble filling all those slots. It shall find a useful place somewhere in the kitchen where it can hold these knives for us.

Knife block

2011-10-16 Trek Mountain Bike

This Trek 830 Mountain Track bike has a beat up saddle and a really rusty chain on it. Other than that is had not really been abused so much as neglected. This is much like the Raleigh M40, which may have come from the same previous owner. It will be restored and given to a colleague for use as a station bike. Shown in part restored state, saddle and chain are tossed already and the bike awaits installation of replacements.

Trek Mountain bike

2011-10-16 Raleigh Mountain Bike

This Raleigh M40 mountain bike was neglected and barely used. The chain was rusted solid and the tyres dry rotted, also one spoke was broken. No matter, off to the list of craig with it.

Raleigh Mountain Bike

2011-10-16 Baby Jogger City Double

This Baby Jogger City Series double was in OK shape except for the ripped seat and some mould. We put a new cover on and may use it for a while before selling it. We have the hoods as well, they are being cleaned and will be reinstalled when ready.

Baby Jogger City Double

2011-10-06 Pink Centurion

This random pink Centurion Mixte haas never been ridden, just sat around in garage for 25 years or so. No matter, one new inner tube and a drop of oil on some parts and it is ready for a new life that might actually include being ridden. The crazy thigs some people do with their bikes.

Pink Centurion

2011-09-03 Bikes

Several bikes today, of which we only show the following for complex reasons we choose not explain here. First a Schwinn Woodlands mountain bike, pretty random but near new condition. This is will make a fine station bike for some happy person sent to us by the list of craig:


Next, yet another Svhwinn High Plains juvenile mountain bike. These things must have sold by the thousand a few years ago. This again will find a new home via the list of craig.


2011-08-27 Schwinn Super Sport

This Schwinn Super Sport road bike has freaky bar end twist shifters on it but is functional enough and might clean up nicely. It is claimed by the previous owner that he got it from the guy who invented these particular shifters. Dubious, but you never know.

Blue Schwinn Super Sport

2011-08-27 Keg

This nice Sankey Keg showed up complete with tap. It shall end up with our friendly neighbourhood brewery and hopefully prove useful there.


2011-08-16 Kids Mountain Bikes

These two Schwinn kids' mountain bikes are ready for new owners. One of them has been around a little while and may have appeared here already but the purple one showed up recently. They shall seek their fortune on the list of craig together and we are reusing this dual photo out of sheer laziness.

Kids Mountain Bikes

2011-08-14 Mongoose Update

We got this Mongoose IBOC mountain bike a while ago and it sat around waiting for deployment. Just today a friend called and wanted a big city beater bike so we put slicks on this and cleaned it up for him. It is now a really nice ride.

Mongoose Update

We chose this bike because it was OK quality but crappy looking, but now that we have finished it looks a little too nice. Oh well, never mind.


2011-07-23 Hose

This nice long length of robust hot water garden hose has absolutely no reason for discard. Our previous garden hose, seen here was a slightly different style and after 6 years or so outside had started to degrade. It still works fine and may be retained as an occasional use extension.

The pic shows a short piece of it in repose after the valve and quick release fitting was swapped on from the old hose.


2011-07-16 Panasonic Sport

This Panasonic Sport has a huge frame. Really huge. It was a little splattered with some weird household paint goop and needed two new shifter cables and tyres but is now back in usable shape. Possibly the wheels have been replaced with cheaper ones over the years but it rides OK.

Panasonic Sport

2011-07-12 Schwinn Collegiate

This bright yellow Schwinn Collegiate bike was a little rusty when picked up and even after cleaning up it looks quite dinged up. The paint is pretty chipped in various places. But it is a solid bike and the chrome looks super shiny, so it was worth the 30 minutes of effort. It did not have flat tyres but the chain was in a strange state.

Schwinn Collegiate

2011-07-09 Raleigh Super Course

This Raleigh Super Course is a high end bike from its time. It had those horrible black plastic Simplex derailleurs on it which we had to swap out but otherwise was good to go after a clean and some air in the tyres. It is a pretty nice bike to ride, has aluminium rims and a brooks saddle.

Raleigh Super Course

2011-07-07 Free Spirit Bike

This Free Spirit Brittany is a little homely and crappy but servicable. It shall be rehoused with somebody from the list of craig, we hope. Spillover from the univega.

Free Spirit Bike

2011-07-06 Huffy Cruiser

This random Huffy Cranbrook cruiser was seemingly ill-adjusted from new and never really used effectively. This is probably a part of the reason for discard. After tensioning the chain and doing up the headset and replacing the pedals it will be just fine for a relaxing ride down some boardwalk somewhere. The list of craig has already shown promise in this item, albeit as a result of the spillover Univega Hybrid customers.

Huffy Cruiser

2011-07-05 Toaster

This Dualit 3 slice toaster has had the cord cut off by some unscrupulous copper recycler, but we will test it out and see if we can save it. They are not cheap and while not exactly worth their new purchase price they are very nice if you get then cheap. We use one already and have given several salvaged models to friends or family.


2011-07-05 Bowls

Three handy dandy stainless steel bowls, they just need a rinse and maybe a scrub. We have enough of these so we gave them to a neighbour.


2011-07-04 Univega Active Trail

This Univega Active Trail bike is a complete pile of crap quality-wise but is a fairly functional 700C hybrid. The tyres are possibly the best part of the whole thing. When we got it the front wheel was trashed (reason for discard?) but we swapped this one on from our supplies.

Bike Roundup

All cleaned up and ready to ride.


2011-07-04 Schwinn High Plains

This Schwinn High Plains juvenuile mountain bike was missing the seat and post but is otherwise in fine shape. It will serve to entertain some insolent youth for some period of time. Said youth's parents may be introduced to us via the list of craig. We will see.

Bike Roundup

2011-07-04 Raleigh M40

A Raleigh M40 mountain bike with disk brakes and loads of gears etc. This is a fancy bike on the surface and as such will please somebody, but is really not our cup of tea. Reason for discard may have been bent handlebars, we just swapped in another set (10 minutes work).

Bike Roundup

2011-06-30 Jamis Bike

This random Jamis Miss Daisy is probably supposed to be some form of beach cruiser for kids. Not so wonderful but somebody might want it. The list of craig shall provide access to that somebody.

Jamis Bike

2011-06-28 Trek

This random Trek mountain bike was part of a batch and needed a cleanup to get back to the donor. This is for his wife, who apparently has short legs. He gave us a pile of bikes from the garbage in exchange for two of them cleaned up for him and his wife. Bargain.


2011-06-28 Giant Innova

This Giant Innova has deck stain spilled all over it and was severely neglected. Maybe the previous owners thought that the decay through neglect would be prevented by a preservative? Who knows, it is cleaned up and given to a neighbour. It is a pretty nice bike now, just a little unsightly.

Giant Innova

2011-06-28 Diamond Back

This Diamond Back road bike came with a rear wheel. That has since been deployed to fix another bike, and a couple of small part also have been used. This may be given away to somebody in need of a frame.

Diamond Back

2011-06-20 Assorted Bikes

A small selection of recently acquired velocipede machines shown here. First up a pair of Fahrradmanufaktur CX bikes. They are slightly different in age and spec but they are both very fine machines. The previous owners were moving continents and did not want to take these things with them.

Assorted Bikes
Assorted Bikes

Next up a bunch of kid's bikes that showed up together. All very mixed and random, the first cleaned up and given to a neighbour,

Assorted Bikes

. This next maybe given to a more remote neighbour on the other side of town,

Assorted Bikes

...and this last yet to be assigned but already enjoyed by various offspring.

Assorted Bikes

2011-06-16 Offspring Backpack

If one wishes to carry one's offspring over hil and vale then this Evenflow Trailblazer backpack thingy is what you need. This will probably end up on the list of craig or with some friends.

Offspring Backpack

2011-06-16 Combi Stroller

This Random little Combi stroller will come in handy for some person who will be introduced to us via the list of craig. 'Nuff said on that.

Combi Stroller

2011-06-16 Bike Selection

A nice selection of bikes today, varied in all dimensions. First up a Fuji Arcadia of saleable, but not exactly good, quality. It needed new tyres and shifter cables but that took very little time and it is ready for the arse of come city dweller.

Fuji Arcadia

Next up a nice, if a little purple, English St. James lightweight 3-speed. It needs new tyres and a clean up here and there but will be a fine historical bike when finished. It will almost certainly outlive the Fuji despite being 30 years older or so to start with.

Bike Selection

Last up a Mongooze BMX with twizzler. This iwas a request relayed to me from a scrap metal dealer whose son had his bike stloen. You would think there would be no shortage of these things in his neck of the woods but maybe the value added in a tuneup was what he wanted. Either way, this shall flow to him and other things shall flow to us.

Bike Selection

2011-06-07 Scwhinn Varsity

This spiffy Schwinn Varsity came in a batch of four, we got four salvaged bikes in exchange for one of them being cleaned up and given back for the donor to ride. There was pretty much nothing wrong with it except that it had sat in a garage for 40 years.

Scwhinn Varsity

2011-06-07 Nishiki Century

This random Nishiki Century road bike was part of the batch of four previously mentioned and cleaned up quite nicely. There was nothing really wrong with it of course.

Nishiki Century

2011-06-05 Zip Ties

Zip ties. You never know when you need them, but they are handy for securing the brake cables and stuff on bikes.

Zip Ties

2011-06-05 Maclaren Quest

This is yet another Maclaren Quest pushchair, it has a tear or two but seems to function well enough.

Maclaren Quest

2011-06-05 Kids Stuff

A nice selection of stuff suitable for amusing offsprings. Hula hoops, a saucer sled, stuff for interacting with water, a black board and a PlasmaCar.

Kids Stuff
Kids Stuff
Kids Stuff
Kids Stuff
Kids Stuff

A PlasmaCar sounds like some great thing from science fiction but is really not that cool. Its great attribute is the ability keep offspring amused for periods of time.


2011-06-05 Bike Trailer

This Instep bike trailer is for transporting two small offsprings in style. It is pretty much brand new and never used. It converts to become a rather unweildy stroller of some sort.

Bike Trailer

2011-06-05 Baby Jogger

This Baby Jogger II-20 was in fine condition except for decayed hand grips. The application of bike handlebar tape and fixed that small issue and made it super cool and custom ready for a new life.

Baby Jogger

2011-06-04 Schwinn Continental

This Schwinn Continental road bike is pretty much unused but neglected. It has some form of weird animal crap on it, we think. It cleaned right off though after this pic was taken and it is now ready to impress a new owner with the sparkling shinyness.

Schwinn Continental

2011-06-04 Nishikis

These two Nishiki Olympic road bikes were being tossed out by somebody and we grabbed them right away. He claimed they would take a lot of work to put back on the road but we just nodded sagely and hinted that we like a challenge. There is of course nothing wrong with either and after air in the tyres and a rinse with the hosepipe are ready to ride.


2011-06-04 Joggeroo

This Baby Jogger Joggeroo is (we think) an earlier example of their fine products. It has a tear here and there but is still a great stroller.


2011-06-04 Footwear

Some action footwear here for interacting with water in different phases.


2011-06-04 Double Strollers

These two double strollers are interesting in that they are obscure and large in a mildly preposterous way. First an Eddie Bauer branded Cosco, looking like the Ford Excusrion of strollers:

Double Strollers

Next a Contours something or other that looks like the space alien planetary exploration vehicle of strollers:

Double Strollers

2011-06-03 Ross Europa

This Ross Europa III has a some bad rust patches but it has been acquired by a sensible person who wants it tuned up and functional whilst retaining a crappy looking demeanor. It is all ready to be deployed into the wilds of the big bad city.

Ross Europa

2011-06-03 Mountain Buggy

This black Mountain Buggy Urban is in pretty nice condition. When acquired one tyres was off the rim and the tube hanging out. It did not have a puncture or anything, it was just hanging out. This is now fixed and once we have investigated the back board in the seat it will be made a vailable on the list of craig.

Mountain Buggy

2011-05-25 Cannondale M400

This Cannondale M400 had a few issues when it was picked up by our man on the spot. The chain was rusted (and then broke) and the shifters were all messed up. Luckily these are simple fixes and they were performed so as to make the thing desirable to the punters on the list of craig.

Cannondale M400

We hate derailleur drivetrains. People buy them enthused about having bazillions of pointless gears but then when they ride the bike they use maybe two gears and bugger up the system through disuse or abuse.


2011-05-21 Stroller

This random little umbrella folding stroller is super cheap and too small for anybody over 66 inches to use but will be useful somewhere. Makes an ideal disposable stroller for a trip or some such. It is brand new. Small enough to go through subway turnstiles, which is an important feature sometimes.


2011-05-21 Raleigh Bike

This Raleigh M60 mountain bike is in fine condition, it has barely been ridden . We are not huge fans of mountain bikes but this one feels nice and tight etc, modulo the stupid suspension forks. This will find a new home soonest via the list of craig.

Raleigh Bike

2011-05-21 Baby Jogger

This Baby Jogger Q-series is in pristine condition. The reason for discard seems to be that the previous owner tries to pump up the tyres and managed to fat-finger the a valve stem in such a way as to break it off. At this point of course the thing was toast, irredeemable beyond repair, hence they tossed it away. We put in a new tube and it is all ready for deployment to some established friends or some new ones sent to us by the list of craig.

Baby Jogger

2011-05-19 Medical Data

We got a pile of stuff including books like "What to expect when you are expecting" and such like. Tucked into that aforementioned book was this handwritten log of medication taken. It seems that this is the pile of drugs taken by a mother after she squeezed a screaming wibbler out from between her legs.

Medical Data

Without being judgemental, this seems "interesting" to say the least. Note that certain members of our household are in a position to be judgemental on this matter.


2011-05-19 Double Jogger

This seems to be a Baby Jogger Super Twinner double jogger. It was found in the barn of a friend. It is oldish and archaic, but still in excellent usable condition and hence will be made available via the list of craig.

Double Jogger

2011-05-14 Tre Multitrack

Trek 730 Multi track hybrid with 700C wheels. A pretty nice bike if you just want to ride somewhere. The rear tube was half out of the tyre and wrapped around the cluster. Because of this it seems like the reason for discard could have been a moronic attempt to fix a flat, possibly even invovling a severe topology impairment.


2011-05-14 Trek 900

This Trek 900 is sort of a hybrid bike (and hence more useful than a mountain bike) and is a shade of pink that may well appeal to certain bike purchasing demographics. Needed new gear cables and air in the tyres, everything else worked fine.


2011-05-14 Strollers

Two pushchairs, a Graco City-lite stroller and a random small Babytrend. These we got for a friend who might need an upgrade for her offspring. What she does not want may appear on the list of craig.


2011-05-14 Miyata Seven Ten

A really nice Miyata Seven Ten road bike. Quite similar to the Miyata from a few weeks ago, nice condition, one flat tyre and needed bar tape. All ready now for some new owner to discover in used bike boutique.


Huffy Bike

Huffy make a crappy bike and this is both crappy and homely. No matter, it is pretty complete and sort of shiny so when priced correctly it should sell.


2011-05-14 General Hybrid

A crappy General hybrid-ish mountain bike. It is quite old but it will make a fine beater bike for riding to the station or some such. General make crap bikes but this one is quite ridable while resgistering low on the theft appeal scale.


2011-05-07 Scooter

This random aluminium Razor Scooter has great offspring amusement potential and hence was harvested. We will see how much offspring injury potential it has. All in the cause of science.


2011-05-07 Hallmark Bike

This bike is labelled Hallmark, by Murray and the model is Monterey. It is a random crappy (shimano) 3-speed but has cleaned up pretty nicely with all that chrome so will be snapped up by first impressions driven hipster.

Hallmark Bike

Given that this bike was branded Hallmark, is one suppposed to send it with some cheesy message like a greeting card and what does it say? Answers on a greetings card of your choice....


2011-05-07 Graco MetroLite

Here are two Graco MetroLite strollers in near perfect condition. They seem to be reasonably functional compact strollers. Pics below:

Graco MetroLite
Graco MetroLite

2011-05-07 Globe Puzzle

This globe puzzle looks intriguing and yet possibly a huge pain in the arse. We shall have to see how far our patience extends but it has great potential as an offspring attention absorbtion device as well as an offspring educational device.

Globe Puzzle

2011-05-01 Robin Hood Bike

This is a random English 3-speed branded Robin Hood, but of course it was probably made in a certain large and well known factory in Nottingham. No matter, it has cleaned up well, despite a bunch of surface rust and will be highly desirable in certain markets.

Robin Hood Bike

Note that this is from the 1960s and though the chrome has started to go but the original tyres have not and the gears and brakes work fine. They knew how to make stuff then.


2011-05-01 Mohawk Bike

This Mohawk brand 10-speed is pretty low on the quality scale but is rideable and has a certain bright happy demeanor that might earn it a place under somebody's arse in the near future. It was never really used, it just decayed slightly in storage from when it was new.

Mohawk Bike

2011-05-01 Columbia Bike

This Columbia Tourist is a medium quality 3-speed, but what is really important about it is that it has cleaned up pretty nicely and as such will probably catch the eye of some hipster type.

Columbia Bike

2011-04-30 Centurion Le Mans

This Centurion Le Mans mixte 12-speed has sat in a garage for 20 years. It has pretty much never been ridden as evidenced by the pristine rims with no brake abrasion. When acquired by our man on the spot it was covered in some kind of faeces. It was probably birds or bats, as opposed to dogs or horses. Anyway, that cleaned off and with a new rear tyre and new bar tape it is ready for a new owner.

Centurion Le Mans

2011-04-29 Mountain Bikes

A couple of finds here. First off a Specialized Hardrock bike that had the forks bent back at an improbable angle. A random pair of forks from some other junky bike and a quick spray of black paint and we now have a shiny rennovated bike good for the list of craig.

Mountain Bikes

This next one is a Trek 800, it was pretty beat up when we picked it up but the Trek name seems have some form of appeal so we cleaned it up a little. It is gathering responses from the list of craig even as I type.

Mountain Bikes

2011-04-26 Graco Stroller

This a Graco Lite Rider stroller, mediocre but servicable. Nothing wrong with it, not even really dirty. They are super cheap to start with but maybe somebody perusing the list of craig will like one even cheaper from us.

Graco Stroller

2011-04-24 Peg Perego Pliko P3

This Peg Perego Pliko P3 pushchair had a slight bend in one of the frame pieces but that was rectified with the careful application of some force. It was filthy also but most dirt comes off this fabric easily with radical new technologies such as soap, brush and hosepipe.

Peg Perego Pliko P3

2011-04-24 Joovy Caboose

This Joovy Caboose sit and stand style stroller is missing a bit of foam here and there but otherwise in excellent shape. A quick clean and it is ready for some new owner made known to us by the list of craig.

Joovy Caboose

2011-03-22 Schwinn Suburban

This Schwinn Suburban bike needed new tyres and some tweaking to put it into better than new condition. Who knows, whitewall tyres might become the next hipster bike trend.

Schwinn Suburban

Pretty nice when cleaned up


2011-03-19 Schwinn Continental

A Schwinn Continental road bike is always a classic for the city crowd, let us hope they remember their classics this year. Required no work except some air and a clean.

Bike Batch

2011-03-19 Pyrex

This 8 piece Pyrex storage set is slightly deceptive in that the lids contribute to the piece count. But nevertheless, it is handy and new in the box, so certainly no reason for discard.


2011-03-19 Panasonic Sport LX

This Panasonic Sport LX is quite a mixed bag of parts but should amuse some future owner, not super special but it has a certain charm to the right eye. Just needed air and a clean to be ready to ride.

Panasonic Sport LX

2011-03-19 Miyata One Ten

A super shiny fancy Miyata road bike that had dry rotted tyres but no signs of use. New tires and a clean and it is a really nice tight ride and ready to go.

Miyata One Ten

2011-03-19 Le Creuset Skillet

This Le Creuset 12 inch skillet is in near perfect condition except for a little greasy food residue that cleaned right off. We are unsure whther we will keep this to use or give away, so if you can make a good case that you (dear reader) should get it, then you might just get it.

Le Creuset Skillet

2011-03-19 Kia Mixte Road Bike

This Kia mixte frame road bike is junk, but somebody might like it. Better to be under a hipster's arse than rusting in the garbage, at least if you are a bike.

Bike Batch

2011-03-19 Files

These files are more or less unused and were discarded together. They will be tossed in the drawer full of files.


2011-03-19 Baby Jogger

This Baby Jogger II 16 jogging stroller is absolutely brand new and even includes the instruction booklet. It will shortly find a new home on the list of craig.

Baby Jogger

2011-03-08 Peg Perego Aria

This Peg Perego Aria twin stroller had one of the plastic tyres half off the rim, this was presumably the reason for discard. Otherwise it is in near new condition. Dunking the tyre in hot water to soften it enabled prompt remounting and all is good. Ready for the list of craig.

Peg Perego Aria

These Arias are super light and portable but fairly flimsy, people seem to desire them disproportionately highly relative to their utility and quality characteristics. Oh well, not our problem, quite the reverse in fact.


2011-03-08 Maclaren Pushchair

This is yet another Maclaren Volo pushchair, all present and correct including carry strap and hood. It got a quick wash with the hosepipe and will seek its fortune on the list of craig.

Maclaren Pushchair

2011-03-05 BBQ Starter

This is yet another BBQ starter chimney in good condition. We like to keep two of these under the BBQ so that we can give one away at a moment's notice and that event occured some time last year. This then replenishes our supply.

BBQ Starter

2011-03-02 Schwinn M3

This Schwinn M3 jogging stroller is in nearly new condition and we found out that the reason for discard was that the owners discovered after purchase that they really wanted a jogger with a swivelling front wheel. Oh well, this will find a home somewhere via the list of craig.

Schwinn M3

For some reason people seem to like the Schwinn and Jeep branded joggers and strollers. They are not very good but there you go.


2010-11-27 Schwinn Jogger

This Schwinn double jogging stroller is in fine shape and only needed air in the tyres to become fully functional again. It has all sorts of interesting features that will doubtless attract the attention of its new owner on the list of craig.

Schwinn Jogger

2010-11-27 Phones

A couple of random Verizon flip phones and chargers, always useful to give to people who need such devices. One charged up and works fine, shown in the pic is a screen shot of the poignant last text message sent from it.


2010-11-27 Cast Iron Cookware

Two cookware items today. First up a Lodge skillet that is shown below in cleaned and restored condition. We have one exactly like this but exhibiting signs of considerable use. Today's has found a home in a faraway land and hopefully will be used to cook dinner.

Cast Iron Cookware

Next is a random Emeril ridged base skillet. We have no real use for this and it is available.

Cast Iron Cookware

2010-11-21 Mower

This random push lawn mower is in fine condition. We picked it up for a friend and just oiled a couple of bits and tightened up the reel to the blade, now it should serve well to massacre next year's grass.


2010-11-21 Jogger

This random Baby Jogger seems pretty nice. It needed and received a few stitches on one of the retaining straps but apart from that is in near perfect condition. It has the large aluminium wheels and still retains the hood. This shall earn it attention on the list of craig.


2010-11-13 Woodworking Clamps

These six clamps were in fine condition modulo a little rust here and there. Four are pipe clamps which means they are extendable to any length. When glueing up large things like tables or frames one can never have enough clamps so these are all going into the clamp department.

Woodworking Clamps

2010-11-13 Trailer Bike

This random Tag-a-long trailer bike is in near perfect condition. When picked up it had a terribly unsightly layer of dust on it, though this does not qualify as any form of valid reason for discard.

Trailer Bike

2010-11-13 Sherry Glasses

These two sherry glasses will come in handy during a a prolongued session of turkey cooking and eating that will shortly be upon us. Also shown are some other kitchenwares that sneaked into the picture.

Sherry Glasses

2010-11-13 Murray Bike

This random 3-speed bike is made by Murray but confusingly (and irrelevently) rebranded as something else. No matter, it should clean up nicely and attract the attention of a silly hipster at some stage. They might even ride it as a form of transport, as opposed to as a posing device.

Murray Bike

2010-11-13 Maclaren Selection

These three Maclaren stroller all have various faults that might have been their respective reasons for discard. Fortunately we have a supply of spare parts and a well of expertise in tweaking these things so that they become servicable again. One is already fixed and on the list of craig.

Maclaren Selection

2010-11-13 Kids Hammer and Nails

This game is for kids and has some nails and wooden blocks that they hammer into a cork background. All very instructive. Casually hanging around in the rear of the picture is a toy drum that seems to provide great amusement to kids and yet is mercifully quiet to the parents of said kids. Win-win.

Kids Hammer and Nails

2010-11-13 Hammock

This LL Bean green hammock is new in the box and conveniently labelled. We might play with it next year when the weather is hammock-worthy. We already have one similar but when there is slacking in hammocks to be done the amount of slackage often exceeds the capacity of the hammock, so we might end up deploying this.


2010-11-13 Double Jogger

This classical Baby Jogger double jogger is in pretty fine shape and all ready to go to its new home after a quick clean and air in the tyres.

Double Jogger

2010-11-13 Denim Jogger

This Baby Jogger is may look a little stripped down in this picture and that is for good reason. It came with a snazzy denim cover that we threw in the wash to give that super nice appearance for the next owner. When cleaned up it should delight some person sent to us by the list of craig.

Denim Jogger

2010-11-13 DVDs

This pile of DVDs represents many gigabytes of schlock. We took them all to browse through and will donate them to the town library when we have finished with them. Who knows, we might absentmindedly take some out in the future.


2010-11-13 Curtain Rods

These random curtain rods might come in handy for us or some friends. Available should any reader want them.

Curtain Rods

2010-11-13 Combi Stroller

This random little Combi pushchair is functional and quite small and light. It will probably find a new owner via the list of craig. Perfect condition, no reason for discard.

Combi Stroller

2010-11-13 Cast Iron Pot

This Emeril Brand cast iron pot is missing the handle from the lid and has been used approximately once, we think. We will be able to put a new handle on without too much trouble so if anybody wants please it speak up, we will put the handle on for you. There is nothing wrong with it, it just has that most undesirable quality in a cast iron pan, newness.

Cast Iron Pot

2010-11-13 Bike Seats

Bike Seats

2010-10-30 Maclaren Pushchair

This is random Maclaren Quest pushchair is pretty nice except for the slightly bent front axle, presumably the reason for discard. This shall be remedied and it will seek its fortune on the list of craig.

Maclaren Pushchair

2010-10-30 BMX

This random Next FS BMX is a pretty junky but shiny and seemingly unused. The reason for discard seems to be improper assembly leading to a slack chain that has a tendancy to come off.


2010-10-24 Fuji Discovery

This random Fuji Discovery mountain bike was missing pedals, seat and rear brake pads but is otherwise in perfectly good shape. No apparent reason for discard and virtually no prior usage judging by the black finish on the rims. It is not the best two wheeled mechanized transport machine in the world but will be great for a crappo station bike or intern transport.

Fuji Discovery

Update: It has now been cleaned up and has slick tyres and different wheels on it, the pic you see is the updated version. The ride is pretty nice now. The list of craig may send some nice people to remove it from our custody at some point.


2010-10-23 Schwinn Super Sport

This Schwinn Super Sport road bike has cotter pin based disconnect sleeves in the frame tubes and little screw connectors on the various cables. It also has spiffy randonneur bars. It seems a bit of a rarity all round. It shall be cleaned up, we think, and offered for sale to various enthusiasts of such machines, or maybe just to any random person with sufficient finances available for frittering.

Schwinn Super Sport

2010-10-23 Cookware

A mixed haul. First an oldish Wagner cast iron skillet that seems in fine shape except for the layer of crud on the bottom. No real reason for discard as the crud will scrape off.


Next a small Le Creuset skillet is seemingly OK shape modulo some burnt on grease. Investigation shall proceeed on this and it may then be cleaned up and given to a friend.


Finally a large Wearever aluminium pan. It seems to be brand new. We are not huge fans of these soft unfinished aluminium pans but somebody we know must have a use for it.


2010-10-16 Stainless Bin

This stainless steel bin is in near new condition and was not even dirty. We are torn between using it as an ice bucket for champagne and using it for the less interesting original purpose, garbage can. We shall see.

Stainless Bin

Update: In the ice bucket role it functions fine but almost seems to demand a Magnum to really get the best use of the space. Hmmmmmmm......


2010-10-09 Kettcar

This spiffy yellow Kettcar is quite nice and of course turned up shortly after we replaced a wheel on the other one we have. No matter, the offspring seem to like them both. Reason for discard on this seems to be that the chain had come off the sprockets. This was of course remedied in about 15 seconds.


2010-10-09 Juvenile Wheelchair

This fancy looking Allegro wheelchair is in OK shape but maybe missing a piece or two. It is of pretty high quality with good parts on it so we will try to get it back into circulation.

Juvenile Wheelchair

The more sensible among you might suggest we donate it to the Red Cross or some such. Unfortunately it seems that they threw it into the scrap metal in the first place.


2010-10-02 Tomato Cages

Yet more tomato imprisonment devices, harvested by us for friends. These ones coated in green stuff.

Tomato Cages

2010-10-02 Jogger

This Safari TT jogging stroller is in good shape and has such handy features as swivel front wheel, one hand fold and kid's snack tray. Most of these features are useless but the browsers of the list of craig seem to value them. These are the consumers responsible for the marketplace full of feature bloat.


2010-10-02 Cast Iron Skillet

This Lodge cast iron skillet looks pretty rough but the rust is really not as bad as it looks. This should clean up nicely for whichever friend claims it first.

Cast Iron Skillet

Update: Mouse over for the clean up pic.


2010-10-02 Bike Carcas

This random GT mountain bike is missing a fair amount of stuff and has a few bends and scrapes but will probably form the basis for a nice bike for a friend.

Bike Carcas

2010-09-18 Tomato Cages

These tomato cages are not to imprison the tomatoes but to assist them in escaping, in some strange way. These were grabbed for a friend who was along for the ride and the pickings.

Tomato Cages

2010-09-18 Silver Tray

This random silver plated tray will be used by a friend to display/hold some adornment related devices. We think.

Silver Tray

2010-09-18 Miele Vacuum Cleaner

This Miele Red Star vacuum cleaner is in OK shape. There is a loose connection in the mains power supply plug so that if you bend the cable a certain angle it works but at other angles it does not. This is probably the reason for discard, which could be of course could be remedied by simply splicing a new plug on the end.

More importantly we could put a new plug on this cable assembly and use it to fix our other (even nicer) red Miele that had the cable cut off. It seems like we are developing Miele expertise.

Miele Vacuum Cleaner

2010-09-18 Fuji Bike

This nice green Fuji Sports 10 bike was picked up for us by our man on the spot and has cleaned up pretty nicely. It just needs bar tape now and it will be off to a nearby large city full of bike rabid hipsters. It had never been seriously ridden in the 30 plus years it has sat around in a garage, the tyres still had the mold flanges on them. Said tyres were dry rotted and useless so we replaced them.

Fuji Bike

2010-09-18 Fajitas Skillet

This random little Fajitas style skillet was probably part of a "make fajitas at home gift set". Needless to say it was never used. We, or some acquaintaince of ours, might find a use for it.

Fajitas Skillet

2010-09-14 Fuji Bike

This Fuji was acquired mostly stripped a while ago. Months later we got a Windsor road bike with nice parts and chromed lugs. Unhappily the Windsor frame was badly rusted but we transplanted most of its parts onto the Fuji to give this vaguely nice end product. The spiffy, if a little chipped, orange paint looks pretty cool and the nice parts and ride set it off.

Fuji Bike

2010-09-14 Cookware

Of the cookware in this picture the steamer and the large Calphalon skillet were found today. The other pieces have made their appearance on this pages in previous years.


2010-09-14 Bike Wheels

This handy set of bike wheels is of moderate quality and seems only slightly used. They both appear straight and in good order with no apparent reason for discard. One possible reason is a total bike upgrade by somebody rather wasteful.

Bike Wheels

2010-09-08 Baby Jogger Twinner

This Baby Jogger Twinner double jogging stroller is in pretty fie condition except for some sun fading and the black hand grip foam coming off. It will get a wash and air in the tyres before it meets its new owners on the list of craig.

Baby Jogger Twinner

2010-09-07 His and Hers Schwinn

This his-and-hers matching pair of Schwinn World tourist bikes are in near perfect condition. I was able to find out from the discarder that they were in the beach house they bought and they decided to buy shiny new bikes rather than use these shiny old ones. It is probable that these bikes will outlive the ones they bought (Walmart specials?).

His and Hers Schwinn

These are pretty special as they have the freewheel in the bottom bracket and aluminium cranks. Those features are not especially desirable to us but make the bikes a little unique.

Update: They sold very fast and as a pair. That is quite satisfying.


2010-09-07 Bike Wheel

A friend of ours has a younger relative who has a runabout beater mountain bike. This bike was deployed at a well known prestigous university for her everyday usage but got run over by one of the power-crazed security guards in the little golf cart type things.

This random rear wheel and tyre is unremarkable other than the fact that it is exactly what is required to fix said bike, which will arrive here soon for rehabilitation purposes. It showed up as if ordered.

Bike Wheel

2010-08-14 Nishiki Manitoba

This Nishiki Manitoba mountain bike is a bit beat up and junky but will be excellent deployed as a station bike or summer intern transit. Rides fine looks like crap.

Nishiki Manitoba

2010-08-13 Stainless Pot

This large stainless steel pot is in fine shape and has no apparent reason for discard apart from the fact that it needed a clean. It even has a nice lid. Magda?

Stainless Pot

2010-07-25 Schwinn World

This large frame Schwinn World road bike is in fine condition except the missing shifters and front derailleur. We think that it sat untouched in a garage since the 1980s until a junior member of the household decided to participate in the trendiness of single speeds. They then removed said shifters and the front derailleur and proceeded to ride the few feet required to find out that this is not how ones makes a single speed.

Schwinn World

We used parts from stores to turn it back into a proper bike again before rehoming it.


2010-07-25 Huffy Mountain Bike

This Huffy Blue Ridge mountain bike is in perfect condition and yet complete junk but will be great as a disposable bike or transport for interns.

Huffy Mountain Bike

2010-07-25 Giant Kids

This Giant 125 MTX is a fancy aluminium framed kids' bike with gears and linear pull brakes and such. It seemed to have been mildly damaged upon discard but a couple of quick tweaks and it is fine.

Giant Kids

2010-07-07 Dolls' House

This wooden dolls' house is in fine condition and comes with a full set of interior accessories. It has a nice cutaway aspect for full interference in the dolls lives by their controlling overlord.

Dolls House

2010-07-06 Kids Kitchen

This kids play kitchen set replaces one we found a year or two ago. Wear and tear had taken its course and something new and shiny was required.

Kids Kitchen

2010-07-03 Kindling

This package of Grandpa Willie's kindling is still sealed and was discarded in a scrap wood recovery container. While all the scrap wood present would make nice kindling this seemed like it would make a nice instant present for a friend.


2010-07-03 Joggers

These three Babytrend Explorer jogging strollers all showed up loosely at the same time and place. They are all in fine shape (modulo the missing wheel which has been remedied since the pic was taken). They will be pitched to the beach crowd on the list of craig.


2010-06-20 Samsonite Suitcase

Somebody staying with us needs a clothing conveyance device for a short trip so we grabbed this for him. He seems to think it approriate and it is certainly timely.

Samsonite Suitcase

2010-06-20 Peg Perego Aria

This random little Peg Perego Aria twin pushchair will sell nicely, these seems to have a rabid following. They are super light and easy to pack up but the lightness seems to impair the quality, in our opinion.

Peg Perego Aria

2010-06-20 Kids Devices

Here a couple of things for kids to emulate their parents or whoever. A shopping trolley and an umbrella stroller. We have one of each already but ours are significantly abused and falling apart, each in the seperate way. These will step into the breach as shiny distracty replacements.

Kids Devices
Kids Devices

2010-06-20 Joovy Big Caboose

Technically this Joovy Big Caboose is a sit and sit and stand format stroller. Whatever, it is in near perfect condition and ready for deployment with some harrassed family. It even has all the car set holder thingies and snack trays present and correct.

Joovy Big Caboose

After a light wash it looks great. The picture does not really do it justice.


2010-06-20 Graco Quattro Tour

This weird and fancy Graco Quattro Tour stroller is some kind of development of the Duo Glider, we think, but different in several ways. It is all too weird and space age for our tates but hopefully the list of craig will introduce us to some people for whom this is not an issue.

Graco Quattro Tour

2010-06-20 Graco Duo Glider

Yet another Graco Duo Glider stroller, this time in a colour scheme we have not yet encountered and one that might cuase problems with the selling. Not because people do not want but because a certain type of person wants it and they tend to be annoying to deal with in what should be a simple transaction.

Graco Duo Glider

While it seems to emulating some form of lowrider in this pic that is just the storage basket hanging incorrectly. It is nice and tight now. Possible reason for discard?


2010-06-20 Chicco Seat Base

This ranom Chicco seat base is pretty new and just needs a clean. We already have some Chicco stuff so this may get bundled in with it.

Chicco Seat Base

2010-06-20 Boat Cushions

These are boat cushions that double as flotation devices when you manges to capsize the junky hulk you are floating on. Not sure what we will do with them.

Boat Cushions

2010-06-20 Bigwheel

This Hotwheels brand bigwheel trike is a load of crap but amuses offspring for a while. It will probably be tossed pretty soon.


2010-06-20 Beer Keg Gas Setup

This random and slightly home made beer keg gas regulator and pump setup still have a full tank of carbon dioxide and is all present and correct. We do not really have a use for it but know people who do.

Beer Keg Gas Setup

2010-06-19 Malibu Girlpower bike

This preposterously named Malibu Girlpower is in near perfect condition and has not really been ridden. That of course is fine because the purpose of shiny bikes is the gratifying buzz of consumerism that you get at purchase time, not any incidental transportation related properties.

Malibu Girlpower bike

2010-06-19 Graco Duo Glider

Yet another Graco Duo Glider stroller in OK shape, just missing the front hood. That is fine as there are always people scouring the list of craig for a economical device for the transportation of two horrible little offspring. For some reason the fabric on this, called the Princeton pattern, arouses more interest in purchasers than the plain blue ones.

Graco Duo Glider

2010-06-19 Fan

This fan is in like new condition and is presumably the type that ones uses to air out wet rooms or some such. It has a water proof switch cover and a built in breaker. It works great and generates a substantial blast of air. The thing, despite being plastic, has a pretty nice quality feel to it.


2010-06-19 Babytrend Expedition

A nice Babytrend Expedition single jogger in fine shape and ready for another lifetime of usage. After a clean and air in the tyres it will hit the list of craig.

Babytrend Expedition

2010-06-14 Zooper Double

This Zooper Tango double stroller is in near perfect condition and is quite new. It has a variety of good useful features and came with the winter foot muff. It had a significant layer of dusty pollen type stuff on it but a happy little pressure washer took care of that.

Zooper Double

2010-06-14 Maclaren Pushchair

This Maclaren Techno XT pushchair is in fine shape and will fit nicely into the lengthening line of these that we seem to be acquiring. It will be quickly cleaned and sent off to the list of craig to find its fortune.

Maclaren Pushchair

2010-06-14 Babytrend Jogger

This Babytrend expedition jogger is in near perfect condition and will make some new owner very happy, assuming we can make contact with them via the list of craig. No apparent reason for discard, barely used. Our favourite type of trash.

Babytrend Jogger

2010-06-13 Roadmaster Mountain bike

This Roadmaster Sierra Trail bike is unused. It had been assembled incorrectly with the rear wheel rubbing the frame due to the drive side axle nut being not quite tight. This presumably lead to it being discarded. If only our lifestyles and concsiences afforded the opportunity for such profligate consumption. On the other hand we would probably not get whatever pleasure it is that some people seem to get from it, even if we had the chance.

Roadmaster Mountain bike

2010-06-13 Graco Duo Glider

This slightly aged Graco Duo Glider stroller is in excellent shape with all the snack trays in place and good fabric. For some reason there is a cadre of people perusing the list of craig that really values the snack trays and cupholders and other random peripherals on strollers. They will doutbless find pleasure in obsessing over this item. They often write to us regarding strollers that have no snack trays and inquire about them so this will be a nice change.

Graco Duo Glider

2010-06-13 Babytrend Pushchair

This random little Babytrend stroller is a little light on the quality but also physically light and has a one hand fold. A useful device for lazy offspring, it shall doubtless find new owners on the list of craig.

Babytrend Pushchair

2010-06-13 Assortment of Junk

This assortment of junk includes some paintball parts, some Swedish silver table implements (including sugar tongs and butter knives) and some photography bits and pieces. How eclectic, and it all canme from one big box with even more junk in it.

Assortment of Junk

2010-06-12 Trek Bike Treadmill

This random Trek bike treadmill is in OK shape and something we have zero use for. That is no problem as I am sure we can find a new owner to ride nowhere fast on it.

Trek Bike Treadmill

2010-06-12 Swan Caravan

This Swan Caravan stroller is a long the lines of a double Peg Perego and it really nice quality. The front bar is missing but that seems inconsequential, to us at least.

Swan Caravan

2010-06-12 Peg Perego Pliko

Yet another Peg Perego Pliko stroller, this one in OK but slightly faded shape. It will be sent off to the list of craig to find a new owner. It has a the spiffy canted handles and the net basket all intact.

Peg Perego Pliko

2010-06-12 Maclaren Techno

Another Maclaren pushchair, this time a Techno Classic model. We have no idea what the exact difference is between the Techno Classic and Techno XT models but we do not really care. This one we might keep for a while as it is nice and mildy superior to an older Maclaren we have and use.

Maclaren Techno

2010-06-12 Drill Press

This random old Craftsman drill press arrangement is not the best thing in the world but is handily portable and useful for somebody who does not have a better one but needs to drill holes at the correct angle.

Drill Press

2010-06-12 Babytrend Double Jogger

This nice Babytrend Expedition double jogging stroller is in good shape and only has a little fading on the seat fabric. Judging from the joints, brakes and precise nature of the thing it seems to have been rarely used it at all and has just sat in the sun on a porch or some such. No matter, maybe the new owner will get more value out of it.

Babytrend Double Jogger

2010-06-06 Snow Shovels

These small snow shovels might be useful if we are to harness the offspring to perform useful work in moving large amounts of the solid phase of water. We get enough of that appearing every now and then to make it worthwhile training up and equipping said offspring, hence the reclamamtion of thse items.

Snow Shovels

2010-06-06 Snap-n-Go

This random Babytrend Snap-n-go stroller frame will find a home soon enough via the list of craig. It is nothing special but people seem to like them.


2010-06-06 Sit-n-Stands

Two Sit-n-stand style strollers. First off the classic Joovy Caboose, this time in orange. It is missing the hood but has the infant seat support. Will be sold cheap on the list of craig.


Second a Babytrend version of the same thing. This one has the hood and the much coveted cup holder thingy. The denziens of the list of craig will love this thing, though past experience has told us that the particular people interested in this style of stroller might be annoying.


2010-06-06 Rollerblades

The Rollerblade brand rollerblases look like thye have never been worn and even fit somebody in the household. They may be saved for future fun or transportation needs.


2010-06-06 Phone Chair

This chair with form vaguely reminiscent of a phone was too good to pass up. We got it originally for the Z-lab but a certain small offspring decided that it would make a nice addition to a bedroom. So it was cleaned (just slightly) and installed such.

Phone Chair

2010-06-06 Peg Perego Pliko P3

This Peg Perego P3 pushchair is in fine shape except for the fact that the fabric on it never really looks clean. This is a problem for an item that spends its time being smeared with faeces and food by disgusting offspring, at least sometimes. We cleaned it up as best we can and it will find a new home on the list of craig. It is still very useful device, despite the slight cosmetic tendancy on the yuck side.

Peg Perego Pliko P3

Also found an older Peg Perego Pliko with a weird laminated mesh fabric. It seems the very devil to clean but when cleaned look pretty spiffy, which is all most people want. Again, this is a very handy pushchair.

Peg Perego Pliko P3

2010-06-06 Mountain Buggy

This single Mountain Buggy Urban jogger is exactly the single version of the double we found a while ago. It has a few issues but is still solid and good to use. We suppose these things are actually worth their high initial cost if you use it for rigourously for some extended period of time.

Mountain Buggy

2010-06-06 Maclaren Pushchairs

This Maclaren Quest pushchair is in pretty nice shape will be promptly sold off to any interested party. Nothing much to see here.

Maclaren Pushchairs

Also present was a slightly beat up Maclaren that yeilded some useful parts, not pictured.


2010-06-06 Floating Aids

A selection of various device for the assistance of flotation. First some basic life-vest type appliances.

Floating Aids

Also found were these floats that are presumably to assist in the learning of the swimming. We shall see how well they perform in that role.

Floating Aids

2010-06-06 Combi

This random little Combi pushchair is weird yet has a lightness and compactness to it that will probably appeal to some people out there perusing the list of craig. We will see.


2010-06-06 Chicco System

These items were found in different locations but together make up a so-called travel system, even though the colours do not quite match. The Chicco Cortina stroller is pretty nice with all sorts of nifty features. The special seat dovetails nicely into it and its base for maximum interoperability. This will be made available on the list of craig.

Chicco System

2010-06-06 Calphalon

Yet more Calphalon cookware, yet to be closely inspected, but it seems that some postal activity might be warranted.


2010-06-06 Bike Seats

Two Topeak bike seats in slightly weathered condition. One has the rack, the other does not. These will find new homes at some stage via the list of craig.

Bike Seats

2010-06-05 Sledge

This sledge might prove useful for offspring amusement and transportation once the solid phase of water is more plentiful around here.


2010-06-05 Plastic Pool

This plastic poole was seemingly never previously used and replaces one we threw away this very day. It has a slow leak but nothing too fatal.

Plastic Pool

2010-06-05 Mosquito Traps

These are yet more Mosquito Traps. We mostly pick these up for friends but we may give one a try at some stage.

Mosquito Traps

2010-06-05 Maclaren Pushchair

This Maclaren Techno XT is in fine condition and is a useful items for those who need to transport various offspring around in a flexible manner. It might be used by us or it might find its fortune on the list of craig.

Maclaren Pushchair

2010-06-05 Kitchen Storage

This set of matching pottery kitchen storage jars seem to have some utility to those that use their kitchen and eat food every now and then. As such people we will see if we have a use for them. They have a rubber sealing ring and some resistance to opening which makes them more handy than if not.

Kitchen Storage

2010-06-05 Huffy Bike

This Huffy Stalker random crappo mountain bike is total junk. With a few random parts and a lot of oil it will make an ideal bike for summer interns to get around on. First thing monday morning it will be deployed in that role. What was histero perceived as junkiness will perform admirably (we hope) as theft deterrence.

Huffy Bike

2010-06-05 Hiking Gear

It seems that somebody went hiking and then really did not enjoy it so they tossed out their rucksack complete with a whole bunch of the gear left in it. Items present include water filter, groundsheet, maps, toilet paper, first aid kit and numerous other sundries. Lots of it will be tossed out but some of the more useful items will be kept for future usage, including the rucksack itself, which is really rather nice.

Hiking Gear

2010-06-05 Flippers

These swimming flippers are size 40-41 and fit somebody ehre and possibly other family members. They will be pressed into service when said individuals next encounter suitable conditions.


2010-06-05 Coolant

This random bottle of engine coolant mixture was discarded near the waste oil disposal and seems to be new and unused. Lovely stuff for an old beater that uses coolant.

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