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2018-10-06 Snap and Go

Yet another snap and go stroller frame thingy. People always need these so it is worth a quick clean.

Snap and Go

2018-10-06 Kids Bike

A random little Novara kids bike of no particular quality. Note, it is good as it allows kids of a certain size to learn how to use gears. As such we are pressing it into service and it performed fine on the way to the farmers' Market.

Kids Bike

2018-10-06 Jack

A Sears 3 ton jack. It was super dusty and a little rusty in key places when got it but it cleaned up just fine and works well.


Obligatory Muppets reference: Jack not name, jack job


2018-10-06 HP Detachable Laptop

This HP detachable laptop works fine. We do not have the passwords for it but a reset or reinstall should rectify that. Shown running Knoppix for testing and forensic purposes.

HP Detachable Laptop

Of course weird things happen if you are running knoppix off USB and you detach the screen part leaving the knoppix drive on the base.


2018-10-06 Dreamer Design Jogger

Dreamer Design brand jogger. Has some issues with the weird netting fringe but otherwise is really nice. Air in the tires and a clean and it is ready to go.

Dreamer Design Jogger

2018-10-06 Babytrend Jogger

A nice simple Babytrend Jogger. Nothing wrong, useful stroller, needed the brakes adjusting and air in the tires.

Babytrend Jogger

2018-09-30 Uppababy Strollers

Two Uppababy Vista stroller showed up with various problems and bits and peices. One had a bent frame, which is pretty bad. But over all there were two seats, one bassinet, two rumble seats, two boogie boards. This more or less turns into one Uppababy Vista and a bunch of parts that people might well want.

Uppabay Strollers

2018-09-30 Photovoltaic Inverters

We found 16 Enphase M210 inverters that were presumably taken of a solar install and discarded. We or somebody else might find a use for them.

Photovoltaic Inverters

2018-09-30 Extension Cord

This random orange extension cord seemed handy so we picked it up and tested it to find it was actually defective. There was a bad cut that had severed the live wire only 2 feet from the end so we will put a new end on there and it will be useful again.

Extension Cord

2018-09-30 Bugaboo Stroller

This Bugaboo Frog is a old model but a very nice device for moving small offspring. It has the quilted winter hodd, oooooh, fancy. It was in good condition and we think the reason for discard may have been the tilt mechamism.

Bugaboo Stroller

The tilt mechanism sticks when certain plastic parts in it absorb water and expand over time, wedging the mechnism so that it does not move. It is an easy fix to pull it apart and file down the white plastic disks. Having said that we have to admit that we had forgotten how to put it back together etc since the last time we did it, but it is all fine now.


2018-09-22 Portable Easel

This is a folding wooden easel and paint box carry case thing. I t is a bit of a marvel of design in some respects. One hinge point was broken due to split wood so we fixed that and will give it to a friend.


2018-09-15 Trek 7100

Trek 7100 bike with 700C wheels and a swoopy ladies frame. The rear brake cable was rusted in place, the thing has rarely been ridden. Now all tuned up and ready to ride. There are a couple of nasty rust pits in the fork shafts.

Trek 7100

2018-09-01 Fuji Mountain Bike

A random Fuji low end mountain bike. It has not really been used, came to us super dusty via our man on the spot. Air in the tires and a quick wash and it is ready to go. And go it shall, we hope.

Fuji Mountain Bike

2018-09-01 Burley Trailer

A Burley trailer for towing small lazy offspring behind your bike. This one is missing the canopy thingy but is still a handy item that somebody will want.

Burley Trailer

2018-08-25 USB Mouse

Random USB mouse, always good to have a few in stock.

USB Mouse

2018-08-25 Portable Drives

Four portable hard drives. As yet uninvestigated, watch this space. Bonus USB mini hub thingy.

Portable Drives

2018-08-25 Hole Punch

Of course we just bought one of these as part of back to school equipping. But I am sure this one will find a home somewhere in the house.

Hole Punch

2018-08-25 Grohe Bathroom Fittings

A random pile of Grohe bathroom plumbing fittings. We probably cannot use these but some person as yet unknown to us will find them on ebay and find a use for them.

Grohe Bathroom Fittings

2018-08-25 Framing Nails

A box of DeWalt framing nails. Could be handy, though only to the person with the correct nail gun.

Framing Nails

2018-08-25 Casio Calculator

A Casio fx-115W, or whatever it is. Yes, we just bouight one similer for school usage. But now we have another.

Casio Calculator

2018-08-18 Teak Chairs

Four quite a nice teak chairs from Restoration Hardware. They have sat outside for a while, probably mostly unused. As you can see we are cleaning them.

Teak Chairs

2018-08-04 Trek Kids Bike

A random Trek Mountain Lion 60 kids bike, 6 speed, linear pull brakes. Nothing really wrong with it, will get a clean and a new home.

Trek Kids Bike

Update: It has cleaned up pretty well and is ready to ride.


2018-08-04 Sink Drain

A brand new sink drain insert thinmgy with plug. We will toss this on the plumbing spares pile and hopefully find it in a moment of need at some point in the future.

Sink Drain

2018-08-04 Schwinn Varsity

A pretty nice medium sized Schwinn Varsity bike with upright bars. It has some rust spots and wear here and there but it has cleaned up nicely and looks way to nice for its age. Hopefully some hipsters will want it at some point.

Schwinn Varsity

2018-08-04 Hammer

A random Stanley hammer with pretty dodgy looking handle. Not sure if we will fix it up, might just store the head.


2018-08-04 Clamp

A pipe clamp on a short length of pipe. You can never have too many clamps but we will give this to a friend who has greater need.


2018-07-14 Tramontina Pan

This is maybe a 14 inch Tramontina non-stick skillet, lightly used. Pretty handy. Already cleaned up and pressed into service at a party within an hour of being found.

Tramontina Pan

2018-07-14 Maclaren Quest

A Random Maclaren Quest pushchair, very worn rear wheels but otherwise in very nice shape. This is a refreshing change that something had been well used before discard. We will have to check the spares shed to see if we already have these wheels in stock.

Maclaren Quest

2018-07-14 Bosch Circular Saw

A random Bosch circular saw, no blade and it does not run very well. Otherwise in very nice shape so we will look inside for obvious issues like brushes etc and see if it can be made funcrtional.

Bosch Circular Saw

2018-07-01 Clamps

We found 4 deep clamps in a pretty sad rusted state. All 4 were seized on the thread. We shall see about the other two but these two have been freed up, cleaned up and given a coat of paint and some oil.


There were also some interesting looking bar clamps present, but they were all also rusty and not very long, hence not worth the effort to anybody who is not and obsessive tool collector and restorer.


2018-07-01 Car Seats

A friend asked for a pair of car seats for their growing offspring, so we went out and grabbed a pair of medium sized Britax models.

Car Seats

It is possible a pic of the other may follow.


2018-06-30 Verizon LTE Hotspot

A Verizon Jetpack LTE hotspot device. Very small and compact, USB powered. Seems to work fine. It has no valid plan configured at present, but when prompted to do an update it is clearly using LTE to do such.

We wonder how secure that update gateway/server is and whether there are any weird proxy type things running there.

Verizon LTE Hotspot

2018-06-30 Camera Tripod

A random camera tripod, brand unknown, but seems nice and solid.

Camera Tripod

2018-06-30 Amazon Kindle DX

A big kindle, the DX model, complete with some random media. It charged and came on, no idea why that blue tape is on there etc, to be investigated further.

Amazon Kindle DX

2018-06-30 Amazon Echo Dot

A white second generation Echo Dot, Alexa in a small form factor. Seems to work fine, I am sure somebody we know will want a spy from Jeff Bezos in their house.

Amazon Echo Dot

2018-06-24 Michelin Tyres

One pair of Michelin MX 235/45 R17 tyres with 3/4 or more tread left. A friend of ours who operates closer to the edge in terms of fiscal solubility than we do may take these and attempt to barter them at a used tyre place for the size he actually needs. We will see if that works.

Michelin Tyres

2018-06-24 Graco Modes

Another Graco Modes stroller with quick connect system or some such. Near perfect condition, needed a quick rinse, and you can see here.

Graco Modes

2018-06-24 Bugaboo Bee Parts

A weird assortment of Bugaboo Bee parts. We may hang onto these for a while and see what opportunities arise. The only reason this may be worth it is that the Bee was a really nice little stroller.

Bugaboo Bee Parts

2018-06-23 Uppababy G-Luxe

An Uppababy G-luxe stroller, umbrella style fold. A little grubby on the fabric but we think it should clean up like new with a little attention and the correct cleaning fluids.

Uppababy G-Luxe

2018-06-23 Specialized Hardrock

Another Specialized Hardrock mountain bike. One bad tires, pedals were naff, but cleaned up very nicely and is waiting for a new rider. You are seeing the before picture here, it is now devastatingly shiny and appealing.

Specialized Hardrock

Grabbed directly from the back of a pickup, never touched the ground.


2018-06-23 Shelf Brackets

A pile of shelf brackets. Handy dandy.

Shelf Brackets

2018-06-23 Plane

A Buck Bros plane, clearly a Stanley ripoff. New in the box, tossed in the scrap metal. We don't want it but somebnody we know does.


2018-06-23 Phil and Ted

A Phil and Ted under over style jogger-ish stroller. It is all in pretty nice condition, all present and correct with a few random stains. It was put out on curbside with a pile of ash in the seat. You can see from the picture that we have started to remedy this issue and clean it up.

Phil and Ted

2018-06-23 Pan Lids

Two unremarkable but potentially useful stainless steel pan lids.

Pan Lids

2018-06-23 Paint Roller Tray

A random plastic paint roller tray, we use these and so now we have another one in stock.

Paint Roller Tray

2018-06-23 Kelty Kids Rucksack

A Kelty Kids fancy rucksack thingy for carrying your lazy offspring. This one seems really complicated.

Kelty Kids Rucksack

2018-06-23 Jamis Exile

This Jamis Exile mountain bike was grabbed by a bucket loader and dumped in the scrap metal before we could get to it. Nevertheless we may resurrect it thanks to our comprehensive parts supply, sourced from you know where.

Jamis Exile

2018-06-23 Gorilla Wagon

Grabbed for a friend whose crazy old mother potters in the garden and needs something to assist her pottering. Note this has a tipping bed and ball bearing wheels. Pretty fancy.

Gorilla Wagon

Upon close inspection it needs a new tyre, but that seems well within our technical capabilities and worth doing.


2018-06-23 Fireplace Hardware

These did not show up together, but an hour or so apart. First a set of fire irons, possibly with an interloper steel poker in there.

Fireplace Hardware

Next a set of heavy brass andirons.

Fireplace Hardware

A friend will be taking these and if he is late picking them up they will be scrapped for the brass.


2018-06-23 Cast Iron Pans

A small nest of cast iron pans, including some older griswolds and such. To be investigated when we have the time.

Cast Iron Pans

2018-06-23 Brass Bowl

This Brass bowl is quite thick and substantial. If you want it for your aspidistra or whatever let us know, otherwise it is scrap brass.

Brass Bowl

2018-06-23 Baby Jogger City Mini

A Baby Jogger City Mini GT, all in very nice condition and ready for a new small human to be carried around.

Baby Jogger City Mini

2018-06-16 Uppababy Stroller

One Uppababy Vista stroller in nice condition, complete with car seat holder attachment and hood for such. This was discarded in general waste, i.e. the pit, for those who know the particular location we found

Uppababy Stroller

We despair at the disgusting entitled laziness of many people in our vicinity. But not totally, as clearly we act as their environmental conscience.


2018-06-16 Scotts Mower

Yet another Scotts reel lawn mower. Brand new, never used. It was shipped with some assembly required and the purchaser was utterly incompetent and made a half assed effort to assemble it. At this point they tossed the whole thing in the trash, minues a few small pieces. Once we had custody, we had to take out all the bolts and fix things up. The little retainer rings were missing for the handle mount but we got those at our friendly neighourhood hardware store and now have a new mower for anybody who needs one.

Scotts Mower

Reason for discard: customer too stupid for some assembly required.


2018-06-16 Mongoose BMX

A random Mongoose BMX. One broken pedal was an easy fix from our spares department. Shown after a quick wash to get the dust off.

Mongoose BMX

2018-06-16 Haro Bike

Random Haro kids mountain bike. It is a little beat up but it may end up being used to stripped for parts.

Haro Bike

2018-06-16 Boos Block

A Boos butcher block. It has dried out and the joints have opened up a little on the top. This may become a chair or some other item, unless Brian wants it as his random extra chopping block.

Boos Block

It is not exactly the same, but similar to this one.


2018-06-15 Kelty Kid Rucksack

A nice Kelty Kids rucksck for carrying small lazy offspring around. Needs a clean but otherwise handy dandy.

Kelty Kid Rucksack

2018-06-10 Stanley Surform

A small Stanley Surform, in good condition, still sharp and useful so it will be tossed into the big drawer of files, rasps and surforms we have downstairs.

Stanley Surform

2018-06-09 Ryobi Table Saw

This Ryobi portable table saw has an issue with the blade tilt. If that is not easily solvable we will extract the blade and recycle the rest.

Ryobi Table Saw

2018-06-09 Maclaren Triumph

Yet another Maclaren Triump single seaat pushchair. Works fine, not even very dirty, should be good for somebody to use as soon as we can find such a person.

Maclaren Triumph

2018-06-09 BOB Jogger

A BOB Revolution single jogger. The thing was in pristine condition, barely used, except for a nasty smear of (presumably) chocolate all over the harness straps.

BOB Jogger

We really have to question the parenting and economic wisdom of whoever owned this previously. Who gives kids chocolate in a stroller? Who buys a 450 USD stroller only to toss it away once it gets chocolate on it?


2018-06-06 Peg Perego P3

A nice example of a Perego Pliko P3 pushchair, all in very nice condition. Needs a clean and will be ready to go.

Peg Perego P3

2018-06-06 Garbage Can

A random metal garbage can with lid. Seems brand new, never used. Garbage-ception, a new garbage can in the garbage.

Garbage Can

2018-06-06 Britax B-Ready

Britax B-ready stroller, what a ridiculous name. Intended to suggest things I guess. It seems all present and correct and presumably somebody will want it to move their messy offspring around.

Britax B-Ready

2018-06-02 Joovy Zoom 360

This Joovy Zoom 360 was in really nice condition except for terminal tears in the seat fabric. Not sure whether that is a design flaw or the result of user error. It turns out though that you can get a whole new fabric seat for 30 USD from their website. So, excellent, well done Joovy for providing reasonably priced parts support.

Joovy Zoom 360

Pictured with the new fabric installed and ready for action. This is a good quality half price alternative to a BOB Revolution.


2018-05-05 Wagner Skillet

A medium sized Wagner cast iron span. Clean on the inside. Should prove useful to somebody.

Wagner Skillet

2018-05-05 Strollers

A selection of strollers. First a random Uppabay umbrella fold style, not sure of the model. Seems fine and ready for a new home after a clean.


Very similar, a Chicco Liteway pushchair. Pretty nice device, annoying marketoid name.


Yet another double BOB jogger. This one a recent model with the black plastic fold levers and other changes. Tyres need air, needs a dust off and will be used by a couple of small visitors to our house.


A random Combi single stroller. These are not the most inspiring of strollers but they are pretty sensible and useful and people seem to like them. Hence, totally worth rescuing.


A Snap-and-go style thingy but made by Graco as part of the Graco Modes system they have. A handy thing to have if you need it.


A Maclaren Twin Techno, recent model in good shape. Not sure if we found the hood or not but we will sort that out when the dust settles. Busy day today.


You need to move offspring around, we have the tools.


2018-05-05 Stainless Sink and Drain

A stainless steel built-in style sink and draining surface. It is 62 inches by 21 or so. This is available to anybody who wants it. It is pretty nice for a basement work area for example.

Stainless Sink and Drain

2018-05-05 Shogun Bike

This Shogun road bike is a pretty fancy machine with lots of gears and a huge frame. Fatal weakness on these is of course the rubber brake lever hoods, they degrade and ruin the whole thing. This should be restored and looking for a new owner soon.

Shogun Bike

2018-05-05 Pitching Machine

A JUGS pitching machine. Has a broken weld on a leg but works fine otherwise.

Pitching Machine

Check out the specs on their webpage


2018-05-05 Measuring Jug

Pyrex measuring jug. Still has the label on.

Measuring Jug

2018-05-05 Games

A some random mixed games and puzzles and such. To be investigated in further detail.


2018-05-04 Cast Iron Pans

A couple of interesting cast iron cookware items. On the left a Griswold slant logo number 5, which could command high value on ebay should we choose to go that route. The other a small pot for melting things like butter or whatever. Both rehomed with somebody who knows how to use ktchen tools.

Cast Iron Pans

Maybe he knows how to use ebay as well, but he is free to do what he wants with the Griswold. It is a nice little pan, we already have one.


2018-05-03 Mongoose BMX

A Mongoose BMX bike with a twizzler, that most useless of features. But then this is not really a bike, it is a mechanism for providing creative new ways to fall and hurt oneself as opposed to a device to travelling from A to B. Somebody will want it.

Mongoose BMX

2018-05-03 KitchenAid Mixer

A random KitchenAid stand mixer. Missing the bowl and attachments but works fine.

KitchenAid Mixer

2018-04-28 Compressors

Two devices to make air smaller. First a Hitachi pancake style 2hp oilless thingy. Runs fine, was very grimy when we found it. Missing the cover on the cutoff switch. Also the on switch lives there on that cover but it runs fine and cuts out fine.

Hitachi Pancake Compressor

Also a Husky brand small compressor. It was missing a power cable when we found it so is as yet untested, we will see.

Husky Compressor

2018-04-28 Bike Seat

A Topeak Bike seat, requested by a friend for some bikes we are fixing up for him. Ask and you may receive.

Bike Seat

2018-04-28 Bike Rack

Another request, a bike rack for a car. It is missing one of the soft pads but we can glue on a patch of heavy foam there and all will be well.

Bike Rack

2018-04-28 Appliance Dolly

A dolly thingy for moving appliances around. It has the straps to hold the thing on the skid, the protective plastic strips to prevent scratching and the stair lifting runners underneath. Within a day or two we used it to swap out a dryer from a basement. Pic shows the bottom half but it is pretty tall with loop handles on the end.

Appliance Dolly

2018-03-31 Laufrad

A fancy nancy FirstBike walking bike, or whatever these things are called. We have no need for it but I am sure we can find a home for it. Needs air in the tyres, but we all need air now and then so I will not hold that against it.


2018-03-25 Trek Hybrid

Rather nice Trek hybrid bike. It was used a fair bit by the previous owner. Brake pads worn down and maladjusted and various bearings had slop and was missing pedals. No matter, is already rideable and will soon be in tip top shape for a growing member of the family.

Trek Hybrid

Note: It does not have an axe embedded in it. That was just in the background.


2018-03-17 Mac Keyboards

Two mac keyboards, but the wireless one turns out to have old AA batteries in it. They have reacted and expanded and buggered up this thing. The USB one we will keep for a spare.

Mac Keyboards

2018-03-17 Kettcar

Yet another Kettler pedal car, or Kettcar. This one has the proper rubber pneumatic tyres and as such is vastly superior to all the other ones we have, or have had. Unfortunately it was missing a key piece on the steering but we grabbed one from an inferior model to make it work.


One key advantage of the rubber tyres is that they are quiet. It is great when one's small offspring self amuse with a Kettcar, but the background noise of the harder plastic tyres is grating when one is enjoying a beer on the deck in the afternoon, speaking from experience.


2018-03-17 Ipe Wood Blocks

Some big fat blocks of ipe wood. Presumably these were the end of beams or some such. That beam was a serious piece of ipé. This wood sinks in water, so a beam that size must have weighed a fair bit. Not sure what we will do with these chunks but some semi-artistic and functional project will spring to mind.

Ipe Wood Blocks

2018-03-03 Trek Bikes

His and hers Trek 730 Multitrack hybrids. In very nice condition modulo the tyres and tubes. they are more or less ready for new owners now.

Trek Bikes

2017-11-24 Specialized Hotrock

Almost new condition Specialized Hotrock BMX-ish bike, whatever that name is supposed to signify. New inner tube required in the front and then good to go.

Specialized Hotrock

2017-11-11 Sanders

A couple of pretty fine sanders. First a Porter Cable rotary thingy, works fine. It had lots of nasty goop on it and a bit pile of duct tape around the cable (which was undamaged underneath). Much cleaner now and ready for use or a new home.


Also a Makita belt sander. Absolutely nothing wrong with it, runs great and strong.


2017-11-11 Samsung TV

A random Samsung TV. The guy who dropped it off in the recycling said it failed to turn on sometimes. Works fine for now playing Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Samsung TV

2017-10-17 Wellies

Some nice green wellies, near perfect condition and pretty new. Luckily we have an offspring that has the correct foot size to utilize these.


2017-10-14 Uppababy Vista

A somewhat older (we guess) Uppababy Vista in OK chape. Needs a clean, we will see how it comes out, if it cleans up nicely somebody will want this and they will make themselves known to us via the list of craig.

Uppababy Vista

Update: it came up nice and clean and should be ready to go.


2017-10-14 Ryobi Pressure Washer

A random Ryobi eletric pressure washer in pretty good condition. We think it has sat around a lot more than it has been used. Worked fine, all tested, ready for a new home with some friends.

Ryobi Pressure Washer

2017-10-14 Raleigh M20

A pretty low quality and basic Raleigh M20 mountain bike. Nothing wrong with it, air in the tires and good to go.

Raleigh M20

2017-10-14 Phil and Ted

A random Phil and Ted stroller with some small issues. The folding retainer catch is missing a piece and it has seen some use. It may well see a second life, not sure yet.

Phil and Ted

2017-10-14 Miyata Bike

Miyata Ninety bike. Very nice condition, not ridden. It has sat in a garage for 30 years, then had new tires applied, then sat for long enough for the tires to go flat again, then was tossed.

Miyata Bike

2017-10-14 Billy Goat

A Billy Goat machine, 5hp, made for vacuuming up leaves and small animals that might chance into your garden. This is a substantial machine, was out of fuel when we found it, but started up pretty easily when filled up. Good to go, already rehomed with a friend whose neighbours' trees drop things in his yard.

Billy Goat

2017-10-07 Random BMX

This is a random BMX of no particular value. But complete and relatively shiny.

Random BMX

2017-10-07 Outdoor Pot Burner

This is a random little propane powered outdoor pot burner. The kind you make deep friend turkey with, or some such.

Outdoor Pot Burner

2017-10-07 Maxi Cosi Selection

A reasonable selection of Maxi Cosi infant and toddler car seats. They are a little dusty and dinged up but nice items nevertheless. One we have already passed on to people who will be in need of it at some time in the future.

Maxi Cosi Selection

2017-10-07 City Minis

Two orange and black Baby Jogger City Mini strollers. One is more or less brand new, possibly discarded due to incorrect user assembly. The other is just merely a very nice used stroller.

City Minis
City Minis

2017-10-07 Ceiling Fan

A random 3 blade modern styled ceiling fan. Just fine when you need and extra fan.

Ceiling Fan

2017-10-07 Bike Wheels

One pair of 700C wheels and tyres in good condition. Missing the front skewer.

Bike Wheels

2017-09-16 Trek Bikes

Somebody bought their precious twins matching bikes, Trek MT60s. Then, after a suitable period of mild neglect and quiet rusting they tossed them out. The bikes, they tossed out the bikes.

Trek Bikes

After a little chrome cleaner etc these will be good as new.


2017-09-09 Razor Bike

A Random Razor small BMX with twizzler. Nothing wrong with it really, a quick clean and oil and it has already been ridden by a selection of small humans.

Razor Bike

2017-08-15 Baby Jogger City Twin

Baby Jogger City Twin, or some such. Pretty dirty, some wear on the fabric, but we will see if it can be cleaned up to usable condition. We suspect yes.

Baby Jogger City Twin

Grabbed by a friend in a neighboring town.


2017-08-13 Lenovo E420

A random Lenovo laptop missing HD and power supply. Boots to Bios just fine and may be otherwise fine and functional. It will be passed on to somebody who can use it.

Lenovo E420

No HD present so of course it tried hard to PXE boot and went into a BIOS loop. More functional than some Windows machines I have used.


2017-06-25 Henckels Knife

A random medium sized Henckels knife. There were a bunch of other crappier knives present in the box, which we left.

Henckels Knife

2017-06-24 Trek Bike

Trek 3900 mountain bike. Reason for discard (we got from the owner) is the rusted chain and driveline. Should clean up nicely, roughly one beer's worth of work. Other wise this bike has seen little use but a lot of sun and rain.

Trek Bike

2017-06-24 Graco Modes

The Graco Modes quick connect system comes with a small stroller, and stroller frame and a car seat. We found two out of three here. Both in nice condition, very functional small and light offspring movement devices. First the stroller part:

Graco Modes

Then the frame

Graco Modes

No sign of seat from the pile this lot came from.


2017-06-24 Bugaboo Frame

A random dusty Bugaboo frame. Parts usage mostly we suspect.

Bugaboo Frame

It does seem disturbingly common that Bugaboo frames are discarded on their owm without the rest of the stroller.


2017-06-24 Baby Jogger City mini

Baby Jogger City Mini, slightly grubby fabric, well used. Should clean up nicely though and is a pretty fcuntional device for offspring carriage.

Baby Jogger City mini

2017-06-24 BOB Revolution

A BOB Reolvution jogging stroller with front swivel but missing the front wheel. Upon closer inspection it is pretty beat up and in fact both seatbelts have been cut, for some reason. This may be harvested for parts or stored for a while, we are not sure.

BOB Revolution

2017-06-18 Maclaren Quest

Maclaren Quest pushchair, pretty nice condition except for a bit of dirt around the area the offspring contacts the thing. It will clean up nicely and be pressed back into service.

Maclaren Quest

2017-06-18 Joovy Caboose

Yet another Joovy Caboose, simply functional for anybody who needs such a thing. Cleaned up and ready to go.

Joovy Caboose

2017-06-18 Instep Jogger

Instep Safari TT double jogger, plain and simple and easy to fold, needed a clean. Now ready to go on the list of craig.

Instep Jogger

2017-06-18 Bumbleride Stroller

Bumbleride Indie Twin stroller in some color scheme that is aparently quite appealing. It was abandoned by the side of the road on bulk garbage day and was pretty dirty and neglected. No matter, the fabric unpops eaily and washes up nicely. The overall design is really nice, a well engineered and useful device worth fixing up.

Bumbleride Stroller

Given that it cleaned up to be pristine maybe the dirt was the reason for discard.


2017-06-18 Britax B-ready

The Britax B-ready. Interesting name. Over under format double stroller, like the original Phil and Teds. It was filthy but is now clean and ready for action.

Britax B-ready

Not sure what to make of this thing, it seems pretty well designed but there are some less than nice touches like plasticy wheels and such.


2017-06-03 Random Mower

This random petrol lawn mower started up when we tested it at the dump. Then we had to take it, that is the rule. Cleaned up a little and will be used by the neighbours. The wheel drive does not work but meh. Even came with half a tank of fuel. Was a touch low on oil but we have a fix for that.

Random Mower

2017-05-27 Stainless Steel Hardware

We picked up several boxes of stainless steel (and other) nuts and bolts. The ones shown in the picture are the ones we cannot really use, but there were a bunch more in useful sizes that are now stored away in little boxes.

Stainless Steel Hardware

2017-05-27 Folding Chair

We found two folding outdoor chairs. One had a bent frame and the other had several split wooden slats. Much careful extraction enabled us to build up a good set of slats on two new mounting rails on the good frame. New stainless carriage bolts and we are good to go.

Folding Chair

2017-05-06 Wheels

We got 6 700C bike wheels plus a tire or two. One wheel was both a glue-on and also was bent but the others are all fine. These will be stored away to restore a bike back to ridability at some point in the future.


2017-05-06 Vise

A small Servess Vise, ideal for your offspring to use when learning how to hammer on things or file them down. Key life skills.


2017-05-06 Top Tube

A Top Tube adaptor thingy. Brand new but seems to be of dubious utility. Maybe we will find somebody who wants it.

Top Tube

2017-05-06 Strollers

A nice mixed selection. First up an Uppababy, has a couple of issues but either we will fix them or combine it with another partial Uppababy and make a complete one.


Also a Baby Jogger, classic model, works fine as a jogger. Just needed air in the tires and some oil on a couple of moving parts.

Baby Jogger

Also a Joovy Caboose in stylish orange. Pic coming soon.

Joovy Caboose

2017-05-06 Power Tools

Some outdoor tools, first a Craftsman string trimmer. It looks in good shape, might go with some fiddling.

Power Tools

Also a slightly stripped pressure washer. Has compression in the motor, does not seem damaged.

Power Tools

These both for a tinkerer friend who has the skill and time to do them justice.


2017-05-06 Nailgun

An electric Nail Master nail gun new in the box. Very strange thing to find.


2017-05-06 High Chair

This random wooden high chair was just what some friends needed for their small monstrous offspring. Voila, ask and you shall receive.

High Chair

2017-05-06 Garden Shears

This pair of garden shears are very nice. Beautifully made, nice tight joint. The nicest pair we have found in a long time.

Garden Shears

2017-05-06 Garden Hose

A very long piece of garden hose, no leaks, and a rolling reel. They seem to work OK set up together. Picked up with a friend who now has a hose in their new garden.

Garden Hose

2017-05-06 Electric Broiler

A Farberware electric broiler thingy, new in the box. It claims to be super mult-functional, no idea if it works well in any of these tasks but a friend will try it out and see what happens.

Electric Broiler

2017-05-06 Cast Iron Pan

A smallish but quite nice cast iron pan.

Cast Iron Pan

2017-05-06 Bench Grinder

A Craftsman bench grinder. Note, this is only a bench grinder under the broadest definition of such. The main body is plastic. Handy to have if it is free and you don't have one, maybe. Another item for a friend and we will be looking out for a beter one for him.

Bench Grinder

2017-04-29 Snap N Go

Yet another Snap and Go style stroller frame. Near perfect condition, ready for a new home.

Snap N Go

2017-04-29 Jack

A Craftsman Aluminium Jack with built-in jack light. Missing half the handle, seems to work fine and holds the weight of a car for a couple of hours. This should be long enough to get jackstands underneath even if you have to walk to NAPA to buy them while the car is in the air.


Obligatory muppets ref: Jack not name, jack job.


2017-04-29 Castors

Two sets of castors that seem to be for metro wire style shelving. They might come in handy, might not. If they sell on the list of craig before we find a use for them then so be it.


2017-04-29 Bikes

A couple of random bikes. First a Diamond Back Approach, sort of a hyrbid style thing. More or less never ridden judging by the pristine state of the brake pad contact area on the rims. Somebody will want it, ideal station bike.


Reason for discard, never once used?

The other one is a large frame Miyata from the 1980s or so. Nice enough, no pic yet.


2017-04-29 Aeron Chair

A Herman Miller Aeron chair. It is in very fine condition and all the adjuster thingies work. It was tossed into the general garbage pit and had to be fished out with a broom, a most exciting adventure.

Aeron Chair

Now we can pretend we worked at a dodgy startup 10 years ago or some such and the only thing we got out of the failure was the chair, which was more valuable than the equity.


2017-04-01 McGee

A copy of McGee, On food and cooking, updated edition. This is nice reference work and we have a copy already so will give this away.


2017-04-01 Hobie Cat

This is kind of guest or vicarious stuff. A Hobie Cat on a trailer showed up in the trash. This picture shows a guy grabbing it from the trash, something we would have had to decide about had he not done it.

Hobie Cat

Thanks random dude for relieving us of this duty.


2017-03-25 Snowblower

Some random Noma 5hp snowblower with Tecumseh engine. It is kind of nice in that there are lots of nuts and bolts we can play with and such. We added fuel and it started on the very first pull, always a good sign. We may keep this to replace a prior entry on this page.


2017-02-04 Unicatch Roofing Nailers

Two Unicatch UNC175R roofing nailers in well used condition. Both work, one is a little intermittant. I suspect we will tune up the good one and keep the other for parts.

Unicatch Roofing Nailers

The nails shown in the picture came from the trash a while ago, we kept them just in case we would find a nailgun to shoot them. Up until this point that counted as mildly pack-rat behaviour. Now it has been converted into sensible foresightedness.


2017-01-26 Schwinn Sierra

A Schwinn Sierra mountain bike. It had a suspension seat post thingy that was trash (they always are) so we put on one from stores and it is good to go. Tires even had a fair bit of air in them. Nice twist grip shifters.

Schwinn Sierra

Sorry about the stupid filter on the picture, I fat fingered the dial setting on the camera.


2017-01-26 Kolcraft Contour

This Kolcraft Contour is a pretty fancy device for transporting a couple of offspring. The seats needed a clean and various bits got a drop of oil etc but it is now good to go to a new home. The list of craig shall provide, we hope.

Kolcraft Contour

2017-01-14 Miele Antares

This small Miele, an Antares model, was tossed into the scrap metal and miraculously still had the cable. It does not work when plugged in but is still a high value item for fixing or parts.

Meiele Antares

2016-12-30 Dell Monitor

A random little Dell monitor, handy for using with smaller machines like fruity Pi devices.

Dell Monitor

Pic shows it being used to test an Ubuntu machine running XP in VirtualBox.


2016-12-11 Cast Iron Pot

This strange cast iron wok shaped pot has a lid but seems to be missing a handle. Strange indeed. It looks like it is intended for use on a fire.

Cast Iron Pot

2016-12-10 Scroll Saw

A pretty big and fancy Delta Scroll Saw. It works OK but has a few little pieces missing or dinged up. Not sure if we will rehabilitate as we have no real need for this and it may be hard to get parts for it. It's fate is unknown at the time of writing.

Scroll Saw

2016-12-03 Viking Range

This Viking range has sealed burners and gas oven. These are maybe 15k BTU each burner. It may have been converted to LPG or some such. It has sat for while but according to the people who dropped it off worked when decommissioned. Evidence of mouse nesting is apparent.

Viking Range

Despite the potential issues this range is totally worth cleaning up for somebody who has time, know-how, the desire for a solid range and the lack of 4k USD. Should you fit these criteria we can help with the know-how piece. We could also help in creating a lack of 4k USD dollars for you, but that might not be productive.


2016-12-03 KitchenAid Mixer

This mixer seem all well and good at first inspection but turned out to have live angry pixies moving around in ways not intended. It popped a breaker when we plugged it in. Turns out it was just cable wear from repeated coiling and uncoiling, which was easily fixed.

KitchenAid Mixer

2016-11-22 BOB Stroller

A friend found this BOB double jogger at the side of the road. It was missing all three wheels and has a few dings but that is not going to stop our rehabilitation efforts. As you can see it already has new wheels (from spares) and looks pretty nice.

BOB Stroller

2016-10-22 Turkey Fryer

This random turkey fryer seems to have been used approximately once. It did not come with the gas ring but that is OK. We grabbed this as requested by a friend.

Turkey Fryer

2016-10-22 Macbook

A random Macbook A1278, missing HD and battery. We have a friend who knows how to reuse this so it will be set aside for him.


2016-10-22 Baby Jogger Strollers

Two offspring moving devices from Baby Jogger, a company that seem increasingly misnamed as they certainly make far more than just joggers. First a City Mini, needs a clean, otherwise very nice and functional.

Baby Jogger Strollers

Also a classic jogger, we have seen lots if these over the years. This one suffered from incorrect initial customer assembly we think, the brake had clearly never worked or been used. Not that the stroller itself had seen much use.

Baby Jogger Strollers

2016-10-15 Trek Hybrid

Trek 720 Multitrack hybrid, clearly it has been used but possibly abused a little. Rear tire was badly worn (classic crappy rear braking suspected) and the headset was loose, twist grip shifters both cracked. In our opinion, none of this was a genuine reason for discard as it was easy to put on a new tire, tighten the headset and replace the shifters with a pair from used spares.

Trek Hybrid

This is now a really nice bike, great to ride. Already rehomed with a new friend.


2016-10-15 Fan

This fan is going for that vintage metal high quality feel. It works fine, and may actually be somewhat reasonable quality. No apparent reason for discard. We are lucky we got to it before the cable cutters found it.


2016-10-15 Bike Wheels

One pair of relatively unused Mavic 700C wheels, probably new takeoff from a pointless upgrade. These will be handy at some point in the future.

Bike Wheels

2016-10-15 BMX

A pretty random little BMX, Squat Mosh or some such. Who cares, it is pretty generic, works fine, will amuse some offspring of suitable age at some point. It has a twizzler, apparently a distinct feature for some consumers of BMX bikes.


2016-10-01 Collapsible Wheelbarrow

Pretty random, a folding wheelbarrow. Previous owner had not assembled it correctly, used it for a while and then tossed. They were seemingly unclear on the whole nyloc nut concept. They just tightened the nuts down all round by hand and stoppped as the nyloc insert bit. Maybe they did not have a 13mm spanner or whatever. As a result of this a bolt fell out at some point under use and they tossed it away. A pretty crappy reason for discard.

Collapsible Wheelbarrow

This issue of incorrect initial customer assembly is pretty widespread, from what we see. Bikes suffer from it with the classic example being the left hand thread on the left side pedal. Jogging strollers seem to have this issue a lot on the brakes.


2016-09-22 Like-a-bike

This is an actual Like-a-bike brand thingy, the Germans have the best word for the generic item, a Laufrad.


These things are somewhat eyewatering on the price.


2016-09-22 Cast Iron Pan

This is an enameled cast iron pan from some manufacturer called Technique. It was discarded as new in the scrap metal. We cleaned the dust off, oiled up the porcelain surface and rehomed it within a day or two. A nice pan but we did not need it.

Cast Iron Pan

2016-09-04 Trek Jetta

A Trek Jetta limited edition mountain bike. This is pretty nice bike and has not really been ridden. Hence reason for discard seems to be negelected in a garage for the last 10 years or so. Small tuneup items like oil on moving parts and a new rear inner tube have put it back in tip top riding shape. It awaits a new home on the list of craig.

Trek Jetta

One has to assume it was some form of collaboration with VW, given the name and the logo. Not sure whether these were sold to the public at large.


2016-09-04 Phil And Ted Twin

This Phil and Ted e3 twin, or some such, is a substantial offspring moving device. We have never played with a side-by-side Phil and Ted twin like this. The this is pretty nice but has been used hard and beat up a little, not really a valid reason for discard but that might be in the mind of the previous owner. It all pretty much works now, a few drops of oil and some cleaning.

Phil And Ted Twin

Update: Happily snappd up by somebody from the list of craig.


2016-09-03 Pick Axe

A random newish pick axe. nothing wrong with it. A friend that happened to be in town was looking for one so everybody was happy, they got a pick axe, we rescued one from the scrap metal. We think that the reason for discard was, we have planted that bush now and don;t need this any more.

Pick Axe

2016-09-03 Haro Bike

A Haro mountain bike thingy. It was used a bit but not too much. Noodles and a few bolts were rusted. We immediately rehomed this with a friend so we did a spiffy tuneup job to make it all work smoothly before handing it over.

Haro Bike

2016-09-03 Babytrend Expedition

Yet another Babytrend Expedition jogging stroller. Small rip in the fabric, which we do not acknowledge as a genuine reason for discard, and otherwise pretty shiny and functional.

Babytrend Expedition

2016-08-13 Raleigh Record

A pretty nice Raleigh Record. Some of the parts were in in rough shape but a few swaps from spares and some cleaning has made it into a nice bike.

Raleigh Record

2016-07-20 Spooge Gun

One reasonably good large format spooge gun. It even had a tube of liquid nails in there, or some such. This will come in handy at some point when we need to spooge a lot of stuff into crevices.

Spooge Gun

2016-07-18 Stanley Spirit Level

This Stanley spirit level was a little crudded up when we got it but a nice scrape clean and wipe and it is good to go. It even appears to be spot on in accuracy. We needed one this length 6 months ago but were reluctant to buy one knowing that one would show up in the trash, and here we go.

Stanley Spirit Level

2016-07-16 Jamis Capri

Jamis Capri bike with derailleur gears. Not exactly sure what style this is, it is clearly something like a beach cruiser with gears and generally more functional. Whatever, somebody will want to ride it. Was poorly set up when we found it, now somewhat better adjusted. We suspect incorrect initial customer assembly might be the reason for discard. This is somewhat common.

Jamis Capri

2016-07-11 Child Seat

A random Britax Car seat in good order.

Child Seat

2016-07-09 Babytrend Strollers

Matching items, presumably from the same source, certainly pretty much brand new. First a Babytrend Expedition jogging stroller. Pretty spiffy.

Babytrend Strollers

Also a Babytrend Snap-and-go stroller frame thingy.

Babytrend Strollers

It is possible this is the discarded hardware version of the short story "For sale: baby shoes, never worn".


2016-06-27 Infant Backpack

A Tough Traveller back for moving small whiny offspring around. Seems all present and correct, but detailed inspection awaits.

Infant Backpack

2016-06-27 Babytrend Jogger

Yet another Babytrend Expedition double jogging stroller. Small tear in the fabric, some yucky black water inside the frame and lots of mud all over. Otherwise should be fine after a good clean. A functional east to fold way to move two offspring around.

Babytrend Jogger

Pic shows it after initial hose down.


2016-06-26 Topeak Seat Rack

This came with a Topeak bike seat but it was really beat so we just took the rack. It is common enough to find the seat without the rack that it is worth it.

Topeak Seat Rack

2016-06-26 Squeegee Broom

This broom had a broken off handle, obviously not a good reason for discard. That is fine, broom handles are everywhere. The interesting this is that it is a nice wide broom with a squeegee on the back, that is the yellow strip visible over the bristles. No idea if we will use it but it will get a new handle and we will try it out.

Squeegee Broom

If we do fix that up, it is likely that we will replace the bolts with stainless. Making something better than new is a fine thing.


2016-06-26 Snap-n-Gos

Two Graco stroller frame devices, otherwise known as a Snap-n-go or some such. Pretty handy, people always want them. Found within 100 meters of each other on the curb. Much have been something in the air on that block.


2016-06-26 Hybrid Tire

A random 700C Continental hybrid tire. It is a little worn but it is a very nice bike tire. This will go into inventory and be pulled out to rescue some bike of marginal value somewhere down the line.

Hybrid Tire

2016-06-26 Bertini Pushchair

A Bertini pushchair thingy with the funky four wheel passive steering. It is in pretty fine condition though this style is a very retro thing.

Bertini Pushchair

2016-06-26 Babytrend Sit-n-stand

A big Babytrend Sit-n-stand stroller thingy. It is missing a hood and such but is almost new. We will see what becomes of it.

Babytrend Sit-n-stand

2016-06-26 BOB Strollers

A couple of BOB jogging strollers. First a double, it is a little worn in various places but it will clean up to make a very functional offspring carriage device. It has a broken strut on one side, we will see how we deal with that.

BOB Strollers

Also, to complete the set maybe, a single BOB. This has badly damaged foam on the handle but is still worth fixing up. Road bike bar tape is one method. Whatever, we will appraise, take action and endeavour to get this thing under a horrible child's butt at some point.

BOB Strollers

It is certainly the week of BOB strollers.


2016-06-25 Wine Opener

A Champion branded corkscrew. The clamp is missing the little rotating pad thing but otherwise seems to be fine. Yet to be tested.

Wine Opener

Available to anybody who needs it.


2016-06-25 Shopvac

A Shop Vac brand shopvac. Works fine, a bit dusty and messy.


We do not really need this but somebody will want it, store it in the basement for sucking up messes. It has crappy filtration but is wet/dry.


2016-06-25 Schwinn Frontier

This Schwinn Frontier bike was being tossed by some friends because it was a little junky and was shedding the rear tire. We have put it back on the road and will convert it into funds that will probably be allocated for mutual consumption of delicious things. A certain drudgery celebration springs to mind. Or maybe a more select event.

Schwinn Frontier

2016-06-25 Punches

Two small punches. Handy, always good to have spares. Easy to lose or bend or whatever.


2016-06-25 Like-a-Bike

A really nice fancy Like-a-bike Kokua. Missing the seat. It even has Schwable tires, pretty fancy. We will find some seat to put on this and then press it into service under some small child's butt.


2016-06-25 Eddie Bauer Stroller

This Eddie Bauer branded thing is not the best quality offspring moving device available but who knows, somebody may need it. It will be cleaned and tested and we will see if it can be repruposed from there.

Eddie Bauer Stroller

2016-06-25 Baby Jogger Double

This is a bit of an old model now but still a classic, a Baby Jogger double. This is a really big jogging stroller. You can get a couple of fat lazy 4 year olds in this thing and trundle them around. It is light for it's size but not super easy to fold up.

Baby Jogger Double

2016-06-25 BOB Double Jogger

A nice looking BOB double jogger. The fabric is a little faded and the tires a little worn but overall the thing is in good shape and usable.

BOB Double Jogger

When we snagged it from the side of the road a lady in a car nearby said "You are sooooo lucky". It was not luck that we jumped out of the car and grabbed the stroller as soon as we saw it. That was good judgement. She was obviously sitting there debating whether to get out of her car and grab it. There is a time for thinking and there is a time for action, she cannot tell which is which.


2016-06-19 Miele Air Clean

This Miele has a strange name for a vacuum cleaner, it is the "Air Clean" model. Allegedly.

Miele Air Clean

An an older model, works fine though. This has been rehomed already.


2016-06-18 Joovy Caboose

A handy Joovy Caboose sit-n-stand stroller thingy. Good for carting around two offsprings or different sizes and capabilities. In very nice condition overall.

Joovy Caboose

2016-06-06 Uppababy Vista

This Uppababy Vista is somewhat dismantled and may have an issue with one of the joints but we will see. Came with the rumble seat and car seat adaptor.

Uppababy Vista

2016-06-06 Miele Vacuums

We suppose that the class of people who habitually discard vacuum cleaners have discovered Miele. Feels even more satisfying tossing out stuff this nice. Both have active heads, first one weirdly named a Silver Moon:

Miele Vacuums

and the other an Electro Plus:

Miele Vacuums

They both sat out in the rain and are untested as yet but still have considerable value.


2016-06-06 Maclaren Twin

Maclaren Rally Twin pushchair. It has a bike lock on it, that will not take long to snip off with bolt cutters. Look scruffy from sitting out in the rain but it will dry out and clean up, not necc in that order.

Maclaren Twin

2016-06-06 Expedition Double

Yet another Babytrend Expedition double jogger. It should clean up and become functional enough.

Expedition Double

2016-06-06 Combi Twin

A Combi Twin stroller. It is complete, looks a bit of a nmess and has a funny stain that should come out with out top secret super effective stroller cleaning protocols.

Combi Twin

2016-05-21 Woodworking Machines

A couple of older woodworking machines. First a Dewalt radial arm saw, looks to be in OK shape, needs a tune up and some attention. We have no need for this and have given a couple away already so I helped some other random guy get it into the back of his trouck and gave him encouragement of cleaning it up and using it.

Woodworking Machines

Also a Craftsman jointer planer. A bunch of surface rust and the blades are dull but it works pretty well. As we do not yet have one of tehse it will be cleaned up and given a good test. Obviously this is the as found, just tested pic. Note the woodchips as evidence of something.

Woodworking Machines

2016-05-07 Assorted Strollers

A nice Columbia jogger. Sized for a pretty large offspring. It was missing some plastic, we replaced it with some bespoke wood slats. Expect this to start a trend.

Assorted Strollers

A Sit-n-stand stroller. Pretty run of the mill by now, should find a new home at some point. Nothing wrong with it.

Assorted Strollers

Uppababy, full bassinet, stroller seat setup. This is a pretty nice setup, has been carefully used for quite a while. It also has the little riding board.

Assorted Strollers

2016-04-26 Bike Wheel

A random mountain bike rear wheel, equipped for disk brakes. Looks in near new condition, weird.

Bike Wheel

2016-04-23 Bugaboo Frame

Strangely, a complete Bugaboo Gecko frame. No fabric or netting. You sometimes see stuff like this where the frame has broken and is being replaced under warranty but this particular item seems all present and correct. We have at least one partial Bugaboo in stock so maybe we can now make a complete one.

Bugaboo Frame

It seems to be begging for use as a chassis for some arcane tech or art project. Ideas?


2016-04-16 Bike Handlebar Grips

We picked up an older bike-shaped object. It was never ridden, thankfully, but was very old with super crap components. These were pretty much the only things on that thing that we felt were usable, so into a cup of boiling water, whip them off and ready for a new future bike that needs new grips.

Bike Handlebar Grips

2016-03-27 Sinks

All on one day, three brand new uninstalled sinks. Two of them were wrapped in their delivery packaging. Smallish, hand basin style sinks but three sinks nevertheless. We happen to have need of one such and we will sell the other two, we guess.


2016-03-27 Kids Bike

A Diamondback BMX-like bike. Good for a certain age of offspring. It had a starngely chafed brake cable sheath, easy to replace so we did.

Kids Bike

2016-02-27 Gary Fisher

A Gary Fisher Mako mountain bike. One possible flaw on it that might indicate a reason for discard was the classic "screw-it-down" quick release wheel install. The lever was flipped over backwards fully into the loose position, but then had been wrenched around to tighten up the skewer. The rusty chain is still fine, bike rides perfectly now that we fixed the rear wheel in place.

Gary Fisher

Extra Note, this mode of incorrect install of quick release wheels is such a common event for us that we really need a nice catchy phrase to describe it. We often see it on brand new bikes that were obviously assembled by idiots from flatpack, but it shows up a fair bit on bikes that have clearly been ridden, at least a little. Suggestions?


2016-02-20 Dehumidifier

Another LG dehumidifier to match the other one we got a while ago. Reason for discard, the previous owner assured us it did not work, seemingly it ran at first and then "collapsed" (her expression, not mine). We ran it overnight in our basement and it collected a bunch of water so we have yet to experience the mysterious dehumidifier collapse event.


Update: deployed in a friend's basement and in use. Not collapsing.


2016-01-31 Tandem

A friend found this random beach cruiser tandem. It is barely used, possibly even discarded as new in convenient partly dismantled form. We have yet to assemble it and try it out but it seems like it will be worth a go.


Update: Assembled and rideable, such that this form of bike shaped object is ever rideable. We have to assume incorrect initial customer assembly was an issue here, in the extreme sense in that they could not put it together at all.


2016-01-31 Corona

A friend was walking down the street when she found a 12 pack of Corona lying by the side of the road. One of the bottles was broken, perhaps giving evidence of how it got there. Pic show some of then resting in our fridge.


2015-12-14 Strollers

A couple of nice strollers. First a Baby Jogger City Mini in nice shape apart from some weird red stains, food coloring or some such we guess. It needed a good clean but it cleaned up nicely and is now ready to go.


A Combi Twin in near perfect condition and once washed is all ready for action. We blew out the seats with compressed air also, lots of crumbs in there, a side effect of small offspring and constant snacking.


2015-12-05 Pedals

A pair of fancy Ritchey mountain bike pedals, or some such. We have no immediate use for them, yours if you want them.


Update: Turns out a friend has need of exactly these, excellent. It is always tricky to get rid of clippy pedals.


2015-12-05 Cast Iron Cookware

A pile of assorted cast iron cookware, all modern, mostly Lodge. It is all in reasonable shape and all available to readers, i.e. you.

Cast Iron Cookware

2015-11-28 Schwinn Crisscross

A Schwinn Crisscross hybrid in really beat-up shape. This will be a nice station bike for somebody of our acquaintance. The really cool rust spots and general beat-up-ness should deter thieves somewhat. We hope.


2015-11-28 Gary Fisher Hookooekoo

A Gary Fisher Hookooekoo mountain bike or some such. Hole in the rear tube, otherwise perfectly good condition. New tube and some air and it is good to go.


2015-11-28 Canonndale Sobe

This mountain bike is some weird kind of marketing mishmash, a Cannondale Sobe. It was missing the rear wheel when we picked it up but we had one from stock that fit just fine. This will be used by a member of the family after the application of new Schwalbe tyres. Nice.


2015-11-27 Mac Chargers

A couple of Mac chargers, one Magsafe laptop charger and one firewire charger. They shall be tested and stored or deployed as required.

Mac Chargers

2015-11-27 Cookware

Two interesting coated cast iron implements. First up a Wolfgang Puck dutch oven thingy. It has a couple of dings in the enamel and the screw holding on the knob was loose, but is fine otherwise.


Also a Cuisinart enamelled skillet trying hard to look like the Le Creuset version.


Both are available to any hungry readers.


2015-11-27 Books

A couple of books, The Bryson is for one friend and the Anthro book for another.


2015-10-17 Maclaren Twin

A Maclaren Twin Triumph, double pushchair, pretty new. The fabric needed a clean but it is in excellent condition otherwise.

Maclaren Twin

We approve of these newer Maclarens because the fabric seat liners come off with snaps and pegs and such. It is a pain to get them off but once you take it off you can do a bang up job of really cleaning it. Previous models had the fabric more permanently attached.


2015-10-17 Lascal Board

Another Lascall Buggy Board with attachment points. Somebody will want this to facilitate moving around their lazy offspring.

Lascal Board

2015-10-17 Graco Stroller Frame

Yet another Graco Snap and Go stroller frame thingy. Ready for action.

Graco Stroller Frame

2015-10-17 Bike Fenders

A brand set of Planet Bike fenders for a bike. Not sure if we need these so they are probably available to any reader who fancies them.

Bike Fenders

2015-10-17 Baby Jogger

A nice Baby Jogger Q series, a well engineered stroller that folds beautifully. We have had one like this before, who knows, maybe the same one. No apparent reason for discard, some fading on the fabric, needed a puff of air in the tyres.

Baby Jogger

2015-10-10 Table Saw

This Craftsman table saw has an alu top deck, making it far lighter than many of the others we find (and usually do not pick up). Already rehomed with a friend who is building up his workshop of tools.

Table Saw

2015-10-10 Ryobi String Trimmer

A Ryobi electric string trimmer. No idea if it works but it now has a home with a friend who happens to be an electrical tinkerer so the prospects are good.

Ryobi String Trimmer

Update: Yes, it works fine, cuts well, nice and strong.


2015-10-10 Joggers

A Bumbleride double stroller, almost jogger-ish. Broken brake plastic pieces and a small tear in one fabric liner. The gentleman discarding it claimed it did not fold any more and had brought it for disposal on top of his car. Whereupon we promptly folded it and put it in ours. Given the high resale value of this device we will probably stitch up the tear and replace the brake.


You understand of course that we do not fix it to maximize resale value. We fix to maximize probability of reuse. We would happily sell it cheaper as is but the stress of dealing with the class of idiots that respond in that case is best avoided.

Also a random Baby Jogger single jogging stroller. Nothing wrong with it, needed a clean and is now ready to go.


2015-10-10 Graco Double Stroller

A Graco Duo Glider in good condition. We have not seen one of these for a while, who knows if there is still a market for them but at the right price somebody should want it.

Graco Double Stroller

2015-10-10 Ewheel

This Chrystalyte electric bike wheel is intriguing. Missing the controller and such so no idea what to do with beyond sell it cheap somewhere. We have no real use for it.


Available to any tinkerers ready this. Else it goes up on the list of craig.


2015-10-10 Bottle Capper

This is a home brewer's bottle capper. More or less unused, simple, will probably work. Will be given to a friend who might have need of such.

Bottle Capper

2015-10-10 Assorted Toys

Some items to play with in various ways. First up a silly plastic dartboard, safety first!

Assorted Toys

Next some devices for sliding around on the solid phase of water. The little one handle butt pad things were new in the packing and are small enough to leave in the car in winter for the off chance of serendipitous sledding.

Assorted Toys

2015-09-26 Cast Iron Bench

A pretty beat up cast iron bench with weird welded plates under the legs. We have friends who need something like this so we fixed it up. A few of the original pine planks were broken so we made some new ones out of scraps we had. New stainless hardware, some cleaning up and oiling and ready to go. Mouseover for the before and after.

Cast Iron Bench

Somebody asked, so I will answer here. We drilled through the planks to mount the diagonal braces and center strip because previously there were short thick wood screws in there. For the reused planks, wood screws were not going to hold if just put back in. Far better to drill through and use some nice fender washers on number 10 stainless screws. That is why you see line of shiny bolt heads in the cleaned up pic.

For similar reasons we replaced the carriage bolts with button head cap screws. The old wood was probably not going to grab the square shoulders enough in the old holes, it is pretty soft pine, made softer by age and damaged a little by having play in the bench and the extraction of the old rusty carriage bolts.


2015-09-19 Stainless Food Trays

Yet more stainless steel food preparation trays. These ones deeper versions. Both were dinged up and a little dirty. One is now less dinged (note the hammer in side of picture) and clean enough for food usage. The other is too dinged (we judge) and will be used in the basement for other substances for which cleanliness and crevices are less critical.

Stainless Food Trays

2015-09-19 Primate Memoir

Pretty sure this was a on a to-read list at some point, certainly is now we have a nice free copy of it. A Primate's Memoir by Robert Sapolsky. Book is in perfect condition, either unread or read by somebody very careful.

Primate Memoir

Update: Read it, was great. Maybe we should start a series garbage book reviews. We have commented on the quality of certain other items.


2015-09-16 Fogacci Pot

A Fogacci steamer warmer pot thingy. We are not really sure what to do with it, but the list price is substantial in it's home market.

Fogacci Pot

2015-09-12 Fuji Bike

A random Fuji Sports 10 road bike. Steels wheels a little spotty but otherwise a pretty nice classic from it's time. Large frame, new tires, needed brakes tightening to be ridable.

Fuji Bike

2015-09-12 Books

A couple of books, including something that really seems worth reading, Inside Central Aisa by Hiro. Not Hiro Protagonist, Dilip Hiro.


The Gospel of Judas, no not the actual Coptic codex, but the initial book about it. Somewhat interesting reading.


2015-09-02 Le Creuset Lid

A Le Creuset Dutch Oven and lid. The pot itself had cracked interior enamel, boo-hoo, but the lid is nice and useful. Available to anybody who might need it for a medium sized cast iron skillet.

Le Creuset Lid

2015-08-28 Specialized Hybrid

We got two random Specialized Crossroads hybrids. The picture shows a franken-Specialized, taking the good parts from both to make one nice bike. The leftover parts may be resurrected as a super junky station bike, or may go onto shelves for a future needful bike. We will see.

Specialized Hybrid

2015-08-21 Burley Bike Trailer

A fine Burley bike trailer useful for transporting small offspring. When acquired it was quite dirty but as you can see it cleaned up nicely. We were insufficiently foresighted to provide for a before and after comparison. Already rehomed to appreciative new owners thanks to the list of craig.

Burley Bike Trailer

2015-07-30 Scwinn Mountain Bike

A random Schwinn Frontier mountain bike, nothing special, air in the tires and all ready for action. Coming soon to the list of craig.

Scwinn Mountain Bike

2015-07-25 Kids Bike

A random Malibu kids' bike. Shiny, silly, but will function for that critcial phase of a kids' life when they need this size bike. Note, any kid that fits this bike should not need those idiot wheels.

Kids Bike

2015-07-25 BBQ Chimney

Yet another BBQ starter chimney, all very handy if you happen to need one. This one available to anybody who happens to need one.

BBQ Chimney

2015-07-22 Strollers

A couple of random strollers, first up a Maclaren Volo in OK shape. Nothing special.


Also some kind of Graco thingy, seems all present and correct but awaits a full checkout.


Bonus, the Graco came with a printout of a wedding gift registry. Just what we needed.


2015-07-22 Ridged Skillet

This Lodge ridged cast ironj skillet is in OK shape but we do not really have a use for it. It will clean up OK, available to any happy reader of this.

Ridged Skillet

2015-07-01 Dell Display

This Dell 24 inch display does not really have a obvious model number on it or whatever, but it works fine, as you can see in the picture. No apparent reason for discard, it is even pretty bright compared to some displays we have.

Dell Display

2015-06-27 Snapper Mower

This random Snapper petrol lawn mower was discarded with a repair tag saying it did not start. Needless to say, we put fuel in it and it started first pull.

Snapper Mower

Yes, really, first pull. Not after a pull to compression, not after choke fiddling, literally and absolutely the real first pull.


2015-06-27 Maclaren Volo

Yet another Maclaren Volo pushchair, this one a weird lemony shade. Nothing in particular wrong with it, needs a clean, will find a new home once all that is done.

Maclaren Volo

2015-06-27 Bike Shaped Object

This is a Next PowerClimber. It is brand new and is indeed bike shaped object, and not a bike. Somebody out there may want it, so we will give them the chance for some token amount on money. Token money for token bike.

Bike Shaped Object

2015-06-21 Strollers

A fine selection of offspring transportation devices gathered up in a short drive around a curbside pickup. First up a Phil and Ted Dash, needs a clean but otherwise a pretty nice item:

Phil and Ted Dash

Yet another Maclaren Quest pushchair, OK shape except some chipped foam on the handles. The cover is missing in the pic as that pulls off and washes up nicely (it washed up nicely).

Maclaren Quest,

We had another of these Inglesina Zippy pushchair things a while ago, pretty handy. They are clearly a Peg Perego Pliko type thing with some Inglesina branding and such, This one is very nice, probably destined for an overseas deployment with a family member. A quick clean will make it super spiffy.

Inglesina Zippy

A random lightweight Chicco umbrella fold pushchair, handy dandy. Somebody will want it. Came with a cruise ship luggage tag on it, that was probably the only real deployment of this pristine device.

Chicco umbrella fold

2015-06-06 Ryobi Table Saw

A random little Ryobi table saw on a set of legs (not shown). Works fine, cuts wood, very portable. Not sure if we want it (we have a Unisaw).

Ryobi Table Saw

2015-06-06 Booster Seat

A random Recaro booster seat in good condition. Useful as we know lots of people with offspring in the booster seat age range.

Booster Seat

2015-06-03 Panasonic Mountain Bike

A random Panasonic MC 4500 mountain bike. Nothing special on the face of it but a pretty serviceable machine for running around town. Reason for discard possibly broken freewheel. New one installed, ready to ride and already given a neighbour. That is some fine and prompt waste stream minimization.

Panasonic Mountain Bike

2015-05-31 Worklight

This random halogen worklight seems fine, lights up and could be useful. Grabbed with/for a friend.


2015-05-31 Sun Lounger

A random sun lounger. Seems functional, nothing special. Lounge on it, maybe in the sun.

Sun Lounger

2015-05-31 Sucking Devices

A selection of devices for sucking up dirt. First a grungy Craftsman shopvac seemingly with all attachments included. Found with/for a friend, will sit in the garage workship and suck up wood shavings or whatever.

Sucking Devices

Also a random Kenmore vacuum cleaner. This is for the upstairs so they do not have to drag their existing one up and down stairs to keep the house clean.

Sucking Devices

2015-05-31 Specialized Mountain bike

This nice Specialized mountain bike was presumably discarded due to two broken nipples on the rear wheel. The wheel was slightly out of true as a result. This, we presume led to it's being neglected, which led to the chain rusting and hence ultimate discard.

Specialized Mountain bike

New nipples installed, new chain already on, just finishing it off with new grips and rear brake cable.

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