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2015-10-10 Ewheel

This Chrystalyte electric bike wheel is intriguing. Missing the controller and such so no idea what to do with beyond sell it cheap somewhere. We have no real use for it.


Available to any tinkerers ready this. Else it goes up on the list of craig.


2015-10-10 Bottle Capper

This is a home brewer's bottle capper. More or less unused, simple, will probably work. Will be given to a friend who might have need of such.

Bottle Capper

2015-10-10 Assorted Toys

Some items to play with in various ways. First up a silly plastic dartboard, safety first!

Assorted Toys

Next some devices for sliding around on the solid phase of water. The little one handle butt pad things were new in the packing and are small enough to leave in the car in winter for the off chance of serendipitous sledding.

Assorted Toys

2015-09-26 Cast Iron Bench

A pretty beat up cast iron bench with weird welded plates under the legs. We have friends who need something like this so we fixed it up. A few of the original pine planks were broken so we made some new ones out of scraps we had. New stainless hardware, some cleaning up and oiling and ready to go. Mouseover for the before and after.

Cast Iron Bench

Somebody asked, so I will answer here. We drilled through the planks to mount the diagonal braces and center strip because previously there were short thick wood screws in there. For the reused planks, wood screws were not going to hold if just put back in. Far better to drill through and use some nice fender washers on number 10 stainless screws. That is why you see line of shiny bolt heads in the cleaned up pic.

For similar reasons we replaced the carriage bolts with button head cap screws. The old wood was probably not going to grab the square shoulders enough in the old holes, it is pretty soft pine, made softer by age and damaged a little by having play in the bench and the extraction of the old rusty carriage bolts.


2015-09-19 Stainless Food Trays

Yet more stainless steel food preparation trays. These ones deeper versions. Both were dinged up and a little dirty. One is now less dinged (note the hammer in side of picture) and clean enough for food usage. The other is too dinged (we judge) and will be used in the basement for other substances for which cleanliness and crevices are less critical.

Stainless Food Trays

2015-09-19 Primate Memoir

Pretty sure this was a on a to-read list at some point, certainly is now we have a nice free copy of it. A Primate's Memoir by Robert Sapolsky. Book is in perfect condition, either unread or read by somebody very careful.

Primate Memoir

Update: Read it, was great. Maybe we should start a series garbage book reviews. We have commented on the quality of certain other items.


2015-09-16 Fogacci Pot

A Fogacci steamer warmer pot thingy. We are not really sure what to do with it, but the list price is substantial in it's home market.

Fogacci Pot

2015-09-12 Fuji Bike

A random Fuji Sports 10 road bike. Steels wheels a little spotty but otherwise a pretty nice classic from it's time. Large frame, new tires, needed brakes tightening to be ridable.

Fuji Bike

2015-09-12 Books

A couple of books, including something that really seems worth reading, Inside Central Aisa by Hiro. Not Hiro Protagonist, Dilip Hiro.


The Gospel of Judas, no not the actual Coptic codex, but the initial book about it. Somewhat interesting reading.


2015-09-02 Le Creuset Lid

A Le Creuset Dutch Oven and lid. The pot itself had cracked interior enamel, boo-hoo, but the lid is nice and useful. Available to anybody who might need it for a medium sized cast iron skillet.

Le Creuset Lid

2015-08-28 Specialized Hybrid

We got two random Specialized Crossroads hybrids. The picture shows a franken-Specialized, taking the good parts from both to make one nice bike. The leftover parts may be resurrected as a super junky station bike, or may go onto shelves for a future needful bike. We will see.

Specialized Hybrid

2015-08-21 Burley Bike Trailer

A fine Burley bike trailer useful for transporting small offspring. When acquired it was quite dirty but as you can see it cleaned up nicely. We were insufficiently foresighted to provide for a before and after comparison. Already rehomed to appreciative new owners thanks to the list of craig.

Burley Bike Trailer

2015-07-30 Scwinn Mountain Bike

A random Schwinn Frontier mountain bike, nothing special, air in the tires and all ready for action. Coming soon to the list of craig.

Scwinn Mountain Bike

2015-07-25 Kids Bike

A random Malibu kids' bike. Shiny, silly, but will function for that critcial phase of a kids' life when they need this size bike. Note, any kid that fits this bike should not need those idiot wheels.

Kids Bike

2015-07-25 BBQ Chimney

Yet another BBQ starter chimney, all very handy if you happen to need one. This one available to anybody who happens to need one.

BBQ Chimney

2015-07-22 Strollers

A couple of random strollers, first up a Maclaren Volo in OK shape. Nothing special.


Also some kind of Graco thingy, seems all present and correct but awaits a full checkout.


Bonus, the Graco came with a printout of a wedding gift registry. Just what we needed.


2015-07-22 Ridged Skillet

This Lodge ridged cast ironj skillet is in OK shape but we do not really have a use for it. It will clean up OK, available to any happy reader of this.

Ridged Skillet

2015-07-01 Dell Display

This Dell 24 inch display does not really have a obvious model number on it or whatever, but it works fine, as you can see in the picture. No apparent reason for discard, it is even pretty bright compared to some displays we have.

Dell Display

2015-06-27 Snapper Mower

This random Snapper petrol lawn mower was discarded with a repair tag saying it did not start. Needless to say, we put fuel in it and it started first pull.

Snapper Mower

Yes, really, first pull. Not after a pull to compression, not after choke fiddling, literally and absolutely the real first pull.


2015-06-27 Maclaren Volo

Yet another Maclaren Volo pushchair, this one a weird lemony shade. Nothing in particular wrong with it, needs a clean, will find a new home once all that is done.

Maclaren Volo

2015-06-27 Bike Shaped Object

This is a Next PowerClimber. It is brand new and is indeed bike shaped object, and not a bike. Somebody out there may want it, so we will give them the chance for some token amount on money. Token money for token bike.

Bike Shaped Object

2015-06-21 Strollers

A fine selection of offspring transportation devices gathered up in a short drive around a curbside pickup. First up a Phil and Ted Dash, needs a clean but otherwise a pretty nice item:

Phil and Ted Dash

Yet another Maclaren Quest pushchair, OK shape except some chipped foam on the handles. The cover is missing in the pic as that pulls off and washes up nicely (it washed up nicely).

Maclaren Quest,

We had another of these Inglesina Zippy pushchair things a while ago, pretty handy. They are clearly a Peg Perego Pliko type thing with some Inglesina branding and such, This one is very nice, probably destined for an overseas deployment with a family member. A quick clean will make it super spiffy.

Inglesina Zippy

A random lightweight Chicco umbrella fold pushchair, handy dandy. Somebody will want it. Came with a cruise ship luggage tag on it, that was probably the only real deployment of this pristine device.

Chicco umbrella fold

2015-06-06 Ryobi Table Saw

A random little Ryobi table saw on a set of legs (not shown). Works fine, cuts wood, very portable. Not sure if we want it (we have a Unisaw).

Ryobi Table Saw

2015-06-06 Booster Seat

A random Recaro booster seat in good condition. Useful as we know lots of people with offspring in the booster seat age range.

Booster Seat

2015-06-03 Panasonic Mountain Bike

A random Panasonic MC 4500 mountain bike. Nothing special on the face of it but a pretty serviceable machine for running around town. Reason for discard possibly broken freewheel. New one installed, ready to ride and already given a neighbour. That is some fine and prompt waste stream minimization.

Panasonic Mountain Bike

2015-05-31 Worklight

This random halogen worklight seems fine, lights up and could be useful. Grabbed with/for a friend.


2015-05-31 Sun Lounger

A random sun lounger. Seems functional, nothing special. Lounge on it, maybe in the sun.

Sun Lounger

2015-05-31 Sucking Devices

A selection of devices for sucking up dirt. First a grungy Craftsman shopvac seemingly with all attachments included. Found with/for a friend, will sit in the garage workship and suck up wood shavings or whatever.

Sucking Devices

Also a random Kenmore vacuum cleaner. This is for the upstairs so they do not have to drag their existing one up and down stairs to keep the house clean.

Sucking Devices

2015-05-31 Specialized Mountain bike

This nice Specialized mountain bike was presumably discarded due to two broken nipples on the rear wheel. The wheel was slightly out of true as a result. This, we presume led to it's being neglected, which led to the chain rusting and hence ultimate discard.

Specialized Mountain bike

New nipples installed, new chain already on, just finishing it off with new grips and rear brake cable.


2015-05-31 Ryobi Tools

A big fat plastic box with a couple of handy battery powered Ryobi tools, minus the battery. This is a little tricky to do testing and such but might be fruitful at some point.

Ryobi Tools

2015-05-31 Dehumidifier

An LG dehumidifier, condition unknown. We shall soon see I guess. Though maybe somebody or something somewhere soon will be slightly less humid.


Update: Works fine, pressed into service.


2015-05-31 Craftsman String Trimmer

A junky electric string trimmer for a friend. Who knows, it might even work.

Craftsman String Trimmer

2015-05-31 Bosch Router

This Bosch router seems to be in good condition and works fine. This is a really nice device and as with many items this trip, found for/with a friend. He is more or less set up with his workshop now from stuff that has appeared on this page.

Bosch Router

2015-05-31 BBQ

Something Red blah blah BBQ. Not sure about the exact name. This looks in fine structural shape and such but not sure about the gas parts. Testing will occur and all is not lost should that prove negative, it is well set up inside to become a charcoal grill. Found with/for a friend.


2015-05-30 Raleigh M30

This cheapo Raleigh M30 mountain bike had apparently manifested the cheapness of it's build by a failed freewheel. We attempted to swap on a new one but there was something strange going on in the rear there so we just swapped on a whole new rear wheel from spares.

Raleigh M30

Ready to go now, all shiny and looking for a new owner on the list of craig.


2015-05-24 Raleigh MXR

This random Raleigh BMX style bike thingy was missing the brake cable, probably from when it was new. Barely used. We put in the required parts from stores and gave it some air and it is a fine offspring amusement device.

Raleigh MXR

2015-05-20 Evergreen Tree

This small evergreen tree was discarded without the pot it had spent time in recently. How sad. We grabbed it and planted it in a hole in the ground. We shall see if it survives that ordeal.

Evergreen Tree

2015-05-02 Scooter Device

This weird Powerwing scooter related device seems designed to make young girls wiggle their butts from side to side. That motion is in fact how you can move the thing forwards from a standstill on the flat. The pink clearly indicates it is marketed at girls though we do not set too much store by that. All very dubious.

Scooter Device

2015-05-02 Ross Bike

A Ross Eurotour in excellent condition for the age except for the weirdly rotted gumwalls. No matter, two new tires and it is almost ready to go. It will get a little cleaning of the chrome for extra shiny effect.

Ross Bike

2015-05-02 Peg Perego Aria

Yet another Peg Perego Aria pushchair. These are pretty good if you want a very light and compact offspring carriage device. They seem to have fallen out of favour with the public a little recently but somebody will want it.

Peg Perego Aria

2015-05-02 Rucksacks for Offspring

A couple of different items in this category, a nice Kelty Pathfinder offspring carriage rucksack in perfect condition. Ready to go and high quality.

Kelty Pathfinder

Also a Bush Baby something or other. Again, seems pretty high quality and in excellent condition. It was slightly dusty so we sprayed it off with the hosepipe. Lovely.

Bush Baby Rucksack

2015-05-02 Maclaren Strollers

Some number of Maclaren strollers were dealt with on this day. Here are some of the ones we grabbed pictures of.

A random newish Volo, reason for discard possibly a bent axle. Fixed with replacement from spares inventory.

Maclaren Strollers

Another newish Volo, reason for discard possibly a small chafe in the fabric. Does not really need fixing. This will be transported to another continent to be deployed in a future offspring transportation situation. Plus grandmas like wandering round town with a kid in a stroller, gives them something to hang onto.

Maclaren Strollers

2015-05-02 Inglesina Zippy

This Inglesina Zippy pushchair is really a fancied up Peg Perego Pliko. In the same way that an Acura is a pointlessly adorned Honda. Not a bad device though, useful enough.

Inglesina Zippy

2015-05-02 Graco Stroller Frames

These things are perenially super-abundant but people seem to be happy to take them off our hands so we keep picking them up. Graco stroller frames, possibly the shopping trolley of the infant carriage device world.

Graco Stroller Frames

2015-04-25 Scotts Mower

This Scotts reel lawn mower is in more or less unused condition. In fact when we tried it the reel blade was nowhere near the static blade, so had probably been badly set up and never used.

Scotts Mower

Update: We shuffled our available mowers around and made this is the primary mower after we adjusted the blade set. It is disturbingly new compared to mowers we have had in the past but I guess we will get used to it.


2015-04-25 New Home Sewing Machine

A friend who was with us at the time snagged this New Home sewing machine, there apparently being a need for one in their household. It seems to be basically functional so hopefully they are able to use it and have fun.

New Home Sewing Machine

Next stop, making clothes out of curtains for the kids and learning to sing.


2015-04-25 Lenovo Monitor

This is a random 24 inch or so Lenovo monitor with DVI and VGA in and seems to work fine. No apparent reason for discard, though we suspect the lack of HDMI might have something to do with it.

Lenovo Monitor

Looks like it is about to get washed up in the kitchen sink here, an essential step in maintaining good network hygiene. Make sure you use lots of bleach when cleaning monitors.


2015-04-25 Combi Stroller Frame

This Combi Coccoro stroller frame is pretty fancy and folds super small. It only works with Combi brand car seats or some such but presumably there is someboy out there who has one of those and would like one of these to go with it for a very reasonable price. We hope to meet them via the list of craig.

Combi Stroller Frame

2015-04-25 Bike Seats

A selection of devices for securing one's offspring to one's velocipede. First, yet another pair of Topeaks...

Bike Seats

Next up a Weeride seat that goes on the crossbar. Requires the rider to be a little bowlegged but they do work.

Bike Seats

Good stuff.


2015-04-15 Raleigh M50

This Raleigh M50 mountain bike was abandoned at REI by it's owner after they informed him that it required 600 USD of work. We put air in the tires and it rides fine.

Raleigh M50

It does look like it needs some drivetrain work but I have not felt it hook or skip at all yet.


2015-04-10 Bob Stroller

A random single BOB stroller, a couple of holes in some fabric and a little bit weathered but a functional device for transporting offspring. Handy dandy

Bob Stroller

Also, no picture as yet, a Baby Jogger Ciry Elite missing one rear wheel. Otherwise in pretty good shape.


2015-04-04 Phil and Ted

A random Phil and Ted stroller complete with the second seat. Seems in OK condition, we will investigate. Flat tires all round will not deter us.

Phil and Ted

2015-03-28 Mountain Buggy

Once really nice Mountain Buggy Urban stroller. Tires are a little worn but still had some air in them. Everything seems to work fine.

Mountain Buggy

2015-03-28 Metro Wire Shelving

4 pieces of heavy duty genuine Metro Wire shelving, funny size at 21 by 24 inches, but there you go. Not sure if we will use this or make it available.

Metro Wire Shelving

2015-02-28 Cast Iron Cookware

This Lodge 12 inch skillet is nearly new. It has the lodge brand text on the loop handle and has a very coarse sandy texture on the surface. We have already found a home for this so we sanded down the bumpy surface and recured it with delicious bacon grease. Mouseover for the before and after comparison.

Cast Iron Skillet

Also found at the same place and time, but as far as we can tell, entirely from a different source, is this Wagner double loaf pan. As you can see it is a bit rusty. Investigations are underway as to whether this can be rehabilitated.

Wagner double loaf pan

2015-01-19 Bob Jogger

This BOB Sport Utility jogging stroller is in near perfect condition, including having air in the tyres. It shall be used for the short while that we continue to require an offspring moving device. Then sold.

Bob Jogger

2014-12-13 Printer Ink

No idea if this is useful but you never know with printer ink whether it is more precious than champagne per unit volume or not. Take this off our hands if you need it.

Printer Ink

2014-12-06 iMac G4

A random G4 iMac with a fresh never booted install of some version of OS X on it. Pretty random. We have no use for it, and maybe nobody else does. But we would be quite happy for somebody to do something with it.

iMac G4

2014-11-22 Keyboards

We have all of a sudden run out of generic USB keyboards, so we had to go find some more. These two will do for some inventory for now.


We have a pile of old mac keyboards but they cause problems when you show up and plug them into random windows machines.


2014-11-22 Circular Saw

This random Rockwell circular saw works fine and is all complete, we got this for a friend setting up house. It has the weird short power cable pigtail thingy on it, presumably that is either some safety or corporate cheapskate thing.

Circular Saw

2014-11-15 Wheels

From the friend's garage, some spare wheels and such. Those road 559 tyres will make a nice hybrid at some stage.


2014-11-15 Stihl 025

A friend who is moving away is clearing out the garage and we went to scavenge. This saw runs fine once we got it cleaned out and warmed up.

Stihl 025

2014-11-08 Schwinn Impact

This Schwinn Impact ladies style mountain bike came with huge flabby knobbly tyres on it. They had rotted gumwalls and were generally unsatisfactory. We swapped on some semi knobbly replacements and cleaned the thing up and now it is a really nice bike. Available for such high impact activities as shopping, as you can see from the handy dismountable basket.

Schwinn Impact

So why is that? Gumwall tires will have the sides rot out and become useless? Some of them from the 1970s even get all super nasty like some eruptive fungus or some such. We have dealt with black tires from the 1960s, of a Raleigh for example, that have been perfectly fine 50 years later. And yet somehow the bike makers insist on imposing crappy gumwalls on us. End rant (for now).


2014-11-05 Spalding Blade

This rather dashingly named Spalding Blade is dated but in good shape and perfectly functional as a means of transport. We hope somebody else shares our sentiments on this matter and takes it off our hands.

Spalding Blade

The yellow paint job is kind of spiffy but certain other parts of it are not so nice.


2014-11-05 Maclaren Triumph

A random Maclaren Triumph pushchair in OK usable condition. A quick clean and it is ready to go with a new owner, should one appear. We hope the list of criag will help us out in this.

Maclaren Triumph

2014-11-03 Trek Mystic

This Trek Mystic kids bike had dismembered grips, what a strange thing. The brake cable was seized also so new grips and a cable and it is good to go under the butt of a 6 year old of our acquaintance.

Trek Mystic

Note: The seized rear brake cable is a very common thing on ladies frames. The bowdon cable housing terminates pointing upwards and this tends to accumulate water over time. This then rusts the cable in the housing. In cold weather the water in there will freeze and sieze the cable even if it has not rusted. We need a label for this disorder, ladies frame rear brake cable disoder? LFRBCD is not very catchy.


2014-10-24 Bike Shaped Object

This random Huffy Bike-Shaped-Object is masquerading as some form of mountain bike. It was scrap metal the day it was made. Somebody will want it for some very low, but hopefully not negative price.

Bike Shaped Object

2014-10-19 Playmobil

Two chests of Playmobil toys, carefully sorted into labeled drawers. Somebody somewhere is havging an interesting childhood.


We split these with some friends.


2014-10-18 Trek 720

A Trek 720 Multitrack hybrid bike. Was pretty dusty and neglected, two flat tires (yet to be pumped up in pic). Will be a handy runaround bike for somebody by the time we have finished with it.

Trek 720

2014-10-18 Tag-a-long Trailer Bike

Yet another trailer bike, this one the Tag-a-long brand. Missing the hitch for the bike but we may be able to remedy that. Very available to anybody who wants it.

Tag-a-long Trailer Bike

2014-10-18 Sony PSP

Sony PSP device, battery empty, we managed to find the charger (a few meters away) and hence were able to charge it up and show in this picture that it works. Spiffy. We will try to round up some games for it at some stage. DK?

Sony PSP

2014-10-18 Maxi-Cosi Stroller

The best futuristic German design here in this Max-Cosi Foray. Needed air in the tires and a dust off but no real reason for discard. A lady grabbed it ahead of us where it was dropped off and we helped her to fold it and sort it out but she ended up not taking it for some reason. Whatever, we will find a new owner for it.

Maxi-Cosi Stroller

2014-10-18 Giant Innova

A Giant Innova hybrid-like bike in OK shape. Air in the tires and a clean up and it is ridable. It will meet a new owner on the list of craig.

Giant Innova

2014-10-18 Dictionary

Duden Idiomatic german dictionary, not so essential in these networked times but nice to have anyway. Should one wish to browse for German idioms.


2014-10-18 BOB Double Stroller

A rather nice BOB Revolution double stroller. Nice shape all round ready to go.

BOB Double Stroller

2014-10-10 Tandem Frame

A KHS Tandemania tandom frame and fork. This is quite unusual, it was sitting in a garbage pile on the street with some other bike stuff and the toaster. Aaccording to bystanders it was the detritus from an apartment cleanout of some form. But who has a tandem frame and a dualit toaster lying around? We think some form of squatter/hoarder secnerio was involved.

Tandem Frame

2014-10-10 Dualit Toaster

Yet another Dualit toaster, this one a 2 slice model and seemingly quite old. It has cleaned up quite nicely since this picture was taken and is generally avaailable to any who should want it.

Dualit Toaster

2014-10-08 Valco Stroller

A rather fine Valco double stroller in excellent used condition. No apparent reason for discard, even cleanish. Rescued at the last second from being crushed and dropped into the scrap metal by our man on the spot. Heroic indeed.

Valco Stroller

2014-10-08 Pressure Washers

Two random pressure washers seemingly complete but completely unknown as to their functional state, destined for you electrical fixer friend.

Pressure Washers

2014-10-05 Cruiser Bike

This thing is supposedly a La Jolla Street Cruiser. Truthfully it is a bike shaped object with all that entails. Fortunately some people value such things, when priced suitably.

Cruiser Bike

2014-10-04 Cub Cadet Snowblower

What an interesting device. This Cub Cadet 528 SWE 10hp snowblower showed up in the back of the a pickup and the two discarders said it did not run and there was a problem with the oil. A quick pull test indicated it seems to turn over with the appropriate resistance at presumably appropriate times. We grabbed it.

Cub Cadet Snowblower

Update: Further inspection, oil level was way high. We dumped that and tossed the right amount of new oil in. Plug was dry, no fouling. Fuel in the tank, nothing really seems wrong. Started first pull once we figured out the safety key triggering mechanism, which was a little dismembered by some previous half assed attempt to diagnose things.

Runs all funny though and the throttle is a bit weird so tuneup required and we are fine with that.


2014-10-03 Schwinn Collegiate

This Schwinn Collegiate bike had dry rotted tyres and some general brake misconfiguration. Not so hard to remedy, and a quick clean made it into quite an attractive device, as you might see from the picture. It shall be sold as soon as we find somebody who appreciates said attraction.

Schwinn Collegiate

2014-09-27 Appliances

One random vacuum cleaner and one random drill. Vacuum works, drill does not.


These gathered for a friend who wishes to do more electrical tinkering. We have access to fodder for that.


2014-09-06 Dog Bowl

This random stainless steel dog bowl showed up a little dirty but we cleaned it and left it with a dog owner friend.

Dog Bowl

Note, we know it is a dog bowl because of the bones around the rim. This is clearly a signal to the dog that what is in the bowl is for canine consumption.


2014-08-23 Frankenbike

This bike showed up as a hashed up fixie conversion. Salient points included:

The frame is a pretty nice thing so I found a possible owner for it.


It needed a bunch of stuff to get it in the state seen above. Specifically

It is now a great ride, really quick and agile. Maybe too nice. If the prospective new owner likes it I will finish off things like bar tape and other bits and pieces.


2014-08-16 Instep Jogger

A random Instep Ultra double jogger in perfectly usable condition. No apparent reason for discard. Certainly needs a quick clean (note it is already soaking wet as part of that process) but will be good to go soon.

Instep Jogger

2014-08-14 Bianchi Hybrid

A nice Bianchi Advantage with a moronic previous owner. The evidence of their stupidity:

Two new tubes, some oil and all round cleaning and it is a rather nice machine. 700C wheels but a smallish frame. Also, can't short people just ride bikes with 559 wheels? It makes more sense to me.

Bianchi Hybrid

2014-07-26 Knives

A couple of Henckels knives, one with a cracked handle. We may or may not fix that handle by custom making a new one out of ipe wood but we will see. Both available, though somewhat blunt at present.


Also present at the scene were these extra items of weaponry. Some of those shotgun shells had a pin mark in the cap, seemingly implying they are misfires. Some upstanding and responsible gun owner dropped those into the scrap metal.


Needless to say we did not bring those home. We left a bunch of crappy knives also.


2014-07-22 Bugaboo

This Bugaboo Chameleon, picture as found in situ, is in OK shape but a little neglected. Weirdly the two fron wheel bearings are seized, possible reason for discard, we shall have to have a look at that. The other stroller visible in the pic, a cheap jogger, was also discarded but that may stay that way.


2014-07-19 Tools

A strange assortment of tools, mostly junk or peripherally useful. Notable this very interesting hammer:


This nice little adjustable wrench, shown here after dressing the jaws and some oil:


And some other crud.


2014-07-19 Peg Perego P3

A Peg Perego P3 stroller discarded by some bins in a duplex rental. I picked it up on the cargo bike, as you can see. Reason for discard seems to be one popped rivet under the seat that retains the seatbelts, easy fix.

Peg Perego P3

2014-07-19 Lodge Skillet

Yet another Lodge 12 inch cast iron skillet, somewhat used. Shown here out of its natural element, obviously. This will probably get a stripping and reseasoning before becoming available. Yay for scrap metal.

Lodge Skillet

2014-07-19 Babytrend Stroller Frame

One Babytrend stroller frame thingy complete with pretty recent Peg Perego infant seat. The seat may or may not be any good but somebody will want the frame.

Babytrend Stroller Frame

2014-06-22 Two Child Solutions

A selection of devices purporting to be effective at transporting two children at once. First a Schwinn double jogger with missing front wheel. We will almost certainly be able to fix that problem in short order and render it functional again.

Two Child Solutions

Also a Babytrend double snap-and-go stroller frame thingy. A useful item in these times of increased infertility treatments.

Two Child Solutions

Matching the previous, a Babytrend Sit-n-stand style thing. All present and correct.

Two Child Solutions

Lastly a Joovy Caboose, same basic form factor as the Babytrend above.

Two Child Solutions

Spiffy selection.


2014-06-22 Bike Seats

These two random Topeak Bike seats are a bit beat up in places but between them will yield one good one and some parts.

Bike Seats

2014-06-15 Peg Perego Milano

An older stroller, a Peg Perego Milano pushchair. These are pretty nice and it has the quilted hood for winter etc. Somebody will find a use for it, we hope.

Peg Perego Milano

2014-06-15 Peg Perego High Chair

A pretty fancy Prima Pappa Best high chair from Peg Perego. It has small updates on their older model to warrant the addition of the word "Best". Useful though and somebody will want it.

Peg Perego High Chair

2014-06-15 Maclaren Pushchairs

A Maclaren Twin Techno double pushchair in used but OK condition. It needed a clean and some new wheels on the rear (a common wear issue with these) and it is ready for action.

Maclaren Pushchairs

More or less the half of the previous, a Maclaren Vogue stroller all spiffy and ready to move offspring and nothing wrong.

Maclaren Pushchairs

2014-06-15 Instep Double Jogger

A double jogger with swivel front wheel made by Instep. This thing was protected from UV degradation by a seriously thick layer of dust all over it. That has been hosed away to leave this pretty nice stroller underneath. Ready to be deployed under the stinky butts of two smallish offspring.

Instep Double Jogger

This jogger is nice in that it has the one-hand fold feature, a little known criteria for stroller choice and rare in a double jogger.


2014-06-15 High Chairs

A couple of wooden high chairs, one a generic bar/restaurant style thing. Cheap and simple but functional:

High Chairs

This one looks sort of like a Tripp Trapp ripoff, is actually a One Step Ahead Euro style or some such. Comes with washable cushion.

High Chairs

2014-06-15 Graco Ipo

A Graco Ipo puschair that is pretty much ripping off the basic Maclaren design. Works OK, fabric is a bit junky but it is a Graco and there you have it.

Graco Ipo

Are they trying to cash in on the dotcom IPO craze with this silly name?


2014-06-15 Delta Drill Press

This Delta DP350 drill press has an exploded rear pulley, apparently this is due to a design flaw and lots of people on the interwebs bemoan the crappification of Delta products. To add insult to injury, the replacement parts are not available. Hey guys, lets sell off and outsource all our manufacturing so we can all have shiny toys a few dollars cheaper!

Delta Drill Press

We will probably try to source a replacement item for the delta pulley and put this back in service as we have some friends who could use it.

P.S. Yes, the rear pulley literally exploded and it seems that this happened to many people.


2014-06-15 Combi Pushchairs

A pair of Combi pushchairs, nothing remarkable really except the first has a high handle, good for taller people.

Combi Pushchairs
Combi Pushchairs

2014-06-15 Bugaboo Frog

This Bugaboo Frog stroller is in excellent condition and comes complete with the bassinet, cover and car seat mount. Really nice, though it was quite dusty upon pickup.

Bugaboo Frog

We now have all of the Frog, Gecko and Cameleon in the house at present, though not for long as new owners are urgently being sought for two of the three.


2014-06-15 Bikes

First off a nice as new Panasonic Sport 1000. This is a really nice bike and just needed air in the tyres. It was not even that dusty, as long disused bikes tend to get.


With it came a Free Spirit FS12. There is not a lot wrong with this except for the fact that it has Free Spirit written on the side indicating that it is utter crap. Still, no matter, it has already been passed on to a guy interested in random bikes and parts.


And just in case some of these did not appear here, here is a batch of bikes we made up for that same bike nut. He wanted parts and stuff to play with so he got 6 bikes cheap. He even managed to get all 6 of these into his random volvo sedan.


2014-06-14 Strollers

A mixed bag today. First up a Maclaren stroller frame thingy. Somewhat rare and useful.


This Bugaboo Gecko is a little beat up and somewhat faded but is still a Bugaboo and quite functional. Available.


This Baby Jogger jogging stroller has built-in suspension and is super fancy with some form of fly screen. Spiffy and ready to be used.


2014-06-09 Mountain Bikes

A couple of random mountain bikes that showed up. First a Giant Boulder that had a bad rear axle and bearings. No matter, a much nicer rear wheel showed up and we swapped that on. This is now allocated to a friend.

Mountain Bikes

The other is a juvenile Raleight Mtn Scout. Nothing special, just a kids mountain bike.

Mountain Bikes

2014-06-08 Graco Infant Seat

Run of the mill Graco infant car seat with base. Spiffy, cleaned and all ready to go.

Graco Infant Seat

2014-06-07 Tool Tote

This random Workforce tool tote is pretty much brand new and unused. No idea if we will use it so claim it if you want it.

Tool Tote

2014-06-07 Stainless Cookware

This set of stainless steel cookware is pretty much new and unused. It is not something we would choose to use but we are sure we can find an introduction to people who do on the list of craig.

Stainless Cookware

2014-06-07 Snapper Mower

This Snapper Hi-Vac lawn mower is a real high quality item. It runs OK but maybe needs a tuneup or some such. The equivalent mower now is 800 USD new and though we are tempted to keep this and clean it up, demands on space and time may be such that we allow a new owner to have that fun via the list of craig.

Snapper Mower

2014-06-07 Sit-N-Stand

Babytrend Sit-N-Stand LX stroller that was seemingly suffering some short term assembly problems. In perfectly good order now and will be redeployed to new owners as soon as they can be found.


2014-06-07 Peg Perego Aria

Yet another Peg Perego Aria pushchair, this one needs a good clean and has uninspiring colours but should be fine and ready for redeployment soon.

Peg Perego Aria

2014-06-01 Wet Footwear

This assortment of footwear for use in diverse wet environments is handy dandy and will be deployed wherever needed.

Wet Footwear

2014-06-01 Strollers

A broad selection of devices for transporting offspring. Often two at a time. First up a Kelty deuce coupe double jogger. These things are super high quality, very robust and the only jogger that folds vaguely umbrella style. It had a flat tire, possibly the reason for discard?


Next a Baby Jogger City Micro double stroller. Had a slight bend in the brake activation rod that made it difficult to disengage the brakes. Possibly the reason for discard. A spot of leverage with the vise grips and some oil and it is good as new. That and a clean of course.


A random Baby Jogger style double jogger in nice condition. The hood is a bit of a flimsy pretense but that is fine. It was missing the front wheel but we happened to have one in stock that exactly matched. We are inclined to think that this suffered from incorrect inital assembly due to the weird configuration of the brakes. Nothing wrong with it now.


This Dreamer Designs double jogger is kind of beat up but would make a great summer beach stroller, hence will be offered up as such.


This random Babyplanet stroller is in perfect condition and is usable if one's legs are not too long or one's stride is curtailed.


Yet another random stroller frame, this time a Kolcraft. No big deal but always in mild demand.


2014-06-01 Garmin Nuvi

This Garmin Nuvi model 255 car GPS booted up first time and works fine. Lots of interesting data in there of course, all the previous owner's POIs and trips.

Garmin Nuvi

2014-06-01 Driveway Gate

This random driveway gate is in perfect condition. We already have one that is sort of falling apart so this is possibly a fortuitous find.

Driveway Gate

2014-06-01 Car Seats

Two recent Britax child car seats in very nice condition, one in spiffy cowhide pattern. Both good for a few years of further use.

Car Seats

2014-06-01 Bosch Toys

This small toy tool set is Bosch branded. A fresh set of (old) batteries in the drill and hours of amusement have already resulted.

Bosch Toys

2014-06-01 Bobbi Car

A nice red Bobbi car, useful for the purpose of amusing small offspring. Unfortunately not the quiet wheels version that we are looking for but hey, still useful.

Bobbi Car

2014-06-01 Bilibos

These Bilibos are ostensibly flexible multimodal play toys. We have one already and have to say they do somewhat live up to this claim. Ours of course is beat to crap compared to these so clearly our offspring are doing something the previous owners of the particular examples are not.


2014-05-31 Stainless Steel Workbench

This stainless steel workbench was much dirtier when we found it but is now clean. It needs the retaining bolts for the legs but is super fine apart from that. Available to anybody who needs it.

Stainless Steel Workbench

Update: claimed by a friend, we will possibly be helping out with the design and implementation of a nice shelf for underneath.


2014-05-29 Schwinn Super Sport

This Schwinn Super Sport bike was converted from drop bars a long time ago. It is pretty rare, with alu rims and has a certain chic now that we cleaned it up. Required new tyres and a drop of oil and is now ready to ride.

Schwinn Super Sport

2014-05-29 Babytrend Jogger

This is a run of the mill Babytrend Expedition jogging stroller. Nothing special, just useful, especially with the summer coming. Will appear on the list of craig.

Babytrend Jogger

2014-05-24 Raleigh Bike

This random Raleigh kids' mountain bike was given a crude black paint job by the previous owner. Nothing wrong with it in functional terms. Probably surplus to our requirements so we may get rid of it.

Raleigh Bike

2014-05-24 Giant Bike

This is a bit of a delayed listing here, we found this a while ago, but better late than never. A Giant MTX 225 juvenile mountain bike, the seat was a bit chewed up and the chain stiff and rusty but otherwise no real reason for discard. Available now on the list of craig.

Giant Bike

2014-05-10 Toro Mower

This random Toro lawn mower run fine. One wheel is broken yet still curiously functional. It is a 4-stroke engine.

Toro Mower

2014-05-10 Oil

This new old stock oil was discarded (4 cans total) at the waste oil bins. We have the feeling that some avid collector of old car stuff may actually want this, though it is not clear we have the time or inclination to find that person.


2014-05-10 Compressor

This random Campbell Hausfeld air compressor works fine. It has lots of little leaks in various peripheral pieces, including the power cable, but seems solid in the main pieces. Available to anybody who might want to clean it up and use it.


2014-05-10 Bikes

A middling nice Puch road bike showed up. Only middling as it has steel rims but some of the components on it are very nice. Should be restorable for deployment under a hipster's arse.


This Raleigh Grand Prix has obviously been altered in a half arsed fashion over the years. We may put it back to drop bars and sell it on.


2014-05-07 Strollers

A couple of random offspring carriage devices. First up a Clic brand stoller frame type thing, often known by the dominant brand Snap n' go. These are handy to have kicking around so somebody will probably take this off our hands. This has its retractable sunshade showcased here, fancy.


Next a Dreamer Designs jogging stroller. It is faded and has a touch of rust but is solid and usable. Somebody should want this somewhere sometime.


2014-05-03 Peg Perego Pushchair

This Peg Perego A3 Pramette stroller sort of vaguely converts from this standard stroller form factor into a bassinet type thingy. Oh noes, Michael Bay left this out of the Transformers movie. Meh.

Peg Perego Pushchair

2014-05-03 Kids Sports Stuff

The picture shows a couple of items from a reasonable haul of kids' sports stuff.

Kids Sports Stuff

2014-04-20 Teak Chairs

The previous owner of these reclining folding teak chairs was presumably quite confused, they had discarded them in the scrap metal area. There are 5 in total. One has a split on one leg and will be assessed for repair possibility, these 4 have been cleaned up ready for oil and then use.

Teak Chairs

Yes, we cleaned them up with this pressure washer , previously seen on this page.

Update: They appear to be this chair, or something very close.


2014-04-20 Schwinn 3-Speed

This old rusty Schwinn 3-speed bike is too far gone for a proper restoration but might make a nice rat bike for a friend of ours who lives in an area known for the disappearing of bikes. New tyres, some oil and a tune up and it may well be an effective ride.

Schwinn 3-Speed

Update: Mouseover the image to see the finished fixup. Ridable but looks like arse. We hope this acts as a theft deterrent.


2014-04-20 Mongoose BMX

A Mongoose KO BMX. Nearly new, never really ridden, badly assembled we suspect. Destined for the list of craig after we correct some small (assembly related) problems.

Mongoose BMX

2014-04-20 Bowl

Oh look, a spiffy little stainless steel bowl. Not the best quality but handy dandy if you need that sort of thing.


Currently being use to hold teak oil for the refinishing of the chairs. Future uses, who knows?


2013-12-27 Schwinn Hybrid

This random Schwinn Tourist hybrid bike has no visible reason for discard except possibly incompetent initial assembly. It has pretty much not been ridden. It will be available soon to readers of this page or the world at large via the list of craig.

Schwinn Hybrid

2013-12-08 Dell Desktop

This random Dell PC was missing the hard drive and some other bits. Upon inspection it seems the reason for discard was a nebulous failure in the in the graphics card. It would come on and work but as it got hot lots of lovely artistic blocks would tile the screen, at least this is what occurred under a linux live CD. We tossed a new card in from junk inventory and made the machine run just fine.

Dell Desktop

2013-11-28 Plant Thingies

These random planter bracket things seem pretty nice, not that we need them. They may be going to some friends more inclined to use them.

Plant Thingies

2013-11-28 Ochsner Bike

This Swiss Ochsner road bike is super fancy and has all sorts of nice components on it. The frame is starting to get rust spots and it has been wel used but it is still a really nice bikes. It may get stored until spring and when the hipster crowd start biking again we will see if they want this.

Ochsner Bike

2013-11-28 Maytag Oven

This Maytag gas oven is seemingly new ish and we got a report from the discarder that it was deployed for only about 4 months and barely used.

Maytag Oven

Maybe there is somebody somewhere nearby who is struggling with cooking a turkey and needs a new oven at short notice.


2013-11-28 GT Hybrid

We got a couple of bikes together from our man on the spot and this one was more of an actual bike and the other a bike shaped object. GT Cirque hybrid, missing a seat and gears all out of alignment but full of potential.

GT Hybrid

2013-11-16 Ochsner Bike

This Ochsner road bike is really fancy and has been ridden but is still a nice thing. It will be cleaned up and offered to those interested in such devices.

Ochsner Bike

2013-11-16 Graco Stroller

This random Graco stroller is in fine shape and will probably be used by some person who finds us on the list of craig.

Graco Stroller

2013-11-16 Giant Bike

This Giant Cabriolet road bike is horribly named and is really a piece of junk. No idea what we will do with it but at the very least some parts will be scavenged.

Giant Bike

2013-10-19 Firewood

This reasonably large pile of firewood is conveniently presplit, at least to some degree. We took most of the good stuff and left the gnarly bits.


Update: This is mostly split now, 2 days later. Spiffy.


2013-10-19 Double Maclaren

This nice double Maclaren stroller had an interesting hole eaten in the hood, who knows by what animal. Luckily we had a spare in stock from a Maclaren with a bent frame that was unsalvagable except for various parts.

Double Maclaren

2013-10-19 Baby Jogger

This Baby Jogger jogging stroller is in near unused condition despite being a few years old. The tyres are absolutely perfect. After a quick clean it will appear on the list of craig.

Baby Jogger

Update: Quickly sold. Autumn jogs must be in fashion or something.


2013-10-12 Tripp Trapp

This Tripp-Trapp offspring feeding retention chair was filthy when we found it. It came with the straps etc but we dismantled the whole thing to clean it up and have not yet put the straps back on. We may not put them on as they are only really for naughty offspring and we try not to have those.

Tripp Trapp

Note, we have two of these already.


2013-10-12 Offspring Seats

Two random plastic lawn chairs sized for small offspring. These will be deployed at the bottom of the garden for offspring amusement purposes.

Offspring Seats

2013-10-12 Ice Skates

A pair of usefully sized ice skates. Handy for amusing offspring when there is a large quantity of water in the solid phase.

Ice Skates

2013-10-12 Bugaboo Cover

This is a cover for a Bugaboo Cameleon stroller. This is a pretty handy dandy thing and somebody will want it. We have one. One zip head has a broken off handle but the thing is still pretty fine.

Bugaboo Cover

2013-10-09 Chicco Cortina

This Chicco Cortina stroller is in OK and usable shape, especially after some small maintenance fixes on the wheels and axles. It needs a wash but we will see about that. It will find a new home soon.

Chicco Cortina

2013-08-11 Trek Bike

This Trek 200 Mountain bike was missing the seat but that is an easy fix, as you can see. Shortly to appear on the list of craig.

Trek Bike

2013-07-27 Lawnmower

This random Craftsman lanwmower started first pull upon investigation but is missing a few bits and pieces. Somebody will want it and we will give them the chance to find it and acquire it for very little outlay.


2013-07-27 German Bike

This random and somewhat unidentified German 3 speed bike is pretty fine. Even still has air in the tyres. It is a little dinged up but will clean up nicely.

German Bike

2013-06-23 Wood

Twp random short pieces of 2x6, our neighbour needed them and we grabbed them.


2013-06-23 Peg Perego Stroller

Yet another Peg Perego Venezia pushchair, dusty but complete. If it cleans up nicely we will try to rehome it. Possibly via the list of craig.

Peg Perego Stroller

Bonus, some Lascal boards, possibly missing hardware.

Lascal Boards

2013-06-23 Ikea Storage

No idea what silly Nordic name the IKEA guys give this but it is all very useful for storing crap associated with offspring. It is already cleaned up and will be pressed into service. Missing one screw on one of the drawer runners, as you can see in the pic. Not a huge and daunting task to fix.

Ikea Storage

2013-06-23 Chicco Highchairs

We found two Chicco highchiars, slightly laden with food spill, for want of a better term. Pic shows the frame units after pressure washing, the padding pieces were cleaned seperately. Should be very fine when all done.

Chicco Highchairs

2013-06-23 Backpack

Camp Trails, whoever they are, made this backpack at some point. It seems perfectly functional but we have enough of these and are making this available. Anybody?


2013-06-22 DVDs

Hmm, the way these are presented it is almost the case that two of these films make the other look good. We have no real use for these but the two (really) bad ones might offer some laughable kitsch crappiness moments.


2013-06-22 Calphalon

This random Calphalon dutch oven showed up without the lid, shame really. We have already found a new home for it and will check our supplies for a lid that fits.


2013-06-14 X12

This bike says X12 and 12-speed on it. If I had made it I would not put my brand on it either. It is total junk but yet all shiny and more or less in perfect condition. We may find a home for it but what a turd.


2013-06-12 Booster Seat

This Graco Booster seat was requested by a friend and we grabbed it to order. Nothing wrong with it, just dusty.

Booster Seat

2013-06-12 BBQ Chimney

Our old BBQ starter chimney has rusted through so we grabbed this one from the side of the road the other day.

BBQ Chimney

I keep meaning to make my own spiffy stainless steel one that will outlast me and all my friends and family but I never get around to it. I guess that just makes it more likely that when I do make it that it will outlive me.


2013-06-09 Mountain Buggy

This Mountain Buggy Urban double jogger was discarded on our street, how convenient. Reason for discard may the the missing wheel clip on one side, a 10 cent part if that. Otherwise in OK shape except for a couple of small chafes.

Mountain Buggy

2013-06-05 Peg Perego Venezia

This Peg Perego Venezia pushchair is in nice condition and has a fancy attached footmuff. Spiffy, and hopefully browsers on the list of craig will also think so.

Peg Perego Venezia

2013-06-05 Babytrend Jogger

Random Babytrend jogger with swivel front wheel. Cleaned up nicely, ready to go.

Babytrend Jogger

2013-05-26 Raleigh Technium

This Raleigh Technium mountain bike has that fancy (for the time) frame and weird cow horn handlebars. It has a sort of retro appeal though and has cleaned up nicely. It will seek a new home soonest.

Raleigh Technium

2013-05-26 Mountain Buggy

This newish Mountain Buggy has spent a while at the beach. Despite that it seems to have lots of life left in it. It may be deployed on a beach in the Netherlands next month.

Mountain Buggy

2013-05-26 Double Snap-and-go

This Babytrend double snpa-and-go stroller frame type thing is an impressive construction, but I guess one might need that were one to increment one's parity twice in a short period of time. No apparent reason for discard, all ready for a new owner.

Double Snap-and-go

2013-05-22 Peugeot Mountain Bike

Vaguely a mountain bike, anyway. Peugeot US Express, ostensibly ladies style. Cleaned up OK and will find a new home somehow.

Peugeot Mountain Bike

2013-05-18 Pressure Washer

This Karcher K 2400 HH pressure washer was discarded, presumably due to it not putting out high pressure despite running fine. The unloader valve was stuck and it was the work of a minute to clean it out and lubricate it. Works great now, a really good strong pressure washer.

Pressure Washer

2013-05-04 Sander

There is no reason for discard for this sander. All present and correct and works fine.


2013-05-04 Mixer

This KitchenAid mixer was dicarded due to a presumed burnt out motor, according to the nice lady who dropped it off. In fact a nick in the cord was responsible. A quick temporary plug jacked on allowed testing and it will soon be seeking a new home.


2013-04-28 Light Bulbs

This tin contains light bulbs that were scavenged off a large and ornate candelabra type light fitting. They are E12 Edison Candelabra size. It so happens we have a similar fitting in the house that takes these bulbs and until we replace it with something less silly we need a supply of bulbs. Better scavenged sunk cost models than buying new.

Light Bulb

2013-04-28 Laptop Carcases

This assortment of laptop carcases, 2x HP, 3x Thinkpad, a Toshiba and such, is all stripped and acrppy but somebody out there may wish for tinkering fodder. We shall try to find them.

Laptop Carcases

2013-04-27 Gary Fisher

We found Gary Fisher in the scrap metal. Actually no, just a Gary Fisher mountain bike. It had several issues upon pickup but it has never really been ridden and will be put back into service forthwith.

Gary Fisher

2013-04-25 Audi Roofrack

Found, a perfectly good roofrack system for an Audi Q5. We do not own such a vehicle but the list of craig has access to many such people and maybe they will find us through that mechanism and purchase this from us.

Audi Roofrack

2013-04-24 Golf Club

This TaylorMade R11 driver was discarded apparently brand new still with the price stickers on it. It may be an accidental discard or a spite discard. We picked it up from a location where it would have been fast destroyed and irretrievable, so the previous owners are finished with this unless they buy it off us on the list of craig.

Golf Club

2013-04-21 Trek 400

We got this snazzy Trek 400 road bike a while ago. It had a bodged up cruiser bar conversion and numerous other issues. We rectified these issues and as you can see it is indeed snazzy in its restored state.

Trek 400

2013-04-20 Shelving

Yet more Metro Wire style shelving. 18 by 36 inches, lots of shelves and a bunch of legs. We use this stuff in various ways so we will store this and see if it is needed.


2013-04-20 Peg Perego

yet anotehr pefectly good Peg Perego Pliko stroller. This one has the optional cup holder, spiffy.

Peg Perego

2013-04-20 Offspring Rucksack

Yet another Kelty Country offspring carriage device, all present and correct in perfect condition. Look for it on the list of craig?

Offspring Rucksack

2013-04-20 Microwave

Our neighbor has been looking for a new Microwave for a while and I guess this is exactly what he wanted. It was in the original box but had a minor misalignment on the latch. A couple of minutes with some screwing and all is well.


2013-04-20 Messenger Bag

A random messenger style bag. Perfect condition, barely used. Could come in handy.

Messenger Bag

2013-04-20 Canoe

This fibreglass canoe is in OK shape and even comes with a paddle. It has a couple of dings on one end that we will have to monitor and test but we plan on paddling around this summer in this.


2013-04-20 Bianchi Eros

This Bianchi Eros road bike is now pretty fine and dandy, apart from the highly dubious name. It has been tossed in the scrap metal and the scrap metal moving process had crunched the front wheel and dinged some stuff up. One applicatiuon of pressure washer and a front wheel from spares and it is ready to go and rather nice to ride.

Bianchi Eros

Also on the bike was the little pouch shown with some tools and spares in it.

Bianchi Eros

2013-04-20 Beater 3-Speed

This Glider 3-speed bike is beat up and missing mudguards. Various parts are of dubious origin. But it rides fine and makes a great beater bike.

Beater 3-Speed

2013-04-20 Beach Cart

A friend requested a beach cart and we were able to oblige within a week or so with this item. It needed a squirt with the pressure washer and oil on the wheel bearings but all is well.

Beach Cart

2013-04-07 Jogger

This Cycle Design jogging stroller is in OK shape and ready for various summer activities. Possibly including jogging.


2013-04-07 Heat Pad

This random silicone heat pad was sitting by the side of a road and was pretty dirty. Incomprehensibly dirty in fact. Never mind, it is cleaned right up and is now pressed into service.

Heat Pad

2013-04-06 Tool Chest

This random Craftsman tool chest looks like a Kennedy model and is perfectly fine. A friend has run off with it and will press it into service.

Tool Chest

2013-04-06 Electric Chainsaw

A Remington electric chainsaw, not the most useful thing in the world but you never know we may end up in a situation where it is handy dandy.

Electric Chainsaw

2013-03-30 Cookware Roundup

Some nice stuff today, quite mixed. There was a huge batch of cookware that included this set of Belgique stainless. OK quality, pretty nice condition.

Cookware Roundup

Also there were a couple of Le Creuset casseroles. The pots were shot on the insides and the other lid was a funny shape but the brown lid shown in this ensemble was just fine for one of our cast iron skillets. The skillet lurking in the background in fact. All the lids in this pictured are sourced from scrap metal.

Cookware Roundup

2013-03-09 Schwinn Moab

This random Schwinn Moab mountain bike is perfectly rideable and even came with air in the tyres. Reason for discard was probably the gummed up pawls in the trigger shifters. Lots of WD40 and some wiggy jiggy with the cable and off we go. Off we go to the list of craig.

Schwinn Moab

2013-03-09 Calphalon Pan

This random Calphalon pan needed nothing but a light cleaning. No apparent reason for discard. It shall find a new home somehow, we have no need of it.

Calphalon Pan

2013-03-03 Monitor

This monstrous Maxent monitor works OK after warmup. We have had stuff like this before and cheapskate gamers who want large screens go for this so, off it goes to the list of craig.


2013-03-03 All-Clad Frying Pan

This random stainless-alu sandwich All-Clad frying pan seems in OK shape and has already been snapped up by some neighbours.

All-Clad Frying Pan

2013-01-21 Trek 220

This Trek 220 kids mountain bike is in reasonable condition except for the seat, but whatever. It should find a new home soon.

Trek 220

2013-01-06 Bikes

A couple of bikes to ring in the New Year in style. First a Matsuri mixte style thingy. Perfectly nice, converted from drop bars some time ago by a previous owner, will go nicely under a hipster's arse in a large city.


Next a Giant Awesome, obviously not being an eponymous artifact as it is neither giant nor awesome. A bit of a piece of crud really but it will clean up and somebody may want it once they see its availability on the list of craig.


2012-11-18 Peugeot Bike

This random Peugeot road bike has been neglected but is in pretty good shape underneath the dirt. It will be cleaned up and pressed back into service with a rider we do not know.

Peugeot Bike

2012-11-17 Lights

Somebody discarded their home power outage kit and we picked it up. First a Coleman headlamp that has some small issue, to bes investigated.


Two 3D maglites, both with one expanded stuck alkaline battery. One is also missing the lens and bezel. Investigation with percussive action released the stuck batteries and the two units may be pressed into some form of service at some point. Upgrade to LED may be involved in that process.


2012-10-28 Bike Trailer

If you need to drag your 'orrible offspring around and you are on a bike this handy dandy Instep bike trailer is just the thing for you. Available until sold.

Bike Trailer

2012-10-27 Raleigh Kids Bike

This Raleigh MXR kids' bike is very similar to one we found a while ago and is in fine condition. Seeking a home.......?

Raleigh Kids Bike

2012-10-27 Peugeot Bike

This Peugeot Bordeaux is a fine bike, found by our man on the spot. 3-speed Sturmey Archer, aluminium 700C rims, skirt guard, nice all round. A reminder that the French are not just useful for cheese and wine.

Peugeot Bike

2012-10-27 Paintball Gear

Some random paintball bits and pieces. We have no real use for this crap and so will sell it.

Paintball Gear

2012-10-27 Huffy Bike

This Huffy Granite Pass should never have been designed, made or sold. But given that it has been, and we have gained posession of it, we will return it into the usage pool. The list of craig will assist.

Huffy Bike

2012-10-27 Dyson

This Dyson vacuum is well used, full of human hair, but seems OK and useful. We will find a new home for it somehow.


2012-10-21 Tent

This tent is sort of old and simple but handy if you need it for some kind of fairweather event. A party, a sleepover, a summer camping trip or whatever. Available to any who want it, needs a spot of airing out.


Update: Sold within 24 hours on the list of craig.


2012-10-21 Raleigh MXR

This bike needed a few parts but it was sort of worth fixing. If nobody we know needs it somebody we do not yet know may.

Raleigh MXR

2012-10-21 Combi Stroller

This Combi stroller is in perfectly good shape and though not the fanciest stroller in the world it will find a new home via the list of craig. They fold pretty small and are OK quality.

Combi Stroller

2012-09-20 Bugaboo Chameleon

Somebody chose to discard this Bugaboo Chameleon along with a fair amount of extra gear for it. There is nothing wrong with any piece of it, though it was a little dusty upon pickup. The only downside is the heinous replacement pink hood. Never mind, some browser of the list of craig will think this is cute or versatile or some such.

Bugaboo Chameleon

Extras not shown that were included, seat cover, cup holder, rain cover, mosquito netting and winter muff thingy. Bargain.


2012-09-16 Schwinn Runabout

This Schwinn Runabout trailer bike has damage to the wheel, looks like it has been run over by a car or something. The frame is all fine. A new wheel and seat will present themselves to us in the near future and then this item will be disposed of.

Schwinn Runabout

2012-09-16 Babytrend Navigator

This Babytrend Navigator double stroller is a bit of a monster. It is in almost new condition and about a year old. There is no apparent reason for discard, though the fact that it does not fit through standard sized doors may be an issue. The upside of that is that it can take two infant car seats side by side. For sale on the list of craig forthwith.

Babytrend Navigator

2012-09-05 Pan Lid

This random yellow Le Creuset lid was all alone in a big pile of scrap metal, no sign of whatever went underneath it. Luckily it fits nicely on a lidless cast iron skillet we got from that same pile some time ago.

Pan Lid

2012-09-02 Shelving

Thi is a small random piece of Metro Wire style corner shelving. nothing wrong with it, we have no use for it but some neighbours have all ready set it in the corner of their kitchen and filled it.


2012-09-02 Logs

This pic shows a bit of a nice pile of firewood we found discarded. It was cut split and aged, so all in all a good deal. That very night used used a bunch to cook dinner in a firepit. Saves buying charcoal, gas or other combustibles. Also this type of cooking repels mosquitoes quite nicely.


2012-08-31 Fuji Juvenile Bike

This Fuji Ace juvenile fancy schmancy hybrid type thing is pretty fine and barely ridden. This was grabbed by our man on the spot in the nick of time. Upon pickup it had a flat rear tyre which was probably the reason for discard.

Fuji Juvenile Bike

Update: The tube had two small holes in a pattern that indicates a tool induced puncture. So we theorize they had a flat, got a new tube, put it in clumsily with a screwdriver or some such, punctured the tyre in the mounting process, pumped it up and threw their hands up in disgust and tossed the bike in the scrap metal. Yay consumer culture!


2012-08-25 Rake

This random rake showed up and it seems all present and correct. Note it has been discarded just prior to prime raking season so we shall see how it performs very soon. It resides in the designated rake rack.


2012-08-25 Jamis Kids Bike

This random Jamis Laser kids' bike is functional-ish. We may flog it off on the list of craig or give it away to friends who have offspring in this size range.

Jamis Kids Bike

2012-08-25 Hand Tools

These random hand tools were in the bottom of a large scrap container. We fished them out with the help of a hard drive magnet screwed to the end of a broom handle. Handy dandy.

Hand Tools

2012-07-28 Tomos Bike

This Tomos S bike is a pile of crap. Single speed, backpedal brakes only, junky parts. Should sell well in any large city obsessed with single speeds. Dude, it is the ultimate hipster vintage single speed. The people who made my bike were into it way before it was mainstream.

Tomos Bike

2012-07-28 Columbia Bike

This Columbia Sports III was pretty filthy and disgusting. We think it had the old bat turd treatment at some point. No matter, it cleaned up OK, the Sturmey Archer hub needed oil but works fine now, ready to ride and shiny.

Columbia Bike

2012-07-21 Instep Jogger

This Instep double jogging stroller is in OK shape, cleaned up OK and will be ready for a new owner soon. It needed a wash and air in the tyres. Shown here after some washing and before airing.

Instep Jogger

2012-07-17 Bikes

Two mountain bikes showed up together. First up a Trek 820 Mountain Track, blah blah, standard issue mountain bike not for use on mountains. No apparent reason for discard, already on the list of craig seeking a new owner.


Next a Bridgestone Comp, older bike but with very nice parts on it. This may find an appreciative new owner, watch this space.


2012-07-14 Chicco Pushchair

This Chicco Cortina stroller is guest stuff, the neighbours found it. It has a small tear in the cargo basket but otherwise is fully functional, nice quality and with no reason for discard.

Chicco Pushchair

2012-07-10 Schwinn World Tourist

This Schwinn World Tourist bike seems not to have been used for its named purpose, but never mind. It was discarded due to needing repairs too expensive to warrant, but we have managed to put it back in working order for near free and hence get to put it back into circulation.

Schwinn World Tourist

2012-07-07 Roadmaster Bike

This Roadmaster Smokey Point so-called mountain bike is a piece of crap that never should have been manufactured, purchased or used. As it happens the previous owner got a flat front tyre and tossed it away, preventing their further use of it. Despite all this we will find a new home for it.

Roadmaster Bike

2012-07-07 Dyson Vacuum

This random Dyson vacuum cleaner came with a nice selection of attachments and works perfectly. The interesting thing with a discarded Dyson is that unlike other more opaque devices you get to immediately inspect the precise nature of the previous owner's sucked up junk. Vacuum cleaner archeology? We all know that archeologists greatly value middens as a source of information, so maybe this is one little modern example of that.

Dyson Vacuum

This has already been used in anger on a large source of dust and seems fine.


2012-07-06 Raleigh Bike

This 1971 Raleigh Sports 3-speed bike is a little neglected but will probably clean up just fine. Not bad for 41 years old, mouseover the image for the cleaned up pic.

Raleigh Bike

It could have survived with the existing tyres but they had a fair few cracks in them and one wheel needed new rim tape so we just put matching new ones on. Also the gear hub was out of oil but a few quick squirts freed it up and it runs fine now.


2012-06-30 Dualit Toaster

This Dualit 4 slice toaster has a couple of issues. Somebody wrestled the crumb tray into new and interesting geometric shapes, and somebody else cut the cable off for the miniscule amount of copper in it. We feel that this is worth rehabilitating, despite these issues. The crumb tray will be bent back into some semblance of normality using sheet metal vise grips and the cable replaced entirely.

Dualit Toaster

2012-06-30 Cookware

Some assorted cookware. First up a nice little stainless kettle that was requested by a friend. We are happy to take requests, and voila.


This 14 inch skillet is a no-name thing but is very functional. It shall probably become the handy kitchen tool of a friend.


2012-06-25 Thule Rack

This Thule bike and ski and whatever rack seems awfully complicated. We will see if anybody wants it.

Thule Rack

2012-06-25 Car Seat

This random Peg Perego infant seat came with spiffy spare base. All very nice.

Car Seat

2012-06-23 Miyata Bike

This Miyata Triton road bike is in good condition, maybe because the previous owner seemed to have oiled the drivetrain more than actually riding the bike. Either way it is nice and will make somebody very happy one day.

Miyata Bike

2012-06-23 Kolcraft Stroller

This Kolcraft Contours stroller is hard to judge. It seems to be pretending to all flexible and fancy and modern but we get the feeling it will not actually work out that way in actual use. We will clean it up and see what happens.

Kolcraft Stroller

2012-06-18 Strollers

A small collection of three mildly coordinated strollers here. Note they are all wet from liberal application of the pressure washer we got the other day. They all got cleaned off and are soaking with detergent now. First a nice Maclaren Techno XT, badly in need of a clean but otherwise perfect:


Next a Peg Perego Pliko stroller, missing the front bar and maybe a catch somewhere but otherwise OK. We will see if this ends up usable:


Last a Per Perego Aria small stroller, pretty disgustingly dirty but it should all clean up nicely.


Update: all three cleaned up pretty nice after rinsing out the applied detergent.


2012-06-18 Snowblower

This Arien ST350 snowblower started up fine after the addition of some fuel. It comes with a little white bag with all the instructions and such. Not sure where this will end up.

Snow Blower

Update: sold to a nice chap from the list fo craig.


2012-06-18 Jeep Jogger

This Jeep Liberty Limited jogging stroller with swivel front wheel also has the highly dubious feature of a bay for one's portable cd player. This was ridiculous even when people had portable CD players. Though you could put an iPhone or some such in there and play soothing music to your offspring as you wander around. This feature was indeed tested by our crack team of reverse engineers and it worked.

Jeep Jogger

2012-06-18 Car Seat

This random Peg Perego infant car seat may come in handy to somebody.

Car Seat

2012-06-18 Bike Trailor

This Schwinn bike trailor is in pretty nice condition and is only missing the tow hitch part that you put on the bike. JPL, this is yours and I have the hitch coming.

Bike Trailor

2012-06-18 Bike Seat

Yet another Topeak bike seat, this one complete with the rack and all associated hardware in a little bag. How nice.

Bike Seat

2012-06-17 Pressure Washer

This Karcher ressure washer is in OK shape and works fine, perhaps despite being made in Italy. It may move into service as our default pressure for a while.

Pressure Washer

2012-06-17 Offspring Warmer

This Buggy Snuggie, or some such, is the skin of a dead sheep configured with convenient strap holes etc so that one might insulate a small child from excessive heat loss whilst perambulating in a wheeled device. All very convenient.

Offspring Warmer

2012-06-17 Offspring Seating

Shown are a Topeak bike seat and Britax Monarch car seats, two reasonably handy device for securing and transporting offspring.

Offspring Seating

2012-06-17 Freespirit Bike

This Freespirit Rock Creek is complete garbage and never should have been manufactured, purchased or ridden. Yuck. We will find a home for it or strip off a couple of parts and junk it.

Freespirit Bike

2012-06-17 Cast Iron Griddle

This cast iron griddle had some surface rust on the top and some crud buildup on the bottom but cleaned up pretty quickly and has already been used twice. It will travel to a foreign country with a friend and form part of his kitchen paraphenalia.

Cast Iron Griddle

2012-06-16 Trek Mountain Bike

This Trek 3700 mountain bike has a small frame and beyond air in the tyres needed no work. All spiffy and ready for a new arse on its seat.

Trek Mountain Bike

2012-06-11 Tricycle

This handy dandy little Schwinn Tricycle is half traditional trike and half bigwheel. It has retro metal looks and vaguely functions as both distraction and mobility device for small offspring.


2012-06-11 Rucksack

This Lowe Alpine 60 litre rucksack had fine mould all over it when picked up but a rinse in bleach and such and it seems fine, almost brand new in fact. We may find a use for it at some stage.

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